Girl | Featurette: Nora - The Inspiration Behind The Golden Globe Nominee (Belgium) | Netflix

  • Published on Dec 14, 2018
  • With the support of her father, a 15-year-old transgender girl pursues her dream of becoming a professional ballerina. Winner of the Camera d’Or for best first film at this year’s Cannes Film Festival as well as the Best Actor Prize for Un Certain Regard.
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    Girl | Featurette: Nora - The Inspiration Behind The Golden Globe Nominee (Belgium) | Netflix
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Comments • 111

  • Esme Veda
    Esme Veda 11 days ago

    a lot of people are wondering why this film isn’t being judged for having s cis actor playing a trans person while the scarlett johansson one was and i think it’s exactly because they put a lot of care in the details and had a trans woman, the woman the story is about on hand to make sure it wasn’t offensive while rub n tug was going to be a big hollywood movie that knowing hollywood would likely be careless with trans people’s identity’s and scarlett johansson already had a history of being problematic

  • Julieta Candelaria Carrizo Gallo

    It's a boy that want to be a girl, but he is a boy.
    Pero igual si el quiere eso lo acepto

  • Swayc
    Swayc 28 days ago

    When your gf says you're too masculine

  • Ali Mohamed
    Ali Mohamed Month ago

    Imagine mistakenly going in a transgender night club...

  • Delawanna
    Delawanna Month ago

    Propaganda. You’re being socially engineered and most people don’t know it.

  • Mr. Sad
    Mr. Sad Month ago +1

    Who watches this TRANSHIT ??? ANOTHER TRANSHITERS?

    LUIS GONZALEZ Month ago +1

    Looks like a good film :)

  • Starboy 1902
    Starboy 1902 Month ago

    Hey Netflix, can you guys please add A Quiet Place? If you do, I’ll never complain about my life ever again 😊

  • Patrick Nottingham
    Patrick Nottingham Month ago +4

    Of course this comment section is a dumpster fire of ignorance and intolerance. I knew I shouldn't have looked. At least TheXvid is consistent.

    • Brian Witt
      Brian Witt Month ago

      Patrick Nottingham when someone disagrees with you based on science (example: 2 genders) it’s ignorance, got it.

  • Alex TheOnion
    Alex TheOnion Month ago +7

    Wow these comments are just as toxic as I excepted

  • Sam verboven
    Sam verboven Month ago

    people need to start to realise that transgender is not an ideology or any kind of political statement. We are here and we have always been here. Being born with gender dysphoria is hard and u have to work hard to get where u want to be. It is a mental illness or biological condition whatever u want to call it. Its not a fucking joke

  • Zamal
    Zamal Month ago

    Oh i would fuck the shit out of em

  • Dennis Reynolds
    Dennis Reynolds Month ago +3

    Do they talk about biology in this movie?

    • Brian Witt
      Brian Witt Month ago +1

      Dennis Reynolds clearly not

  • Sforz
    Sforz Month ago

    XXDDDDDDD b e n i z

  • Faylum1
    Faylum1 Month ago

    I can't wait until the leftwing ideology is but a memory in the past. Then Netflix might get behind some decent fucking projects. Instead we have to suffer these stupid identity politics. From race baiting, to sexism and now more transgender bullshit.
    The majority of people don't care about this garbage. Mental illness isn't something you celebrate.

  • Abraham López Barajas

    This is a truly masterpiece! I absolutely love seeing the movie in Madrid 💚

  • Libertario Livre
    Libertario Livre Month ago

    Por que será que eu desconfiei que era sobre isso? Hahahaha a Netflix ta virando LacraFlix.

  • leïla wilovsky
    leïla wilovsky Month ago +3

    this movie broke my heart and gave me wings

  • Frederic Karlo
    Frederic Karlo Month ago +12

    Goodbye Netflix

  • Charles Eye
    Charles Eye Month ago +36

    - The Feminist movement says there are no "male" or "female" minds.
    - The Body Positivity movement says we should accept and be proud of our bodies
    - The Trans movement says there _are_ male and female minds and that you should drastically alter your body, rather than learning how to accept it.
    - The Intersectionality movement says all of these movements are supposed to work together toward a common goal.

    Does anyone else see a problem?

    • WeeItsNookies
      WeeItsNookies 18 days ago

      +jesushatesyoutoo You just pulled a cathy newman. Fun fact: that's not a good thing.

    • WeeItsNookies
      WeeItsNookies 18 days ago

      they are all batshit insane. I don't know what's funnier and more face palm inducing. Their hypocrisy or their complete and utter lack of self-awareness.

    • Demophitus
      Demophitus 24 days ago

      I see someone who doesn't know the first thing about intersectionality.

