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  • James Hoffmann
    James Hoffmann Year ago +9833

    So happy to see Sum and Kaleena in this video! Had some fantastic coffee and hospitality when I visited Coffee Project earlier this year!

  • Matthew Davey
    Matthew Davey 8 months ago +765

    Well since you've used the same machine I have at home, I'm going to have to admit that it's definitely not the machine's fault that my espresso doesn't come out as nice and this.

    • Beatriz Zacharias
      Beatriz Zacharias Month ago

      Is all about practice, find the beans that suit your taste the best, etc. You’ll get there!

    • Random Internet Guy
      Random Internet Guy 2 months ago

      @Matthew Davey that is just practice makes perfect. Although, you should probably take it out before it starts screeching.

    • Matthew Davey
      Matthew Davey 2 months ago

      @Random Internet Guy I guess that's bad phrasing on my part. I'm actually happy with the espresso itself. It's my horrifically inconsistent milk work that's the issue.

    • Random Internet Guy
      Random Internet Guy 2 months ago +1

      @Matthew Davey you probably didn't make the puck correctly. Most people use too much force.

    • Seroha guju
      Seroha guju 4 months ago +1

      @Matthew Davey roast date has a big effect best to use fresh roasted beans

  • IRySyndrome [3rd of the 12 apostles]

    Me: woah that's how you make that? I might actually try that soon!
    */aggressively drinks instant coffee*

  • anna burke
    anna burke Year ago +405

    I like how Kaleena took the coffee portion for the most part and for the alcohol portion Sum was like "hold my beer"

    • Zzanney
      Zzanney 9 months ago +18

      *hold my beerpresso

  • danboom101
    danboom101 Year ago +873

    "this is the best espresso martini I've made... Since yesterday" might be one of the most entertaining lines I've heard from an epicurious video lmao

  • oldcowbb
    oldcowbb Year ago +19063

    Italian: for every 1ml of milk we will give the coffee a different name

    • RaggleRock
      RaggleRock Day ago

      @S Sh I don't think that was OP's point

    • JesusOfRivia
      JesusOfRivia 11 days ago

      We dont drink all that strange things

    • Evan VanWinkle
      Evan VanWinkle 16 days ago

      As a 3/4 Italian I approve this message.

    • choreomaniac
      choreomaniac 17 days ago

      @sbudax erking also espresso macchiato and with no milk espresso. And maybe add latte macchiato

    • Byron Wolf
      Byron Wolf 25 days ago +1

      As a barrista I can confirm

  • a random comment
    a random comment 3 hours ago +1

    I'm trying to teach myself everything I can about espresso drinks so I can land myself my dream job in a coffee/bookshop in West Yellowstone. These videos help me so much. Dirty Chai is my favorite!

  • Emmy
    Emmy 8 months ago +100

    I need Epicurious to explain every wine to me.

  • Natalia X
    Natalia X 4 months ago +9

    These ladies explained everything so well and so simply. Obvious experts and not pretentious like some coffee snobs. Loved it!!!

  • aeiouxs
    aeiouxs Year ago +44

    Such easy-going and knowledgable baristas - thank you, I learnt a lot. I really hope we're post-hipster now - this is so refreshing :D

  • des euryderia
    des euryderia Year ago +3908

    i like these people. they’re more “use what works” than “you need this $1000 machine” coffee hipsters.

    • Friendly Indian Scammer
      Friendly Indian Scammer Month ago +1

      @Nacked Grils same here. About a month ago I pulled a brew out of a moka pot which was exactly like espresso. Unfortuanetly shortly after that the gasket gave up :/

    • Nacked Grils
      Nacked Grils Month ago

      @Friendly Indian Scammer Indeed, I've had my first great shot of espresso out of my small Top Moka pot I got for $35 about 10 years back. It was sweet, balanced, rich and chocolatey but , sadly, I was never able to reproduce this good of a shot with that setup even though it'd made me fall in love with espresso.

    • dress for the dystopia you want
      dress for the dystopia you want Month ago

      I'm no snob, my machine costs only a bit more than a comparable drip coffee model, but I will say that the more expensive machines make it easier to get good results. Cheaper machines are more inconsistent so good technique won't go as far.

    • Brian Roberts
      Brian Roberts 4 months ago +2

      @kaffenaddict a coffee press can't make espresso drinks...

