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  • Published on Sep 27, 2017
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    Before Ryan Reynolds broke box office records, he broke comic fans hearts with this CGI bore. Nostalgia Critic looks at what went wrong with Green Lantern.
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    Green Lantern is a 2011 American superhero film based on the DC Comics character of the same name. The film stars Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard, Mark Strong, Angela Bassett and Tim Robbins.
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  • Channel Awesome
    Channel Awesome  2 years ago +1053

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  • brandon wilburn
    brandon wilburn Day ago

    Deadpool fix's this movie by killing Ryan Reynolds

  • brandon wilburn
    brandon wilburn Day ago +1

    it's because of this movie that the green lantern animated series got cancelled
    And I hate them for it.

  • Meteor Maniac
    Meteor Maniac 2 days ago

    I saw this movie when I was 9 years old and I hate even back then😠(My babysitter watched it with me and didn’t know I was to young for this movie)

  • Achilles94
    Achilles94 4 days ago

    im still learning about the D.C and MCU I dont know to deep like other people who are hardcore fans of Green Lanter is my favorite charcter in the D,C he can fly and make different weapons,..he can make a bubble and put some one inside and move them away....I dont know who are the most powerfull superheros are and its really a endless debate. bt I think Green Lanter can hang with the best..not only weapons bt he can make shields or some wall......the movie is really a disspointment, bt there was potential in it, and if done correctly. he could of been a really awesome movie. and I hope D.C doesnst give it up. look what happen to batman....Batman and Robin, when I watch when I was kid like around 8 years old. I thought it was awesome bt now older, man that movie was with out that movie being very horrible. they wouldnt reboot the Frnachise. and they reboot the franchise 3 why not Green Lanter, aint he one of the oringal of the justice League members....

  • David Diaz
    David Diaz 7 days ago

    Green Lantern Corps = The Jedi

  • Shoshannah Lee
    Shoshannah Lee 7 days ago

    "Deadpool" goes to inappropriately touch Hyper Fangirl when Devil Boner appears and beats the living hell out of him.
    "This is what you get when you touch my fiancee!"
    That is true.

  • Alex Horbacz
    Alex Horbacz 8 days ago

    Huh. Somehow I completely missed this review. I have been watching for seven years how did I skip this.

  • Samuel Barber
    Samuel Barber 11 days ago

    12:03 you do know there's this incredible technique I'm not sure any human can understand, it's called taking something off when it isn't needed.

  • MadScientist512
    MadScientist512 11 days ago

    Perhaps a reason people hate the colour scheme so much is that it's essentially the opposite of the almost standard blue/teal look, not only does blue look desaturated but red is also emphasised, giving a warm look to many scenes, and the green's a rich primary colour, not the sickly pale version of the modern red/green colour-blind standard. .

  • Azrael Wolfsblood
    Azrael Wolfsblood 17 days ago

    Not surprised that the director of Thor 4 and the New Zealand airline PSA would be in this film, he’s kind of a plague when it comes to anything on screen

  • LT Arts
    LT Arts 18 days ago

    I'm Guessing Parallax is the reason why this Shit Movie exists?

    (Not the Villain, the Laxatives)

  • Magno 13
    Magno 13 22 days ago

    Pésimos subtítulos en español, el desgraciado que lo haya hecho como castigo se merece un día entero viendo Fant4stic.

  • Jorge Rodolfo Castañeda Arzola

    I know its late, but thanks for remembering Mexico, greatings fron Guadalajara.

  • ab dude
    ab dude 28 days ago

    Hold on. U gonna criticize the fact that she should have known he was Hal right away? Please tell me u are not ok with superman throwing on some glasses and fooling the world that he is Clark Kent.

  • ab dude
    ab dude 28 days ago

    Not sure why this movie gets so much hate. I found it entertaining. Not sure what people were expecting. It's a movie about a dude flying around space and saving the world. No it didnt compare to the comic but movie does

  • saxyrep1
    saxyrep1 Month ago +1

    OK, no one's gonna react to this but rewatching the review in 2019 and I gotta say the Superman/Lois flight seen makes no sense. It woulda been impossible for her to be held by him the way she did. Not according to physics...

  • Robert Simon
    Robert Simon Month ago +2

    Say what you want about the movie. But you gotta admit the oath scene was really freaking cool.

  • August West
    August West Month ago

    This was bad and annoying. Mission accomplished?

  • August West
    August West Month ago

    What's with the constant fast blinking and squinting? Are you having a stroke?

  • gor9027
    gor9027 Month ago

    Only good thing about this abomination was Mark Strong. Shame we’ll never get to see him play the villain version of Sinestro.

  • Father and Son Games
    Father and Son Games Month ago +1

    I’m just going to say it...Green Lamtern has the coolest power in DC and I actually LIKE this movie

  • Fabian Lelo
    Fabian Lelo Month ago

    Wow, Taika Waititi?! 😂

  • Ken Haldenby
    Ken Haldenby Month ago

    Wait, wait, wait...there's a version of Nothing But Trouble that makes sense?!? Someone else actually knows what that movie is?
    I mean yeah, Green Lantern sucked and ruined our childhood or whatever...but seriously, where can I find that director's cut?

  • Bill FALL Gravity
    Bill FALL Gravity Month ago

    Dislike for the kilawog joke! You suck!

  • Luna Moonstone
    Luna Moonstone Month ago

    so that's how devil boner proposed to super hyper fan girl, that was funny and sweet and yeah the green lantern move was awful.

