Why is women's daytime TV so toxic??


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  • Tara Mooknee
    Tara Mooknee  4 months ago +1916

    I will find out if Coconut the Cow has a PO Box so you can all send her peaches 🍑 🐄

    • Hybrid Cryptid
      Hybrid Cryptid 10 days ago

      My favourite bovine celebrity is Coconut the Cow. Such a feminist and pro-animal-person rights activist. I'm looking forward to her upcoming autobiography and am such a fan of her work. She's such an inspiration. ❤️❤️❤️

    • trashbunnie
      trashbunnie 2 months ago


    • Ocean Love
      Ocean Love 2 months ago

      I wish we could be part of a new panel

    • Yaren Tozaner
      Yaren Tozaner 2 months ago

      @Hannah G bir daha ği

    • Juniper Jade
      Juniper Jade 2 months ago

      Hope you get to do that!

  • Annamarie Forcino
    Annamarie Forcino 4 months ago +3151

    if hobby lobby was a show, it would be loose women

    • Chocolate Bunny
      Chocolate Bunny 23 days ago

      At least hobby lobby is interesting and full of fun things to do.

    • Giordano D'Souza
      Giordano D'Souza Month ago +4

      Wasn't hobby lobby also doing some anti gay bullshit a while back? * Quick googles * oh lord really 16 contravercies they made a whole article about it that's wild

    • Forge Norman
      Forge Norman 3 months ago +9

      @khaila turner Ahh Michael's, as Jon Stewart once put it, "a godless fuck palace with yarn."
      Let's also not forget Hobby Lobby thinking they get to decide if their insurance will cover birth control, when it's none of their damn business.
      (Also Michael's coupons are the best don't @ me)

    • LenaTate
      LenaTate 3 months ago

      Noooooo 😭

    • Aimee Jones
      Aimee Jones 3 months ago +2

      A more accurate comparison has never been spoken 😂😂😂

  • Sam L. Purecats
    Sam L. Purecats 4 months ago +1419

    I read somewhere that they're basically saying "If you dress better or act better, they'll r*pe the other girls"... Victim blaming is disgusting.

    • what is this
      what is this 17 days ago

      @Sophia Must've been my primary school frock, really gets the boys goin'
      In all seriousness, I wouldn't be suprised if they pulled that kinda shit, since my primary school knew I was being s3xually abused on school grounds and essentially just said "Stay away from him lol". And didn't even contact my parents to tell them what was going on 🙃

    • Sophia
      Sophia Month ago +6

      i'd like to hear what these awful mothers think about child r*pe and try to justify it when it comes to their children and what they're "wearing". honestly, people can be so f*cking selfish and unless you make them experience that terror, they won't be able to sympathize.

  • Caroline schofield
    Caroline schofield 4 months ago +3987

    Loose women is essentially just watching internalised misogyny in action. The fact it's still aired in 2022 is basically an advertisement that feminism is still very much required.

    • Elistari
      Elistari 5 days ago

      Certain aspects of feminism. If other aspects, it's unnecessary. But whenever it comes to sexual assault, yeah, we definitely still need feminism.

    • O Haplin
      O Haplin 23 days ago

      Do women produce or commission it I wonder ??? I doubt they have kind of significant say on ITV's stale schedule , probably commissioned by people who look like Richard Madeley and Pierse Morgan.

    • every thing
      every thing Month ago

      @Barnaby that description is odly specific. Who are you referring to ? how is that relevant to the conversation? and why do you think being a woman with internal misogyny is better than being that woman you described?

    • every thing
      every thing Month ago

      @Barnaby mysoginy is what stands in the way of equality . Anti misogyny is the key to equality and that's called feminism.

    • StüpeЙdøus
      StüpeЙdøus 2 months ago +1

      @Brianna Lee Didn't get the comment I see. Feminism, as it is in much of America and the Western world IS the way you described it negatively. How it actually IS, not the corrupted form we see today, is different, doesn't make Feminism wrong.

  • Maddie Tillem
    Maddie Tillem 4 months ago +2979

    The sad thing is that they think they're being feminists and supporting victims, but they're really not. They're trying and failing miserably. Yes they're allowed to have their own opinions, but someone who isn't at all educated on the topic might want to keep their mouths shut

    • WillowT Dog
      WillowT Dog Hour ago

      @Marcos Socram Yikes, man. You aren't being super convincing as a human person, right now. All those criticisms are sometimes true, but taking it to the extreme of universality as you did just makes you look like you don't understand how people work. It sounds miserable and lonely to expect everyone to always be exactly perfect with absolutely no mitigation of reality. Just, good luck, I guess.
      Totally sincerely. Sounds like you are maybe having some trouble, so I wish you well.

    • Marcos Socram
      Marcos Socram 4 days ago +1

      With all due respect (not really) this is an opinion I see a lot of these days, usually on mainstream channels outside of the breadtube, where a person that did a political woopsie is being talked about. Lemme give it to you straight: THEY ARE NOT UNEDUCATED, THEY ARE NOT ADRESSING THE REAL ISSUES, THEY ARE NOT TRYING, THEY REALLY MEAN IT!!!
      For whatever celebrity / influencer you look up to or have no beef with, the opinions they let out are the exact things they are thinking. There are no misunderstandings, no lack of knowledge, no "edgy speech" being misinterpreted, no lack of consideration for the "context" they will not know better over time. Whenever they do a whoopsie - say something most of their fans and non-right-wing mainstream media will drop their chins for - they are showing who they really are. Sorry that your fave star is a monster in disguise I guess...

    • Lena
      Lena 20 days ago

      Really? 😨

  • HamEggsButteredToast
    HamEggsButteredToast 4 months ago +3809

    I absolutely DETEST when people say crap like "You're not allowed to say this anymore!" WHILE BROADCASTING EXACTLY THAT OPINION IN A PUBLIC FASHION! The fact that they don't feel embarrassed or absolutely stupid for this... 😫

    • m0L3ify
      m0L3ify Month ago +2

      @TransPlant 161 Like that Simpsons 'out of touch' meme that reads "No, it's the coverage of my unacceptable behavior that's the problem."

    • TransPlant 161
      TransPlant 161 Month ago +7

      "you can't say this anymore" really just means "people have started calling out my shitty opinions and I don't like it!"

    • m0L3ify
      m0L3ify 3 months ago +20

      "I'm being silenced!! And you can find out all about it in my book, my speaking tour, my interviews on the news, my newspaper opinion pieces, and my weekly podcast!"

    • Honor Willow
      Honor Willow 3 months ago +24

      Also "without being criticised" is the part they are missing, so basically they mean that they don't want the consequences of their own actions AND they want OTHERS freedom of speech to be taken away

    • jakerockznoodles
      jakerockznoodles 3 months ago +28

      Yep, I said this to people that were like "the society we're living in is like 1984!". Like, if you think and say that on a public space and I'm aware of it half way across the world, we're _definitely_ not living in that sort of society 🤣

  • Mikey Brankin
    Mikey Brankin 4 months ago +3418

    As a brit who uses mindless daytime television to soothe my depression, I've been waiting for years for someone to talk about how toxic Loose Women actually is. Seriously thank you, it's so disturbing.

    • Mikey Brankin
      Mikey Brankin 19 days ago

      @Rigel B no one to talk about it with, massive social anxiety.

    • Rigel B
      Rigel B 20 days ago

      If you've been waiting for years for someone to talk about it, why didn't you talk about it yourself?

    • Mikey Brankin
      Mikey Brankin 4 months ago +8

      @lemsip I'm just greatful Jeremy Kyle is never ever coming back, I couldn't stop watching but that man could make a millionaire sucidal.

    • lemsip
      lemsip 4 months ago +8

      @Mikey Brankin Just hate ITV in the mornings during the week. The other channels aren't much better with their shoplifters, benefits and bad neighbour porn. Thank goodness for catch up TV. You can watch it on your computer if you don't have exclusive use of a TV.

  • Black 'move I'm gay' Widow
    Black 'move I'm gay' Widow 4 months ago +3511

    My mom used to watch Loose Women and it drove me crazy, I hate how toxic that show is. I'm so glad she stopped watching it. And I'm so glad you're talking about this because most people I've seen brush that show off and the things they say off as not a big deal or a problem when it is. Thanks Tara and cow! 🐄

    • nas84payne
      nas84payne 7 days ago

      Years ago, I used to work at a place where they’d have Jeremy Kyle and Loose Women on during break times. It made an already shitty job even more depressing and worse.

    • ChesireSays🔮
      ChesireSays🔮 3 months ago +1

      @lio leigh that’s every country sadly

    • Chris Cortez
      Chris Cortez 3 months ago +13

      The only time I heard of “Loose Women” was in a meme with them labeled “The Council of Karens” 😂

    • Abby Ní Loingsigh
      Abby Ní Loingsigh 3 months ago +15

      My best friend watches this show and she has unusually old fashioned beliefs for a 27 year old. I think I’m starting to understand why.