    • adrian lagman
      adrian lagman 4 months ago +7

      @des euryderia I think people in your comment section dont have the same metric for what makes coffee "good" - if it taste good enough for you to use a moka pot then good for you. if you take it seriously with regards to your taste palette and buy an expensive machine - i understand.
      its like with guitars. You don't need anything above an acoustic yamaha to play - but if you want to get a 2k kemper and Strymon pedals to go along with it to sound and dial in your tone with your suhr, that is a different scale of "good".

  • stefdec16
    stefdec16 7 months ago +99

    As a Greek, I can tell you that is not a frappe, but it's rather more like a frappuccino. Frappe is much more simpler than that and a lot of the things added are optional. To make a frappe you take a tall glass, add 1 or more teaspoons of instant coffee and the amount of sugar/ sugar substitute that you desire, along with enough cold water to cover the ingredients. Beat them for like 20 seconds with a hand mixer (preferably an electric one) and then you add ice, water and if you wish, milk (in Greece we add condensed milk). Other variations may include dropping a scoop of vanilla ice cream before adding the water (so 90s') or a good amount of Bailey's Irish cream.

    • Maria Vlasiou
      Maria Vlasiou 13 days ago

      Evaporated milk, or cream, or half and half. Σοβαρά βάζεις ζαχαρούχο και όχι εβαπορέ;;;;

    • Token White
      Token White 3 months ago +4

      my greek ancestors are crying

    • Sofia Lazaridou
      Sofia Lazaridou 4 months ago +5

      @✕ optimistic nihilism ✕ you ain't drinking the Greek frappe then

    • Zoe T.
      Zoe T. 4 months ago +1

      also we dont make freddo espresso like a cocktail xD and PLEASE don΄t use a whole bag of ice for a simple freddo... anyways the video was so very cute

    • Melody The Tea Witch
      Melody The Tea Witch 5 months ago +11

      I'm 90% sure in other countries, a frappe is just a shortened way of saying frappuccino. As far as I know, in most places in the U.S., and likely other countries as well, they are the same drink.

  • Paul Ho
    Paul Ho 11 months ago +26

    This was so wholesome! It was so easy to follow along with them and to geek out on all of the nuances. Espresso tonic for me though!

  • Katherine Meara
    Katherine Meara Year ago +9

    so informative, i just bought an espresso machine for my home and this is really giving me some great tips. also so good to see people so passionate about what they do. great video.

  • L. Yang
    L. Yang Month ago +1

    Incredibly blown away by their depth of knowledge and how well they teach. Love this tutorial!

  • Abdel Mahamnmoodally
    Abdel Mahamnmoodally Year ago +5075

    I went from “how to filet every fish” to now “how to brew every coffee”

  • Sebastian Nogara
    Sebastian Nogara 8 months ago +11

    Thank you so much girls for the insightful information, super interesting to learn about all the different recipes and how to make coffee and especially remaining focused throughout the whole video keeping the viewers engaged, brilliant job and you guys will save my dignity next time I walk into a coffee shop, keep uploading great content. :D

  • Jenna Boyer
    Jenna Boyer Year ago +6

    This was soooooooo helpful!!! Thank you guys!!! I just got my first home espresso machine and am sort of clueless lol but I'm dedicated to figuring this out, I'm a mom of twins and I need all my coffee lol

  • Bryar Rose Bradshaw

    I just love your ladies energies and excitement and explaining how this works! 🙌🏼 You can tell how passionate you both are and it's very much appreciated 🥰🙌🏼 cant wait to start my new job with all of these tips and knowledge! Thankyou!!! 🙌🏼

  • Plastictea126_
    Plastictea126_ Month ago

    This is very interesting and helpful, as a trainee in the hospitality industry and currently trying to master your standard espresso coffee’s this definitely made me feel a little more confident when working the extraction machine :) thanks guys.

  • tomvs
    tomvs Year ago +4001

    these are the best type of “experts”! usually when someone knows a lot about something they can be very pretentious, so it is very refreshing to see two lovely women that have so much knowledge about coffee but still seem very friendly!

    • AkumaDayo
      AkumaDayo 8 months ago

      @EMS 76 pretentious literally means "attempting to impress by affecting greater importance or merit than is actually possessed", what other word would work better?

