6 Ways To Cool A Hot Mouth (EXPERIMENT)


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  • bud the buddy
    bud the buddy 5 hours ago

    Thx my tounge herts

  • liv Murphy
    liv Murphy Day ago

    the part i started rollin laughing is when rhett rubs an avocado on his face and says "Zero"!

  • Dustin Reid
    Dustin Reid 5 days ago

    Have habaneros gotten spicier?

    • Dustin Reid
      Dustin Reid Hour ago

      +Kyle Williams i dont like things tooo spicy the most i use is maybe a couple drops of 1.5m in some chili and i looove it perfect spice level imo (medium size pot) called vampire sauce i think ive had it for a year or so

    • Kyle Williams
      Kyle Williams Hour ago

      I just ordered some live Reapers. I can't wait to harvest, and try one. I've not tried them yet. I am rather addicted to the Ghost pepper hot sauce I made this year. I'm hoping to create something a little hotter, just because...

    • Dustin Reid
      Dustin Reid 2 hours ago

      +Kyle Williams yeah they have a kick but not nearly as bad as youtubers make it iut to be

    • Kyle Williams
      Kyle Williams 2 hours ago

      I grow them and use them in almost every dish I make. They're a little warm, but these guys make it seem like they're swallowing the Sun.

    • Dustin Reid
      Dustin Reid 2 hours ago

      +Kyle Williams I used to eat them all the time when i went for dinner with my family and i never remember anyone crying or freaking out.

  • Trista Kittle
    Trista Kittle 7 days ago

    I love how neither one could finish the word capsaicin because of the hiccups! 😂

  • Zachary Johnson
    Zachary Johnson 8 days ago

    12:13 really sour and spicy

  • Rainbow Boy
    Rainbow Boy 8 days ago

    This is torture.

  • Questionable Tutorials

    Can someone please make a compilation of link gagging? 😂

  • Will Grey
    Will Grey 9 days ago +1

    Link definitely has some placebo going on

  • Shianne Howard
    Shianne Howard 10 days ago

    Eat the dragons breath pepper. Its hotter than the Carolina reaper

  • kevikna
    kevikna 13 days ago

    Spoiler alert:
    🥛 is still the best choice.

  • Ashlyn Halvorsen
    Ashlyn Halvorsen 14 days ago

    Why don't you guys do an episode where you try everything that's been unbearably hot, like Satan's toe, Carolina reaper and ect all in one sitting and tell us which is the hottest out if them all?

  • JT Bennings
    JT Bennings 15 days ago

    When they both say “Refreshing” then the add plays for “the world’s most refreshing beer”

  • Pawsome Maddie
    Pawsome Maddie 16 days ago

    I suddenly lost my appetite....

  • foxy is here 777
    foxy is here 777 16 days ago +1

    who is eating hot foods with them

  • Ali Yuksekkaya
    Ali Yuksekkaya 19 days ago

    Man their next visit to the restroom must have been unpleasant

  • King Txco
    King Txco 19 days ago

    I like the way the are *Hiccup* hiccuping

  • Coolest Try hard
    Coolest Try hard 19 days ago

    Milk it could kill you 😉

  • Mantas Urbonas
    Mantas Urbonas 22 days ago

    Nonono... Im looking for a way to cool of my asshole from a spicy food, thats the wrong video

  • Shy Potato
    Shy Potato 24 days ago

    I literally just had those spicy Korean noodles that you tubers eat and tbh it wasn’t bad at all

  • Lucas Barber
    Lucas Barber 26 days ago

    love your videos keep it up

  • TheForresterOD
    TheForresterOD 27 days ago

    So. . . They do know that they don't have to actually swallow the pepper, right?

  • Bella Morris
    Bella Morris 29 days ago

    This is is funniest episode ever

  • Anthony Madrigal
    Anthony Madrigal Month ago +1

    Avocados need salt for a good taste

  • Anthony Madrigal
    Anthony Madrigal Month ago +1

    The caremel helps

  • Dj Dread
    Dj Dread Month ago

    Chocolate milk

  • PlayStation Nation
    PlayStation Nation Month ago +1

    Habaneros aren’t even hot lmao

    • Irma
      Irma 8 days ago

      God youre so cool........

  • Lui 750488
    Lui 750488 Month ago

    Anyone 2019

  • Muhammad Butt
    Muhammad Butt Month ago

    dates help out alot

  • Facetious
    Facetious Month ago

    Wow, this is the first episode where my stomach actually wanted to vomit. Way to go Link!

  • Autumn Equinox
    Autumn Equinox Month ago

    I’m so glad Link changed his hairstyle

  • Bicycle sunday
    Bicycle sunday Month ago

    All season endins should be Link eating habanero tomato soup.

  • nshvll music
    nshvll music Month ago +1

    I miss Link's hair sometimes

  • Nicholas Hill
    Nicholas Hill Month ago

    I'm surprised nobody has said bread. It just soaked everything up like a sponge and worked better than milk in my case.