    • lemsip
      lemsip 4 months ago +4

      @Neptunegrl 34 I watched maybe two episodes or a few minutes of them while waiting for another programme to start on TV. I couldn't take anymore. Most of what they discuss is old news and has been hacked to death. Slightly more upmarket is the Jeremy Vine on 5 programme. At least it's current. Thank goodness they don't have a studio audience on it anymore.

  • Gnorts Mr Alien
    Gnorts Mr Alien 4 months ago +1626

    "I was robbed at gunpoint, but it's my fault for wearing a nice watch and expensive clothes. I take full responsibility."
    ...said no one ever.

    • Jaimi Cottrill
      Jaimi Cottrill 4 days ago

      @Elistari If a man is so inebriated he cant consent to sex, then generally he is not "up" to it. A man who is drunk enough to still have sex is still conscious enough to know if his partner is saying yes!

    • Edrushh
      Edrushh 5 days ago

      @Gnorts Mr Alien don’t shoot the messenger

    • Gnorts Mr Alien
      Gnorts Mr Alien 5 days ago +1

      @Elistari Is there something you're trying to tell us lol

    • Elistari
      Elistari 5 days ago

      @Jaimi Cottrill But what if they're BOTH drunk? Then if he still a rapist? If a woman can't consent to sex whilst inebriated, then man can't either, right? It's a VERY tough situation whenever it comes to things like that. Both were under the influence, not thinking straight, and I don't think he deserves his life ruined because of a decision he made whilst VERY inebriated or drunk. But I also think it would be a lesson learned for both of them, but especially him. Hopefully.

    • Elistari
      Elistari 5 days ago

      @Jaimi Cottrill When both the woman AND man (or man and man, woman and woman) are VERY inebriated. There have been cases of men being charged with sexual assault/rape for having sex with inebriated women....while the men were ALSO heavily inebriated. Basically, the woman regrets it or feels taken advantage of once she's sober and realize what happened, but technically the man was also in that position as well. Nobody is making good decisions when they're drunk, even the man in that situation. It technically isn't either one's fault, while it's also BOTH of their faults. He didn't "mean" to "rape" the woman in that situation, so it's very to categorize it as rape or sexual assault, since he was also unable to think clearly.

  • Kuncan Dastner
    Kuncan Dastner 4 months ago +3454

    I went into this expecting it to be bad, but it ended up being so much worse. Gotta love daytime tv

    • Lauren
      Lauren 3 months ago +2

      @e11e it's peak sarcasm

    • Chris Cortez
      Chris Cortez 3 months ago +3

      The only time I heard of “Loose Women” was in a meme with them labeled “The Council of Karens” 😂

    • I crave death.
      I crave death. 3 months ago +1

      @Tara Mooknee more cursed than the black pearl.

    • e11e
      e11e 3 months ago +4

      Fascinating how Brits say ‘you gotta love...’ about things that are detestable. See also ‘bless them’ about someone you’re cursing.

    • Kristine Pinlac
      Kristine Pinlac 4 months ago +4

      AHHHH Hi Duncan :DD

  • Nina A
    Nina A 4 months ago +1164

    "If she's drunk and dressed provocatively she's putting herself at risk" is like saying it's your fault if you get shot because having a body that isn't bulletproof and walking around with it, you put yourself at risk of being yeeted.

    • Rustem Agayev
      Rustem Agayev Day ago

      I don't think the statement itself is a problem, it's more how it is used to push the responsibility into the victims.

    • Gwennifer
      Gwennifer 8 days ago +1

      When a boy in school harassed me and I told the campus SRO and a counselor, they asked me to tell them what I was wearing, so they could identify me on cameras, they were both very kind and didn't seem to me to mean anything by it except for finding it on the cameras. I was wearing a hoodie and long jeans. It made me feel almost more unsafe, I grew up conservative and typically understood women that dressed less modestly got more unwanted attention than those who didn't, but I was still preyed on while my entire body was covered. It was eye opening for sure

    • Eddie the Head
      Eddie the Head 9 days ago +1

      Well in a war zone yeah. Put on a Kevlar vest and a helmet. I would find a different analogy. There are times where yeah that seems about right.

    • CJ Lister
      CJ Lister 18 days ago

      @Brook I was thinking more about the "being drunk" part that puts you more at risk. No one should have to do have to do anything really. Other people shouldn't commit crimes. But they do. So unfortunately we have to try and mitigate the danger we out ourselves in as much as possible

  • Oh No
    Oh No 4 months ago +1017

    I think when people like these women say they want rape victims to be able to come forward and "have a discussion" they mean "I want to tell a rape victim it's her own fault and not get yelled at"

    • TransPlant 161
      TransPlant 161 Month ago +1

      @Ashley Cook As someone who has been through it (and as I was presenting male at the time I was mercilessly mocked while my assaulter was praised) yea I would never even entertain the idea of a discussion with someone who thinks it was my fault.

    • TransPlant 161
      TransPlant 161 Month ago

      @Rachel It can be therapeutic- *if the discussion is about healing and how to cope.*
      But as others have said, these people don't want a discussion, they want to shame others into feeling worse than they do.

    • TransPlant 161
      TransPlant 161 Month ago

      The whole thing seems like misplaced self-blame and a projection of unaddressed trauma.
      Like, if they feel so wretched for what happened to them, then how dare anybody come out the other side better than they did?

    • StüpeЙdøus
      StüpeЙdøus 2 months ago

      @Ashley Cook Oh lol

    • Ashley Cook
      Ashley Cook 2 months ago +1

      @StüpeЙdøus we've said it different ways but essentially we're talking about the same thing. You've summed it up better bc I do like to carry on lol.

  • Rampala
    Rampala 4 months ago +708

    Weird, because swimming in waters known to be inhabited by sharks is "placing yourself in a dangerous situation," but I've never heard anyone blame a shark-attack victim for being attacked by a shark.

    • TransPlant 161
      TransPlant 161 Month ago

      @UltimateEmpress yea, it's actually a perfect way to highlight how ridiculous it is to blame assault victims. People who are not at fault do get blamed. People whose actions can be reasonably said to be the cause of their misfortune usually don't. The truest hypocrisy of human empathy.

    • TransPlant 161
      TransPlant 161 Month ago

      In this case it usually *is* the victim's fault. Sharks can't be at fault for mistaking you for an injured seal when you choose to partake in activities that are known to cause this same mistake.

    • UltimateEmpress
      UltimateEmpress Month ago

      @The Yautja Warrior That makes it more stupid than putting yourself in a dangerous situation with people because you assume a person will choose the right thing, and yet shark victims are still less blamed than rape victims. I think it’s a pretty good comparison.

    • The Yautja Warrior
      The Yautja Warrior Month ago

      sharks are animals that have no concept of right or wrong, weak comparison.

  • Britney Gibau
    Britney Gibau 4 months ago +1443

    There cant be victims if theres no assailants. No one is responsible for being a victim, we are responsible for our own actions and making sure we dont become assailants.
    It shouldn't have to be explained, and if this doesnt sound like common sense or basic humanity to you, *YOU'RE PART OF THE PROBLEM*

    • gargles
      gargles Month ago

      @The Yautja Warrior ah i see, my bad for misunderstanding. take care 👍🏻

    • The Yautja Warrior
      The Yautja Warrior Month ago

      @gargles i wasn’t calling you an NPC. You actually attempted to explain your position rather than use the victim blaming card to just shut down the discussion, so the NPC remark was not aimed at you

    • gargles
      gargles Month ago

      @The Yautja Warrior alright, well i just disagree with you on this and it’s too hard to explain effectively through youtube comments without being worried people will misinterpret what i’m saying. to me, saying that people should be more responsible for their safety under the og comment runs really close to victim blaming. i’d rather not keep going in circles here, but did calling me an npc make you feel better?

    • The Yautja Warrior
      The Yautja Warrior Month ago

      @gargles “victims would not exist without assailants” is an even more unnecessary point to stress. I would argue that telling people to be more responsible for their safety is more important because when we give people that advice in the context of rape scenarios all the NPCs come out of the woodwork to scream “victim blaming” and shut down those conversations before they even begin

    • gargles
      gargles Month ago +1

      @The Yautja Warrior i mean i do agree that we all have a responsibility to keep ourselves safe, but with your example it’s not the same because you’re taught to always look around carefully for other cars and pedestrians anyways. not looking while driving and getting into an accident is a very different situation than minding your business and then being a victim of assault. idk if i have the brain power rn to explain why tbh because it seems self explanatory to me if you think about it.
      i guess i just feel like most people already try their best to keep themselves safe, so it seems unnecessary to press this point and argue when the og comment was saying “victims would not exist without assailants”, which is a true statement.

