6 Ways To Cool A Hot Mouth (EXPERIMENT)

  • Published on Jul 17, 2015
  • Got a hot mouth? Try these cures! GMM #731
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Comments • 19 945

  • sans the skeelaton
    sans the skeelaton 3 hours ago

    pepper works better than milk i tried it

  • jamespug26
    jamespug26 Day ago


  • Rohan Singh
    Rohan Singh 4 days ago

    9:50 ...
    Link: *throws up*
    Rhett and Crew: *laugh*
    Link unable to speak: "PEPRA KEKHKSHHH"

  • heyward fisher
    heyward fisher 6 days ago

    Schollville, probably spelled it wrong, used a sugar syrup.

  • Icy's Gaming Channel
    Icy's Gaming Channel 10 days ago +4

    I love link, but I swear he’s weak man 😂

  • parallel_spartan
    parallel_spartan 15 days ago

    Does anyone elses mouth water while watching

  • Tyler Plueddemann
    Tyler Plueddemann 16 days ago +1

    Rhett used the same spoon as Link with the sugar, anyone notice that?

  • lightningspeed
    lightningspeed 16 days ago

    Did he have a voice crack 0:01

  • Twig_Eater
    Twig_Eater 18 days ago


  • Mukul Dangi
    Mukul Dangi 18 days ago

    Did anyone else laugh when Link started retching

  • Jason Todd
    Jason Todd 20 days ago

    Hearing him puke had me laughing lol

  • Dominic Beaudoin
    Dominic Beaudoin 21 day ago

    @Good Mythical Morning 13:16 you should use that as a jingle for the wheel of mythicality

  • Yordle Void
    Yordle Void 21 day ago

    You should've tried pig fat with the peppers

  • SuperTaco 0
    SuperTaco 0 21 day ago

    this was the greatest

  • ItsMart Pancakes
    ItsMart Pancakes 22 days ago

    i put chili sause in my noodles and it was soo chili i run to my computer and searched: hacks how to stop chili from your mouth fast

  • C. K.
    C. K. 23 days ago

    I can still go back and watch this and it will make me laugh as much as it did the first time lol 😂

  • Doberman Dad
    Doberman Dad 25 days ago

    4:55 because I do not want a mans nuts in my mouth.

  • Childish Pepino
    Childish Pepino 25 days ago

    How to die in 14 minutes

  • Coco and Kit
    Coco and Kit 26 days ago +1

    You're holding a lunchbox pepper in the thumbnail. Those arent spicy.

    ALIEN CHASE 26 days ago +3

    9:52 😂 You’re Welcome 👌🏻

    Also if you ever watched Mad TV 12:16 is so Stuart going “Look What I Can Do” 😂

  • Pin-Wu Yu
    Pin-Wu Yu 26 days ago

    link is a master at puking!!

  • Clai Litiatco
    Clai Litiatco 27 days ago +3

    I just watched your experiment on forcing yourself to have a hiccup and nothing worked. Guess this is the answer.

      ALIEN CHASE 26 days ago

      Clai Litiatco 🙌🏻👌🏻❤️

  • Tommy Denda
    Tommy Denda 27 days ago +1

    Peanutbutter milk?

      ALIEN CHASE 26 days ago +1

      Tommy Denda I second this idea 👌🏻

  • TuBean
    TuBean 28 days ago

    Season 7 GMM opening is my all-time favorite

  • DroneXFun
    DroneXFun 29 days ago

    Pepsi works. Not Coke or any other cola, just Pepsi. Try it.

  • Sarah Smith
    Sarah Smith Month ago +9

    Who's here after youresoloud's most recent video?

  • Lisa S
    Lisa S Month ago


  • Ginger Kubicz
    Ginger Kubicz Month ago

    The hicups make me wanna gag up lol

  • CaptnEvil Stomper
    CaptnEvil Stomper Month ago

    Link is such a dweeb! LOL

  • Savannah Rouse
    Savannah Rouse Month ago

    Peanut butter actually helps hick ups

  • Colin Cooley
    Colin Cooley Month ago

    My mouth literally started to tingle and somewhat hurt once you guys ate the lemons.

  • Sergey Sedlovsky
    Sergey Sedlovsky Month ago

    Honestly, Beer is quite good for that :)

  • Tanisha Storm
    Tanisha Storm Month ago

    I love that guy at the end! \m/

  • Bogdan Max
    Bogdan Max Month ago +19

    anyone watching in 2019 xD ?

