Sepsis Treatment & Vitamin C - Trials & Updates (Septic Shock)

  • Published on Nov 23, 2019
  • A sepsis treatment update from Dr. Seheult of
    Understand the possible benefits and controversy of utilizing vitamin C in septic shock treatment.
    The article referenced in this video: (additional links are within the article regarding the CITRIS - ALI trial)
    This video is a follow-up of Dr. Seheult's previous video on septic shock, the pathway of vasopressors, and vitamin C, here:
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Comments • 225

  • MedCram - Medical Lectures Explained CLEARLY

    Thanks for watching. Much more about sepsis and shock treatment at our website:

    • sammy tan
      sammy tan Year ago +1

      @I_love_Jesus hi....vitamin c actually dissolves kidney stones based on my actual experience....

    • Lisa Tamati
      Lisa Tamati Year ago

      Joe Marriott brilliant book

    • Nunya Bidness
      Nunya Bidness 2 years ago

      I stand corrected

    • Xyl Morph
      Xyl Morph 2 years ago +1

      @I_love_Jesus Dr. Charles Mary of New Orleans who gave thousands of folks intravenous vitamin C says it does not cause kidney stones

    • Bramcote Electrical
      Bramcote Electrical 2 years ago +1

      Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins: Curing the Incurable
      Book by Thomas Evan Levy

  • o0Avalon0o
    o0Avalon0o 2 years ago +30

    I could listen to you guys all day. It's channels like this that inspire me to keep learning & work hard!

  • KPM
    KPM 2 years ago +4

    Great channel, even for a lay person. I’m still reeling from a placebo test on dying people. Trying to figure out the relationship between “do no hurt” and tests that deliberately withhold help. “ I think vit C is really helping Bob over there, I’m not going to give it to you and measure the difference “. I guess there’s no way to do science to people any other way but, just, wow.

    • KPM
      KPM 2 years ago

      K MA
      I see what you mean. That makes sense.

    • K MA
      K MA 2 years ago +1

      You're misunderstanding the question then, with all due respect.
      -We _know_ that current best practice gives a patient the best chance to survive. All patients in this study received that.
      -In addition, we _guess_ that vitamin C may help, but we don't _know_ for sure. It could do absolutely nothing, or potentially even harm the patient. A drug called dronaderone was a good example of this situation. We found out that it didn't do what we thought and actually ended up harming certain patients and now it is only cautiously used.
      -We have to take a _risk,_ a _chance,_ that perhaps our theory will help patients. Patients volunteer to receive that _in_ _addition_ _to_ the current best practice therapy.
      If you think about it in terms of what we _know_ and what we _guess,_ it's easier to understand why we must do it this way and why that is ethical. Keep in mind also that most studies include points where preliminary data is evaluated before the end of the trial. Studies can be stopped early if the _guess_ seems to be harming patients, but also they'll be stopped early if it's clearly helping. At that point, they stop the study and give everyone the effective treatment. Both happen fairly regularly.

    • Collieco Form
      Collieco Form 2 years ago +1

      In some testing once there is a clear indication they don't take it to morta!ity, but start administering the drug. I read that study so any here so I can't remember the details.

  • Peter Hall
    Peter Hall 2 years ago +30

    20 years ago, some people around me thought I was stupid for taking 20 Grams of vitamin C per day for the flue. but I got well really fast in 2 days.

    • adlf0713
      adlf0713 2 years ago

      Redpill Progressive it was Andrew W. Saul :)

    • Rain Dance Ranch
      Rain Dance Ranch 2 years ago

      Richard F I concur Richard

    • Rain Dance Ranch
      Rain Dance Ranch 2 years ago +2

      Redpill Progressive yes, it’s true about taking it as soon as symptoms come on... but a late start is better than no start ... and if u r sick, I recommend 6000 mg of ascorbic acid MINIMUM, more is better ... but liposomal c is better than ascorbic and you could probably do 1200 mg of that per day minimum while sick or even daily on regular basis (I do 800 mg of liposomal per day and 1000 mg of ascorbic when not sick) ... both, should be spread out over the day... ascorbic requires food... liposomal can be w or wo food ... liposomal translates to higher doses in the body ... ascorbic is still useful no matter what critics say, it is most readily avail so it’s important to know about the differences and how to use different types of c

    • Rain Dance Ranch
      Rain Dance Ranch 2 years ago

      I_love_Jesus vitamin c is helpful for kidney stones ... I had em.. its horrible... been taking c regularly for several years ... then they looked at my kidneys ... I was expecting bad news .., they were perfect and no stones present ... c actually neutralizes toxins in blood ... assuming that is a good thing for kidneys

  • John Lost
    John Lost 2 years ago +2

    Thanks for crediting an RN. Getting people well again is a team effort. Nurse support and nurse advocacy for treatment plans go a long way in achieving acceptance and positive outcomes.

