I Dressed Like Bratz Dolls From The 2000s

  • Published on Mar 29, 2018
  • I was always a big fan of Bratz doll fashion, but I was never allowed to dress like them back in the 2000s - so I decided, as an adult, to fulfill my childhood dream of dressing like a Bratz doll! So I found 4 outfits that mirrored the outfits of 4 of the Bratz dolls from 2001-2003, and spent a day dressing like each doll. What do you guys think? Do you miss Bratz dolls?
    A big thank you to alexbabs12345 for posting so many vintage Bratz commercials! You can check out their channel here: thexvid.com/channel/uccx6tgr9ilg9i2bobbhjttg
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  10 months ago +10094

    HELLO FRIENDS!!! i finally fulfilled my dream of dressing like a bratz doll, which was even better (and worse for my feet) than i anticipated. which outfit was your fave?? xoxo, saf

  • Javier Martinez
    Javier Martinez 5 hours ago

    Ima go watch mean girls now

  • Elena Gilbert
    Elena Gilbert 9 hours ago

    Can we talk about how gorgeous she looked in all those outfits tho

  • Unicorn World
    Unicorn World 13 hours ago

    She did this before it was a "trend"😂

  • Mariana _playz
    Mariana _playz 15 hours ago

    My first lip gloss was a rolly apply-er? Idk! It's like a tall cylinder but instead of a lip "stick" thing, its a plastic/glass ball in the hole, so its a lip stick gloss but... only gloss.... idk xD

  • Salma Fox
    Salma Fox 17 hours ago

    Now everybody is doing this challenge

  • Sarene Alexis
    Sarene Alexis 19 hours ago

    the origin of the bratz challenge 😂

  • BSBSoldier
    BSBSoldier 21 hour ago

    When Safiya did the Bratz challenge everyone else didn't even remembered that Bratz excited. We saw it here first.

  • theatre chick
    theatre chick Day ago

    You should do the new brats

  • jimin-ssi's kookie

    My childhood was bratz, I was born in 2007 and I hated Barbies, bratz were way better tbh :/

  • Natalie Herron
    Natalie Herron Day ago

    5:22 though......if boys that time drooled over girls like that....how would they react to girls these days?

  • Adrian Bailey
    Adrian Bailey Day ago


  • KarmaMan82
    KarmaMan82 Day ago

    What about Monster High?

  • Grace Smith
    Grace Smith Day ago

    Ugggh Saf looks good in everything

  • MeganmcS
    MeganmcS Day ago

    She should do the brats makeup Instagram challenge with these outfits :)

  • eyes kinda closed
    eyes kinda closed Day ago +1

    Going out "CLUBBING" 😂

  • Anesthesis
    Anesthesis Day ago

    OMG. The beginning of Bratz challenge, ladies and gentlemen.

  • Kristina Roberts
    Kristina Roberts 2 days ago

    Don’t you think it’s crazy that the thots of the world now look like bratz dolls. It’s like they were planning on it. Shane Dawson is shook.

  • Caitjn
    Caitjn 2 days ago


  • SiDarTanto
    SiDarTanto 2 days ago

    what trends from these past few years do you think will be mocked or referenced when people dress like the "2010s" in the future ?

  • Aminah Rehman
    Aminah Rehman 3 days ago +1

    I wasnt born in when bratz came out

  • baby daddy
    baby daddy 3 days ago

    My mom never got me a Bratz doll and when I asked her why (when I was 13) she said "because you'll turn into a hoe".

    It didn't take a doll to make me a hoe

  • Beech
    Beech 3 days ago

    little did safiya know that Bratz would become a trend again...

  • Caitlin Stewart
    Caitlin Stewart 4 days ago

    Sashas outfit was my favourite!! I literally had that doll she was my favourite, so sassy 😂😍🤩

  • Ivanna Barajas
    Ivanna Barajas 4 days ago

    Finally understood the bend and snap reference (I watched the legally blonde play recently (

  • Wolf Chan
    Wolf Chan 4 days ago

    You should get some of your friends and have the whole Bratz squad

  • Alana KB
    Alana KB 4 days ago

    I was crazy for BRATZ dolls! Lol

  • Tal H
    Tal H 5 days ago

    Do a part 2 of this please 😩💖

  • straightgeeked
    straightgeeked 5 days ago +1

    I LOVE THE CAM'RON SHOUT OUT! Fan for life

  • Alison Henry
    Alison Henry 5 days ago

    I was born in 82 so I was too old to be the target consumer for Bratz, but I remember how horrified us older girls were at those dolls. Everyone from our generation upwards thought they were utterly hideous. The comment back then that most stands out for me was "bruised vagina lips". I think your comment at the end about how contemporary their makeup seems now is a pretty good indicator of how far the instagram drag look has run over it's boundaries, where even so-called 'natural' makeup looks fake. They certainly did knock Barbie off her perch, but that perch was labelled 'worst role model for female children'. They now sit next to the Cabbage Patch Dolls in the 'Ugliest dolls ever made' bin ;-)
    p.s, you are an absolute delight! xxx

    • kaitie648
      kaitie648 4 days ago

      Bratz aren’t ugly though. They just aren’t Barbie. A lot of people find Barbies to be ugly. Or even regular baby dolls.