  • LexyLovesYew
    LexyLovesYew Month ago

    The lemon one killed me

  • LexyLovesYew
    LexyLovesYew Month ago

    Dude hes Legit puking not just heaving

  • w9sh cl0thes
    w9sh cl0thes Month ago +2

    I ate a bag of takis while watching this.

  • mary sunshine
    mary sunshine Month ago +1

    cucumber and camomile helps

  • XxBannaGirlxX
    XxBannaGirlxX Month ago

    Bread, cheese, and yogurt help too y'all...

  • berrieswithcoffee
    berrieswithcoffee Month ago

    Bread works too btw

  • Dum Dum
    Dum Dum Month ago

    Hmmmm... I think at least 2th and 3th ones were duds... 🤔 (bell pepper)

  • Dan daa man
    Dan daa man Month ago +1

    2019 anyone?

  • Manny Shaikh
    Manny Shaikh Month ago +1

    This is my favourite episode by them so far. I think I’ve watched way too much lol

  • Fly
    Fly Month ago

    Hurry up my mouth is burning

  • Nova Knight
    Nova Knight Month ago +2

    Cottage cheese is really helpful for me

  • Melissa Bassett
    Melissa Bassett Month ago +5

    I just wanna give Link a hug.

  • Greta Smith
    Greta Smith Month ago

    wow links gag reflexes are great

  • Wolf
    Wolf Month ago


  • Isabelle Grous
    Isabelle Grous Month ago

    Link you got no jams

  • Sprite Songs78
    Sprite Songs78 Month ago

    This made me want milk but I don’t want to get up and it’s 1am

  • Sprite Songs78
    Sprite Songs78 Month ago

    *link talking to his wife when he gets home”
    W- hey honey, whatch’a do today?
    L- oh nothin, just ate some Habanero peppers and different ways to relieve the spiciness.
    W- cool *scroll through phone*

  • Tommy M
    Tommy M Month ago

    Link says the avocado works cause he just spit the pepper out

  • VPagon
    VPagon Month ago

    I give that, a negative one

    ***photo negative smokish the bear***

  • Indo SwagJr
    Indo SwagJr Month ago


  • Sam Palermo
    Sam Palermo Month ago

    You should eat a Carolina Reaper with only the one you would like out of these ones.

  • junplaysgames
    junplaysgames Month ago

    Press 7 on your keyboard and have a good time.

  • Asuka Shinobi
    Asuka Shinobi Month ago

    Man Habaneros are so Hot and disgusting eating alone.

  • TheGamerTutorial Kiddo

    Great video!

  • Leo Potato
    Leo Potato Month ago

    Wouldn’t lemon make it worse because It’s Citrus?

  • bud the buddy
    bud the buddy Month ago

    Thx my tounge herts

  • liv Murphy
    liv Murphy Month ago +1

    the part i started rollin laughing is when rhett rubs an avocado on his face and says "Zero"!

  • Dustin Reid
    Dustin Reid 2 months ago

    Have habaneros gotten spicier?

    • Dustin Reid
      Dustin Reid Month ago

      +Kyle Williams i dont like things tooo spicy the most i use is maybe a couple drops of 1.5m in some chili and i looove it perfect spice level imo (medium size pot) called vampire sauce i think ive had it for a year or so

    • Kyle Williams
      Kyle Williams Month ago

      I just ordered some live Reapers. I can't wait to harvest, and try one. I've not tried them yet. I am rather addicted to the Ghost pepper hot sauce I made this year. I'm hoping to create something a little hotter, just because...

    • Dustin Reid
      Dustin Reid Month ago

      +Kyle Williams yeah they have a kick but not nearly as bad as youtubers make it iut to be

    • Kyle Williams
      Kyle Williams Month ago

      I grow them and use them in almost every dish I make. They're a little warm, but these guys make it seem like they're swallowing the Sun.

    • Dustin Reid
      Dustin Reid Month ago

      +Kyle Williams I used to eat them all the time when i went for dinner with my family and i never remember anyone crying or freaking out.

  • Trista Kittle
    Trista Kittle 2 months ago

    I love how neither one could finish the word capsaicin because of the hiccups! 😂

  • Zachary Johnson
    Zachary Johnson 2 months ago

    12:13 really sour and spicy

  • Rainbow Boy
    Rainbow Boy 2 months ago

    This is torture.