  • ViolentOrchid
    ViolentOrchid 4 months ago +194

    Imagine drugging your child for a flight and then sharing the story of how your child lost control of their bowels on the plane like it's not the result of you doping them.

    • lemsip
      lemsip 7 days ago

      @nas84payne And proud of it.

    • nas84payne
      nas84payne 7 days ago

      @lemsip aka Mumsnet 😀

    • lemsip
      lemsip 4 months ago +21

      The subject of all those vile mommy blogs and self indulgent articles in the women's section of the local newspapers which nobody reads anymore. I went through every recipe I had bookmarked and if they were on a mommy blog I tagged them as mommy blog and I will find the same recipe elsewhere and then remove the bookmark. Now I got to the supermarket chain's and food company's own websites for the recipes. Food companies shouldn't be sponsoring mommy bloggers to advertise their products in the bloggers' recipes but should employ chefs and home economists to come up with recipes for their websites.

  • Sema
    Sema 4 months ago +930

    The clothing thing has been so thoroughly debunked that I can't believe people still use it.

    • UltimateEmpress
      UltimateEmpress 2 months ago

      @N R I agree. Rape is terrifying, so women think, “well it wouldn’t happen to someone like me, right?”

    • UltimateEmpress
      UltimateEmpress 2 months ago

      @Jessica N. no they showed too much eyebrow

    • UltimateEmpress
      UltimateEmpress 2 months ago

      Man “thoroughly debunked” is a pretty dark statement😳…

    • IfraT
      IfraT 3 months ago

      @CͨEͤOͦ Y. I don't think there's anything wrong with covering one's body.

  • Morgan
    Morgan 3 months ago +243

    "If a victim is drunk, and is in highly provocative clothes, she is putting herself at risk....."
    Um, actually, no. I was at a swinger's club yesterday. I was wearing a lace bodysuit with a plunging V neckline and my ass hanging out -- nothing else. I flirted with _lots_ of people. I gave them hugs, I playfully, touched their arm. And guess what? NOTHING HAPPENED TO ME. The club made it Rule #1 that anytime one of the patrons was making a guest feel uncomfortable, they get thrown out. Every men I talked to _got my consent_ to touch me.
    I just wish this was the norm everywhere else, because I had such a wonderful time last night, and I never felt more comfortable in a nightclub type environment before.

    • francookie
      francookie 29 days ago +2

      @TransPlant 161 quick question; someone "getting you too drunk to stand" - were you socially pressured into drinking? Or did he slip something in your drink?
      Something happened to me once where (I think) both occured. I got plastered and suddenly this guy bought a round of drinks for my friends and me, made out with me in the corner and after that I woke up in hospital with a complete blackout and flashes of being outside, screaming, possibly in pain. The doctors reported alcohol levels too low to actually black out from. So ... yeah. Will never truly know what happened.

    • francookie
      francookie 29 days ago +7

      @lucifer "I'm really genuinely sorry that you got sexually assaulted, but honestly, you can't just go around and blame random people who don't know you as undermining your experience."
      THIS. 👍👍

    • lucifer
      lucifer Month ago +8

      @TransPlant 161 person , first of all , me saying how much boundaries are respected in kink communities definitely doesnt say that im undermining your experience , or 2 , that im saying kink = safe , or 3 , creating a dangerous expectation. im just honestly saying what i see.
      before i got informed abt kink , ive LITERALLY never heard of the terms "safe word" and "aftercare" ever before in vanilla sex-related things. that alone should prove that even if not all , most kink participants do respect boundaries. ive never heard of "color ? green." ever in vanilla smut books on wattpad. ive never ever heard of literally other confirmations of consent that isnt just "yes i want to fuck" in those spaces. also i havent said they weren't creepy lol , im jus saying they do put a lot of spotlight on boundaries.. so like idk where u got that
      im really genuinely sorry that you got sexually assaulted , but honestly , you cant just go around and blame random people who dont know you as undermining your experience. i never knew that nor do i know you. but i also didnt speak for every single kink experience. im just saying , vanilla people really should have safe words n aftercare , whether or not they fuck hard.
      thats literally it. im not "pretending that alt sex crowds r less creepy". its just wow wish vanilla ppl had safewords n aftercare , maybe "normal" women wud be safer or smth.
      i never said it was universal , all i said was how its surprising/depressing of how much ive seen respect in kink communities. and yeah i have seen those certain types of doms but most ppl in the community , at least in my part , dont really accept or fuck with them.

  • Eureka Mreum
    Eureka Mreum 4 months ago +1194

    I'm not even trans but thank you very much for acknowledging the terfism without actually showing the clips, I was watching Kat Blaque's latest videos yesterday and got so sick of listening to people tearing apart trans folks, I just wish they'd let them live in peace ffs

    • Daniel Crafter
      Daniel Crafter 25 days ago +4

      @Anna Twink - kindly define a "woman" for me?
      Define "biological woman"?
      Get me link from a reputable source?
      Bear in mind - I just have to find *one* instance that contradicts what you say, and everything you've previously said here is proven not only false, but indefensibly false

    • Jordan Rayne
      Jordan Rayne Month ago

      @Anna Twink I accept who i am biologically but what i do with my body, hormones or surgery doesn't change that. Im not sure what sexual function has to do with transitioning but i do agree unless you are in an asexual relationship with no intent on having sex that it is important. I understand what men are capable of, i know 20 is still young but between my personal experience and the experience of several people i know and the amount of true crime i consume i am aware of what men are capable of. I also personally don't want biological children at all, i wouldn't want to pass down my genetics and i severely debate if i would even be a suitable adoptive parent. I go back and forth myself on medical transition, for personal reasons. You can link me whatever you please, im always open to looking into things on either side.

    • Anna Twink
      Anna Twink Month ago

      @TransPlant 161 You could not be more wrong. Never never never. Why do you get that crazy idea that because I fear that minority of bio men and want to protect bio women that I wouldn't understand the threat to you is bio men? If course I do!!! That's why we don't understand why you come so hard after us when it's men that hurt you! In many ways I fear it more for you particularly if a trans woman has had surgery below because she could be dangerously hurt. It doesn't bear thinking about. If it were between the two, it would be safer a for a bio women to be r**ed

  • Scott Rindal
    Scott Rindal 4 months ago +122

    If a woman was lying in the street totally unconsciously drunk and half naked it would still be morally wrong and a crime to have sex because there can't be consent. How can this be a question?

    • Luna P
      Luna P Month ago +13

      @francookie Authorities, of all stripes, often won't pursue the perpetrator because, commonly, they're busy blaming the victim, as does a significant portion of society. Who is to blame is still a relevant matter for discussion.

    • francookie
      francookie Month ago +1

      @Lizzy the queer 🦎 What is it with you people and blame? Who cares who's fault it is? It happens. People do these things, even though in general we've defined them as wrong, immoral, illegal.
      People still do them. Will blaming them and saying they're at fault help in any way? No, they don't care.
      They ARE at fault, but focussing on that won't change anything. Survival strategy might. Teach people to be good to eachother, but never assume everyone has been taught that.

    • Lizzy the queer  🦎
      Lizzy the queer 🦎  Month ago +11

      because they want to blame the victim .

  • kouen
    kouen 4 months ago +300

    I remember trying to watch loose women with my mother over lunch in the early 2010's and just soured the moment that they pitched the idea that "maybe abortion is TOO accessable for teenage girls" without little to no debate over how horrible that statement is.

    • Tender n00dle
      Tender n00dle 24 days ago +2

      @Timothy Ngatia lol someone has no understanding of history

    • A Rosenthal
      A Rosenthal 3 months ago +9

      @Ana Nas you can literally hemorrhage from using a coat hanger but sure. Not risky at all to blindly shove metal into yourself. Makes sense.

    • A Rosenthal
      A Rosenthal 3 months ago +14

      @Timothy Ngatia Abortion rates will remain the same regardless of access. You want to know what would actually increase? Unsafe abortions. Having good access to sex education and birth control ACTUALLY reduces abortions. Shocker, I know.

  • Max Stevam
    Max Stevam 4 months ago +305

    so we're not talking about how the mother drugged a baby to make him "doozie" so she doesnt have to deal w bringing her kid on the plane? lol

    • Ghoster
      Ghoster Month ago

      It's so irresponsible too

    • Jesus E
      Jesus E 3 months ago


    • et sequentia
      et sequentia 3 months ago

      Strong empowered woman.

    • CyberChrist
      CyberChrist 3 months ago +19

      @Jonny Akster Some people actually _have_ to take the plane, and some actually know how to manage a baby on a plane.

