DAN BILZERIAN | True Geordie Podcast #115

  • Published on Jul 16, 2019
  • Dan Bilzerian is an Internet personality and poker player best known for his lavish lifestyle and love of woman which made many nickname him the king of Instagram.
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Comments • 4 113

  • Danny Hargreaves
    Danny Hargreaves 13 minutes ago

    Can’t watch this can’t stand people talking whilst eating🤮 suck a disappointment

  • Fiinch
    Fiinch 4 hours ago

    Did he really shake TG’s hand and not Laurence’s? 😂

  • Methamphetameme
    Methamphetameme 4 hours ago +1

    Easy to say that when you have 100 million women smashing your door down to fuck you. The average guy has no choice but to chase, that's what we do, same as lions.

  • BAZE
    BAZE 17 hours ago

    Dan Bilzerian is basically a better looking Donald Trump...

  • rmecmike08
    rmecmike08 18 hours ago

    Shout out to the Movie Heat #dan bilzerian

  • Freak Allegiance
    Freak Allegiance 20 hours ago

    This trust fund boy chewing though!!!!

  • Mike Medina
    Mike Medina Day ago

    Do you think he likes Cheerios

  • Mike Medina
    Mike Medina Day ago


  • Mike Medina
    Mike Medina Day ago

    The man sounds like some kind of farm animal eating for two hours and talking while he's eating and smacking his lips. I was ready to go mad!

  • Captain Awesome
    Captain Awesome Day ago

    I just concluded that Dan is the least try-hard person ever.

  • phil goodhand
    phil goodhand Day ago

    Guys might be loaded.. But eating while talking is just plain bad table manners.

  • Tekopua Kanapanapa

    Gee Lawrence and Dan really connected huh..

  • Jon Steiner
    Jon Steiner Day ago

    Bad job doing this podcast whole eating. I'm sure a thousand people below me. Just awful...

  • pok3rh3rgood
    pok3rh3rgood 2 days ago

    Didn't realized he is a midget, looks smaller than Mayweather

      MICHAEL SAMAEL 23 hours ago

      A midget that has more money you'll ever see

  • Lydia Cooper
    Lydia Cooper 2 days ago

    12:32 Laurence’s face is just like “WHUT😄”

  • Ashley Tharp
    Ashley Tharp 2 days ago

    You can upsample any video to hi res at videoai.topazlabs.com

  • Jake Quenet
    Jake Quenet 2 days ago +1

    sorry but who organises a podcast where the guest is eating??

  • GamingEX
    GamingEX 2 days ago +1

    He eating those Cheerios 😂

  • omar yousri
    omar yousri 2 days ago

    You gonna burn in hell man , sorry to break it to you

  • M A
    M A 2 days ago

    this guy dad stole all the money..

  • RICKY bobby
    RICKY bobby 2 days ago

    this guy for president.... ill kill myself

  • The Truth
    The Truth 3 days ago

    Everything he said about fucking birds is true you gotta go through to understand how much bullshit is in a relationship like he's saying people cucked and they don't even fucking know it

  • Madhan Raj
    Madhan Raj 3 days ago +2

    This geordie guy is such a fake alpha male wannabe. Literal man child with follower mentality

  • convexxx
    convexxx 3 days ago

    I'm broke af.

  • morpheus _YT
    morpheus _YT 3 days ago

    Does true Geordie think he’s part of this ‘I’m desired’ circle or something?! Lol mate don’t interview people and just talk about yourself!

  • Irjond
    Irjond 3 days ago

    His beard is beautiful

  • Jason Langevin
    Jason Langevin 3 days ago +10

    He’d have a whole different speech if he wasn’t rich.

  • SeanPFord
    SeanPFord 3 days ago

    Great Video! Just subscribed

  • Moe
    Moe 3 days ago

    Why are people hating so much on this guy? To me he was just chilling and properly a little a high and they had a great little conversation.. He seems cool and relexed the hole time and i think everybody would love to haging out with him and the girls around him and doing all the fun stuff they do

  • Rabbit TK
    Rabbit TK 3 days ago +2

    Laurence was so out of the covo XD lmao

  • Aaron Sena
    Aaron Sena 3 days ago

    why the fuck do people in the uk sound like that?

