Gordon Ramsay eats at the Seascape - Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares


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  • Herman Ingram
    Herman Ingram 3 years ago +28

    If this was dog shit in India Gordon would praise it.

    • iamiknowall493
      iamiknowall493 3 years ago +251

      +Herman Ingram
      Because people in India are too poor to freeze their food and warm it up, so they actually cook their food fresh.

  • jonathan
    jonathan 3 years ago +9

    That was harsh...

  • Simon0
    Simon0 3 years ago +365

    those crab cakes reminded me of a dream i had where a crab grabbed and attached to my leg with its pincer and i was trying to shake it off! Man i hated that.

  • John Wong
    John Wong 3 years ago +1931

    0:59 is that guy even alive?

  • sypher294
    sypher294 3 years ago +676

    Mannnnnn he always gets the crab cakes and everyone always goes and FUCKS it up

    • simonizer888
      simonizer888 3 years ago +14

      +sypher294 CRAP CAKES: No meat. All filler.

    • Simon0
      Simon0 3 years ago +2

      +sypher294 ive never tried a crab cake.

    • sypher294
      sypher294 3 years ago +30

      Every restaurant I've heard of freezes them. No one's got it right!

    • TrueTV
      TrueTV 3 years ago +26

      It's cuz it's one of the hardest dishes to make

  • Deadpool231
    Deadpool231 4 years ago +246

    another lazy ass chef coking with chef mic-fucker

  • Sherwin Binarao
    Sherwin Binarao 4 years ago +171

    Crap cake.

  • 2Fist Uppercut
    2Fist Uppercut 4 years ago +1927

    "It's a crap cake, because if I eat anymore I'll be crapping for the next 105 years"

    • Jake Roberts
      Jake Roberts 3 years ago +79

      +Moheb Maher It's not a crab cake, it's a crap cake

  • Ada Repli
    Ada Repli 4 years ago +188

    You can see the owner standing there being nervous.

  • astroboirap
    astroboirap 4 years ago +35

    some shit themselves, raw sewage

  • Quyen Dang
    Quyen Dang 4 years ago +547

    105 years.

  • megacarpark
    megacarpark 4 years ago +70

    I make a bad crap cake. humble brag.

  • porcosdep
    porcosdep 5 years ago +117

    best chef in the world lol... in your world not in mine for sure

    • Stefan Turton
      Stefan Turton 4 years ago +46

      Who is yours? Although I really respect Chef Ramsay...my favourites would have to be Albert Roux jr. and Marco Pierre White.

  • Marcelo Xavier
    Marcelo Xavier 6 years ago +27

    lol crap cakes.

  • MultipleExperiments
    MultipleExperiments 6 years ago +83

    makes me feel like i don't want to eat in a restaurant again lol.

  • winnietheshit89
    winnietheshit89 9 years ago +118

    I watched these videos in backwards order.. I feel sorry for Ramsay seeing him eat the food considering the state of the kitchen

  • Dancingwithotters
    Dancingwithotters 9 years ago +14

    Crab cakes. Word yo.