  • Diego Lippi
    Diego Lippi Month ago

    2019 peeps?

  • silver8o 07
    silver8o 07 Month ago


  • why
    why Month ago

    im coming here because im dying of spice and milk isnt working

  • Saara Huttunen
    Saara Huttunen Month ago

    why do I watch these while eating..

  • cohzy
    cohzy Month ago

    After 2018 anytime I watch a vid I just can’t ignore links dyed hair... how did I not see it before?

  • Devon Wilks
    Devon Wilks Month ago

    "It's pretty difficult to be next to a man that's behaving this way"

  • jnl
    jnl Month ago

    you really should have tried vodka and putting a stainless steel spoon in your mouth (separately). vodka definitely helps. and i havent tried a spoon in the mouth but if you have burning hands from cutting peppers rubbing your hands on a stainless steel sink when washing your hands helps.

  • Papa Smurf
    Papa Smurf Month ago +1

    I can tolerate spicy food really well, but I Just ate a pepper from the house I’m renting’s garden and it is the hottest thing I’ve ever eaten

  • Tanvir Ahsan
    Tanvir Ahsan Month ago

    Salt cuts out the heat a lot faster

  • Conrad Jupiter
    Conrad Jupiter Month ago +1

    remities actually cant do anything they will temporaraly cool but will not stop the heat

  • MakerShaker
    MakerShaker Month ago

    Not even ice cream..... WHY!?????????

  • Jastine Gem Tato
    Jastine Gem Tato Month ago

    I love seeing them suffer😂😂😂

  • Mrs T.Murphy
    Mrs T.Murphy Month ago

    Oh my god link 😂🤣

  • Alex Delarge
    Alex Delarge Month ago

    Rhett has a peanut allergy.

    • Shannon M.
      Shannon M. Month ago

      +Alex Delarge Oh, Ok. I didn't remember that.

    • Alex Delarge
      Alex Delarge Month ago

      +Shannon M.
      There was a video where they were eating things with this female guest and Rhett mentioned that his mouth was getting itchy after they had eaten something with nuts in it, and she mentioned that it's probably a nut allergy that he should get checked out. Could be something other than peanuts though, like tree nuts.

    • Shannon M.
      Shannon M. Month ago

      No, he's lactose intolerant.

  • Elizabeth Mcmeans
    Elizabeth Mcmeans Month ago

    2019 anyone?

  • Cutie Nicole
    Cutie Nicole Month ago

    Just like AIRYANNA in first GRADE and she is a THIEF

  • Cutie Nicole
    Cutie Nicole Month ago

    So dramatic

  • Dag Banana
    Dag Banana Month ago

    Really surprised ketchup was not used

  • Adrian Firewalker
    Adrian Firewalker Month ago

    Rhett and Retch.

  • Isabeau Wolf
    Isabeau Wolf Month ago

    My husband likes to make this own hot sauce, he bought habanero pepper's, looked at while he was preparing everything and brought the whole pepper to him mouth. I told him that was a bad idea, he did it anyway and started cursing up a storm while coughing. I called him a dumbass while he drank some milk. Now, to make things clear, he loves spicy food but he also had bad acid reflux which causes him to have really bad heartburn.
    Our daughter is like her mom and sour or tart things does not phase her.
    I love avocado's for snack. This is going to sound gross, but I bet that Link's barf bucket smelled terrible after throwing up those peppers mixed with everything else during this test.

  • Sang Avatar
    Sang Avatar Month ago

    One thing y’all should try to cool a hot mouth is by drinking hot/warm water! Mighth seems like a joke but it works!

  • Richard
    Richard Month ago

    Link is one of those illogical/emotional people. The struggle to be objective is real

  • Hannah Pate
    Hannah Pate Month ago +1

    I'm waiting for a compilation video of Link puking called "Rhetchin Link"

  • YaBoyWarrior
    YaBoyWarrior Month ago +1

    Watching this While eating dorito blaze

    HOT AF

    • Irma
      Irma 8 days ago

      In my country they used to have doritos heat wave. I love them. A friend of mine said 'they are way to hot for me but i like them. If it aint hurting they aint hot enough'

  • Austin Halverson-Barry

    I feel so bad for link lol he threw up so many times rip

  • benji
    benji Month ago

    Links vomits sound like attacking Yoda

  • Cindreia31
    Cindreia31 Month ago

    "i recommend vomiting a little"

  • SwiftMooseBlz
    SwiftMooseBlz Month ago

    brrbht rbhhrhrt lol

  • Unpredictable Tony
    Unpredictable Tony Month ago

    Peanut butter is amazing works awesome Unlike Milk you can eat alot of it Milk you can only drink so much before you puke

  • jairodrigue
    jairodrigue Month ago

    The Scoville scale uses a suvar water solution not just sugar.

