FEEDING 50 GIRAFFES! + many more animals!

  • Published on Aug 19, 2017
  • Chiang Mai's Night Safari! We get bombarded by giraffe's, deer, elk, & other crazy animals. Plus holding owls, dragons & snakes =)
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    FEEDING 50 GIRAFFES! + many more animals!
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 515

  • Ginger Cherny
    Ginger Cherny 13 days ago

    This is why Elton is amazing! The love for these animals. We should all live like this

  • Love Like Rain
    Love Like Rain Month ago

    There is something satisfying about watching a bunch of grown men squeal over a bunch of animals and then when they see a baby they turn into Satan so these are the best videos

  • Paris Jackson
    Paris Jackson 2 months ago

    I love how satan comes out of Elton when he's really happy and excited

  • Storm_breakr YT
    Storm_breakr YT 3 months ago

    5:52 its the giraffe apacolypse

  • Jason Jones
    Jason Jones 4 months ago

    Sir Uncle Elton
    Allo=Hello Towards you,
    Jason here again from Berlin Germany..
    Oh Hahahaha, at 6:54 when the Giraffes stick it head up in the rail cars someone yells -
    (Oh God What The F**ks Is That).?
    & at 7:24 it's, dude who gaves you the flat top - what Barber do you go to.?
    Yah, i would try to names that animal - but the hair doo throws me offs i cants even tell whats it is, maybe some kinds of cow.?
    I not know..
    Thank to you again Sir Uncle Elton for nother great videos - i can tell by watch you vids you makes good time & good memories withs the guys..
    You great great Uncle.!.!. I sure the other really appreciates & loves you brother, much respects towards you & take good care ofs yourselfs & each other..

  • Aj Boyd
    Aj Boyd 5 months ago +1

    They went for the owl. I'd go for the snake😂😂😂

  • Halie Ireton
    Halie Ireton 5 months ago

    Anyone else hear Satan come out of Elton when he saw the baby zebra

  • bart oomen
    bart oomen 6 months ago

    i have gone to this place

  • Joseph Dunn
    Joseph Dunn 6 months ago


  • Gianna Bevilacqua
    Gianna Bevilacqua 7 months ago

    look at the baby

  • Bubba Gump
    Bubba Gump 8 months ago

    I have had the same snake

  • Macie Leigh
    Macie Leigh 8 months ago

    I like snakey bois

  • Newt Scamander Rules
    Newt Scamander Rules 9 months ago

    Satan came out of Elton most of this video

  • Wolf Heart
    Wolf Heart 9 months ago +1

    i love snakes :D

  • Wolf Heart
    Wolf Heart 9 months ago +1

    the baby lions are so cute

  • Sydnie Guevara
    Sydnie Guevara 9 months ago

    Giraffes remind me of Luke Hemmings

  • Multi_Fandom.Editts
    Multi_Fandom.Editts 9 months ago

    4:15 to like 8:00 was HILARIOUS

  • London Young
    London Young 9 months ago +2

    Does anybody noticed Elton getting in like a demonic voice when he sees any type of baby animal 😂😂🤪

  • tessa
    tessa 9 months ago

    look at the babbyYYYYYY

  • Isabella PG
    Isabella PG 10 months ago

    Girrafes are my favorite animal

  • Galaxy Anime Killer 101
    Galaxy Anime Killer 101 11 months ago

    Did anyone else hear the devil come out of Elton when he saw the zebras?😂😂

  • Laura Sheldon
    Laura Sheldon Year ago

    So cool, I'm so jealous!

  • Emily Mason
    Emily Mason Year ago

    Who knew that baby animals would turn Elton into Satan 😂

  • Madison B
    Madison B Year ago

    the whole video i was just waiting for an animal to run by and grab the food out of their hands😂

  • Jasmine Gryttenholm

    Such a beautiful Albino Burmese Python; I would love to handle one

  • Livy and Leina McDonald

    you said HEDWIG!!!!! HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Super-G-Brooks
    Super-G-Brooks Year ago

    "Ah ONE aH TwO aH tHrEe"

  • cc Duffy
    cc Duffy Year ago

    Jays last name is walker so he must be a jaywalker lol

  • Becca. B
    Becca. B Year ago +1

    Please don’t say I’m crazy but can someone give me a link for this video...
    I remember sam and Colby being in this video. Is there another zoo video?

  • Sarah Harper
    Sarah Harper Year ago

    i am peeing my pants because of the giraffe scene. eltons reaction!