    • Be1smaht
      Be1smaht Year ago

      They explain so well. Right from the beginning and simply

    • Elle Lard
      Elle Lard Year ago +2

      ikr? epicurious has a knack for finding really charming people. all of their guests are so likeable and genuinely passionate about their subjects

    • Imagination Deprivation
      Imagination Deprivation Year ago +1

      @EMS 76 what

  • Blkpearl BlueBlaze
    Blkpearl BlueBlaze 8 months ago +6

    I love coffee and have been exploring all types. I just started making Turkish coffee and I love it.....hoping to explore more recipies..... Great video....

  • Vanessa Cardona
    Vanessa Cardona Year ago

    This video is so great! Very thorough and enjoyable to watch! Thank you for the education! Your knowledge and passion is so evident. Cheers ☕️

  • Classy Coronas
    Classy Coronas Year ago +9

    I was shocked by how much I learned!!! Definitely going to order a cortado soon !!

  • Baby Bee
    Baby Bee 2 months ago +1

    Amazing and bravo. I never knew the many beautiful variations. I am hooked. Thank you for your time and sharing.

  • NomiAtraydes
    NomiAtraydes Year ago +4037

    My proudest moment was working at a national bookstore coffee shop and making a flat white that resulted in an Australian saying it reminded them of home and how surprised they were that I made it so well in the states for them.

    • Incognito
      Incognito 2 months ago

      Like Australians by definition know coffee 😂😅

    • 넌 지금 잘하고 있어
      넌 지금 잘하고 있어 4 months ago +1

      @Paradoxical If you've seen the McCafé "Coffee fit for an Aussie" ad, straight down the sink it goes!

    • Paradoxical
      Paradoxical 5 months ago +5

      Never give an Australian a crap coffee- from an Aussie.

    • Aditi Bobe
      Aditi Bobe 5 months ago

      awww this is so sweeet

    • naturegeek33
      naturegeek33 8 months ago +2

      wait till you find out how we make coffee (hint icecream)

  • Tim Nguyen
    Tim Nguyen 5 months ago +2

    Well I love how they explain with a lot of details, and they never brag about expensive machines or anything.

  • lunatone sonata
    lunatone sonata 5 months ago +2

    love how Sum seems to take a sip out of every drink that they make.

  • Benedict Perkins
    Benedict Perkins 2 months ago +1

    Easily one of my favourite TheXvid finds - excellent presentation, thankyou. If I’m ever in NYC, I know where I’m going for a brew!

  • windsluvr1
    windsluvr1 4 months ago

    I needed this. They are so good at explaining stuff for coffee amateurs like me 😁

  • gabriela pontelucci
    gabriela pontelucci Year ago +1547

    My heart skipped a beat when Turkish coffee came up because I'm so used to seeing Western folks butcher it in every video but you guys actually got it right!!

    • E.S. P.
      E.S. P. Month ago

      in albania we make it pretty much in the same way as on this video!!! made me so happy to see it especially since i own the exact same ibrik/xhezve :-D

    • ≖‿≖ 𝓗𝓮𝔂
      ≖‿≖ 𝓗𝓮𝔂 5 months ago +1

      We actually make the Traditional Turkish Coffee in sand but ofc not everyone can get it just to brew some coffee but I'd recommend to everyone to try it brewed in sand as well!

    • J Smith
      J Smith 10 months ago

      Scotishh po

    • Alastair
      Alastair 10 months ago

      @İlker Arkaç :-)

  • pandemonium
    pandemonium 7 months ago +1

    I really loved this. I always want something sweet but still strong. Excited to try some of these.

  • Bob Jamer
    Bob Jamer Year ago +2

    Thank you ladies! This is my go to video on making amazing espresso drinks at home :))

  • Ash Rowan
    Ash Rowan Year ago +1

    As someone who only likes very specific coffee drinks these videos are really helpful for me, I don't like the bitterness that is intrinsic to most coffee beans (yes some beans have different undertones but they all have to much bitterness for me) so I only drink specific drinks that have flavours that counteract the bitterness

  • Luca Ciprian
    Luca Ciprian 8 months ago +1

    What a lovely and clearly explained video. Well done!

  • Terrij xx
    Terrij xx Year ago +2333

    I work at Starbucks and I’m trying to work out where we go wrong

    • El Mission
      El Mission 2 months ago +1

      You got no unions. But that is changing.