    • Jonny Akster
      Jonny Akster 3 months ago +4

      What the fuck are they doing binging a baby on a plane to begin with.

  • melody haviland
    melody haviland 4 months ago +461

    tara singing “my coconuts, you can put ‘em in your mouth” in a british accent gave me the will to live

    • longlongjingtea
      longlongjingtea 4 months ago +27

      @Tara Mooknee I am hyped

    • Tara Mooknee
      Tara Mooknee  4 months ago +136

      if you ever stumble into a gay club in London know I will be there screaming the lyrics

  • Aniya Marie
    Aniya Marie 3 months ago +41

    I’m all for older women having a platform like male nighttime shows. But, I draw the line when their internalized misogyny is aired out.

    • LiviWasLost
      LiviWasLost 21 day ago +1

      @Allan Nicol do you even read?

    • Allan Nicol
      Allan Nicol 2 months ago

      So you're for middle aged women having a platform as long as they don't say things you disagree with.Great take🙄

  • ShanKatOD
    ShanKatOD 4 months ago +607

    Loose Women is basically all that’s available when you’re home nicking an aerial signal as an immigrant, it was my first exposure to English culture as a resident and I credit it with teaching me how to recognise a Coleen…this island’s version of a transphobic Karen. It’s like a hate crime broadcast with offensive primary colours, bang in the middle of the morning. So happy to see you post!

    • S Regan
      S Regan 4 months ago +7

      @harkonen1000000 agreed, I honestly think that show was developed for the American fantasy of what Britain is, instead of what it actually is!

    • harkonen1000000
      harkonen1000000 4 months ago +6

      @S Regan Knowing about the time period Downton Abbey depicts a bit more, it's one of the most fantastical shows on TV in many ways, especially in how people behave in it, as well as reasons for their behavior.

    • francookie
      francookie 4 months ago +14

      Offensive primary colours 😂

    • CrimsonKate82
      CrimsonKate82 4 months ago +26

      At least it didn't cost you your sense of humour, that comment is class lol.

    • S Regan
      S Regan 4 months ago +37

      "English culture" sad, but true. God, what an overwhelming disappointment that must have been! Foreigners think the UK is Downton Abbey when it is really Loose Women.

  • Allyssa Ward
    Allyssa Ward 4 months ago +336

    It's sentiments like these that contributed to why it took me over a year to tell my mom about what happened to me. Even when you fully believe that r*pe is never the victims fault, there's still this deeply embedded feeling that you can prevent that from happening to you and its absolutely devastating when it happens anyway and so you try to rationalize what happened by saying "well I put myself in that situation so I guess some of it is my fault". What's even more frustrating is if someone confided in me and told me the same scenario happened to them I wouldn't hesitate to say that they aren't at fault and that the assailant is a piece of shit, but when it happened to me I took me months to even accept that what happened to me was assault because I had blamed myself for being in a situation that left me vulnerable.

    • Justvibingowo
      Justvibingowo 11 days ago

      THIS though what had happened to me isn't SA(alteast to me), when my driver who's like older than me started touching my hands and face(and even thigh at some point)without my consent and saying stuff that had sexual undertones I blamed myself for not speaking up and sitting "close" to him,but if someone came to me and told me a similar story i would literally cry if they blamed themselves

    • Fabr a
      Fabr a Month ago +2

      @Kat Barker uff, I get that

    • Kat Barker
      Kat Barker 3 months ago +16

      In my own experience as a victim of sa as a desperate way to take back that control taken from me I tried to convince myself that I did have control, this weird thinking that if I did make it my fault, at least if I do everything different next time it won’t happen again

    • Darling M
      Darling M 3 months ago +8

      You are so strong, even when you think you are not, remember you are truly amazing and amazingly strong, you all are amazing and amazingly strong, you deserve to be heard and deserve to be happy, to love and be loved, you deserve to be respected as a person, you all deserve decency and safety.
      Sharing this will remind so many people that they’re not alone. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Maleine Perle
    Maleine Perle 4 months ago +57

    This reminds me of that whole debacle with french feminists writing a BS article about how feminism now prevented any kind of flirting, and rape victims are exagerating, and one lady went as far as to say she wish she had been raped, because then she could tell them it isn't actually bad. The sheer lunacy and sky-high cringe of it will haunt french media for decades. I wish it never happened.

    • Sophia
      Sophia Month ago +6

      i can't believe people like these actually exist in this world lol it's so upsetting!

  • Delta Loraine
    Delta Loraine 4 months ago +45

    They're like "we're standing up for women!" while judging women for the same things men are judging them for. Like god forbid a woman ENJOYS having sex.

  • Imani Manuellah
    Imani Manuellah 4 months ago +374

    The amount of causal hateful rhetoric spewed on daytime tv is genuinely shocking especially because I remember watching so much of it when is was home ill as a child.
    It is midday and here we are having an uneducated argument on peoples fundamental human rights.
    Imagine how tired we are!

  • Bethany that's me
    Bethany that's me 4 months ago +263

    I need a show for the kind of unmarried, bisexual, barren, atheist middle aged person I am....who would we put on that panel?

    • LiviWasLost
      LiviWasLost 21 day ago

      I’d watch it

    • missymouseuk1
      missymouseuk1 2 months ago +1

      Oh yes!! I'd watch that!!!

    • Nocturnalux
      Nocturnalux 2 months ago +1

      Are you me...?
      For sure, I'd want that show! Hmm...that's a good question indeed.

    • bleronk
      bleronk 3 months ago +6

      sorry but rick and morty was made for you whether you like it or not

    • Biogrrrl
      Biogrrrl 4 months ago +8

      So specific. So accurate.

  • Hannah G
    Hannah G 4 months ago +364

    Seeing my babies as the pet shout out was a great way to end a shitty week

    • haleymist09
      haleymist09 4 months ago +7

      @Hannah G 😅 hahaha! You're the best with names

    • Hannah G
      Hannah G 4 months ago +14

      @haleymist09 thank you! I used to have a belted galloway calf called Buckle and a jersey calf named Anonymoos (because my dad told me I wasn’t allowed to name him) 😂

    • haleymist09
      haleymist09 4 months ago +8

      I loooooooove your pets!!!!! 👏👏👏 The names are so cute!

    • HamEggsButteredToast
      HamEggsButteredToast 4 months ago +19

      They're so precious! 😭 I hope you have a super awesome happy next week! 💕🤗

    • Tara Mooknee
      Tara Mooknee  4 months ago +63

      THANK YOU for sending them in. They're my favourites

  • dino dob
    dino dob 4 months ago +298

    Great video. Janet Street Porter also said on Loose Woman that she used to charge a male tenant sex instead of cash for rent. That revelation caused a media stir, too. 🙂

    • Mars The Mind
      Mars The Mind 2 months ago

      Yikes, just yikes

    • i meow at strangers in the street
      i meow at strangers in the street 3 months ago +10

      @et sequentia this kind of dichotomy where women are always victims (before anyone tries to misinterpret: women are _often_ victims but there's no "victim gland" present in a woman's body - or whoever these people would consider a woman anyhow, that's what i mean) and men are always aggressors is going to be the death of us all, i think
      ninja edit: additionally, isn't it so fascinating that it's usually _white_ women doing this stuff? sure doesn't bring names like emmett till, the groveland four (ernest thomas, charles greenlee, samuel shepherd, and walter irvin), ronnie long, and pervis payne to mind. graphic content warning if you google some of those names, especially emmett till's. what those monsters did to that poor 14 year old boy over something that wasn't even true makes me sick.

    • et sequentia
      et sequentia 3 months ago +17

      @guy As you have seen, the very strict, uncompromising and zero-tolerant position against rape suddenly disappears when the rapist happens to be a woman and the victim happens to be male. Suddenly all the defense mechanism come into play and we start equivocating about consent and power balance and stuff.
      In their mind men CANNOT be victims of women no matter the circumstances. The woman must always be the victim otherwise they cannot extract the sweet victim cred from the situation.
      Their own definition of the crime, yet it does not apply if the victim is male. Makes you think.

    • guy
      guy 3 months ago +64

      @Jonny Akster You can't go homeless that easily, yet there's around 270,000 homeless people in England alone. Not all homeless people are rough sleepers. Also, how can someone meaningfully consent when their housing is on the line if they say no? Sex with a person who cannot refuse without fear of injury is rape.

    • Jonny Akster
      Jonny Akster 3 months ago +1

      @guy Errr you cant go homneless int he UK that easily, there is the doll. And if that was a mutually agreed upon thing, I dont think you understand what rape is or how horrific it is.

  • Mae McBride
    Mae McBride 4 months ago +573

    Two of my aunties spend like half their days just watching these kind of shows (and even worse ones like “doctor” shows) and it has made them….trying to be around.