  • Hey Blips
    Hey Blips Year ago +1

    Thanks god im sick so i can catch up on ur videos

  • Celine Palacio
    Celine Palacio Year ago


  • Imelda Beirne
    Imelda Beirne Year ago

    I have a pet snake called slytherin like from Harry Potter

  • Gacha Videos
    Gacha Videos Year ago


  • Christy Martinez
    Christy Martinez Year ago

    7:55 Elton was wayyyyy to hype...Lol 8p

  • EnderKitty 68
    EnderKitty 68 Year ago +1

    1:33 Did he just say Hedwig? HEDWIG IS A SNOWY OWL XDD I heard it and I had to replay is to make sure I heard correctly

  • Eileen Redhorn
    Eileen Redhorn Year ago

    I just love your videos!

  • Tate Manson
    Tate Manson Year ago +1

    It's honestly so adorable how excited they're getting over the cute lil animals aweee :')

  • Emily Norton
    Emily Norton Year ago +8

    You can tell when Elton likes something cute he turns into a rock band lead singer.
    Elton: omg he's *in a really deep voice* really cute

  • Drakey Drew Ze Dragon

    7:22 colbys spirit animal

  • holly casey
    holly casey Year ago

    My grandad got attacked by a hippo

  • elizabeth garner
    elizabeth garner Year ago +1

    My best friend owns a zebra and feeding them for is like one in a life time thing for y’all it’s just so fun to watch yall

  • Megan McNeill
    Megan McNeill Year ago

    LOL the darafs wear just stick ING there heads in the ride and just eating all the food without any one giving them it

  • Luna Luna
    Luna Luna Year ago +1

    Y'all got to feed the little animal by the giraffe🙁😇😍

  • Jimins Thighs
    Jimins Thighs Year ago +2

    “Oh it’s a baby! Look at the *BABY* ”

  • Happy Aleks
    Happy Aleks Year ago

    "Look at the baby! *LOOK AT THE BABY* " Jesus Christ Elton call the fuck down

  • Bubba Kush OG
    Bubba Kush OG Year ago

    Elton gets so excited that he stops forming words lol

  • Alex Crafts
    Alex Crafts Year ago +1

    when i saw the small ponies i was like “ELTON SIZED PONIES OH MY GOD” and i’m not even sorry

  • abby benfield
    abby benfield Year ago


  • Nathan Worden
    Nathan Worden Year ago

    I would be aressted for stealing an animal

  • kayla edwards
    kayla edwards Year ago

    anyone know how much it would cost to go travelling like this ?

  • ivy reyz
    ivy reyz Year ago +2

    i googled the Chiang Mai's Night Safari that is in this video, from reading some of the reviews they badly abuse the animals, people said the tiger show was the worst and the tigers are all drugged up so people can take pics with them :(

  • Sierra _
    Sierra _ Year ago


  • Ayva Todd
    Ayva Todd Year ago +1

    their incoherent screams of excitement! XD

  • JayChewinOnMetal 2
    JayChewinOnMetal 2 Year ago +1

    That was the coolest Zoo I've ever seen.

  • Jennifer L.
    Jennifer L. Year ago


  • Destini W
    Destini W Year ago +3

    " how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop " 😭😭😭😭😭😂 I died

  • lila long
    lila long Year ago

    Is anyone else here to try to calm your nerves after watching the suicide forest video?

  • Madi Low
    Madi Low Year ago


  • Kaidyn Brees
    Kaidyn Brees Year ago +1

    RANDOM FACT: Owls can't move their eyes so they have to move their heads to look around

  • Eli Woodruff
    Eli Woodruff Year ago

    Go do an overnight at the Paris Catacombs

  • Faith Turco
    Faith Turco Year ago +6

    Elton became possessed when he saw the baby zebra

  • PELON49ER 79
    PELON49ER 79 Year ago

    Now that looked like a lot of fun.

  • Abby Quintus
    Abby Quintus Year ago +1

    Did you guys hear the lady in the background saying "Don't touch it, they bite, then you will be dead" 😂Im dying

  • lilly g
    lilly g Year ago

    Todd petting the owl is so cute lol

  • LelaBelle24/7
    LelaBelle24/7 Year ago


  • Jess R
    Jess R Year ago

    Everyone was screaming loud noises scare elephants,rhinos,giraffes

  • gaybrieljax
    gaybrieljax Year ago +2

    love elton's voice when they see the animals.
    4 octaves up then immediately 10 back down

  • Shelby Faith
    Shelby Faith Year ago +1

    me: that's a whole lotta snek

  • Emma Elstad
    Emma Elstad Year ago

    hiiiiiii love u

  • kiyana jerome
    kiyana jerome Year ago

    The baby animals had me weak and crying.

  • Little.miss. Nobodyxxx

    One tiny question....um WHERE ARE THE KOALAS!!!!!??????

  • Mikhayla Miller
    Mikhayla Miller Year ago

    big cat resuce

  • Riley Connolly
    Riley Connolly Year ago

    Go to Amy's Baking Company.