  • Instinction Rebellion
    Instinction Rebellion 2 years ago +7

    Since I've been though septic shock myself, it's exciting to hear that maybe there was something I could have taken to slow it's progress instead of just waiting to see whether I would die, or someone would manage to save me. I'd much rather not have to go to the hospital unless I'd used up every effort on of my own.

    • yary gork
      yary gork 2 years ago +2

      A friend with hep C was dying of septic shock age 54 and they used IV C and saved him fast! not sure which hospital but kudos to them!!

  • Kansalsero
    Kansalsero 2 years ago +1

    @MedCram. I like the breakdown you did on the clinical trial on vit C. Can you research the literature for Vaccine randomised double blind Saline placebo trials? The people who are anti vaxxers say that there are none as by some slight of hand , vaccines are classified as 'biologics' and not drugs where they have to do the proper trials. So the manufacturers have bypassed some aspects of safety. Also, you cannot sue vaccine manufacturers for injury as the Vaccine court set up in 1986 put the liability compensation to the tax payer with a maximum limit of $250k. No wonder there are Mum's with injured kids up in arms. Can you do some impartial research and present. So for the mum's it is a 'customer service' issue that the manufacturers and doctors(they are equivalent of tech support as they are not the creators of the vaccines) cannot be sued. They cannot get back an injury free child and are fobbed of as 'anti vaxxers'. Stands to reason there is no incentive for pharma to improve safety. A deeper topic for another time.

  • Gazelle Richardson
    Gazelle Richardson 2 years ago +2

    JMO:. Worth trying. Highly unlikely it will harm you. I use it when I get Flu's, Cold's, etc. Seems to help severity and shortens length of time I am sick.

  • Jeremiah Roark
    Jeremiah Roark 2 years ago +1

    I love the idea of using something that appears to have low side effects. Will hospitals start implementing this in the future? I sure hope

    • Lori 1 Cor. 15:1-4
      Lori 1 Cor. 15:1-4 2 years ago +4

      Probably not. There wouldn't be any money in it. We have to do our own research.

    • Rain Dance Ranch
      Rain Dance Ranch 2 years ago +4

      There was a lot of evidence about the use of vitamin c IV’s since the fifties and I believe even around the turn of the century. I hope they do as well. Try bringing it up to doctors whenever appropriate and see how they respond, for one. But, if more people start asking for it, regardless of their ignorance and denial of it, the change is likely to occur sooner.

  • phanupong asvakiat
    phanupong asvakiat 2 years ago +3

    B12 can lower homocysteine and may help vit.C also.

  • J. Crow
    J. Crow 2 years ago +3

    These people in ICU had scurvy. In other words, their bodies were using up vitamin C quickly and they were in deficit. So there is an objective reason to give these people Vitamin C to begin with.

  • Anh Kim Phan
    Anh Kim Phan 2 years ago +1

    Thank you Doctor, you are real angel to inspire people take care of themselves.

  • Md Mazidul Haque
    Md Mazidul Haque 2 years ago +9

    Thanks for making this video free for us.
    Good job.

  • Richard F
    Richard F 2 years ago +3

    Dosage was quite low compared to so much earlier work in Vitamin C.
    Which is a common problem with more recent research.
    Amazing that they got any useful results at all.
    Some would suggest they're trying to fail.
    Animals the size of humans make much more Vitamin C in their livers than these folks used in their protocol. Much, much much, more.
    Not sure why these folks don't look at such things before creating their protocols.
    A goat makes 100,000 mg per day when it's sick.
    That's a completely safe dose. Tested for millions of years (in animals.)
    Large Dose Vitamin C is natural and endogenous for most of the animal kingdom.
    What is so hard to grasp?
    A tiny rat makes more C than they used.

