Honest Trailers - The Bourne Trilogy


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  • swjr64
    swjr64 11 days ago

    Do 13 Hours!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jerrett Farmer
    Jerrett Farmer 14 days ago

    Poor Loki forgot who he was.

  • Kanaro Kan
    Kanaro Kan 14 days ago

    the OG , GOAT jason the most badass assassin.

  • ThisIsNotPictureTube
    ThisIsNotPictureTube 17 days ago

    I liked the new Bourne movie. This trailer is better, though.

  • Kobe Cressey
    Kobe Cressey 20 days ago

    What about jason bourne?

  • Matthew Lafferty
    Matthew Lafferty 21 day ago

    The Bourne Legacy movie was nothing like the book.

  • Reeshav Kumar
    Reeshav Kumar 24 days ago

    How dare you call it turtleneck. It's the tactical-neck!!!!

  • GeometricallyBlue
    GeometricallyBlue Month ago

    In The Bourne Supremacy, that was definitely a Tommy Lee Jones role, but the actress in that role was much worse at it than Tommy Lee Jones would have been. : /

  • Judson Joist
    Judson Joist Month ago

    3:18 Even in a movie that supposedly goes for "gritty realism," foley artists just can't resist cramming in all those phoney gun-coking sound effects even when characters aren't working any parts on the guns that would be making those noises (slides, charging handles, etc.).
    4:10 No Archer reference?

  • Doug C
    Doug C Month ago

    Do The NeverEnding Story!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Owen Dillon
    Owen Dillon Month ago

    do number 4 this one is pretty disappointing and not needed

  • Joshua Luna
    Joshua Luna Month ago

    A man with the skill of liam neeson in Taken, but the brain of dory in Finding Nemo

  • Josué Patiño
    Josué Patiño Month ago

    4:56 I thought you forgot about it 😂

  • James Dixon
    James Dixon Month ago

    "Ride along with this deadly dummy..."

  • DVD Guy That
    DVD Guy That Month ago

    Next time you watch one of these films think ASS HAT every time they say asset and you'll get some unnecessary smiles...

  • itaboi309
    itaboi309 Month ago

    Love ur work!!!!!

  • palash binayake
    palash binayake Month ago

    Please do now you see me

  • K M
    K M 2 months ago

    lol ...ride along w this deadly dummy... ...[who knows] how to weaponize an entire Staples catalogue... lol
    The closing credits, as ALWAYS, are killing me too. Bravo

  • Bemused Bandersnatch
    Bemused Bandersnatch 2 months ago

    And that one movie with the word "Bourne" in the title and no Matt Damon to speak of that nobody seems to remember exists that I personally found really enjoyable.
    C'mon guys, it had Rachel Weisz, Jeremy Renner, and Edward Norton in it. How'd you forget about it so quickly?

  • Daxaaar The Bot
    Daxaaar The Bot 2 months ago

    Always amazes me how the guns make a cocking sound when the guy is just pointing it at someone.

  • Nicholas Mwangangi
    Nicholas Mwangangi 2 months ago

    Do the Robert Langdon movies next

    KABYATARA PANIGRAHI 2 months ago

    Please Say Blind Buffalo!

  • susanne anique
    susanne anique 3 months ago

    The books were not boring. I could not watch the films without rolling my eyes🙄. Books so much better

  • Victor Bastardo
    Victor Bastardo 3 months ago +1

    Plz say,,, my name is inigo montoya you kill my father prepared to die.

  • D rodrigues
    D rodrigues 3 months ago

    actually I love the Trilogy a good old Bourn movie on Friday night PALEAASE Order some pizza

  • Martin Lescano
    Martin Lescano 3 months ago

    Do Casino Royale

  • Newbie52
    Newbie52 3 months ago

    *Also Staring* Badass fake-outs that inevitably end with 'FU' to whoever trying to trace/track him as Bourne reveals that he's within line of sight or inside their base of operations

  • Indie Film Screenings
    Indie Film Screenings 3 months ago

    There is a new one coming out called Jason reborne. This time there will be a cool car chase and people watching computer monitors he will find out that the guy that has been chasing him is just a pawn and then he will slip away

  • Joey Wade
    Joey Wade 3 months ago

    Why did ScreenJunkies remover the trailer for the last Jason Bourne movie? That was my favorite.