  • Glepembs
    Glepembs 6 days ago +1

    is it bad as a 32 years old, i liked the leg warmers a lot?

  • B A B A S H O O K
    B A B A S H O O K 6 days ago +1

    I can just imagine the Bratz being all like,
    *"Get in loser, were going shopping"*

    Get that reference, ur gold

  • Millys_Mixes
    Millys_Mixes 6 days ago

    next u should dress like barbie dolls for a week!!

  • fatkat23456
    fatkat23456 6 days ago

    anyone remember bratz babies

  • Raidah
    Raidah 7 days ago

    Born in 2001, I missed bratz but I played with many Barbies & Kens 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • ClarinetGirl_Phoebe
    ClarinetGirl_Phoebe 7 days ago

    my name is phoebe

  • Kailee Rachar
    Kailee Rachar 7 days ago

    Safiya was way ahead of the trend

  • alilbitkitten
    alilbitkitten 8 days ago

    So much nostalgia here. Anyone else remember the Bratz video games? 🌷

  • Jazmine Gonzalez
    Jazmine Gonzalez 8 days ago

    Omg I live near by mt. Baldy

  • babyboyzach
    babyboyzach 8 days ago

    Funny cause this is a challenge now

  • Charise Bejarano
    Charise Bejarano 8 days ago

    Saf shopping in a bratz outfit at Claire's is a mood

  • Rachel Fourie
    Rachel Fourie 8 days ago

    The Jade outfit looks best on you. I wasn’t crazy about the first two outfits, especially the bottoms. Even though I loved the purple platform shoes.

  • Rachel Fourie
    Rachel Fourie 8 days ago

    I love love love those platform shoes!!!

  • Alexander Adrian
    Alexander Adrian 9 days ago

    Bratz ps2 games were the shit and you can fight me in the dumpster behind Wendy’s on that

  • Jawad Naseem
    Jawad Naseem 9 days ago +1

    This video was posted on my birthday

  • Jaydakai Price
    Jaydakai Price 9 days ago +1

    Safiya was a *Bratz* before it was cool

  • MarineHeartPink
    MarineHeartPink 9 days ago +3

    Saf being a year ahead TheXvid trends 😂😂

  • Emma Rollo
    Emma Rollo 10 days ago +11

    lol, Safiya was the first one to do the Bratz challenge, like most things :)

  • Jazmin Anne
    Jazmin Anne 10 days ago

    omg! my name is Jasmine

  • Ananya Murali
    Ananya Murali 11 days ago

    dRaw yoUr OwN cOncLusiOns

  • Valerie Moore
    Valerie Moore 11 days ago

    You nailed this!

  • Minna A.
    Minna A. 11 days ago +14

    safiya started the bratz makeup trend it’s official

  • Samama Suleman
    Samama Suleman 12 days ago +3

    As a child i literally didn't know that Brats was a bad word. I just thought it was a name and i used to tell everyone I was a brat, until one of my teachers explained the difference of a Bratz doll and a brat.

  • Samama Suleman
    Samama Suleman 12 days ago

    that big jacket is a fashion trend in the UK for the past year

  • Grace Emma
    Grace Emma 12 days ago

    They should make a bratz clothing line

  • Taylor Lopez
    Taylor Lopez 12 days ago

    Dress like a Barbie

  • Patricia Jensen
    Patricia Jensen 12 days ago

    It is 2019 and I still watch iCarly I’m eight years old by the way I love your vid’s

  • SMUDGE __
    SMUDGE __ 13 days ago +46

    Saf actually started the "I turned myself into a bratz doll". Literally 😂💕💕💕

  • Amby Kazimor
    Amby Kazimor 13 days ago

    Dress like a Bratz doll part 2 and Tyler as a Bratz Boy.

  • natalie
    natalie 13 days ago

    Anyone remember the bratz movie?
    I recall having a bratz spa set and horses too

  • Rachel Rhodes
    Rachel Rhodes 13 days ago

    Dress like the mean girls

  • MaryGrace Ayangco
    MaryGrace Ayangco 14 days ago

    Brats challenge done, did💯

  • Isabella THOMAS
    Isabella THOMAS 14 days ago

    my parents are hippies (or at least my dad is) and so we go to alot of music festivals like burning man and i can tell u yasmin is NOT bohemean.

  • Jingle Bells
    Jingle Bells 14 days ago

    Where did she get the sparkly blue mace handbag? I want one!

  • Sophia Ryan
    Sophia Ryan 14 days ago

    “that Wiener dog was nearly a goner!”