  • Collieco Form
    Collieco Form 2 years ago +23

    50/50 Hindsight but this might have saved my aunt who was in good health until sepsis and poor care took her life. It taught the whole family to stay out of nursing homes for physical therapy. It all started with a torn ligament in her knee.

    • yary gork
      yary gork 2 years ago

      just lost my 97 yr old aunt to pneumonia and I'm sure IV C would have her alive still she had scurvy no doubt after two long without her C she used to take every day. Sadsad sad I miss her bad!

    • Rain Dance Ranch
      Rain Dance Ranch 2 years ago

      Yes c could have helped ... it neutralizes toxins in blood ... the higher the doses the better... similar situation w both my patentd ... I didn’t know enough at the time

    • I_love_Jesus
      I_love_Jesus 2 years ago +2

      J. Crow they push Ensure which is unhealthy. 😕

    • J. Crow
      J. Crow 2 years ago +7

      Collieco Form yes they push going into nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities after hospitalisation. Often this is a mistake. They do not always assure that patients get the proper nutrition. Vitamin D3, magnesium, B vitamins and Vitamin C.

  • tobuslieven
    tobuslieven 3 months ago

    I think this highlights how little we know about the mechanisms of action of even such well known compounds as vitamin C.

  • medec021
    medec021 2 years ago

    Hello - would you mind posting a video on how you do these kinds of presentations in detail? I suspect you use a tablet, but how do you record this technically and do you use this in real presentations too? Fascinating stuff. Thank you and best regards

  • Nurse Stefan
    Nurse Stefan 2 years ago +25

    fascinating! Saved! Discussing this with colleagues tomorrow.

    • Universal035
      Universal035 Year ago

      @MedCram - Medical Lectures Explained CLEARLY
      Hello, I've been diagnosed with folliculitis since 2013 caused by staphylococcus infection. I also had furnacles & fear that I may have Sepsis. I heard that this is a uncurable deadly disease & I'm afraid to die from this. I don't know what to do.

    • Nurse Stefan
      Nurse Stefan 2 years ago +1

      Jared Hahaha me no tink so

    • Jared B
      Jared B 2 years ago +2

      @Nurse Stefan he was asking about laceration videos, not lactation!!! Lol! Everyone knows nurses can't stitch.... ?

    • Rain Dance Ranch
      Rain Dance Ranch 2 years ago +3

      Nurse Stefan please discuss! Thank you!!! Consider reviewing the work of klenner, Pauling, Levy and humphries ... c can help the body heal from polio, swine flu, acute hepatitis, HIV, Lyme, whooping cough, pretty much all diseases for which there is a vaccine, atherosclerosis, psoriasis, poison injestion... and so much more... IV’s are great for those in hospitals, the unconscious and such, but oral supplementation with liposomal c can be very beneficial as well.

    • Nurse Stefan
      Nurse Stefan 2 years ago +4

      Traditionalist hey thanks for checking out my channel. I could see how some may think it’s atypical, but it’s really no big thing. You could compare it to the weird factor that consumes youtube but even without, think about male obstetricians- is that an uncomfortable thought? It’s all about caring for other human beings, and lactation is an important part of childhood development, family relations, and mental health. Just some food for thought. 🤙

  • Jon Steedley
    Jon Steedley 4 months ago +1

    Thank you, Dr. Seheult!

  • Mark Nasia
    Mark Nasia 2 years ago +2

    Thank you for this, i never even heard of septic shock until my 17 year old daughter died from it unexpectedly 3 weeks before her 18th birthday. I wish Septic Shock could get more awareness, as once they started an IV at the local emergency room that included broad spectrum antibiotic, there was no way to get a positive confirmation of the presence of bacteria. She had no other health issues, and 24 hour every one of her body systems shut down, the only saving grace is not having to watch her suffer more than 24 hours. Thanks again for your channel, it helps me to stay informed to help my families awareness of medical issues.

    • dallimamma
      dallimamma 2 years ago +1

      Mark Nasia ::: Thank you Mark. I pray that your concerns will be heard by all parents, and will prevent this tragic scenario from ever happening again.

