4 Lies That Ruined Christmas

  • Published on Dec 20, 2017
  • I’m not a bad person. I swear I didn't mean to ruin Christmas.
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Comments • 5 744

  • Legit Slingshot
    Legit Slingshot Year ago +1750

    You should do a Christmas video on you torturing me

    JYRNI MAANINGA 14 days ago +1

    just eat the pickle that u r stuck in xd

  • Katie Senkowski
    Katie Senkowski 29 days ago +2

    Did you win the chess boxing

  • Jamie Vee
    Jamie Vee Month ago

    If you live in New England you know what ruined Christmas for me. I work at Christmas Tree Shops. Where Christmas merchandise starts coming into the store in August. Oh did I mention Christmas music starts the day after Halloween. So working there for 3 years has turned me into a bit of a grinch because I’m sick of it lol it’s too much Christmas

  • Zimbo257Gaming
    Zimbo257Gaming Month ago +2

    Vrv sponsor so many of your videos omg

  • Zimbo257Gaming
    Zimbo257Gaming Month ago +2

    It's a *_crimas vido_*

  • YesOrYes
    YesOrYes Month ago

    I like how you make up these storys.

  • Crazy horse Plays
    Crazy horse Plays Month ago

    Is it when your parents say Santa isn’t real

  • Tergel1337 Dapro
    Tergel1337 Dapro Month ago

    Cuz ur sis sucks

  • Tergel1337 Dapro
    Tergel1337 Dapro Month ago

    I wish ur sister is dead

  • Matthew Parks
    Matthew Parks Month ago

    I Alex

  • Jehdhrbr Nenejrjr
    Jehdhrbr Nenejrjr Month ago

    I have a BMX bike called chaos

  • The dark Avengers
    The dark Avengers Month ago

    Hi Alex wene will you do a new video

  • Heather J
    Heather J Month ago +1

    You should watch The Black Butler

  • STUDBUDfilms
    STUDBUDfilms Month ago +1

    Your sister is like the emperor palpatine Of evil!!😈

  • Bagheera Martinez
    Bagheera Martinez Month ago

    I'm a gamer and the art girl

  • StuntJunk
    StuntJunk Month ago

    Dude, VRV is terrible. I don’t feel like paying money from my future-fake-credit card. 😐😐😐

  • Mzlady
    Mzlady Month ago


  • Freddie Limones
    Freddie Limones Month ago

    Lol I trashed something from a book to and everyone loved the bird I drawed

  • Josue Moran
    Josue Moran Month ago

    If you won the BMX you could use it for hotdog bMX

  • Jorgie Orozco
    Jorgie Orozco Month ago


  • The Iron Gamer
    The Iron Gamer Month ago

    U have 4 mil subs tho

  • OkKhalidXX
    OkKhalidXX Month ago

    Sorry Kids Santa 🎅 Is Fake

  • Skull Bones Gaming
    Skull Bones Gaming Month ago

    My sister is a snitch too

  • mr. RCA
    mr. RCA Month ago

    Yeah love it men

  • The Bit Boy
    The Bit Boy Month ago

    dofus is a spin off of wakfu I think

  • Jolteon and Toys YT

    Your sister is a mean vindictive dumbo

  • Natalia Sholtz
    Natalia Sholtz Month ago

    I bet your sister isn't really evil. She'd like most other sisters. You don't like her because she's your sister.

    FUNKY CW Month ago +2

    You should watch wakfu

  • Donna Weathers
    Donna Weathers Month ago

    Hello tjere

  • Ledezma2707
    Ledezma2707 Month ago

    Dofus is a prequel to wakfu
    I think that is how you spell it it's a made up word

  • Danimates 14
    Danimates 14 Month ago

    Don’t you wonder if people say that your face is like mean things of your face?

  • Layla Hagge
    Layla Hagge Month ago


  • Karol Acosta
    Karol Acosta 2 months ago

    God I hate when I share my presents

  • Bailey Hill
    Bailey Hill 2 months ago +1

    Hay if you like doofus you will like wakfu on Netflix i think you will like it

  • Renil Tanjeco
    Renil Tanjeco 2 months ago

    Lie is so bad!!!

  • meemers90
    meemers90 2 months ago

    I would latterly beat your sister in Smash Bros

  • playz All
    playz All 2 months ago +2

    If I got myself into a pickle
    I would eat it

  • DeadBoi69 420
    DeadBoi69 420 2 months ago

    I have the same penguin Christmas hat

  • Harshdeep Singh
    Harshdeep Singh 2 months ago

    Is your sister evil

  • Albino
    Albino 2 months ago

    Your videos er so fake like just stop

  • The Grouchy Groudon
    The Grouchy Groudon 2 months ago

    < ̄`ヽ、       / ̄>
     ゝ、  \ /⌒ヽ,ノ  /´
       ゝ、 `( ´・ω・)/
         >     ,ノ
    Caw Caw!! You've been visited by the happiness birb!
    repost to spread happy!

  • Kyra Bankston
    Kyra Bankston 2 months ago

    Don't lie kids it's a bad thing

  • GamerHJ21
    GamerHJ21 2 months ago


  • Godzilla lover 911
    Godzilla lover 911 2 months ago

    U talk alot aboot ur sponsers

  • Godzilla lover 911
    Godzilla lover 911 2 months ago


  • Arturo the gamer
    Arturo the gamer 3 months ago

    Ho ho ho and I'm not talking about my ex girlfriend

  • Branden Jean-pierre
    Branden Jean-pierre 3 months ago +1

    I'm scared I put put thumbs up Canada Post notifications click the Bell and now give me anything you have

  • harper lee
    harper lee 3 months ago

    Anyone else who noticed Edvard Munch's "Scream" at the top right corner at 4:11 ?

  • Goku Black
    Goku Black 3 months ago

    1 like means you don’t believe in Santa

  • greidys is cool
    greidys is cool 3 months ago


  • Leigh Barry
    Leigh Barry 4 months ago +1

    :57 a Democrat admitted to purposely smearing Roy Moore and spending about 32 MILLION doing so!!! He's being investigated for election interference, especially considering😒 the race was incredibly close and many admitted NOT voting for him because of the propaganda this JERK spread!!!

  • Stefano Fox
    Stefano Fox 4 months ago +1

    Dofus from wakfu??

  • Christa Jane
    Christa Jane 4 months ago +1


  • Kyla Loundry
    Kyla Loundry 4 months ago +1

    You should watch Wakfu because it's The future of Dofus

  • Will Yang
    Will Yang 4 months ago +1

    You're dad feels like a pease of poop

  • Gena Bailey
    Gena Bailey 4 months ago +2

    he’s actually hot with a mustache 😂💀

    BIG CHUNGUS 4 months ago +2

    The picture you drew looks like John Marston drew it from rdr2

  • Chelsea
    Chelsea 4 months ago +1

    Why in the heck do you remind me of a better-looking Jerry Seinfeld? you kind of sound like him just a little bit

  • Greg AlwaysBored
    Greg AlwaysBored 4 months ago +2

    Christmas is always ruined by me being siting in a corner being bored