    • jesushatesyoutoo
      jesushatesyoutoo Month ago

      +Charles Eye There in lies the problem, you only talk to conservatives. You only hear the bullshit coming out of their mouths. You rely on propaganda coming from fellow assholes like yourself!

    • Charles Eye
      Charles Eye Month ago

      +jesushatesyoutoo I know a couple of Conservatives who have never said that abortion should be illegal. Anecdotes are fun! Also, they're irrelevant.

  • Richard Atticus Wilson
    Richard Atticus Wilson Month ago +22

    if everyone needs to accept the way they are, than why didn't he accept the fact that he is a boy

    • Sam verboven
      Sam verboven Month ago

      +Brian Witt i do not think u are a bigot and u are entitled to ur opinion just as iam. Theres just currently not a better option than transitioning for people with gender dysphoria. I would definitely kill myself if i wasnt able to start testoserone at some point in my life but im just one person ig

    • Brian Witt
      Brian Witt Month ago

      Sam verboven there is still much more research pointing that there the success rate of transitioning is 0 in terms of suicide, quality of life, etc. I’d be very concerned with the backers of the study you mentioned. Sure these people have a hard time, but the answers aren’t clear and calling everyone that disagrees with you a bigot is not beneficial at all.

    • Speedmarx
      Speedmarx Month ago

      Perhaps he accepted that he was a boy and also that he was a boy who wanted to be a girl. Perhaps he saw the the beauty in the whole process. Despite what you hear, you can’t make that judgment for anyone else. Only you yourself knows what’s in your own heart. We are all evolving beings, always desiring something new, be it a new experience, a new car, a change in weather. It doesn’t mean we didn’t accept what came before.

    • Sam verboven
      Sam verboven Month ago +2

      +Brian Witt wanna know why bc people give trannies so much shit for transitioning. Most of these commwnts are transphobic as shit. Theres no medication to fix ur brain yet so the best option is transitioning... all actual transgenders find serious benefit from hrt theres a recent study and most of them do not experience auicidal thought anymore and a singificant lowerance of dysphoria. Detransitions or transtrenders are not trans and they will obviously not benefit from this treatment

    • Brian Witt
      Brian Witt Month ago +1

      Sam verboven that being said, why indulge a mental illness, and make everyone else indulge it I.e. bathroom policies. FYI post transition suicide rates are just as high as pre transition.

  • Fire Ball
    Fire Ball Month ago +12

    Where are all the positive depictions of young men in the media and film? I feel like there are none. At least within the last few years. Its kind of sad. Kind of despairing.

    • Delawanna
      Delawanna Month ago

      Fire Ball Social Engineering.

    • Aikaterine Illt
      Aikaterine Illt Month ago +1


    • Ran
      Ran Month ago +2

      Moonlight is the first one that pops into my mind! Most of the superhero wave such as Spiderman too! Or do you mean kids? In that case stranger things and, well, media made for kids.

  • ɮօʊռċɛ օʄʄ

    lucky her
    she has no tits

  • NPC 01001011
    NPC 01001011 Month ago +4

    Traps are gay

    • Lil Tay’s Mom
      Lil Tay’s Mom Month ago

      NPC 01001011 that’s not even me you dumbass lol it’s “lil tays mom” hahaha
      And no one is talking about the election , why you trying to go there . I mean keep being delusional and keep kissing the orange guy’s ass . Hahahaha

    • NPC 01001011
      NPC 01001011 Month ago

      +Lil Tay’s Mom
      From the looks of your pic you're a sad saggy old women. Nothing more than pump and dump material. Don't waste my time

    • NPC 01001011
      NPC 01001011 Month ago

      +Lil Tay’s Mom
      Yeah you're right, because the majority of people win the vote. Oh yet they cry about who won the election. Try harder

    • Lil Tay’s Mom
      Lil Tay’s Mom Month ago

      NPC 01001011 I don’t see anyone laughing . Try harder?

    • NPC 01001011
      NPC 01001011 Month ago

      +Lil Tay’s Mom
      I do it for the lulz

  • artiq40
    artiq40 Month ago +11

    Im glad my country still not accepting trans☺️ american going forward to step back even more😂

    • Carlos Ramirez
      Carlos Ramirez Month ago

      +artiq40 Ok I agree that trans people have a mental illness and need help. But the USA is still one of the best countries to live in if not the best.

    • artiq40
      artiq40 Month ago

      Lil Tay’s Mom oh i know you know your country is shitty.. i know you do :)

    • Lil Tay’s Mom
      Lil Tay’s Mom Month ago

      artiq40 yes you want to be in America , I know you do

    • artiq40
      artiq40 Month ago +1

      Lil Tay’s Mom you think i want to live there? Where theres no respect for elder and prankster making video everywhere on the country making rude gesture. Wheere gun is legal? Where religion is not properly respected? Huh?? Do you think everyone want to be in america?? Boy oh boy you should open you eyes.