  • kit
    kit 4 months ago +394

    over the big lockdown in 2020 we watched loose women everyday, it was fun to have an excuse to chat about certain topics but my brother and I ended up arguing at the tv enough for us to stop lol

    • LiviWasLost
      LiviWasLost 21 day ago

      During the pandemic my mom stopped watching Ellen. Crazy stuff

    • lemsip
      lemsip 4 months ago +1

      Jeremy Vine on 5 is a bit better.

    • Yeen Bean
      Yeen Bean 4 months ago +21

      At least you agreed with each other.

  • Pokhraj Roy
    Pokhraj Roy 4 months ago +102

    As a South Asian, you’re so used to the ‘Aunty’ Discourse which is inherently problematic and toxic (although it’s systemic) that I didn’t realise that it was adversely affecting people because I thought it was cute but I’m happy this video exists so thank you Tara and Producer Cow!

    • LiviWasLost
      LiviWasLost 21 day ago

      Reminds me of my aunts.

    • Aubrey Huebner
      Aubrey Huebner 3 months ago +2

      @Anceptus Yeeaahhhh that wouldn’t have worked for me 😂😭 They would just demand me to take them out because otherwise I’m not REALLY listening lol (Since it happened anytime I was listening to music with regular wired earbuds). Cuz after all, I have to hear every single word of unsolicited advice for it to count 🙄
      Then again, this was with regular earbuds back then instead of Bluetooth ones, but honestly idk if it would’ve made any difference either way for me back then. Just had to use my own mind and active imagination to zone out and tune out the conversations to the best of my ability lmao

    • justrandomotaku
      justrandomotaku 3 months ago +17

      Oh I HATE the aunties discourse... bunch of women gathering together talking smack and being toxic to their relatives and their children. And we're supposed to accept this? Respect the elders?

    • Pokhraj Roy
      Pokhraj Roy 4 months ago +1

      @Anceptus Yes, I have heard of this! Ingenious.

    • Anceptus
      Anceptus 4 months ago +17

      Auntie/grandma discourse also exists in Latin America. It makes us feel like we have to shut up and listen because we _have_ to obey our elders, otherwise we're doomed. Bluetooth earbuds are a godsend in family reunions, I just discreetly stick them in my ear and pretend I'm listening to the conversation they're having lol

  • tornamiadir
    tornamiadir 4 months ago +50

    LOVE that Janet made that classic boomer argument of things becoming too black and white and less nuanced on Twitter and then they literally made a poll on the subject (I'm assuming with two options) forcing people to give their opinion without being able to fully explain their decision...thank you for trawling through this horrible programme for our sake

  • Tyquira
    Tyquira 4 months ago +269

    I truly believe these daytime women talk shows would be so much better if they had more younger women on the show. Like women in their early twenties. Recently I stumbled across a clip of the view where they were talking about the Taylor Swift All Too Well (10 minutes version) release and they all seemed to think it was a new song????? Like no one took the time to actually understand that it was a song from nearly a decade ago that Taylor's fans had been begging her to release for ages, or even took some time to answer the question of why Taylor was releasing the music at all; instead they talked about how the scarf represented Taylor's virginity. There was also another discussion where a group of teenagers from Australia decided they didn't want to do Grease for their high school musical. Instead of reflecting on WHY the students may not want to do Grease (you knowz, silly things like rape culture and sexism), it turned into how "this was the problem with our world because I have a lot of fond memories of Grease". I just think these shows would be better if they ever took the time to actually discuss what the young people are talking about, or try to keep discussions on track where they could actually create meaningful dialogue. Another time when Greta Thunberg came up, it turned into a conversation about abortion because idk we can't talk about climate change because the libs are killing babies. 🙃🙄 I'm not entirely dismissing a show like the view or loose women, because I think that it's important that they're some of the few shows that discuss politics exclusively from a women angle, I just wish that they'd try harder to actually move the conversation forward without making it about ratings or making it clear they're just boomers. Or hiring rich conservative women who claim to "understand the conservatives" while using nepotism to get there because God forbid you hire a conservative woman whose father is not a famous politician. Anyway, great video, love to hear your opinions ☺️

    • Marianna Csinger
      Marianna Csinger 3 months ago

      @Tyquira I have to disagree with you on that one. Age doesn’t define you the same way as gender, ethnic background or social status. These are just factors that might shape the way you see the world but not exclusively.

    • lemsip
      lemsip 4 months ago +1

      @Richella River I wasn't demonising working class women only what the TV producers think that's what they want.

    • Richella River
      Richella River 4 months ago +2

      @lemsip way to demonize working class women when they're often not the ones who determine societies standards like upper class women. Yikes...

    • Tyquira
      Tyquira 4 months ago +14

      @Marianna Csinger age has a ton to do with how you see the world and your political beliefs and how much you're tapped into pop culture and other topics. You just need to look at any political poll and you'll see the distinction. For example, an American who graduated university this year will have experience with growing up in a high school environment where fear of school shootings happen hangs over them, while a person who is in their 70s will not.

    • Tyquira
      Tyquira 4 months ago +4

      @Adriana Hlz that's literally what I said? I said that I wish they'd make an effort to include more women, specifically young women. I don't watch loose women, I've only ever really had experience in the view, my entire comment was around how they don't seem to be understanding of pop culture or how younger people feel about topics, like gun control and climate change, and I think if they made more of an effort to include the perspective of younger people (the youngest woman on the view is in her late 30s, I believe) it would be a much better representation of women. Another example I can think of where they needed an outsider opinion is whenever they talk about polyamory. Like, what if you had a polyamorous person on rather than laughing about it? I think that a show where its strictly a woman perspective is good, especially considering that when the view started at a time when that just wasn't happening on tv. I just wish they'd make more of an effort to actually push the conversations forward into meaningful dialogue rather than screaming at each other. Like they make such an effort to include older women, they can do the same for younger women and take their points seriously.

  • utmattad och ledsen
    utmattad och ledsen 4 months ago +134

    I watched one episode of loose women with my auntie once and we were both so disgusted we sat for an hour ranting afterwards. Like. Why is it so popular? It's so toxic and vile and these women are shockingly cruel to other women

    • amelia
      amelia 3 months ago +7

      @Gabriel Clarke did you watch ANY of this video? Because this whole video is a clear answer for your question.

    • Gabriel Clarke
      Gabriel Clarke 3 months ago

      @Sophie Jones Watching people be toxic can be and is fun even if they're not fictional characters.

    • Gabriel Clarke
      Gabriel Clarke 3 months ago

      I don't see how women being cruel to other women is an inherently bad thing, even on the TV , more context/info is needed please.

    • Sophie Jones
      Sophie Jones 3 months ago +6

      Schadenfraude. Watching people be toxic is fun. And that's okay...if the toxic people and their victims are fictional.
      The problem with these shows is that they are reducing real people to characters who can be consumed for our entertainment.

  • Aviendha
    Aviendha 4 months ago +70

    Patriarchy is often taught to us by our mothers. And women in general. I know most of the social correction i get is actually from women not men. Its something that people don't want to talk about but just like how there's men who buy into it there's women too. We live in a society and all that.

  • Leah
    Leah 4 months ago +127

    I love your content, it makes me feel sane in a sexist/homophonic/generally awful world. You are also rockin' your new hairstyle!

  • maya denton
    maya denton 4 months ago +260

    This is everything I’ve ever felt about Loose Women that I never knew how to express. Thank you for finally talking about how toxic this show is when it seems like no one else is talking about it publicly. It needed to be said!

  • Nyx D.
    Nyx D. 4 months ago +253

    Very fun video. Thanks for addressing but skipping past the transphobia. I just discovered a youtuber I held in high regard turn out to be a terf (and in support of similar groups) and that filled my tolerance for transphobia for today. My heart really goes out to my trans siblings in the UK.
    I hope you get well soon and take good care of yourself.

    • Nyx D.
      Nyx D. 4 months ago +2

      @Zehkiel The channel Essence of Thought had a video about Jill Bearup which went into what Jill wrote and who she platformed. In quite a bit of detail, at that.

    • Zehkiel
      Zehkiel 4 months ago +1

      @Nyx D. Really? I've had her recommended but not watched her yet. She seemed to oppose most conservative talking points from her titles.

    • Nyx D.
      Nyx D. 4 months ago +5

      @Zehkiel A channel called Essence of Thought.

    • Zehkiel
      Zehkiel 4 months ago +5

      @Nyx D. By all means, go ahead.

    • Zehkiel
      Zehkiel 4 months ago +7

      @Maerahn Same. I loved a lot of her content, especially in a field dominated by men.