    • Mark Nasia
      Mark Nasia 2 years ago +1

      Jessica Simpson thank you for your kind words, and if you get time, google sepsis and take some time to read about sepsis awareness. I don’t promote websites because i don’t want people to think i am associated in anyway with sepsis awareness. I just had not idea how deadly sepsis it. I am thankful for youtube channels like this that helps to educate viewers of real threats to our families and ourselves as well. It is a constant struggle for our family, because our daughter was so full of life, and touched so many aspects of things we do daily, the only thing we can do is to try to celebrate all of the good things we can remember and try not to cry too much in public, seriously. I thought it was hard losing friends i worked with in combat, and was never prepared nor can i think anyone be prepared for losing a child. I know everyone likes to say “everything happens for a reason” which i believe is true, but still understanding the reason is difficult, all we can do is move forward. The worst part about losing a child is the vicious gossip, coming from people that truly have no real information to give about “what really happened” and trust me, I was open ears to listen to any true accounts to help give us some closure. Unfortunately with the aid of a computer program, I input who was saying what, and honestly it basically comes up to a circular diagram. If anyone knew any real information, they were not, and have not come forward, and like i stated, we were open to hearing the worst as long as it was true and could give us closure. Truth is, when something like this happens, it really shows you people’s true colors. I get it, people gossip, but the amount of slanderous things said, with not as much as anything to back it up.. it was really childish. Our daughter was a cheerleader, prom queen, spokes person for tourism for our island, member of the chess club etc. She made good grades and she was full of life, and when this happened, it was completely obvious how strong jealously is. We were not looking to see our daughter as a victim and wanted to blame anyone, but we wanted to truly know how this happened because we have 2 other daughters to try to protect, and if is means we have to accept a very unwelcome fact of something she was involved with, were were willing to, to protect out other daughters. Even today, if someone were to come forward with something, anything we would accept information. But when people’s concocted facts are refuted with lab tests... well it is hard take them seriously, especially when the conversation never leads back to anyone that actually knew our daughter, they just “heard” a rumor. Here is a piece of irony, our daughter was musically talented and would sing and play guitar and one of her songs was a cover by Concrete Blonde “little conversations” i never sat down and thought so much about the lyrics to the song, i was closing many items in her room, and were trying to figure out what to do with her stuff and i opened up a song book with that song with guitar tablature and lyrics, and just wow...

    • Mark Nasia
      Mark Nasia 2 years ago +1

      dallimamma since she was already given a lactated ringer (IV with antibiotic) the lab could not culture a successful bacteria in samples taken later to try to see what kind of bacteria it was. I didn’t know any of this, had no idea how many people die of suspected sepsis due to a blood sample not being taken prior to taking antibiotics. So, after the aftermath, i learned going to several sites online, trying to figure out what happened, that sepsis awareness biggest ask is that “people admitting someone without any prior medical issues request a blood sample prior to starting any antibiotics. She was given an antibiotic in her IV at an emergency room at a local hospital without first taking a blood sample. I never knew anyone that had died of sepsis, i was aware of it from college health courses, but have never heard the real difficulty in diagnosing sepsis is that missing blood sample before antibiotics are started. So, how was she diagnoses, basically in the autopsy by process of elimination, eliminating all the other possibilities for a 17 year old with no history of health issues. I can only refer people to google sepsis, and there are sites dedicated to bringing awareness about how difficult it is to diagnose it. As for being a parent that loved our daughter greatly, i am also no naive in the fact that sepsis can also be initiated with illegal use of intravenous drug use, complications from abortions, and untreated undiagnosed medical conditions. These are least common as many victims of sepsis come in contact in places like gyms, hospitals etc, due to the high trafficked area. Thank you for asking and I wish I had more answers, but unfortunately other than referring you to a sepsis site online, i really still have to rely on the outcome of two separate autopsies, where poisoning, illegal drugs, were eliminated in lab results. Also I have to add, as much as i love our daughter, she was a teen, and like many teens get into things not so safe or good for her. Of course even trying to seek that avenue for answers her friends were of no help, but I can only ask parents to do their best to keep regular contact with their teens as we thought we were doing and our other daughters of course 1 a year older and the other 2 years younger, we stay vigilant to try to make them aware of life’s dangers.

    • dallimamma
      dallimamma 2 years ago +1

      Mark Nasia ::: God bless her, Mark, how devastating. I didn’t realize how prevalent it is. How did she get sepsis to begin with?

    • Pamys
      Pamys 2 years ago +2

      Mark Nasia I’m sorry for your loss. I couldn’t imagine what terrible pain you’ve been dealing with.