  • Paige Harvey
    Paige Harvey Year ago

    More overnight challenges

  • Maya
    Maya Year ago

    In a special occasion you should get everyone David, liza, Zane, absolutely everyone to do a haunted exploration video all together but have different bloggers and split into 2 groups.

  • The IronManderian
    The IronManderian Year ago +2

    The van from the suicide forest video is from a movie and they left it there

  • Haley Nicolette
    Haley Nicolette Year ago +18

    *high pitched* aww look at the babbyyy
    *low voice to show how cute they are* LOOK AT THE BABBYYYY

  • Ken theSav
    Ken theSav Year ago +4

    Can always count on elton to point out if there is a baby in a group of animals

  • joseph roegl
    joseph roegl Year ago

    where is heath

    EXIDUS E3N Year ago


  • Walking Backwards1999

    This was amazing. I loved it!!

  • troy dunson
    troy dunson Year ago

    What happened to heath

  • The Procrastination Show

    Elton: *In Shrill high pitched voice* LOOK AT THE BABY. *In low drastically changed tone* LOOK AT THE BAYYY BEEEEEEEE.

  • i need jungsus
    i need jungsus Year ago

    Why isnt anyone pointing out the fact that those arent even jiraffes, those are squirrels

  • Aislyn Lopez
    Aislyn Lopez Year ago +2

    Ok but did anyone else hear satin himself rise out of Elton at 7:49

  • Armando
    Armando Year ago

    Hello I'm new to the channel and I was wondering if you can give me a shout out because you and your channel expired me to make my own channel.

  • Erin Mandarin
    Erin Mandarin Year ago +8

    Awww 😍😍 I love this so much but I loved their reactions so much and I laughed so hard at this but I died every time Elton said "awww look at the BEBEEE" reminds of hardcore Christmas carolers 😂😂

  • Join the Jones’

    You guys should go explore Pompeii and play the Ouija board there

  • BraxtonBurt
    BraxtonBurt Year ago

    do an overnight challenge in a arcade

  • Pam Lewis
    Pam Lewis Year ago +2

    Elton squeals like a little girl around animals. That's so funny!

  • Pammy Ham
    Pammy Ham Year ago +6

    Mandela effect, it's how many licks does it take to get to the tootsie center of a tootsie pop

  • Alyissa Pickett
    Alyissa Pickett Year ago

    AWWW omg giraffes are my favorite animal. I love this video so much. U guys are so lucky

  • Margaret Chua
    Margaret Chua Year ago

    Hey TFIL if u love your fans pin this comment

  • Hunny Bunny
    Hunny Bunny Year ago +1

    Around 7:48 is my favorite part of the whole video because of the way Elton's voice just dropped, lol😂

  • Nub Nub
    Nub Nub Year ago

    I never figured out what TFIL meant😂

  • Camryn Croasdell
    Camryn Croasdell Year ago

    There is so much going on though out this entire video 😂

  • Felicity Hernandez

    go to chernobyl !!!!!!!!

  • Atlantic Comeback
    Atlantic Comeback Year ago +1

    Hey, if you're looking for a spooky place I've got one.
    There's a place in New York that's pretty haunted. It's not abandoned, but it's nearly hundreds of hear old. It's a theater with miles of catacombs under it. If you're not careful, it's easy to get lost.
    The twist?
    It used to be a mental asylum.
    Upstairs you can find syringes and urns with people's names on them.
    Downstairs is worse. Some of the doors are locked downstairs and even the curators don't know what's in them. The doors that are open are rooms or storage spaces. There's also a couple out of tune pianos down there that are really creepy. The main problem you'd have would be getting down.
    There's two ways that I know of; the elevator and the stairs. The elevator is old and rickety, but it's probably the easier way just because of accessibility. Anyways.
    Some say that if you listen at the right time, you an hear screaming deep within the catacombs.
    I've only had one major experience down there. It was about three years ago, maybe four now.
    I was down there with my theater troop (again, it's a theater now,) and we were all walking around. We went into the huge costume room, and everyone went off in different directions. I was by myself in the back when all of a sudden I heard someone whisper my name. I turned around and saw a pale girl with a straight jacket on.
    Me, being the forgetful person I am, thought she was part of our theater troop and I'd just forgotten her name. I was like "woah! Stay right here, I'll go get the others. So I brought one or two people back like "guys you have to see this!!" And I turn the corner and she's gone. I look around. Nothing. I pull a random costume and say "how in you is THIS?" And they all start laughing and look at it.
    We leave, and I brush it off as maybe a prank. We go down there every year, and I'm always reminded of it.
    I could never find that straight jacket she was wearing.

  • Merakiem
    Merakiem Year ago

    1:11 *instantly shouts* IS HEDWIG THERE?