  • Messofanego
    Messofanego 4 months ago +33

    I am not a woman but it seems these are just shows for conservative cis women to have a platform to whine about social progress and be a bad version of a reality show. Great video as always!

  • Trixxart
    Trixxart 4 months ago +311

    Literally the only thing I know about Loose Women is this one joke in Horrible Histories when death said noose women. If some of yall haven't seen the show that might seem weird out of context.

    • KoalaQueen
      KoalaQueen 4 months ago +8

      Same (plus the jokes in the show Ghosts with the cast of HH.).

  • Tx Wx
    Tx Wx 4 months ago +170

    I think that reactionary politics is an easy way to make people feel included into a group. Since it appeals to the status quo it makes for essentially unchallenging television for the largest group within the audience. That group already believes these things. It also then has the advantage of being easy to present as centerist, because it is believed by most of the group in the echo chamber, even though it is fundamentally conservative.

    • lemsip
      lemsip 4 months ago +1

      You might as well watch GB News. At least it's more intelligent.

    • Ae Pigeons
      Ae Pigeons 4 months ago +17

      I really wish we'd do away with this narrative that for any issue, all sides have equally valid claims and deserve to be included in talks. It's one thing if they're actually bringing something new to the table, but people accuse you of being a coward if you just don't feel like putting time and effort into debunking the same stupid shit that's already been debunked time and time again.

  • Amber Nicolson
    Amber Nicolson 4 months ago +22

    "You're not even allowed to say that anymore" she says on national TV and writes in her daily mail column.

  • Eloise Smith
    Eloise Smith 4 months ago +75

    The most annoying thing about these shows is whenever there's someone slightly human on these shows all the karens just start screeching over them. It would be sooo much better if they had to fucking just take turns, like the other person has to step away after expressing their opinion (or get shat on by a bird every time they interrupt but I can only dream).

    • Ana Nas
      Ana Nas 3 months ago +5

      Just socially distance them, they can only be heard if their mic is on, mic is muted when someone else is speaking. Alternatively they could learn some manners

    • Sara Steege
      Sara Steege 4 months ago +5

      Part of me is smirking mischievously at the idea of a show where if someone talks out of turn, they suffer The Guano (or maybe a throwback ick like Gunge). And then I think about how I watch Taskmaster, and Greg does a lot of hilarious calling out of behavior, but it's in a silly context, particularly when contestants (though I think of them as panelists) are essentially flailing and not sure what to do because...it's friggin' Taskmaster.

  • SpaceCupcake26
    SpaceCupcake26 4 months ago +81

    As someone who's just coming to terms with experiences of SA I experienced in the past it is infuriating that ANY of the "responsibility" around SA is up for debate. I don't 100% believe that the original comment was meant with any malice though. It's really the self-blame that many survivors (including me) deal with, taken and put through this weird lens of internalised misogyny and ick.

  • fernanda fuentes
    fernanda fuentes 4 months ago +52

    We just had a problem this week in Mexico when a show like this made transphobic comments on national tv so I think morning shows like this are just environments for toxicity everywhere

    • Kaitlyn Zesati
      Kaitlyn Zesati 4 months ago +1

      Ooh really? I am Mexican American myself. What tv show was this?

  • Jaida essence hall’s left shoulder

    I remember when they had a discussion about dating bisexual men. And to paraphrase, Ruth said that she would have to worry about all the men and woman when it comes to her husband so she couldn’t be with her husband if he was bisexual 🙄

  • Rockablity_Hound 1
    Rockablity_Hound 1 4 months ago +18

    There are no form of "provocative clothes". Someone should be able to wear what the fuck they want, and not have to worry about being attacked because some rapist can't control their urges.

  • sassycassyg
    sassycassyg 4 months ago +19

    6:40 I'm sick of when people bring up risk and then act like risk and fault are the same thing. Literally every behavior involves risk. yes going out and getting drunk is a more risky thing to do than to not do those things, but so is getting in your car and driving somewhere, and that doesn't mean its suddenly your fault if you get rear ended at a red light. The idea of risk is always used to waste space in these convos because if you remove risk as a topic then you're just left with who's at fault, and they don't want to outright admit that they blame the victim

  • Coco Lime
    Coco Lime 4 months ago +32

    you know when people would say "anyone can be a feminist"?... i think we need to start gatekeeping.

    • Coco Lime
      Coco Lime 3 months ago

      @Sophie Jones true 😔

    • Coco Lime
      Coco Lime 3 months ago +5

      @et sequentia no

    • Sophie Jones
      Sophie Jones 3 months ago +7

      anyone *can* be a feminist: in that your race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or economic status doesn't prevent you from treating women with equal respect or believing that women deserve equal rights. Not every woman is a feminist and not everyone who says they are a feminist is actually one. "Feminist" has become a compliment, so lots of people label themselves that way as a brag. This has led to an erosion of the word's meaning.

  • Cath Fuches
    Cath Fuches 4 months ago +21

    To be honest, the way they frame their disgusting takes as if they are "just discussing the topics" makes me want to scream in rage. It was a very long time ago that we decided rape is not ever the victim's fault, it was a long time ago that trans women were left alone to be women. These are not topics that need discussing. We sorted them out long ago. We need to have appropriate care for both grothough, support and help for victims of rape that is comprehensive and effective enough to assure the victim that it was not them to blame for the terrible crime committed upon their person and support and healthcare for trans people that is comprehensive and considered and fast enough to minimise the distress trans people are going through (even after we transition) and assure them that they have place in society, that is worth discussing, why we are not caring for our people as we should when they have been abused and/or feel distress.
    What they (the evil auld whores on the show) are doing is dog-whistling to the far right, Janet Street-Porter has a share of responsibility for how media (including Twitter) are in the modern world and so do the other vile harpies on that disgusting programme. Street-Porter was part of the middle-class take over of media back in the eighties and nineties, she is connected to a great deal of the Tory cabinet too.
    It's very much a "young women are tarts" and "trannys are gross" narrative that titillates and excites the putrid chattering classes that read The D[redacted for public deceny]l (a newspaper that supported the Nazis and Hitler in particular) and/or are willing to funnel their boredom and distress at being alive into hatred for any group pointed out to them that they can other and also calls out to the far right's ideas of women in their place and trans people deserving to be killed.
    ....the fact that this programme is "aimed" at women who are at home in the daytime, shows the withering contempt the middle-class and Tory dominated media have for those women. They imagine that all women at home in the day are ghouls, depressingly old-fashioned busybodies and nasty hags. That is the coded joke in their very obvious programming: that the people who watch this dogshit are idiotic scum who will fall for any old bullshit just like the entirely uncurious and frighteningly dull-witted old bitches that from this theatre of mundane twattery and hatred. and I hope that one day we can be rid of this stain on humanity.

  • Mulan 121
    Mulan 121 4 months ago +37

    Of course victims tend to blame themselves. They're trying to make sense of what happened and look at it from every angle. If you have an accident you might think of what you could have done differently in order to not get hurt. Doesn't mean it's your fault. It just means you're shocked and traumatised and especially women tend to always want to put the blame on themselves, even when whatever happened was beyond their control.
    But for the panel to go on and say that, yes, she was raped because she got drunk, that's just disgusting.
    I bet they think people dying when bungee jumping were also looking for it. Pathetic.

  • Miley Eide
    Miley Eide 4 months ago +123

    off-topic, but I live in Billings, Montana (the biggest "city" in the state) and there's a cow-themed cafe called the tippy cow. there are cow statues in the front of the establishment, a social distancing sign that says "stay one cow apart" with a feminine cowboy and a masculine cowboy with a cow between them, and they sell little cow stuffed animals. the first time I ate there I thought of your channel. I'll have to see if they have a website.

    • Rachel
      Rachel 3 months ago +4

      Oh my gosh that's adorable! I'm from northern California and there's a chain of restaurants here that are all bear themed. Bear statues everywhere, carved bears on the booths, bear claw decal on the plates, and they sell bear stuffed animals.

    • Ankh
      Ankh 3 months ago

      Howdy neighbor 👋 I did a double take see you mention Billings, because well as you know we're never talked about lol
      Also how is the food at tippy cow? I was honestly kind of bummed to see Golden Phoenix go out and I've never gotten around to going.

    • Ana Nas
      Ana Nas 3 months ago +2

      "Stay one cow apart" perfect.

    • LokeyKarma
      LokeyKarma 4 months ago +9

      Now I wanna make the 18 hour drive (I looked it up) and visit there, lol

  • Max
    Max 4 months ago +38

    thank you for giving us trigger warnings when talking about british people, i really needed that lest i be jump scared 😫 jokes aside, the fact that things like loose women are still airing in 2022 is absolutely horrifying, and they’re just allowed to say whatever insane, debauched things they feel like, british or not. i’m also sorry you’ve been so sick, tara, and i’ll keep you in my thoughts for a full recovery soon!!

