Electronic Basics #33: Strain Gauge/Load Cell and how to use them to measure weight

  • Published on Dec 3, 2017
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    In this episode of electronic basics we will have a closer look at strain gauges and load cells and find out how we can use them to measure weight. Along the way we will talk about the wheatstone bridge, suitable amplifier circuits and how we can use a µC to output the measured values of our weight measuring system.
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  • Qudret Haciyev
    Qudret Haciyev 8 days ago

    Hi. Can you make sircuit of a colloidal silver . To make best colloidal CS. For make participle 5 - 8 nm.

  • beani1990
    beani1990 17 days ago

    Wo hast du denn die Lötstützpunkte her? Alles was ich gefunden habe ist ultra teuer weil sie nur in Großpackungen verkauft werden.

  • Chris Shand
    Chris Shand 25 days ago

    Could you cover industrial load cells and amplifiers such as span, zero, drift and the effects of hitting one so as to change its original values

  • Raghavan Mohan
    Raghavan Mohan 25 days ago

    Which sensors to be used to detect Radius of curvature in beam

  • GM ELATRONIKS althu althaf

    Naice your all videos am happy

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    *Chỉ cần một công tắc hành trình đủ lớn thì mọi chuyện sẽ rất đơn giản*

  • Lewis Raphael
    Lewis Raphael Month ago

    At 5:13, what is the name of such bolts?

  • Boy Tindero
    Boy Tindero Month ago

    This is what ive been tryin to search for so long haha..

  • Johannes Nxumalo
    Johannes Nxumalo Month ago

    Hi GeatScott, I wish to connect load cell and hc711 to wifi and get the measurement output through my cellphone, your help will much appreciated , johnnyjep@gmail.com

  • Suren Thakuri
    Suren Thakuri Month ago

    Can you give the measurement of the square cardboard where the load cell is fitted

  • Amer Rehman
    Amer Rehman 2 months ago


  • Ricky Suave
    Ricky Suave 2 months ago

    What junk can we harvest a load cell from?

  • Ricky Suave
    Ricky Suave 2 months ago

    Please make a video on diy from scratch air conditioned seats like the mercedes has.

  • H.Kemal ALTIN
    H.Kemal ALTIN 2 months ago


  • ytdlgandalf
    ytdlgandalf 2 months ago

    I was wondering how those things worked when fixing a scale, now I know!

  • nimo gu
    nimo gu 2 months ago

    Дерево способно накапливать влагу, не лучший вариант!

  • Ade Putra
    Ade Putra 2 months ago

    I have a video about digital scales using the hx711 load cell. Where my digital scale is different from the others, that is, during the calibration process using the linear regression method. So that the resulting error is small and accurate. And the equations obtained during the calibration process are included in the Arduino Uno program

  • Delta25M
    Delta25M 3 months ago


  • Harvie
    Harvie 3 months ago +1

    Atmega32u4 has two differential ADCs! Can you please make video on using it to read load cells?

  • seindich
    seindich 3 months ago +1

    hx711 is slow. faster alternative is ad7705

  • hector gomez
    hector gomez 3 months ago

    Does this use a lot of power? Can I make it work some batteries for a long time or it need to be connecting to power?

  • Nick's Stuff
    Nick's Stuff 3 months ago

    Note, we use a Wheatstone Bridge because is very precise but the principle of the voltage divider would work

  • Neptune
    Neptune 4 months ago

    other board is ads1256 is high speed 30ksps!

  • salman sallu
    salman sallu 5 months ago

    Please make a video on 4 loadcell connection by using trimpot. How to set corner?

  • ottard
    ottard 5 months ago

    What would be the difference between using a wheatstone bridge vs a single resistor (+load cell) voltage divider to measure the voltage/resistance?

  • Muhammad Seaf Aldeen
    Muhammad Seaf Aldeen 5 months ago

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  • Brijesh Khokhar
    Brijesh Khokhar 5 months ago

    how to convert HX711 read count to weight ?

  • karthik joshi
    karthik joshi 6 months ago

    Is there any other website other than amazon where I can visit to buy the strain gauges?

  • Paul Powers
    Paul Powers 6 months ago

    what's a good solution to measure negative and positive weight applied to the loadcell?

  • ivan D
    ivan D 6 months ago

    How you get the weight from the HX711's ADC value ?

  • Paul-Joseph de Werk
    Paul-Joseph de Werk 6 months ago +18

    *Rider rolling down the road nicely*
    *Rider goes over a bump causing temporary lift rider*
    *Strain gauge erroneously senses rider no longer on longboard*
    *System brakes longboard*
    *Riders momentum causes him to faceplant*

    • Rob Long
      Rob Long 3 months ago +4

      Sounds like a timer would fit nicely between sensing the lack of weight and braking

  • Henry ali
    Henry ali 6 months ago

    This is a fantastic tutorial. Any idea how I could use the arduino to operate a load cell with 9-12v input. 5v from the H711 isn't enough. I'm using 100-500kg S type load cells from robot shop.
    Thanks H

  • Tauseef Omer
    Tauseef Omer 6 months ago

    lovely hai !!