    • Fliptoe
      Fliptoe 9 months ago

      @K-leb Really?? Every grinder I've ever seen in a coffee shop will dispense it directly into the portafilter. Typically they'll have a specific dose which will be measured out automatically.

    • K-leb
      K-leb 9 months ago

      @Fliptoe in my experience baristas only need to grind some beans every several coffees because they don't just grind the exact amount for each coffee.

    • Fliptoe
      Fliptoe 9 months ago

      @K-leb absolute bare minimum you're looking at 10 seconds of grinding time and then a 20-30 second extraction. Add milk frothing, levelling, tamping, purging the machine and obviously pouring the drink itself.
      You can get great coffee in about a minute but that's a lot of pressure on the barista and will depend on how busy it is.

    • K-leb
      K-leb 9 months ago

      @Fliptoe I once ordered from a coffee van in some markets, and not only was the coffee amazing, but it took less than a minute for them to give it to me. I was in disbelief at how fast yet how good they were at making espresso coffee. The barista was already frothing the milk while I paid.

  • movefwdg
    movefwdg Year ago +1

    Stumbled across this and so glad I did! Thank you so much for making this video! Learned the various types, loved it.

  • dave
    dave 11 days ago

    this makes me miss when i had an espresso machine. i wonder if epicurious could get these wonderful people back on to teach some basic latte art? i learned how to pour milk properly and make a heart, but their art is absolutely gorgeous

  • Kylena Pfau
    Kylena Pfau 7 months ago

    Watching These two awesome chill gals just making coffee and talking about it is just so relaxing and fun

  • Maiasatara
    Maiasatara Year ago

    Great video! I’m not sure why it’s downvoted by so many. My takeaways are the Cortado, the specific almond grappa you used and the Paloma minus the espresso. I love a mocha with more espresso and less milk. For a while Starbucks made something called a Cordusio but it’s gone now so I have to pay for that extra shot. I’ve been getting closer with my Moka Pot over the French Press but I’ll eventually have to shell out for a machine. So much $$$$!

  • Inferiority Complex
    Inferiority Complex Year ago +1472

    Legend says:
    Khaleena and Chi Sum are still awake after this video taken.

    • Mariel Weiner
      Mariel Weiner 2 months ago

      @Marc W. oh hai marc

    • Marc W.
      Marc W. 2 months ago

      @Mariel Weiner Oh hai Mariel

    • Ryan Joshua Calo
      Ryan Joshua Calo 9 months ago +1

      That suggests a possibly that the other experts from other videos are not

    • J Smith
      J Smith 10 months ago +1

      Woke up to color

    • Danekota
      Danekota 10 months ago +9

      @Mariel Weiner u right

  • crzywatch
    crzywatch Year ago +3

    These two are extremely skilled in their art. Ingenuity.

  • shodi m
    shodi m Year ago

    Very informative I enjoyed it so much thank you all ❤️
    P.s: i was waiting for the regular latte it was so wired not to include it in this video ( double shot latte )

    • Oswald Digestive Clinic
      Oswald Digestive Clinic 9 months ago

      If you found this video informative, you may also want to know that One benefit to coffee is that it can increase mTOR, which can in turn increase autophagy! Autophagy helps get rid of old, dead cells in the body!

  • Darren Pataki
    Darren Pataki 3 months ago

    I love this video - and I love the enthusiasm & the personalities of the presenters 👍😊

  • Tim C
    Tim C Year ago +7

    One of the most comprehensive discussions on espresso-based drinks! Thank you!

    • Oswald Digestive Clinic
      Oswald Digestive Clinic 9 months ago +1

      If you liked this video, you may also want to know that Research shows that coffee can help with mental alertness, type 2 diabetes, weight loss, Parkinon’s, prevention of cardiovascular disease, and may prevent gallbladder disease!