    • Max
      Max 4 months ago +1

      @lemsip ​ i think saying they are "boring" minimizes the harm that they are doing currently in a terrifying way, especially in the comment section where we are discussing a show that makes light of sexual assault, but sure. i'll believe you that it's boring i guess.

    • lemsip
      lemsip 4 months ago +1

      They discuss issues that have already been discussed to death months before. It's so boring.

  • Stoned Cat
    Stoned Cat 4 months ago +21

    Transphobia is just becoming a bit tiring and exhausting mentally at this point…

  • Tiny Blue Unicorn
    Tiny Blue Unicorn 4 months ago +54

    My mum and I used to watch Loose Women and in the first one I ever saw they had a discussion on "Can you have a relationship with a bisexual partner?" or something like that. The result was a perfect demonstration and representation of all the stereotypes and misunderstandings about bisexual people, especially men.
    It would have been fine, perhaps even productive, if they had used it to have a conversation about biphobia and relationships, reflecting on how society sees them and working through their own biases/prejudices but, like a lot of their discussions, it felt like they just gave their pre-existing views and beliefs, agreed with each other then moved on (they're meant to have different viewpoints but they rarely challenge their own) with maybe one panelist playing devil's advocate/unpopular opinion by tentatively suggesting that maybe a bi person in a relationship wasn't necessarily a bad thing? But even then, when it sounded reasonable (she said something like "well I would say to him, as long as you're loyal to me then we're fine", and the audience applauded) it was still on that same side of misconception (automatically assuming that their partner being bi could change their fidelity). When one of them said they wouldn't like it if their husband was bi, another joked "(husband's name) don't come out!" but like yikes, I hope for his sake he isn't.
    I remember this one specifically because I was closeted at the time and it made me feel really shitty. It was basically that car crash of a scene from Sex and the City - if you're bi you know the one - and now I think about it more, Loose Women is basically a real life British SATC lmao. Like whenever anything LGBT+ is brought up they handle it with zero understanding and nuance (Coleen Nolan saying that gay parenting is "too far" was another highlight).
    Like Tara pointed out, they're also pretty unco-operative and judgemental to their guests, talking over them, all challenging them at once, etc. to the point where it starts to feel like bullying (which is especially sad when it's another woman). I used a Loose Women clip as an example for a recent essay on discourse analysis (politeness and co-operation) where they had an argument with Katie Hopkins and all came at her at once and didn't let her respond. Like I have no respect for her or anything but damn it's impressive but disappointing that they managed to somehow make Katie Hopkins of all people like good.
    It's a shame because a lot of the time society doesn't take middle-aged and older women seriously and places less value on their opinions, so this show could have been a really good platform to challenge that but they just end up reinforcing really outdated things in an echo chamber (it doesn't help that it's often the same panelists either), rather than moving anything forward and a lot of second generation feminists have already gotten a bad name for that recently. Okay end of analysis lol.
    TL:DR - The show is a wasted opportunity and we don't need a British Sex and the City.

  • Cristiel
    Cristiel 4 months ago +28

    As someone who was groomed as a tween, and then after escaping my abuser, once I was at Uni, I got assaulted (not PIV r^ped because it was very clear "fight back and I will become incredibly violent and take what I want") and because the others of the study group left and the guy locked me in his room with him between me and the door (I have knee problems and I knew I couldn't run away or somehow run past him) I stayed quiet about it for *years* because this attitude of "if you didn't want to be assaulted/r^ped, why did you leave yourself alone with a man?" was *everywhere* at my university (it also was a drug school where I was one of the few people on scholarships and not with mommy and daddy Lawyer money, and I don't do drugs where as a lot of the people I attended with ((who never showed up for class because they were snorting in the bathroom)) did-you can imagine the kind of stuff they were buying if they have 50k cars at 18 and come from wealthy North East USA boarding schools). Women were always blamed for the assault. Even after it happened to me I still argued with them about the fact that it was illogical to say that it was a woman's fault because of anything she was wearing, where she was, etc when it's about power and control over someone (and very rarely about s^x), and if men were really that bad that they "just couldn't help themselves", we should start neutering them the way we do to dogs who aren't being kept for stud services. It was a liberal arts school, highly progressive. I was still told I was a man hating bigot.

  • Finlay Green
    Finlay Green 4 months ago +30

    Right so I’m probably gonna regret posting this later but my friend sent me this and I really wanted to comment. I’m the son mentioned in the story Andrea told and yeah I’m glad someone if covering that, I’d be lying if I said growing up with any embarrassing stories of you being one google search away wasn’t kinda stressful as well as a lot of personal family related issues all being on line. Thanks for covering this, I’m glad someone is pointing out the kids perspective.

  • Gabriel Machado
    Gabriel Machado 4 months ago +99

    It is like a British version of The View, but somehow even worse. As annoying and corporate liberal the women on The View are, I can't even imagine them having some of these takes.

  • Eliza Alpa
    Eliza Alpa 4 months ago +207

    Every now and then I stumble upon a Loose Women clip and watch it out of curiosity. I never make it to the end.

  • Little mimosas
    Little mimosas 4 months ago +15

    I’m a 40something mum who can’t stand these kind of things. I don’t watch “mummy tv”. It gives me the same vibes as woman’s magazines 🤢. They’re suppose “empower” woman but I feel they do the opposite and are some of the most toxic media out there.

  • Mel Burt
    Mel Burt Day ago +1

    I used to watch Loose Women as a teenager and I’ve suddenly just become very aware of where my historic bigoted views came from. Good lord! I’m glad I stopped watching that toxic hellhole of a show and actually started learning from people with genuine knowledge and lived experience of the issues the Loose Women panel like to pretend they know everything about.

  • ice
    ice 4 months ago +115

    I consume a lot of British media and "Loose women" gets mentioned quite often. But I had no idea what's it about, thank you for talking about it! AND MOO Coconut is so cute👏👏🥰

  • Amanda Jay
    Amanda Jay 11 days ago +2

    "Do you think responsibility should be taken by victims of-"
    The answer is always no to victim blaming of any kind. Always blame the perpetrator.

  • Li8aGun92
    Li8aGun92 4 months ago +10

    This is internalized misogyny at its finest. I would like to see how these women deal with beeing sexually assaulted while beeing "at the wrong time, in the wrong place", while drunk or wearing certain clothing (not that I want them hurt, but you know what I mean). Or their daughters. Would they blame themselves or their daughters and telling them it's their fault?

    • Sophie Jones
      Sophie Jones 3 months ago +3

      oh, all of them have almost certainly had that experience and that is WHY they are saying this stuff. It is very normal to blame yourself when you have been assaulted, especially right after the assault. Denial is a stage of grief: and this is one of the forms that denial can take in sexual assault cases. However, if people around you tell you that it wasn't your fault and if they don't make excuses for the perpetrator, then you eventually accept your lack of responsibility.

  • Caleb Gardner
    Caleb Gardner 4 months ago +91

    Tara, I found your channel a few days ago and I adore your content! Not just your humor, but your other unique bits like the pet shoutouts, the subscriptions speech, and the delightful rapid-fire goodbyes. I was so happy to see you had posted, and amazed at how great your hair looks.
    Stay groovy! 🤘😎

    • Caleb Gardner
      Caleb Gardner 4 months ago

      @Cara G Thanks so much! I'm glad to be here

    • Cara G
      Cara G 4 months ago

      We love new Subscriptions! Welcome!

  • J K
    J K 4 months ago +30

    I really do hope that accessible streaming companies lead to the downfall of daytime television programs. They’ve been toxic since they started, and they’ve only gotten worse with trying to sensationalize every little story for the sake of “commentary.”
    Please don’t feel the need to apologize for being sick!! You’re only human, you could not produce content for months and we’d still be thrilled to see your next video. 😊

  • Cara G
    Cara G 4 months ago +41

    My notes:
    At least The View does not have a pointedly misogynistic title. But yeah, I see the comparison.
    I'm a 40-something woman, their target audience, and I would only hate watch this nonsense.
    Sexual assault is NEVER the victim's fault for ANY reason. Assault is assault. We call SA as it is because it involves a sexual element but that doesn't change the fact that it is assault. If I had too much to drink, passed out in my garden, and someone saw the opportunity to beat me over the head with a shovel, am I now a victim of a horticultural assault? And is it my fault for merely being there when someone else decided to attack me?
    BTW I want to send Coconut bread and peaches for life because I love her OMG 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Rhonda Sisco-Cleveland
    Rhonda Sisco-Cleveland 10 days ago +2

    I was NOT allowed to watch “soaps”. My dad said they would poison my image of relationships. He was right.