    • Lil Tay’s Mom
      Lil Tay’s Mom Month ago +1

      And my country is glad you don’t live in America . Hater.

  • Campbell Soup
    Campbell Soup Month ago +48

    I’m glad more transgender stories are being told, I don’t think it matters that the main actor is not trans :)

  • Ryan Kirkegaard
    Ryan Kirkegaard Month ago

    Why dose a guy think hes a girl is he stupid

  • Dogbear 56
    Dogbear 56 Month ago +1

    Anyone wanna tell me why the FUCK Netflix wont let me log back into my shit

    • Dogbear 56
      Dogbear 56 Month ago

      Jin Paris there isn’t I used 3 different accounts and that shit didn’t work

    • Jin Paris
      Jin Paris Month ago

      Maybe someone else on your account

  • Ana Farias
    Ana Farias Month ago +1

    Can’t wait to watch this film....

  • Fred Gandt
    Fred Gandt Month ago

    No upload of this "featurette" on the Netflix UK and Ireland channel; are we gonna get it too?

  • TheluckyBoxer 313
    TheluckyBoxer 313 Month ago +13

    That’s why Netflix is so shit right now 😌😌😌😌

    • TheluckyBoxer 313
      TheluckyBoxer 313 Month ago

      Lil Tay’s Mom what’s my name then? Fuck you mean? , how’s lil tay? Is she still fake flexing?😂😂😂 just kidding I know you’re not actually lil tays mom but wondering why someone would idolize her like you

    • Lil Tay’s Mom
      Lil Tay’s Mom Month ago

      TheluckyBoxer 313 you make it so easy to know who you are .

    • TheluckyBoxer 313
      TheluckyBoxer 313 Month ago

      Lil Tay’s Mom sure “lil tays mom” I’m sure you know everything about me

    • Lil Tay’s Mom
      Lil Tay’s Mom Month ago

      TheluckyBoxer 313 really? That’s not what he says. Why you lying ? You know you like it

    • TheluckyBoxer 313
      TheluckyBoxer 313 Month ago

      Lil Tay’s Mom no I don’t I canceled it a long time ago and only rarely get on my brothers account just to see what garbage is being green lit

  • TheluckyBoxer 313
    TheluckyBoxer 313 Month ago +12

    If you’re wondering George Soros and plenty more pedos are behind this trans/gay/satanic agenda on Netflix and many more platforms 😌😌😌😌

    • TheluckyBoxer 313
      TheluckyBoxer 313 Month ago

      Kooma I’m sure she does 🤡

    • TheluckyBoxer 313
      TheluckyBoxer 313 Month ago

      Matcha ocean sure they are 😭 you’re not understanding my message

    • Kooma
      Kooma Month ago +1

      Bet your mama likes it

    • Campbell Soup
      Campbell Soup Month ago +4

      TheluckyBoxer 313 “satanic” ? people are born gay/ trans and it’s important for all kinds of stories to be told.

  • Okay, This Is Epic
    Okay, This Is Epic Month ago +16

    It’s obviously not a girl

    • NPC 01001011
      NPC 01001011 Month ago +1

      I knew it when I saw the thumbnail

  • Pixelcanvasio/Turkey
    Pixelcanvasio/Turkey Month ago +3

    Türkler burdaysanız ses verin sayımızı bilelim

  • Tril Dinâmico J.G.M
    Tril Dinâmico J.G.M Month ago +1

    Hello deixe seu like sou do Brasil quero MT ser ator da Netflix i love you

  • Soufian 27
    Soufian 27 Month ago +8


    • Soufian 27
      Soufian 27 Month ago

      Nicotine46 probably not lol

    • Nicotine46
      Nicotine46 Month ago

      Will it be on Netflix Belgium though?

    SARADA RB Month ago +2

    Nice :p

  • Charles Eye
    Charles Eye Month ago +14

    Is Victor Polster trans? If not, will there be the same backlash as was caused by Scarlett Johansson being cast in Rub & Tug?

    • Jules Boulonne
      Jules Boulonne Month ago

      +Matt Ghostly they removed a scene from the original version to make it more suitable for american viewers.

    • NPC 01001011
      NPC 01001011 Month ago

      It's not then a real tranny 😂 guess they were too manly for reality

    • Matt Ghostly
      Matt Ghostly Month ago

      Blow job scene?

    • AltruisticFlower
      AltruisticFlower Month ago +1

      No, Victor Polster isn't trans. Yes, there has been backlash. The release of this video might even be a response to that backlash.

    • Jules Boulonne
      Jules Boulonne Month ago +3

      This is why they removed the blow job scene for the Netflix release.

  • sherly Guevara
    sherly Guevara Month ago

    First nice vídeo