  • Halford Cincuentaysiete

    Fun fact: This Green Lantern movie was supposed to kickstart the DCEU. I wish I was making that up

  • Shadowfaux
    Shadowfaux Month ago

    Okay the Deadpool stuff really doesn't need to be there, it's not close to funny and it ruins the flow the video

  • vizthex
    vizthex Month ago +3

    It's sad but also relieving that the Justice League cartoon Green Lantern is way better than this.

  • Soup Pigeon
    Soup Pigeon Month ago

    I know this isn’t the movie’s fault (because they had to follow the comic) but wouldn’t it have been more interesting if the person chosen was an artist or a writer? Someone imaginative and creative, so that when this person is fighting the things they make are interesting and fun - and not just tanks and shit? Like the Green Lantern can create anything his imagination can conceive ; and yet he never makes anything innovative or creative to fight with...
    (at least in the movie I can’t attest to the comics)

  • William McFarland
    William McFarland Month ago +1

    I don't like these reviews where he beats a dead horse. I much prefer when he either defends an overly-hated movie, or critiques an overrated movie, or praises an underrated movie. Don't get me wrong, the movie isn't good. It's not even underrated. But this movie (and movies like this) are disliked because they're bad, but "hated on" because its "cool" to be angry. Annoying.

    • ab dude
      ab dude 28 days ago

      Agreed. Its people say they hate this movie cuz they figure it's cool to hate it.

  • Andrew White
    Andrew White Month ago +1

    I actually kinda have a soft spot for this movie it has it's problems but come there are a lot worst superhero movies than this😒😒

  • Idek_anymore The42nd

    Anyone else notice that at 5:12 Sinestro looks like he’s wearing a yellow lantern ring? Coincidence or not?

  • Ben Vasquez
    Ben Vasquez Month ago

    What’s your problem, green

  • Ethan Kellerman
    Ethan Kellerman Month ago +1

    That ending was beautiful~!

  • Ethan Kellerman
    Ethan Kellerman Month ago +1

    They don't wear masks because they don't see any need for secret identities.

  • Ethan Kellerman
    Ethan Kellerman Month ago +1

    I thought it looked good. Also, why is Parallax a fallen Malthusian instead of an insect that was the first ever being to feel fear so that he becomes the embodiment of the emotion?

  • Lonly Wanderer
    Lonly Wanderer Month ago

    18:05 well it works for every other superhero, so yeah

  • VGE
    VGE Month ago

    _Seishun Satsubatsuron!_

  • PrototypeOne
    PrototypeOne 2 months ago +1

    Green Lantern is my favorite hero of all time. He's got an imaginative concept and some of the most colorful and entertaining comic book stories I've ever read.
    It's a shame this film captured absolutely none of that.

  • 제이 사이야죠스타 Jay The Mr.X

    i just got in my head. I can't wait to see Captain Marvel Review!

    using actual footage PLEASE

  • The Aegis
    The Aegis 2 months ago

    to be fair to the deadpool cosplayers. not all of them are total dickshits. in fact all of the ones i met at megacon were really great dudes

  • 04h239
    04h239 2 months ago +1

    That superman McDonalds scene killed me 😂😂😂

  • Zuun Pyi
    Zuun Pyi 2 months ago

    I guess I was the only one who liked the CG

  • Julia Turner
    Julia Turner 2 months ago

    Even captain marvel trumps him in the fighter pilot department

  • Abigail Zimmerman
    Abigail Zimmerman 2 months ago

    The only good thing to come out of this movie is Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.

    • Robert Simon
      Robert Simon Month ago

      Abigail Zimmerman What about the scene where Hal says the oath for the first time? I gotta admit, it was pretty badass.

  • george floorman
    george floorman 2 months ago

    Tbh that deadpool is accurate to the deadpool character

    I hate dead pool btw

  • Tom Bennett
    Tom Bennett 2 months ago

    Quick question: if the Ring can literally do anything, can it make something that isn’t green?
    I was put in front of a firing squad that day!

  • Squeguin Quack
    Squeguin Quack 2 months ago

    Did you really just put a commercial break in your video?

  • Sam Makegere
    Sam Makegere 2 months ago

    I can tell by his voice in the video, that black nerd played deadpool in this video.

  • prinz stinkesocke
    prinz stinkesocke 2 months ago

    Thank you mister critic

  • CB Anime
    CB Anime 2 months ago

    hard to believe its been 8 years since this came out

  • TheSmashMaster9000
    TheSmashMaster9000 2 months ago +2

    12:25 Pretty much proves that you don't know source material, because that was pretty much a 1 to 1 explanation on how Green Lantern Rings work in the comics. Amense will-power and an immaginitve mind. That's literally it. That's all that's required. And FYI, Green Lanterns were first.

  • Anxious Selkie
    Anxious Selkie 2 months ago

    A million people who’ve seen this and I haven’t met even one person IRL who has

  • Morgil
    Morgil 2 months ago +1

    I feel like I'm the only person (aside from Linkara) who actually likes this movie.

  • kevin the truck driver
    kevin the truck driver 3 months ago

    So what did I miss from The Green Mile. I did hear Michael Clarke Duncan, didn't I??

  • Marcus Ward
    Marcus Ward 3 months ago

    When the IT clown appeared I was like, "Did I click on the wrong video?"

  • Timothy Morris
    Timothy Morris 3 months ago +1

    By the power of Greyskull WHAT THE HELL!

  • Sean Sun
    Sean Sun 3 months ago

    Is it just me or does that sound like the 501st narrator from the first Star Wars battle front 2 (2005) the alien from the beginning that gives Ryan Reynolds his power

  • Gaming Goof
    Gaming Goof 3 months ago

    When Tamara shows up I can see the 'I will not breathe' from Monkeybone. Guess he forgot to erase it