  • Nunya Biznes
    Nunya Biznes Year ago +1781

    00:00 Introduction
    00:48 Prep Tools
    02:13 Espresso, Manual
    04:45 Espresso Machine
    06:23 Doppio
    07:18 Lungo
    08:43 Ristretto
    09:59 Americano
    10:50 Cortado
    13:32 Piccolo Latte
    14:31 Cappuccino
    15:44 Flat White
    17:01 Macchiato
    17:38 Latte Macchiato
    18:24 Breve
    18:56 Red Eye
    19:40 Mocha
    20:41 Espresso Romano
    21:25 Dirty Chai
    22:12 Syrup Latte
    23:26 Espresso Martini
    24:54 Corretto
    25:36 Beerpresso
    26:32 Paloma
    28:05 Frappe
    28:53 Affogato
    30:00 Vienna Coffee
    31:15 Caffe Freddo
    31:59 Turkish Coffee

    • Crushed Cupid
      Crushed Cupid Month ago

      cheers mate

    • Nunya Biznes
      Nunya Biznes 2 months ago +1

      Geez, are people still complaining bout me putting the timestamp in a comment? How many times do I have to repeat that this was from the time that timestamps in video descriptions cannot be clicked on the app?! If you look at many old videos people were putting the timestamps in the comments to help out others watching through the app. What a bunch of whiners!

    • king night
      king night 2 months ago

      yes there are video description however with this comment, I don't know if you guys have it as well but if you press translate to English other words actually have meaning like breve = short or piccolo latte = little milk

    • Ra Wiii
      Ra Wiii 3 months ago

      Hmmm no Arabic coffee even though Arabs are the first to drink coffee

    • Orange leaf
      Orange leaf 4 months ago

      we love u :)

  • Endrit Turtulli
    Endrit Turtulli 6 months ago +1

    I like how you explain everything.
    Frappe is instant coffee with water, not with blender but with a relatively weak mixer.
    Freddo is made with a double lungo or 60ml depending on the intensity one wants...The whole thing is in the technique of the mixing. Generally a bronze colour is an indicator of good enough

  • Excellent U.A. Student
    Excellent U.A. Student 4 months ago +6

    Awesome video! In the coffee shop I work at, we use the term "red eye" and "black eye" coffee for single and double shot of espresso into the drip coffee respectively. Same with "dirty chai" and "nasty chai" - single and double shot of espresso into the chai latte :D

    • Gina Miller
      Gina Miller Month ago

      Nasty chai? I haven’t heard that before. Good to know if a customer asks. Thanks!

  • Trooperthefrog
    Trooperthefrog 4 months ago

    This is such a good video. Informative, super on the mark with all the info presented, all great techniques for pouring steaming and extracting, totally hits the mark on latte art and how it's not the most important part of the coffee. I think the only thing I would add is that another way of floating your shot when making an americano/Long black is by holding your glass just below the baskets spout during the extraction, so it just falls softly onto the surface of the water, keeping the crema more intact and thicker.

  • Zaffran & Zahira Soffiya Fun & Knowledge Official

    a very good,informative & simple explanation about coffee types.
    really like your videos!!
    simple,easy to understand!
    thank you from Malaysia🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾

  • givepadthai
    givepadthai Year ago +3635

    i love how they nod when either of them are talking like
    "yes. that is correct. so proud of you"
    instead of "👁👄👁"

    • Random d00d
      Random d00d Year ago +1

      I loved that as well, I usually always do it when listening to someone too haha

    • RedraideR
      RedraideR Year ago +3

      Dr Flug-sly:"Seeing them making cuppachino, makes me really want a latte right now.🙁
      Scourge:😂🤭....seriouly LATTE?😏
      Flug:"What's wrong with that?!"😠
      Scourge:"Nothing bro, it's just🤭....lattes are the best dude."😏

    • Shabbar Bukhari
      Shabbar Bukhari Year ago +3


  • icallmyselfgino
    icallmyselfgino 9 months ago

    You guys are doing a great job, I'm a huge coffee lover and i recently participated in some coffee seminars and i hope i can become a professional Barista. I know it needs a lot of work but at least i took the first step.

  • Emily Smith
    Emily Smith 4 months ago +1

    “Your eyes eat first” 🥺😍
    It’s really true. That and smelling the aroma before you eat it. So lovely!

  • Metzli
    Metzli Year ago

    I once tried a coffee drink that had condensed milk, it was super good!

  • Evan Stewart
    Evan Stewart 2 months ago +1

    recently found you. thank you for your HUGE knowledge base and mad skills. I will follow.

  • Twin Glitch
    Twin Glitch Year ago +675

    I love how these two play off of each other! such friendly, inviting energy and wonderful teamwork

    • KojiLiving
      KojiLiving Year ago

      So true lol

    • Rachel L
      Rachel L Year ago +2

      They're partners at work and also in their personal lives so probs why they fit so well together!