  • Donnie Yeager
    Donnie Yeager 3 months ago

    "...But I think that he's rockin' the shit in this one!

  • General Chaos
    General Chaos 4 months ago

    Lost it at finding nemo.

  • Andrew O
    Andrew O 4 months ago

    After just watching your ant man and wasp video. It’s funny how there’s so much more to tare apart about marvel stuff than this. You had to try a little harder it seems for this stuff whereas marvel is eeeaassy

  • Victor Bastardo
    Victor Bastardo 4 months ago +3


  • Roland van Holst
    Roland van Holst 4 months ago

    "Thrill rides that couldn't be more different from those long boring books for sale at the airport". >>> the books are better, although the movies are amazing too

  • Ladykyra101
    Ladykyra101 4 months ago +3

    "Like, A Million Turtlenecks." 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Ethernen
    Ethernen 4 months ago


  • EmoMexican
    EmoMexican 4 months ago

    1:03 damn right

  • Diogo Simões
    Diogo Simões 4 months ago

    Now it is time for a JASON BOURNE honest trailer

  • Varun KV
    Varun KV 4 months ago

    The books aren't that bad lol

  • Tranquil JOE
    Tranquil JOE 4 months ago

    3:18 I knew I wasn’t the only one that noticed at the end of every fight scene he ends up with a gun at the end. Like the firearm just materialises out of no where.

  • Jake Kayden
    Jake Kayden 4 months ago

    No his name isn’t David webb. She was giving him info through that. It was a code

  • That Guy Scott Webb
    That Guy Scott Webb 4 months ago

    Webb is a cool name dammit :)

  • EmoMexican
    EmoMexican 5 months ago


  • Jeff Rossin
    Jeff Rossin 5 months ago

    Wow now I cant unsee the turtlenecks

  • Zaim Hilmi
    Zaim Hilmi 5 months ago

    Like a million turtle neck

  • Ruffa Lopega
    Ruffa Lopega 5 months ago

    "And like a million turtlenecks "😂😂😂

  • Class D Personnel
    Class D Personnel 5 months ago

    Hand control

  • AndJess
    AndJess 5 months ago

    do the oceans series!

  • Dalisu Ngobese
    Dalisu Ngobese 5 months ago

    Tommy lee Jones lmao

  • Mohammed Abdullah
    Mohammed Abdullah 6 months ago

    Thanks for a run down. *Feeling Nostalgic*

  • LiliFromHali
    LiliFromHali 6 months ago

    who EVER thinks it's a good idea to sit in the front row???

  • Mgtow Boo Boo
    Mgtow Boo Boo 6 months ago

    A long time ago I thought feminism was coming to a head because there was no way that people would let this level of crazy get any crazier. I couldn't have been more wrong. The only explaination I can come up with for this is that I just didn't understand at the time how disposable men are.

  • Jagwant Singh
    Jagwant Singh 6 months ago

    Death note honest trailer

  • Kristine E
    Kristine E 6 months ago

    Please do HT for how to get away with murder

  • Five Things In 5 Travel

    Who’s best, Jason Bourne, James Bond or Ethan Hunt.....?!

  • Parth Pandya
    Parth Pandya 7 months ago

    Can you guys make bollywood movie's honest trailer Named Race 3. RIP in advance...hahaha

  • Voltera Succoria
    Voltera Succoria 7 months ago

    Pan's labyrinth would be a good one to do.

  • Kahea Nava
    Kahea Nava 7 months ago


  • Andrés de Jesús Argüello Guillén

    What about everytime a new guy takes over the people filled computer room, they say: I want, I want, I want, and now! Such poor manners, such a common thing amongst the new chief guys

  • rossbach451
    rossbach451 7 months ago

    Am I the only one who thinks Joan Allen was the hottest lady in any of these movies?

  • Bryan Pichardo
    Bryan Pichardo 7 months ago

    These movies were great

  • Pan Darius Kairos
    Pan Darius Kairos 7 months ago

    I've never seen any of these movies.

  • Mackenzie Cribe
    Mackenzie Cribe 7 months ago


  • Jake Masters
    Jake Masters 7 months ago

    Deadly dummy 😂

  • stayoung80
    stayoung80 8 months ago

    Do The Departed!