  • Rain Dance Ranch
    Rain Dance Ranch 2 years ago +20

    These are actually low doses. If anyone wants to do this iv and your doctors won’t do it, or can’t do it or you can’t pay for it, take liposomal vitamin c oral supplements... take about 400mg of the liposomal form every three or four hours... probably couldnt hurt to get in some ascorbic acid in between... and take an adsorption eliminator like bentonite clay and or activated charcoal with a lot of water as well. Liposomal c goes directly into the blood stream and rivals the high dose iv method. And the c essentially neutralizes toxins in the blood. I suggest also taking ascorbic acid, which is absorbed in the gut and only some will be absorbed, but it is good to have that c coasting through the colon and intestines and the kidneys and such ... You cannot overdose on vitamin c.

    • Rambler Rose
      Rambler Rose 2 years ago

      OfftoShambala it’s sad the lengths they will go through to sell sell manufactured suffering.

    • Rain Dance Ranch
      Rain Dance Ranch 2 years ago +1

      Bee Bop I will look into him... another recent doc I just hear about was a dr Cunningham from the CDC... he did an interview about problems with flu shot... went missing shortly thereafter, and was found dead in a river, authorities calling it suicide... the article about the flu shots is removed from the internet... but the Atlanta Black Star has a report about him being missing after talking about the problems publicly... I think he was killed in 2018. Hope the Atlanta Black Star still has their article up.

    • Rain Dance Ranch
      Rain Dance Ranch 2 years ago +1

      Bee Bop mine too!

    • Rambler Rose
      Rambler Rose 2 years ago +1

      OfftoShambala Well, December 2017. Yeah his death was an addition to large number of mysterious losses of doctors if that profession. It was when that happened is when my tin foil hat started to tingle.

    • Rambler Rose
      Rambler Rose 2 years ago

      A J Yes. Dr. James Winer. He practiced holistic medicine and had a radio show in Pittsburgh.

  • Lisa Tamati
    Lisa Tamati Year ago

    My Dad couldn't get this and he died unnecessarily. There is so much evidence. Thank you for sharing and getting word out

  • OWL
    OWL 2 years ago

    Doc can you do a piece on colloidal silver and silver toxicity. There is huge misinformation about silver treatment.

  • MA4TU2
    MA4TU2 2 years ago +1

    Excellent teaching- I am beginning to like doctors now :)

  • Steven Edwards
    Steven Edwards 2 years ago +15

    I kicked Mono in a week doing a vitamin c therapy. Yes it is an N=1 study otherwise known as an anecdote but it is what it is.
    No doctor would give me the IVs like I asked, they all told me I had to suck it up for a month and there was nothing to be done except risk whatever complication could come my way and stay in bed, so I mega dosed orally, and by mega dose I mean several thousand mg/h.
    In less than a week, all symptoms were gone.

    • yary gork
      yary gork 2 years ago

      good job Steven!! im on mega doses for life! and it will be a longer one because of it, probably. Dr Thomas Levy is also an attorney and knows how to MOTIVATE docs into use of IV C out of lawsuit fears. So sad thats what ir takes sometimes to save a human life.

    • Patriotgames
      Patriotgames 2 years ago +3

      Enough anecdotes are not just anecdotes. They are DATA looking for a study.

  • Avinash Alexander
    Avinash Alexander 7 months ago +1

    Please make a video on the 2021 sepsis guidelines. Now that qSOFA is no longer recommended, what is your preferred screening tool ?

  • Amy Kosari
    Amy Kosari 2 years ago

    Well, I would say "huge," decrease in mortality, given that the HAT was not followed exactly, as it should have been. I am glad of the trial however.

  • martijnhotdog
    martijnhotdog 2 years ago +1

    You have to use vit c and b1 together plus anti biotics and corticosteoid plus fluid and noradrenaline. not vit c alone or b1 alone !

  • tom howard
    tom howard 2 years ago +1

    Superb explanation, TY !

  • Afifah Hamilton
    Afifah Hamilton 2 years ago +1

    Thanks. Great video. Great subject!

  • Eric Warmath
    Eric Warmath 29 days ago

    Would have been interesting to see 25OHD levels at start.

  • OWL
    OWL 2 years ago +5

    If you are going to use vitamin C drop your sugar and carbs intake. Sweets and carbs reduce VC effectiveness in the body. High bood sugar also boosts colony growth. Drinking sweet C juices is not the best form of treatment.