  • Vicki Gill
    Vicki Gill Month ago

    Links glasses are gone in spit bucket

  • Vicki Gill
    Vicki Gill Month ago

    Rhett: it moved to my lips
    Rhett: explains
    Link: buts on chapstick
    Link:you need some
    Rhett: no
    Rhett: keeps explaining
    Me: well ok then

  • Nala heidi & barkley videos !!

    Blag blah blah *Glasses fall in bucket*

  • Richard Aguilar
    Richard Aguilar Month ago

    3 years ago? Oh my god!

  • chens beef that fell to the ground

    **Hiccuping intensifies**

  • Etasha Boo
    Etasha Boo Month ago

    Out of all the vomit scenes ive seen this one gave me a hard time...

  • Meghan Stille
    Meghan Stille Month ago +2

    Honestly links vomits are not that bad?? Like if I throw up. It’s literally evacuating my entire digestive tract. And he’s like “there’s the pepper, and a little bit of peanut butter” like. Damn. Control.

  • Austin Hughes
    Austin Hughes Month ago

    Dudes beard turned green

  • i Merciful i
    i Merciful i Month ago

    I came back (technically 4 cuz it’s 2019) but 3 years later to see a typical day in the office where two guys are eating peppers and throwing up.

  • taylors repp
    taylors repp Month ago

    i *was* eating

  • Abby Bain
    Abby Bain Month ago +4

    It's 2019 and I still love this episode hahaa

  • Mark Pfeffer
    Mark Pfeffer Month ago

    It's told whipped cream is actually supposed to help Stave off the heat.

  • Dire Rune
    Dire Rune Month ago

    brown sugar is the best

  • musing melodies
    musing melodies Month ago

    add it all together and you have a nice curry

  • Mel-Anie
    Mel-Anie Month ago

    in my experience chocolate is the most helpful thing

  • Michael Shaw
    Michael Shaw Month ago

    If u need a legit helping method that I’ve used in the past it’s cream cheese on a cracker

  • James 2356
    James 2356 Month ago

    Did anyone else notice that Rhett ate from the same spoon that link did for the sugar😂😂

  • Emma Boyer
    Emma Boyer Month ago

    I was actually eating spicy cheese sauce while watching it and the drinking milk! lol

  • Ariel hermario
    Ariel hermario Month ago


  • Xyu Bam
    Xyu Bam Month ago

    Gargle a teaspoon of salt with just your saliva. It neutralizes heat from chili within seconds 100x better than milk or any of the other crap they tried. I never seen it tried or hear about it even though it is the absolute best. I've been using this method for years & it even works on the spiciest of chilis like the Carolina Reaper! Give it a try next time & thank me later!

  • Twofaced Savage
    Twofaced Savage Month ago

    I heard sugar was the best way

  • Random account
    Random account Month ago

    love that haircut link xD

  • Random account
    Random account Month ago

    2018 club where you at?

  • Sherburne Lee
    Sherburne Lee Month ago

    Should of tried beer. Works for me

  • runnin butterfly
    runnin butterfly Month ago +1

    Sometimes i use white bread and boiled egg ( yolk especially)

  • XxFerexX
    XxFerexX 2 months ago

    Links old hair

  • Its Mystic
    Its Mystic 2 months ago

    The last one had me dying

  • Traxie ツ
    Traxie ツ 2 months ago +4

    I am watching this because I ate one of the spiciest korean soups and my mouth is burning right now

  • Cynthia Whiteside
    Cynthia Whiteside 2 months ago +1

    I this will sound weird but lemon isnt that sour for me

    • TheJaeTee
      TheJaeTee 2 months ago +1

      my son eats them like they were an orange. same with limes.

  • Foxy 120826
    Foxy 120826 2 months ago

    Although a lot of people can’t, I can

  • Foxy 120826
    Foxy 120826 2 months ago +1

    Wow Rhett you cannot handle lemons

  • T. Garcia
    T. Garcia 2 months ago +2

    Man, you guys really take it for the team!! Haha!! Poor Link, I always feel so bad for you when you try to force down spicy sh*t.
    Let me tell you, I've eaten these straight off the vine, and they pack a KICK. You two have some hangers for doing 5 rounds of these. Cheers!!

  • ianka Viaene
    ianka Viaene 2 months ago

    i wonder if the toothpaste would have worked if they drank water after it because it feels colder after that

  • Music Lover
    Music Lover 2 months ago +2

    *Link is currently becoming possessed*

  • Chris Bearz
    Chris Bearz 2 months ago

    Whats up with the hiccups? I eat a alot of spicy stuff never get hiccups

  • Josh
    Josh 2 months ago

    Revisit this.
    Try warm water helps break down the oil in peppers
    Also try cool water and Dish soap.

  • the guitar master
    the guitar master 2 months ago

    August 10th is my b day