  • bonesboy368
    bonesboy368 6 months ago

    I want videos on this longboard! 😂

  • 1000Gbps 1000Gbps
    1000Gbps 1000Gbps 6 months ago

    There's a big flaw in the idea of autostopping the board when no load is detected. It's a very common case your body sometimes to lift a bit from the board and land on it again. This happens on bicycle, motor, ie on every transportation device where the human body relies on the legs and/or hands for retaining to it. To be more clear - it's very dangerous to rely on hard coded min load value while traveling 3 times faster or more than you walk normally. But why? Because when lifted a bit above the board, your body continues in straight line while the board must compensate the difference in positions between it and you. One wrong step induced by that difference, for example stepping on the side edge of the board, and you are going to ER

    • 1000Gbps 1000Gbps
      1000Gbps 1000Gbps 6 months ago

      @GreatScott! How did you test?

    • GreatScott!
      GreatScott!  6 months ago

      After different tests, the code worked fine with all kinds of bounces. Do not worry. I will not release the code nor the weight measuring update anyway.

    • 1000Gbps 1000Gbps
      1000Gbps 1000Gbps 6 months ago

      @GreatScott! So your delay prevents and against two very fast bounces in a row? I highly doubt, this thing is usually prevented by predictive active suspension

    • GreatScott!
      GreatScott!  6 months ago

      True. But you really think I did not thought of that. There is a delay in the code which prevents your described scenario.

  • october elheiven
    october elheiven 7 months ago

    Just like piezo

  • Joshua Dorfman
    Joshua Dorfman 7 months ago +1

    when running that basic code you showed at 6:37, I got this error:
    "no matching function for call to 'HX711::HX711(int, int)'
    I'm not sure what to do. please help.

  • Jagath Cc
    Jagath Cc 7 months ago

    Great video as always thank u. But i noticed u said 289 microvolt but i calculated it to be 289 nano volts.. Did I make a mistake..

    • MintSoup
      MintSoup 7 months ago

      he said 0.289 uV - both of you are right.

  • Anubhab Kundu
    Anubhab Kundu 8 months ago

    Very nice!

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    Mahmoud Hasan 8 months ago

    thank you over & over for you very helpful content

  • Smile always
    Smile always 8 months ago

    Who thinks that when he darkens the writting with pen it looks satisfying?

  • Jinming Tang
    Jinming Tang 8 months ago

    My IMADA force gauge was destroyed by overloading and I want to know anyone ever try to use this method to repair IMADA force gauge?

  • Newswan Tool
    Newswan Tool 8 months ago

    Steel Mesh Tension Meter Newton Pressure Tester Tensometer for Silk Screen

  • Luis Coelho
    Luis Coelho 8 months ago

    The movement of the load cell is almost nothing. Did you tried a destructive test with the purpose of knowing how much weight can the load cell take? (the purpose is to understand what happens if the sensor is used in unpredicted conditions)

  • Shashank Agarwal
    Shashank Agarwal 8 months ago

    When will long board video come

    RAILSON MATOS 8 months ago

    send the hx711 library to my email: railsonrmatos@gmail.com

  • Dev Patel
    Dev Patel 8 months ago

    Can't we use piezoelectric materials for this purpose .

  • sheffield shen
    sheffield shen 9 months ago

    Will the code for strain gauges same as using loading cell

  • LordGryllwotth
    LordGryllwotth 9 months ago

    Insane that the loadcell get so high resolution. The filtering on a good expensive lab weight must be insane.

  • Hug0
    Hug0 9 months ago

    Hi GreatScott, i was wondering if we can measure variation of voltage directly on the HX711 with a voltagemeter. thx for the vid

  • Joseph Brunner
    Joseph Brunner 9 months ago

    Entirely wrong! Physics major

  • Kent VanderVelden
    Kent VanderVelden 9 months ago

    Wow, what a wonderfully artistic and useful explanation!

  • Ober Choo
    Ober Choo 9 months ago

    GreatScott! Do you mind if I share this video under Load Cell product page?

  • SayyedMohammadAmin Hosseini

    Hi,Where could I find a schematic of the op-amp circuit you used as the amplifier of the signal of the strain guage?
    In a case such as mine, price is ultra-important, and the price of HX711 module is not reasonable here.

  • Henning Rath
    Henning Rath 9 months ago

    Hi, I wanna hier you for a job. Please contact me.

  • Roystan Castelino
    Roystan Castelino 10 months ago

    Whether S-type load cell will work with HX711 load cell amplifier?
    The S type load cell has a higher excitation voltage.

  • A Day In The Life
    A Day In The Life 10 months ago

    Thanks for this great video. I think you saved me weeks of trial and error for a project I'm doing. Excellent channel!

  • R B
    R B 11 months ago

    What components can I use to build my own signal conditioning instead of using HX711. And in this case, would I need to measure the ouput as analogue signal ? Using oscilloscope for example

  • David Oswalt
    David Oswalt 11 months ago

    Amazing video! Thank you.
    Will this sensor work in tension as configured? Or will it only measure compression?

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