    • yary gork
      yary gork 2 years ago +1

      In my thirties I was sick a lot. I would feel tired like coming down with a bug then eat lots of sugar for energy...wooops the outcome was always BAD

  • sami
    sami 2 years ago

    Would liposomal vit c be good as the intravenous one ? Thanks

    • WaterspoutsOfTheDeep
      WaterspoutsOfTheDeep 2 years ago

      normal sodium ascorbate gets blood levels up exactly the same as liposomal. The difference being liposomal keeps them up for about an hour longer, liposomal possibly may be better for infections. However vitality C is significantly superior to lipsomal, it actually gives IV levels of vitamin C easily it has a built in delivery system and is taken up by four pathways and keeps blood levels up about 3 times longer than everything else, but costs quite a bit.

  • R D B
    R D B 2 years ago

    My question is in the ones receiving vit C infusions-- what was the dosage per 24 hours?

    • Needless 2say
      Needless 2say 2 years ago +2

      Look up Dr Fredrick Klenner from Andrew Saul's web site Hes a Phd educator and has a great website

  • JaneFonda1942
    JaneFonda1942 2 years ago +3

    3,500mg of vitamin C intravenously every 4 hours is pathetically low. It's not uncommon to give patients 125,000mg and higher in a 4 hour interval.

  • летописец мемной папки

    О-о-о, какие люди!
    автор не останавливайся на достигнутом - у тебя хорошо получается
    зацените, когда будет время

  • medec021
    medec021 2 years ago +1

    Brillant. Thank you very much.

  • Michael Berman
    Michael Berman 2 years ago

    I realize that your study was extremely rigid and you can only use the reagents that your grant dictated however, I was wondering if you did consider using in addition to ascorbate, other reagents which I think would allow the ascorbate to be much more potent than if introduced by itself. For example, it has been well demonstrated as a factual conclusion that the presence of glutathione has the ability to reduce the asorbate and dehydroascorbate back to ascorbic acid which essentially recharges the vitamin C back to its original potency so that its half life is much more prolonged. Why couldn't you add the glutathione in moderate concentrations with the ascorbate when delivering this by intravenous methods? And since glutathione is synthesized only in the cells, one can even use the acetylated form of L-cysteine or NAC as a reagent as well since this acetylated amino acid is the immediate precursor to the triple amino acid residue peptide, glutathione. As a matter of fact, I am always taking NAC together with a buffered mixture of ascorbic acid to prolong the potency half life of the ascorbic acid. I have no doubt that the mortality rate would drop even further than the rate your study resulted in if you considered just either increasing the titter of ascorbate and/or adding glutathione or NAC to the intravenous delivery system. In addition, one can also determine if there is a statistical difference whether these reagents were encapsulated by liposomes in the form of nano-particles or not as well. By using liposomal particles to encapsulate both the ascorbate and glutathione, the transport efficiency might be much greater versus if the delivery was performed with no encapsulation where the ascorbate transfer into the cell would have to depend upon whether it is in the form of dehydroascorbate which is taken up into the cell by either a GLUC 1 or GLUC 3 transporter pump which appears to require ATP for this uptake to occur. Furthermore, these two transporters also can allow glucose through as well. The efficiency is even lowered further due to this competition between allowing glucose through or dehydroascorbate thru into the cell. And what about increasing the concentration of the ascorbate to even much greater levels especially when used upon rats initially instead of human beings as a safety precaution? So many times I will observe many studies that keep to a very rigid protocol to perform an experiment just to show if something will work or not just based upon an academic inquiry or discussion, but not to tweak the experimental protocol to attempt to get an optimum result! Now I have just mentioned just a very few more parameters one might consider using. But I know that there are a number of other direct and indirect natural viral inhibitors that can also be used to show these results or even much better results too. So I guess the objective here is just "research" and not "research & development"! I just think that the former type of thinking very much impedes the rate of reaching the goal that the medical community is hoping for. That is just my opinion and if you disagree, then please explain your rational? Thank you.

    • yary gork
      yary gork 2 years ago

      Also I heard thiamine works synergistically with C They give Tylenol for fever which is liver toxic and reduces glutathione produced in the liver? I;m no MD.... I think its odd animals make ascorbic acid from glucose which competes for C in humans being a similar sized molecule.