  • Danielle Tousley
    Danielle Tousley 14 days ago

    I would actually like wear the last outfit lmfao. 💜💜

  • Stephanie Merino
    Stephanie Merino 14 days ago

    who else still has these

  • Courtney Elkins
    Courtney Elkins 15 days ago +5

    Everyone’s doing the bratz challenge now lol. Saf’s ahead of the game.

  • Amber Wijnands
    Amber Wijnands 15 days ago

    Omg where did you get Yasmins shoes😍😍

  • Koreo Kookie
    Koreo Kookie 15 days ago

    There was people looking at her in 14:51

    CRYSTAL ChAIreZ 15 days ago

    WOW YOU DID SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!

  • Taisiya Ivanovskaya
    Taisiya Ivanovskaya 15 days ago

    OMG!!!!!!! Yasmin's boots are

  • Brooke Goodell
    Brooke Goodell 16 days ago

    "Well you're too late, I've already arrived! And I'm going *shimmies* STAG" OMG I am ded. This video is everything.

  • unicorn girl dragon
    unicorn girl dragon 16 days ago

    I didn't exist in 2001

  • JasperMan
    JasperMan 16 days ago

    i wasnt allowed to have bratz bc they wore too much makeup

  • Melissa Service Pack 7
    Melissa Service Pack 7 16 days ago +1

    OMG!! You are soooo jade!! You are a living Jade Doll!!! My favorite outfit on you was the Winter Wonderland Sasha outfit. That one looked soo good on you! You're making me want to dress up like my Bratz dolls again! ahahah. I forgot to mention that I even have a doll house with Bratz in it and one of them I dressed up to look like me. I have all kinds of cute stuff inside it to make it look as realistic as possible. They've been sitting in there for years and years, collecting dust.

  • Melissa Service Pack 7

    The first outfit you're wearing of Yasmine's, I actually have on First Edition Dana right now. I have a shelf in my room of all the original first edition bratz dolls.

  • Melissa Service Pack 7
    Melissa Service Pack 7 16 days ago +1

    This is awesome!! I used to collect Bratz dolls for many years. I'm 41 now, but I was in my 20's when I first started collecting them. They were soooo cute! And I actually had a lot of clothes in my wardrobe that resembled their outfits. I used to dress up like them all the time and take my picture holding the doll while wearing the same outfit. My favorite one's were First edition Jade and Dana.

  • Michelle Sin
    Michelle Sin 16 days ago

    This outfits really funny look bass at all. I really like the 1st and ski one

  • Michelle Sin
    Michelle Sin 16 days ago

    The outfits look great on you!!

  • Bashiran Gul
    Bashiran Gul 17 days ago

    I have a doll Bratz like 3 years ago

  • sandra pendleton
    sandra pendleton 17 days ago

    You nailed these and it’s bothering me that the world hasn’t given you an award. 🥇🎖🏆🏅⬅️you pick

  • Taylor Die hard fan
    Taylor Die hard fan 17 days ago

    Lol I already watched this but it’s in my recommendation now that everyone is doing bratz related videos

  • aaliyah mahmood
    aaliyah mahmood 17 days ago

    My names aaliyah lol when she said I was like aaaaaaa

  • Ian Taylor
    Ian Taylor 17 days ago

    EVERYONE IS DOING THIS NOW, 10 months later.

  • Jesus Chavira
    Jesus Chavira 17 days ago

    I want James and Safiya to collab and dress us as Bratz dolls along with James doing both of their makeup and have a full fantasy.

  • All I Do Is Dream And Believe

    This reminds me of when dIsNeY uSeD tO bE gOoD

  • Victor Cisneros
    Victor Cisneros 17 days ago

    OMG I have the same keychain as Sasha had wow. My babysitter got that for me

  • Sienna Mckenzie
    Sienna Mckenzie 17 days ago

    February 2019?

  • Kristen Hastings
    Kristen Hastings 17 days ago

    You are way ahead of the game, because now this is a trend.

  • It's the future I can see

    your videos are like watching a good ass tv show, like its so informative, well researched and entertaining
    Like fuck, its so good referhgeripghep

  • Valeria 4404
    Valeria 4404 18 days ago +1

    I was born in 2004 and these dolls were never in the stores were I am from BUT I was having the Movie on a DVD so I still know them💛

  • kittycat0876
    kittycat0876 18 days ago

    You should try monster high dolls

  • Kelly Martin
    Kelly Martin 18 days ago

    Oh my god i remember that winter commercial.

  • Diamond xox
    Diamond xox 18 days ago +2

    Why do the bratz theme tunes sound like songs I made up in nursery

  • Iceyy. Girl
    Iceyy. Girl 18 days ago

    I love this video❤️❤️

  • chipps and dipp
    chipps and dipp 19 days ago

    Early 2000s fashion is low-key starting to come back. More like 200-2006. 2007-2015 won't be back for another good 15 years. Btw Jade's outfit was my favorite in this video

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer 19 days ago

    This made me feel so nostalgic. I still have my first Bratz doll (Yasmin)

  • Malia72
    Malia72 19 days ago

    Safiya was ahead of the #bratzchallenge2019