10 Fighters Who Wouldn't Stop After The Bell

  • Published on Jul 21, 2019
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Comments • 1 221

  • Brandon Hames
    Brandon Hames 3 hours ago

    Where's JOE SOTO?

  • MnPlucked outdoors

    Show the actual fight don’t talk about it with pictures!!!! Idk how tf people enjoys these dum videos like this one

  • BreakingBA
    BreakingBA Day ago

    Why not show some actual footage

  • Hoefledorf
    Hoefledorf 5 days ago

    Videos please...

  • arod9393
    arod9393 5 days ago

    "i didn't feel the tap" -paul harris

  • VOIDArc
    VOIDArc 6 days ago

    Ah yes, the goat George Masvidal.

  • lmperioz
    lmperioz 9 days ago

    Wish Jorge and Shinya got ambushed by the crowd and stabbed. Scumbags of the earth.

  • trurtle shark
    trurtle shark 11 days ago

    Wtf where's the video?

  • Thomas Leak
    Thomas Leak 11 days ago

    dumb slideshow boooooooO!

  • It's me Ryan
    It's me Ryan 12 days ago

    Why do almost all the videos narrate what happened, but do not show it (in video)

  • bubbacalling
    bubbacalling 13 days ago

    Would help if we can see a video of these rather than shit pictures and commentary

  • tas tiger
    tas tiger 13 days ago

    Geezus! I laughed so hard during this video....

  • DMG118
    DMG118 14 days ago +1

    Ar-Mad Ass-Wad is a great name

  • Ross Simpson
    Ross Simpson 14 days ago +1

    The guy intentionally held the choke after ref had stopped the fight coz his opponent called him a 'muthafuka'!! Grow up, you're not 12 anymore.

  • rafael rj
    rafael rj 14 days ago

    3:12 fifa celebration

  • rafael rj
    rafael rj 14 days ago +2

    Herb Dean is a PIMP
    How he stopped Big Foot from killing that man?

  • David Forbes
    David Forbes 16 days ago

    Aoki was so overrated. He’s got great submission skills but he’s so frail and weak

  • mostkewl1
    mostkewl1 16 days ago

    I used to THINK Aoki was the man, but now I KNOW he is.

  • ButterBall
    ButterBall 16 days ago

    The one about the IV falling out and spraying blood is bullshit. Veins don't spray blood arteries do and they don't put IVs in arteries lol

  • That Person
    That Person 16 days ago

    *GEORGE MASVIDAL* 😂, great video tho

  • Ski Mask The Ugly God
    Ski Mask The Ugly God 16 days ago +2

    12:30 you can even hear the arm pop out

  • SaMtRgMbGspMvBl
    SaMtRgMbGspMvBl 16 days ago

    Refs need to stop subs if the guy isn’t getting out before bone breaks

    • David Wheeler
      David Wheeler 13 days ago

      It's no different in grappling competitions, tap or snap. Just a part of being in a fight

  • Ray Meadows
    Ray Meadows 17 days ago

    I don't see the number one match being WRONG..You don't want a broken arm? TAP!!

  • Nick Gibson
    Nick Gibson 17 days ago +1

    Masvidal didn't keep going after the bell, Askren was definitely out but like Jorge said the ref hadn't stopped the fight yet so he got his licks in.

    UKGAMING 24 17 days ago


  • Werewolf O. London, Esq.

    So..... no footage of The Great Hospital Battle between Riggs and Diaz?
    Inquiring minds want to know!

  • Handsome Jack
    Handsome Jack 18 days ago +2

    I lost it when you added in the Mortal Kombat X-Ray move for Ben Askren 😂

  • Ricardo Snow
    Ricardo Snow 20 days ago +2

    Dude that Shinya Aoki one will always be in my memory. I remember right when I started to really get into MMA I found this weird channel on my cable provider when I was like maybe 13 or 14 and it had that whole card on there from Dream and I was watching it and remember seeing the snap and the middle finger. I was like “...this is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.” Lmao. It’s what really got me into MMA especially stuff outside of UFC

  • DreadCool
    DreadCool 20 days ago

    Hmm armand ass wad must have been bullied as a child

  • Dat k20
    Dat k20 20 days ago

    whos george masvidal

  • Getrealpeeps
    Getrealpeeps 21 day ago +1

    I NEVER have liked Jurassic Park

  • Getrealpeeps
    Getrealpeeps 21 day ago +2

    Aoki F***ed Hirota, DAMN!!

  • Getrealpeeps
    Getrealpeeps 21 day ago +1

    I've always wanted to see Josh Kosicheck fight Anthony Pettis, & Clay Guida.

  • Jalen Parmele
    Jalen Parmele 21 day ago

    You should make a video on fighters who's career collapsed after USADA came along.. if you haven't already

  • kickinwings420
    kickinwings420 22 days ago

    Man. Shinya aoki is an ass hole!