  • Rabbit TK
    Rabbit TK 3 days ago

    Fake guy mahn i dont like him (Dan Blizerian)

  • kam hall
    kam hall 3 days ago

    a good 2min intro then listening a min. of him chewing ..... yea gonna watch something else

  • jimmy lee
    jimmy lee 3 days ago

    This just goes to prove Money don't buy class . Each to their own i suppose

  • Mauchi R
    Mauchi R 3 days ago


  • Leki F.
    Leki F. 3 days ago

    Laurence is so out of place in this

  • ryntimothy21
    ryntimothy21 3 days ago +3

    I'd vote for him. Dan for president!

  • Fernando Aranda
    Fernando Aranda 3 days ago +9

    Why is everyone hating ? Just straight hate
    Jealousy and hate ,Mans just talking.

  • Sweetness
    Sweetness 3 days ago

    I'm mortified for them , his asshole must be raw from the serious licking . Dan is a known compulsive liar!

  • boimackhead
    boimackhead 3 days ago +1

    urgh would have been better if he wasn't chewing like a damn camel during the whole fucking podcast
    next time no food when you're interviewing someone

  • Gloryboy Saint #RIP LA #600300

    This guys famous for getting money handed to him

  • Shahbaz Fazal
    Shahbaz Fazal 4 days ago +15

    He's actually really dumb, I honestly didn't expect that.


    Dan is the Revenge for all the guys that got rejected in school. Girls bow down to DAN...GO BROTHER>


    No money in the world is important to DAN --He's his own dude he's his own man-He's got that Dan sex appeal ---you wouldn't know it the dudes a seal- Dan is a dude that don't fuck around play him in poker and he'll take u down.Dan gets pussy like it grows on trees--Excuse-- me another Please...Money, Cars,Pussy ,Bars,Nobody rides for free-- play your cards like dan does and money will set you free......."CATER"

  • dandycliff2
    dandycliff2 4 days ago

    Wanna see something funny? Search for "Dan Bilzerian without beard" and see that he looks like a donkey


    DAN--- Is a BAD ASS. He is a seal-- People think he just went and got money.He put the work in and made it..He completed the seal program with broken legs,...twice...He is truly a american hero....

  • Rhianne Brown
    Rhianne Brown 4 days ago

    The girls must be hookers. This Dan guy is one ugly looking fucker

  • Rhianne Brown
    Rhianne Brown 4 days ago

    This guys a pure prick

  • p zuzu
    p zuzu 4 days ago +7

    the edit to the start of this video was dope... maybe thats why I watched the whole video idk but enjoyed this one

  • Chevifier
    Chevifier 4 days ago +14

    Geordie youve officially peaked, Where do you go from here? The Pope? XD

  • Chevifier
    Chevifier 4 days ago +2

    can the camera guy zoom in on his mouth while he's chewing so I can get a better view of the white rice? XD

  • Chevifier
    Chevifier 4 days ago

    14:52 - Hear that kids, stay in f*&king school XD

  • Jimmy Ritner
    Jimmy Ritner 5 days ago

    This dude is such a douche

  • Sillsy Games
    Sillsy Games 6 days ago +1


  • Joseph Deeming
    Joseph Deeming 6 days ago +3

    I read the comments and don't get the hate.. besides the chewing lol. He actually has a lot of good stuff to say especially for guys in regards to women. He has some good views for sure

  • Flyboy _Maverick
    Flyboy _Maverick 6 days ago

    I don't know how someone could possibly hate Dan😂😂 He's real as a mf and is living the life most guys dreams of... I'm a guy who loves sex and my sex drive is high like the Burj Khalifa in Dubai ,so u could call me a sex addict too

  • Frank Cannon
    Frank Cannon 6 days ago

    If you give women too much attention, they don't want ya. If you stand back and do your thing, they'll come after ya.

  • vatso
    vatso 6 days ago

    zoom out when he is fcking chewing

  • white lion
    white lion 6 days ago +3

    Dan Bilzerian can't even breathe through his nose he does so much drugs listen to him trying to eat and breathe

  • James Soutar
    James Soutar 6 days ago

    He’s just a massive fucking weapon let’s be honest