    • Leo
      Leo Year ago

      @serz1885 I don't get the joke.

  • conner
    conner Year ago +1

    I love this thank you! It really helped me I got an espresso machine for mothers day I'm so excited to try the rest of these...All lol

    • Oswald Digestive Clinic
      Oswald Digestive Clinic 9 months ago

      If you appreciated this video, you may also want to know that One benefit to coffee is that it can increase mTOR, which can in turn increase autophagy! Autophagy helps get rid of old, dead cells in the body!

  • Turki Saeed
    Turki Saeed Year ago

    I want to start my own coffee shop. your video real help me a lot to understand the concept and how to choice the right tools.
    Thanks from bottom of my heart

  • Tp
    Tp Year ago

    This video is very easy to follow, they explain everything. Espresso brewing bacome more easier. Great work!❤❤

  • Annette Lozano
    Annette Lozano Year ago +1

    Worked for Nestle before and part of our training was to identify coffee strength, aroma and flavors. I remembered when you did that slurping method!

  • Mildred Franklin
    Mildred Franklin Month ago

    That milk and ice cream in a coffee looks so delicious 🤤

  • Kryptonite R
    Kryptonite R Year ago

    I love these girls! Super informative.

  • Jason Espinoza
    Jason Espinoza Year ago

    Thank you! This really pushed me forward to try new drinks!

  • Charlie Schultz
    Charlie Schultz 2 months ago

    That's super interesting that you guys steamed the chai concentrate in with the milk! I'm gonna try that next time!

  • Julia Roda Farreras

    As a Spaniard myself, my favorite is definitely the Cortado 😍

  • Justus Rämisch
    Justus Rämisch 10 months ago

    Traditionally, Cappuchino is only made of one shot of espresso (~25ml). When you made the Cappuchino in your video it was more of Flat White I think.

  • Be1smaht
    Be1smaht Year ago

    I could watch this all day. I also want to like be tested on this lol 🤣🤣🤦🏾‍♀️I'm a coffe geek

  • Renata Suba
    Renata Suba 9 months ago

    Loved this video! I learned so much from it :)

  • KB Mapping
    KB Mapping Year ago +2967

    Frank is still planting his coffee beans

  • SenseiKai
    SenseiKai 8 months ago +15

    One note : Frappe is instant coffee that been beaten with a mixer to stiffen up. You just wet the instant coffee, mix it hard (directly in the glass usually using a mixing machine) until it gets concrete-like. You add ice in the glass and then add water or milk till you reach the amount you like in the glass.

  • Relax Escape 20
    Relax Escape 20 11 months ago +1

    Cool video! I love coffee and now I know how to many so many more!

  • ChuckDude61
    ChuckDude61 Year ago

    Favourited, this is my holy grail go to recipe video! Great work team!

  • Abood Osaimi
    Abood Osaimi 8 months ago

    Thank you guys for this amazing video ❤

  • ElConejitoPandrosito
    ElConejitoPandrosito Year ago +1125

    *looks at camera*
    That is the face of a woman that has tasted the best coffee beans in the world

  • Meghan Bastien
    Meghan Bastien Year ago +6

    I'm watching this at 4am, and all I want to do is go play with my espresso machine and try to make a bunch of these

  • Kawaii Mom
    Kawaii Mom 3 months ago +1

    I mean life is hard sometimes a good cup of espresso makes it enjoyable ☺️❤️

  • The Indoor Kites
    The Indoor Kites Year ago

    lovely video, very informative. i'm definitely gonna be trying the espresso martini on my own now. one little correction though: For the turkish coffee, "ibrik" is something that's like the white kettle, "cezve" is the copper one. other than that it was actually really well made, not losing the crema/köpük on top is hard coz it might be gone if you leave it like 10 seconds more.

  • pakcokok88
    pakcokok88 6 months ago

    Awesome video, thank you for sharing. Learn tremendously, CHEERS!

  • chicken2jail
    chicken2jail Year ago +857

    Waiting for that latte that's mixed with a half of a cheesecake .