  • Dave Randle
    Dave Randle 22 days ago +1

    3 changes needed to make this sport go to the next level
    1: 6 three minute rounds for non belt fights
    2: 8 three minute rounds for belt
    3: end of the 10 point scoring model which originates from Boxing for MMA bouts.

  • Supreme Superior99
    Supreme Superior99 24 days ago

    Let’s talk about how long this intro was smh Lol

  • MiZoW
    MiZoW 24 days ago

    Frederick turned out to be the ass-wad.

  • MIAMI 305ers
    MIAMI 305ers 24 days ago

    Damn Dream didn’t give a fuck

  • Cool guy
    Cool guy 24 days ago +1

    Honestly nothing really wrong with the first one. He got disrespected and then disrespected his opponent back. what’s wrong with that.

  • Jason Ivy
    Jason Ivy 24 days ago +1

    Picture clips?

  • Allotmental
    Allotmental 24 days ago

    masvidal grows his hair like that because his foreheads fucked right up!!! look at it....fucking weird!!

  • Jared Payment
    Jared Payment 25 days ago +1

    Herb DEEEEEEAAAAAAAN. Best ref.

  • AND ME
    AND ME 25 days ago +5

    Does anyone else always look away when they warn you to... my keeper (soccer goalie) had his shin snapped in half and the tip of his foot was almost touching just above his knee. I was the sweeper (basically a floating defence) and was therefore closest to my keeper... sat there holding his hand, waiting for the ambulance... just kept telling him not to look and everything was ok, while trying not to throw up... he never played soccer again, come to think of it, he could barely run properly after that.

  • Ryan Lewis
    Ryan Lewis 26 days ago

    Do we need clips of Joe Rogans stupid looking ass between every fucking thing. Fuck Joe Rogan.

  • Jacob Nicholas
    Jacob Nicholas 26 days ago

    Wow no Takanori Gomi vs Luiz Azeredo? Son, I am disappoint.

  • Mr.Friendly
    Mr.Friendly 27 days ago +1

    why is the jorge fight on this list? the bell was quite a way aways from being rung...

  • BC LR
    BC LR 27 days ago

    Aoki is out of his mind crazy

  • BC LR
    BC LR 27 days ago

    Victim gets thrown around a lot and you’d never think a mma fighter as a victim. But DAMN!!!

  • Space Man
    Space Man 27 days ago

    they should have given daley extra money for that shot, koshit is a blatant cheat caught out many times, he never deserved to be in the ufc.

  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson 27 days ago

    I love the Japanese in fighting. Those crazy sons of bitches

  • messy gunning
    messy gunning Month ago

    Last dude was fucking idiot if you dont Tap and try to act tough your gets broken

  • Drew Caico
    Drew Caico Month ago

    “George” Masvidal ? Wtf

  • Jake Dempsey
    Jake Dempsey Month ago

    9 was stupid af. There was no bell. And for a page about MMA. You should know as well, you don’t stop until the ref stops the fight. Or it ends. 5 secs into round one. He did the right thing. You’re supposed to fight after that bell.

  • Darryl Montelongo
    Darryl Montelongo Month ago +2

    GDR I really wanna pound her a couple times after the bell 😋 🔥 😋 🔥 😋 🔥

  • Daily Scratchers
    Daily Scratchers Month ago

    Idk about the palheres vs shields one. Rousimhar let go of the arm in about 3 seconds after the tap.

  • A very Tall midget
    A very Tall midget Month ago

    Poor Asswad 😕

  • Aus
    Aus Month ago

    Imagine if you would actually show the fights instead of talking about them.

    • Aus
      Aus Month ago

      ɐɯɯoɯ oʎ sᴉ ɐɯɐqoʎ I’d rather not fall asleep to an annoying voice talking about them when I can watch them lol

    • ɐɯɯoɯ oʎ sᴉ ɐɯɐqoʎ
      ɐɯɯoɯ oʎ sᴉ ɐɯɐqoʎ Month ago

      @Aus imagine looking at other channels instead of this one

    • Aus
      Aus Month ago

      Plenty of other channels show the fights you fucktatds 😂😭

    • ɐɯɯoɯ oʎ sᴉ ɐɯɐqoʎ
      ɐɯɯoɯ oʎ sᴉ ɐɯɐqoʎ Month ago

      Imagine being a fucktard

    • _AMAZING_ 1
      _AMAZING_ 1 Month ago

      Aus imagine u wanting him to get copyrighted

  • Zeus Cronus
    Zeus Cronus Month ago

    Why the fuck are you showing just snap pics , wtf ? Unsubscribe

  • Mrdreadllama
    Mrdreadllama Month ago

    Itz said Yun