  • Lorraine May
    Lorraine May 8 months ago

    I'm watching this for the first time and literally LOLing! 😂😂😂😂

  • Robin Stevens
    Robin Stevens 8 months ago

    So what. I think James Bond is a joke. Bourne is better.

  • Mirza Khalid
    Mirza Khalid 8 months ago

    Finding Bourney :D

  • The ambassador of the divided States of America

    Duh Matt Daaammmon !!!

  • Jackie Giusti
    Jackie Giusti 9 months ago

    Can we do an honest trailer on WTF happened with the Bourne 4 with Jeremy Renner?

  • Abood Ash
    Abood Ash 9 months ago

    4:57-5:02 HOLY SHIT!!! It took me two years to realize that they mentioned "The Bourne Legacy". Well, we pretty much forgotten about it.

  • NeopantomIme
    NeopantomIme 9 months ago

    Ludlum made great books, including these! :-)

  • Robert Turner
    Robert Turner 9 months ago

    Lol. Def not boring books. But still funny

  • WowUsernameAvailable
    WowUsernameAvailable 9 months ago

    My favourite action movie until John Wick came along.

  • naveen sridhar
    naveen sridhar 9 months ago

    a memory loss doesn't take away whatever skills that he has learnt ...image if a person with a memory loss is a left hander he will still be a left hander till his death because it is stores in his subconscious memory do some research fatty ass

  • Riding Japan
    Riding Japan 9 months ago

    kept hearing ass-hat xD

  • Albert Babaev
    Albert Babaev 10 months ago

    Why do you think he became Bourne. So he sounds better the David bond.

  • Xerxes Animations
    Xerxes Animations 10 months ago

    Nothing about The Bourne Legacy... Understandable

  • HM atomet
    HM atomet 10 months ago

    Ghost rider please

  • Shayn Hacker
    Shayn Hacker 10 months ago

    "man that is shakey"

  • GoddessOfWhim2003
    GoddessOfWhim2003 10 months ago

    I liked the books. I couldn't make it 10 minutes into the second movie, it pissed me off

  • nicolette gascon
    nicolette gascon 10 months ago

    Can you say “nitwit, blubber, oddment, tweak”

  • Dark Void
    Dark Void 10 months ago

    *_J E S U S C H R I S T I T S J A S O N B O U R N E_*

  • Babette Harper
    Babette Harper 10 months ago

    Awesome! Lol!

  • limeyfox
    limeyfox 10 months ago

    Jason Bourne’s real name was David. Solid Snake’s real name was also David. No way...

  • Lucky Tran
    Lucky Tran 10 months ago

    Marvelous review!

  • shreyash shreekant
    shreyash shreekant 10 months ago

    Boring books? Dude those are great

  • Rizwan Hakeem
    Rizwan Hakeem 11 months ago

    do the lego batman movie

  • Badong Tagalog
    Badong Tagalog 11 months ago

    Honest trailer, people incapable of doing things just criticize. Thats what you are. Stay where you are🙊


    “A GoPro attached to a meth-head” ...!!!!!! I really like the Bourne movies but this Honest Trailer was brilliant!

  • MrBeleedat
    MrBeleedat 11 months ago

    Why is Moby's song not mentioned? Sorry, thumbs down on this one.

  • Mohammed furqan
    Mohammed furqan 11 months ago


  • Rushikesh Jagtap
    Rushikesh Jagtap 11 months ago

    do daredevil tv

  • WorldReligion
    WorldReligion 11 months ago

    It is actually quite possible that he would forget term memories if hit in the right spot on the head. He would still remember motor function and probably because he was already a spy, fighting came natural, thus his brain cannot forget it. However it's strange he would forget his name or have no memory whatsoever of his past. So yeh... Hollywood

  • Vanessa Berberi
    Vanessa Berberi 11 months ago +1

    Matt Damon ❤

  • Grey Wind
    Grey Wind 11 months ago

    signature move I’m dead😂😂😂

  • Ducesay Hayes
    Ducesay Hayes 11 months ago


  • Pudge Boyardee
    Pudge Boyardee 11 months ago

    Im from missouri and forgetting nixa is not a bad thing. One custard shop, two gas stations and my aunts house. Thats all it is.

  • K. Mancao
    K. Mancao 11 months ago

    Yeah do the OCEAN’s TRILOGY

  • medic6817
    medic6817 Year ago

    Honest trailers is savage af🧐😂🤦🏽‍♂️