  • popothebright
    popothebright 2 years ago +3

    This is intravenous / injected C correct?

  • Lisa Tamati
    Lisa Tamati Year ago

    Would it be poss to have you come on my podcast to discuss the staye of vitamin c research in sepsis and other areas. I have a globally ranked top 200 show in health/fitness/altetnative health.

  • Amy Kosari
    Amy Kosari 2 years ago

    Also, thanks for the comment at 9:13. Interesting hypothesis.

  • skyriverwalker
    skyriverwalker 2 years ago

    Quoting from this CITRUS-ALI study: Patients were randomly assigned to receive intravenous infusion of vitamin C (50 mg/kg in dextrose 5% in water, n = 84) or placebo (dextrose 5% in water only, n = 83) every 6 hours for 96 hours. My problem with this study: dextrose 5% is certainly not the standard fluid given with septic shock and ARDS. Also, vitamin C is made from fermented glucose, giving it antioxidant properties that glucose or dextrose does not have. AND they are competitive, with glucose being the preferred sugar, thus reducing the effect of vitamin C. This study was, unfortunately designed to fail.

    ALI ALSAEDI 2 years ago

    why the dose of vit c is 50mg/kg?

    • Hawkdriver 01
      Hawkdriver 01 2 years ago

      25mg per pound of body weight

      ALI ALSAEDI 2 years ago

      @Rain Dance Ranch Thank-you!
      First, I don't think that dose is the minimum tolerated dose! I'm not sure whether it is liable to consider vit c as a drug?

    • Rain Dance Ranch
      Rain Dance Ranch 2 years ago +4

      Good question... it’s actually a low dose... maybe they were afraid to give more or they wanted to see how helpful lower doses could be or they were hoping it would not show significant benefits by using such a low dose so they could render it useless as they’ve done in the past. But, even in low doses, use of c typically shows improvements in many many maladies it is being administered for. Are you already familiar with the use of c clinically?

  • polaris911
    polaris911 2 years ago +6

    is this why, for the past year, my pharmacy is always compounding huge doses of ascorbic acid?!

    • J. Crow
      J. Crow 2 years ago +1

      polaris911 Just in general the doctors are buying a lot of supplements for their personal use. No reason to waste the education in biochemistry. But how they may act in the office is another matter.

    • Just Suzie
      Just Suzie 2 years ago


  • Patricia Dunsky
    Patricia Dunsky 3 months ago +1

    Best answer to high rates of inflammation

  • Allan Lege
    Allan Lege 2 years ago +1

    Lesson learned! Don't get septic shock

    • Needless 2say
      Needless 2say 2 years ago

      Iv'e had it, I now have learned about lactate( Lactic acidosis) what caused it (beriberi)and the importance of Thiamine. I have been taking a lot lately.

  • Blue Line Rider
    Blue Line Rider 2 years ago +1

    nice update

  • Stop the Philosophical Zombies

    Would you consider doing a video on Metformin?

    • Colin MacDonald
      Colin MacDonald 2 years ago

      Google berberine, a herbal alternative to Metformin, your doc won't give you meformin unless you diabetes.

    • N
      N 2 years ago

      Use google

  • Jeff S.
    Jeff S. 2 years ago +61

    So... Linus Pauling was right after all?

    • 88RJA
      88RJA 2 years ago +1

      It is laudible that Medcram even discusses the efficacy of VitC at all, since it has become 'the great medical taboo'. However let's make one thing clear,when talking about high dose intravenous VitC we mean a dosage range of 25gm -100gms/day. All clinical trials using less than this are designed to conclude there 'does seem to be evidence of a marginal improvement, more research needed'. The Mickey Mouse dosage used in most clinical trials is less than a decent vet would give to a sick guinea pig.

    • David Strong
      David Strong 2 years ago

      @Emah Shei doesn't have to be given intravenously in order to get plasma C high enough to do any good in sicknesses such as flu or , Covid 19, ?

    • Mark Lee
      Mark Lee 2 years ago +2

      @signalfire6 im convinced that most people in the world are on barely above scurvy level. That is why giving them vitamin c regularly will cure so many ailments. It is not even funny. I have been recommending high dose vitamin c to people around me and they are now believers. Skin problems cholesterol fatigue cold flu diabetes cancer numbness . People cant believe how effectuve it is and they are starting to doubt their docs.