  • Secretly Gay
    Secretly Gay 4 months ago +11

    The Miss Great Britain- Love Island issue is such a sl*t-shaming mess and I feel so sorry for the girl. Especially given that most of these pageants are judged by men

  • A. B.
    A. B. 3 months ago +4

    I had a couple things happen as a child and teen. The event when I was a teen, I still to this day at 43 years old, try to blame myself. Logically, I know that I should not do that (what happened was wrong and horrible, period). When people say these things, it makes it worse. These events greatly - negatively - impacted my life.
    I've only told a handful of people and I find myself giving a caveat when I relive it. But not one person, including my husband, thinks that is necessary. I just hope I can believe that myself one day. Some day I'd like to confront the person who did it.

  • Ash Tanya
    Ash Tanya 4 months ago +103

    daytime tv in general is terrible. excited for this deep dive

  • Alexandra Stauffer
    Alexandra Stauffer 4 months ago +40

    The green is STUNNING! Of course, you're always stunning, Tara. I enjoy your commentary greatly and appreciate learning more about British media.
    (Also, James and Jen on Grazing Hell were fantastic, I loved that episode very much!)

  • Presley Abdulwahed
    Presley Abdulwahed 4 months ago +32

    I wouldn't mind seeing a video on the transphobia on the show. I don't really ever come across a lot of UK media so it's nice to see perspectives like this

  • ramen.bath
    ramen.bath 4 months ago +18

    thank you for leaving out the transphobia. as a trans person im just getting exhausted of constantly having to hear transphobic shit over and over again from people who barely see me as human.

  • YetAnotherVegan
    YetAnotherVegan 9 days ago +1

    Me: *clicks video*
    Tara: “What if I told you that there was a show that posted a poll that asked ‘is it ever the woman’s fault of she’s r*ped?’”
    My blood pressure: 📈

  • Ry-Ry
    Ry-Ry 4 months ago +12

    Really glad to hear it talked about, I get so irate with Loose Women and how toxic and ill informed it is, constantly discussing incredibly delicate topics with zero nuance and zero representation present, knowing the crap spouted is then going out to all those people, it makes me sick to think about how much damage they are doing. Its an outdated show on an outdated platform but its such a problem still.

    • antwon2kx
      antwon2kx 4 months ago

      I hate US based similar shows like the View in particular and maybe even the Talk even more more because they espouse similar viewpoints despite being heavily left leaning.

  • Cecelia Walker
    Cecelia Walker 4 months ago +34

    "sticking up for your own decency"?!?! Oh she means chasity. Wonder if she'd have sent the stupidity of that belief if she'd said, "you should never have sex with any ever"

  • Bi-Product
    Bi-Product 3 months ago +1

    God, I remember being on a trip with a friend and our art teacher - walking past the building where Loose Women was filmed. A woman ran up to us and asked if we wanted to be in the crowd for the show because they’re weren’t enough people in the crowd. My teacher completely denied her. God, I adored that woman.

  • meeps0
    meeps0 4 months ago +18

    Just wanted to say thank u for no including the transphobia. It’s pretty trivial I guess but it made me feel really good so thank you for not subjecting us to that

  • yilesse
    yilesse 4 days ago +1

    Kind of love that she also admitted to drugging her child which is why he had the accident in the first place and that's just treated as normal. Pretty sure giving a child medicine to make them drowsy so you don't have to deal with them on a flight is ridiculously selfish and I'm gonna say it, abusive. But nope, the other ladies seen no problem with it, which is giving me flashbacks to the celebrity parents stating they also left their children under the age of 6 alone for hours in hotel rooms while they dine alone and in peace after Madeleine McCann disappeared and normal people were absolutely astonished at the arrangement a group of doctors apparently thought was perfectly safe.

  • Desert Homesteader
    Desert Homesteader 3 days ago +1

    It is so ridiculous to think a crime is ever the fault of the victim. Can certain things be done to avoid places and situations where the crime was committed? Sure...but wisdom is not responsibility. If a person is unwise, that doesn't just give license for a criminal to take advantage of them. It isn't a victim's "responsibility" - the criminal is responsible for their own behavior. Painting a target on your forehead doesn't give others the right to shoot you in your bullseye. Your legal rights do not get overwritten just because you did something unwise.

  • Robert Dwyer
    Robert Dwyer 3 months ago +3

    I'm kind of shocked the point of contention [at one point in the video] was this mother talking about her kid shitting himself on a plane. Did we just gloss over the fact that she DRUGGED her kid just to make him "dozy" before putting him on this plane??? Like, I'm sorry, I can't FATHOM using medication on my two children for any purpose outside their own comfort because of pain or sickness...not MY OWN comfort or making something 'easier' for me....some of those meds can have serious consequences if you use them often enough...like holy shit, what kind of person drugs their kids to make them not so cranky or tired--they're kids...they're going to be cranky and tired :o

  • Kiera
    Kiera 4 months ago +13

    Love your channel, you make it easier to talk about these things. Your humour never detracts from the seriousness of the topics you talk about.
    Off topic because I want to cheer you up: you hair looks amazing!

  • Natália D
    Natália D 4 months ago +8

    This reminded me of one time I watched local daytime television in a waiting room. The subject was abuse, and some viewers called with some real traumatizing stories, and the hosts would just play it down? like it was no big deal, I was absolutely shocked, the stories stuck with me.

  • Dead Don't Play
    Dead Don't Play 4 months ago +18

    When you love a youtube creator's cow produced content but the subject matter they're covering is so skin crawling that you have to watch it in segments least you summon a mighty tempest with your rage at the absolutely asinine things spouted out by middle aged British television hosts.
    Which sucks given how youtube's dehumanizing algorithm tracks view time.

  • Tiny Rat
    Tiny Rat 4 months ago +20

    So off-topic but your green aesthetic today matches my orange plant themed nails and this brings me joy

  • Astroboy Stan :v:
    Astroboy Stan :v: 4 days ago

    All those first questions I was just like, "no. seems pretty normal tbh" in my head. idk when the last time I watched tv was, but I'm pretty sure I learned "women's" shows weren't fun, pretty early on in life.

  • Kat Britt
    Kat Britt 3 months ago +2

    It's not unusual for victims to want to "take responsibility" for their own abuse because it places their trauma back within their own control. It's terrifying to think a traumatic experience can happen to you again regardless of anything you do to prevent it.
    I guess its debatable if that's a healthy coping mechanism but if a victim finds comfort in that, I personally don't have any right to stop them. That being said, NOBODY should repeat that coping mechanism as evidence to victim blame. Their statements are born from a survival instinct, and you have no right to use it to justify more harm.

  • Flynn august Bassist
    Flynn august Bassist 3 months ago +1

    I remember my mum went through a phase of watching the Jeremy Kyle bc were British and she was going through a hard divorce. It was just disgusting to watch people turn toxic family drama into tv and then make things worse and not actually help. This was a few years before the suicide caused partially bc of the show which was really easy to foresee and it’s a little scary so few people saw it coming. Plus the way they talked about my generation and the generation before mine was also weird.

  • Becky Purplepetal
    Becky Purplepetal 4 months ago +4

    I have always hated loose women with a passion. Janet is vile about other women. I'm so glad you are talking about how toxic it is

  • Dzyann Leleur
    Dzyann Leleur 4 months ago +1

    Something to point out: each time they said something "positive" they followed by a "but" basically negating everything they had just said.

  • Redacted Redacted
    Redacted Redacted 4 months ago +7

    i remember that in either 2019 or 2020 a loose women panel discussion was whether or not they would date a bisexual man. babs, i thought we established that biphobic hangup was bad and outdated years ago. I thought we left it with sex and the city and glee

  • Lynne
    Lynne 4 months ago +5

    I remember visiting England when I was 16 and being shocked that y'all have trashy daytime TV like we do in the states. I had previously thought that everything about England was more "sophisticated."

  • Reveur
    Reveur 4 months ago +6

    Great video, as always but this discussion about whether women are to blame or not, when they experience sexual assault, made me feel sick. 🤢 I'm glad I've never watched this show.

  • Laughter Lover
    Laughter Lover 3 months ago

    I love watching your content. Your commentary on things is so eloquent and valid and your personality and fashion are so lovely. I hope you're doing well in these times ❤

  • derek diana johnson
    derek diana johnson 4 months ago +21

    this is my first time seeing clips of the show, and wow this was terrible i hope i never see that again, and as a tr@ns person you made the right choice not showcasing the t3rf propaganda.

  • ACs Hörgeschichten
    ACs Hörgeschichten 4 months ago +2

    Cat with an ear infection really sets the tone right. I once adopted a cat with untreated flu and generations of mites residing in her ears ... boy was she in a mood... at least she had reasons to be pissy and unfair. These women just suffer from too much privilege and a way too high salary.