  • Questionable Tutorials
    Questionable Tutorials 2 months ago

    Can someone please make a compilation of link gagging? 😂

  • Will Grey
    Will Grey 2 months ago +16

    Link definitely has some placebo going on

  • Shianne Howard
    Shianne Howard 2 months ago

    Eat the dragons breath pepper. Its hotter than the Carolina reaper

  • kevikna
    kevikna 2 months ago

    Spoiler alert:
    🥛 is still the best choice.

  • Ashlyn Halvorsen
    Ashlyn Halvorsen 2 months ago

    Why don't you guys do an episode where you try everything that's been unbearably hot, like Satan's toe, Carolina reaper and ect all in one sitting and tell us which is the hottest out if them all?

  • JT Bennings
    JT Bennings 2 months ago

    When they both say “Refreshing” then the add plays for “the world’s most refreshing beer”

  • Pawsome Maddie
    Pawsome Maddie 2 months ago

    I suddenly lost my appetite....

  • 11fox11
    11fox11 2 months ago +1

    who is eating hot foods with them

  • Ali Yuksekkaya
    Ali Yuksekkaya 2 months ago

    Man their next visit to the restroom must have been unpleasant

  • King Txco
    King Txco 2 months ago

    I like the way the are *Hiccup* hiccuping

  • Fresh Boi ice mint hi sup my boi

    Milk it could kill you 😉

  • Mantas Urbonas
    Mantas Urbonas 2 months ago

    Nonono... Im looking for a way to cool of my asshole from a spicy food, thats the wrong video

  • Yeetus Deletus
    Yeetus Deletus 2 months ago

    I literally just had those spicy Korean noodles that you tubers eat and tbh it wasn’t bad at all

  • Lucas Barber
    Lucas Barber 2 months ago

    love your videos keep it up

  • TheForresterOD
    TheForresterOD 2 months ago

    So. . . They do know that they don't have to actually swallow the pepper, right?

  • Bella Morris
    Bella Morris 2 months ago

    This is is funniest episode ever

  • Anthony Madrigal
    Anthony Madrigal 2 months ago +1

    Avocados need salt for a good taste

    • Ginger Kubicz
      Ginger Kubicz Month ago

      I love plan avocados. I dont add salt in my cooking. :) Just whatever is already in there.

  • Anthony Madrigal
    Anthony Madrigal 2 months ago +1

    The caremel helps

  • Dj Dread
    Dj Dread 2 months ago

    Chocolate milk

  • PlayStation Nation
    PlayStation Nation 2 months ago +1

    Habaneros aren’t even hot lmao

    • Irma
      Irma 2 months ago

      God youre so cool........

  • Lui 750488
    Lui 750488 2 months ago

    Anyone 2019

  • Muhammad Butt
    Muhammad Butt 2 months ago

    dates help out alot

  • KuddlyKisses
    KuddlyKisses 2 months ago

    Wow, this is the first episode where my stomach actually wanted to vomit. Way to go Link!

  • Autumn Equinox
    Autumn Equinox 3 months ago

    I’m so glad Link changed his hairstyle

  • Bicycle sunday
    Bicycle sunday 3 months ago

    All season endins should be Link eating habanero tomato soup.

  • nshvll
    nshvll 3 months ago +1

    I miss Link's hair sometimes

  • Nicholas Hill
    Nicholas Hill 3 months ago

    I'm surprised nobody has said bread. It just soaked everything up like a sponge and worked better than milk in my case.

  • Diego Lippi
    Diego Lippi 3 months ago

    2019 peeps?

  • silver8o 07
    silver8o 07 3 months ago


  • why
    why 3 months ago

    im coming here because im dying of spice and milk isnt working

  • Saara Huttunen
    Saara Huttunen 3 months ago

    why do I watch these while eating..

  • cohzy
    cohzy 3 months ago

    After 2018 anytime I watch a vid I just can’t ignore links dyed hair... how did I not see it before?

  • Devon Wilks
    Devon Wilks 3 months ago

    "It's pretty difficult to be next to a man that's behaving this way"

  • jnl
    jnl 3 months ago

    you really should have tried vodka and putting a stainless steel spoon in your mouth (separately). vodka definitely helps. and i havent tried a spoon in the mouth but if you have burning hands from cutting peppers rubbing your hands on a stainless steel sink when washing your hands helps.