    • luna li
      luna li Year ago +1

      that sounds delicious

    • Shimmer Shine
      Shimmer Shine Year ago +1

      @Alexis Rivera Nah I think it’s deadass a slice of cheesecake blended into the coffee

    • Bre'ana Johnson
      Bre'ana Johnson Year ago

      @Alexis Rivera that’s for ice cream tho...not cheesecake

    • Aj Haley
      Aj Haley Year ago +1

      I would call that combo my beverage soul mate

  • kellaki _xd
    kellaki _xd Year ago +1

    (greek here) actualy, frappe is not made with espresso, but with instant coffee. Also we don't use milk as a base but we use it at the end. We use water instead. But your video is amazing and I realllly wanna try all of these.

  • Rodrigo Almeida
    Rodrigo Almeida 12 hours ago

    Caffe Freddo can be as simple as ordering a coffee and a glass with some ice cubes and just pour the coffee over the ice. For hot days its amazing

  • Karas Foreso
    Karas Foreso 7 months ago +1

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  • Betül Çetinkaya
    Betül Çetinkaya 9 months ago +1

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  • HunBunBun08
    HunBunBun08 Year ago +816

    “Too much caffeine” is something I never expected to hear from a barista

    • BluForrestLeaf
      BluForrestLeaf 9 months ago

      @Hardcoremagicalgirl Fifi Same here haha. I work at food services in a hospital, and I mainly positioned at our espresso bar. Once in a while I’ll have someone ask for some crazy high caffeine drink lol and be like *Are you sure :o*

    • Cezar Catalin
      Cezar Catalin Year ago +2

      Labour syrup is when you try to make an espresso but use too much pressure so the coffee revolts and you end up achieving communism in a cup.

    • Zachary Reed
      Zachary Reed Year ago

      We have a drink called the Triple 7 where I work. It's a breve with 6 shots of espresso, white chocolate, and Irish cream (flavor, not alcohol sadly). It's incredibly popular and we have people who will add extra espresso to it. One regular orders his with 4 extra shots. Every. Single. Day.

    • Austenhead
      Austenhead Year ago

      @Hardcoremagicalgirl Fifi Good grief.
      After I bought myself an automatic espresso machine, within a week I had to make a hard rule of MAX 3 shots per day, and I get the third one only if it's a particularly terrible day. (I already had a rule about no coffee after 2 p.m.) It's too easy to overindulge when the drinks are so yummy, and caffeine is no joke. It can impact the quality of your sleep which over time will wreak havoc on your health.

  • Zach Dillon
    Zach Dillon 5 months ago

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  • William Bryan
    William Bryan Year ago +160

    This is art! I had the luck to meet Sum and Kaleena in NYC when I discovered the world of coffee through their hands. As one of the first official students in Sum's Barista & Coffee Brewing programs, I can say they were responsible in bringing joy and reunion to hundreds of families in Brazil. Today as a coffee professional I focus on what they first offered me: not just a coffee drink, but a sensitive and family-like coffee experience. Now with great references thanks to Sum and Kaleena, I can widely spread their words while bringing people together through the finest techniques in coffee extraction. Coffee can be a whole new world to explore, but they showed me it can also be simple and comforting. Thank you, Sum and Kaleena. I'm grateful to say you both are part of my story.

    SARAHTRYS!! 10 months ago

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    Amazing video! Very informative and I really enjoyed the vibe of these two girls! I personally am such a coffee snob that I almost don't drink coffee since I cannot find a decent cup! Weird right?! Also, when I order a breve cappuccino here where I live, people tend to look at me as if I am from another planet!! (Once I asked for a bit of nutmeg on my latte and that almost started a revolution :p)
    I am no expert when it comes to coffee though, however I am Greek (Hellenas) and I have to say that what this Coffee-Power-Duo showcased us as a frappé, is not a frappé. Here in Hellas, we make frappé with instant coffee and a little water (and a bit of sugar if you like your coffee sweetened) that you whisk very well until it becomes somewhat of a mayo-consistency. Then add ice, fill with water (you can also add some -flavoured- syrup) and there you have it! Frappé. Something else that we do and it is weird that it hasn't caught on like wildfire (I hate it but I get the science behind it) is espresso and cappuccino "fredo", italian for chilled. It is your doppio, with some ice and sweetener (if you like it) whisk it together and serve in a glass filled with ice. At the moment of the pour, the crema and the coffee body have emulsified because of the high-speed whisking and then start to separate a minute after you serve it. Yàmas!!!

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    P.S. I hope Sum didn't drink all the coffee made in this shoot by herself. Even I try to cap myself at 2 cups a day.

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