    • Michael Berman
      Michael Berman 2 years ago +1

      I take probably about 10 grams vitamin C per day which I distribute throughout the day because ascorbic acid and the ascorbate salt are both water soluble and thus it's half life within the body is quite short. However, I never got any kidney stones at all ever. I did read that the presence of citric acid will dissolve kidney stones to a large extent. One should also note that as far as I know from the literature, there are two different types of kidney stones. One type is a calcium oxalate salt that can precipitate to a stone at certain pH conditions, and the other type of kidney stone is made up of calcium urate. Now the sources of oxalate as far as I know come from various tea products. And I am sure there are a number of other food sources as well which would prove useful to look up. The uric acid in the blood generally comes from a number of sources and metabolic pathways as well. Although even though uric acid is perhaps the most potent blood radical scavenger, if it goes to high enough levels, uric acid will also precipitate with calcium ions which results in calcium urate crytals forming particularly within the joints which results in a condition called acute gouty arthritus. I would definitely try to determine which type of kidney stone you do have before attempting to treat it. But I do know that food products containing citric acid such as lemons, oranges and many other related citrus products should prevent the formation of kidney stones especially if they are made up of primarily calcium urate. By the way, there were studies that also have suggested that in addition to foods containing too much purines, taking too much fructose and just excess simple sugars will also result in an excess amount of uric acid possibly resulting in an acute gout attack of specific peripheral joints such as the big toe but can set up in other joints as well and kidney stones will possibly form as well. I would definitely ingest very small or no amounts of simple sugars, keep moderately low on foods which contain purines in general and take more whole fruits but no fruit juices since fruit juices contain too much simple sugars and fructose as well, then see what happens. The only exception would perhaps be lemon juice which I would take regularly because it contains a lot of citric acid and low amounts of simple sugars. I also would stop taking any tea products as well if you are a regular tea consumer because of the excess oxalate and oxalic acid it contains. If you find that other food products also contain oxalalic acid, I definitely would stop taking these food products for a while just to see if these changes in diet will change your out come. So my conclusion would be to try changing your diet as I suggested but also start taking or continue taking at least 1000 mg of vitamin C three times a day but spread it out throughout the day so you maintain as even of a titter plasma level as possible, okay. Would like to know what happens after perhaps a month of this protocol. Anyways, good luck to you!

  • Jersey Shore Drone Services

    Let me get this straight. The vitamin C didn't hurt anything but seems like it may have had a significant benefit? Give me a double please!

  • Debby Kruger
    Debby Kruger 2 years ago +1

    Could this be a cure for Covid???

  • adlf0713
    adlf0713 2 years ago

    They used a rather low dose

  • qjtvaddict
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    We should not be doing no damn placebo crap right now!!!! People are dying

  • Melinda Bendle
    Melinda Bendle 2 years ago

    This is all Wonderful information but it appears to also HAVE HACKERS..🏨

    MAGA TRON 2 years ago

    This is fascinating, But I do wish the tech Dr guys would stop putting stuff like this out using their Medical jargon without being more down to earth with their information. Abbreviation's OK, but come on, tell us all what these mean, we are NOT Dr or medical practitioners.

  • Just Suzie
    Just Suzie 2 years ago

    This title is so interesting

  • Think Mackay
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    Dr, it is FEWER PEOPLE DIED, not less people died!

    • Just A Guy
      Just A Guy 2 years ago

      “Less” for singular nouns, “fewer” for plural nouns. You are correct.

    • Patriotgames
      Patriotgames 2 years ago

      One of my pet peeves, as well. Or maybe they're talking about underweight people dying?

  • Mayra Ledesma
    Mayra Ledesma Year ago

    Can you please help me. I just found out my daughter has this. She is 4 years old born with severe brain damage and kidney issue. Please help me out. It’s been 4 years now and I don’t know what to do?

  • Wolf
    Wolf Year ago

    Once you have sepsis which I did which resulted in me losing my little finger now I've got a lump on my head which I ignored now my necks in chronic pain as well as the painful lump on my head am I gonna die in 3.5 years time that's what Google says I'm fuckin scared man

  • Johnny Aingel
    Johnny Aingel 2 years ago +1

    I hate abbreviations what is ARDS??? OMG

    • Tonuzzo Nicklefritz
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      If you googled it you'd see it's Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome.

  • wakeupnow
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    Victas has come out