• Published on Sep 10, 2019
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  • Elko97
    Elko97 4 hours ago

    when vic sad,welcome to, X task bar

  • Hannah
    Hannah 19 hours ago +1

    9:03 LMAOOO

  • winwin’s elf ear

    9:04 simon getting into a twitter fight with james arthur over his rick ross tweet even tho he said rick ross was shit a few months before lmaooo

  • winwin’s elf ear

    tobi looks so good in this video?????

  • S Hassan
    S Hassan Day ago

    They shat on rick ross only for jj to go do a song with him lmfaooo

  • craig h
    craig h 2 days ago +1

    Miniminter : Rick Ross is shit
    Ksi collabs with Rick Ross during ksi vs logan 2 if you know you Know

  • skullripper174 #
    skullripper174 # 3 days ago +19

    Simon: Rick Ross is shit

    JJ: aight, imma make a song with him

    • Amir Ronda
      Amir Ronda 2 days ago

      skullripper174 # was watching the vid and thought the same thing 😭

  • FaZe D3ST1NY
    FaZe D3ST1NY 6 days ago

    Why did this only just show up in my recommended I’ve been waiting ages for this

  • Ulaş Ruzgar
    Ulaş Ruzgar 7 days ago

    Red Team!

  • Arcsee.
    Arcsee. 8 days ago

    4:57 scores magically changed...

  • Tyson Sacco
    Tyson Sacco 8 days ago +1

    I love u Ethan 11:26

  • a b d i
    a b d i 8 days ago +1

    KSI: you can’t say the n-word if you not black
    also KSI: why can’t he say the n-word

  • Luka
    Luka 10 days ago

    What's so hard to understand in the michael jackson line lmao, it's pretty straight forward

  • MufflerSponge
    MufflerSponge 11 days ago

    Here’s my key, philosophy

  • Katiya pacheco
    Katiya pacheco 11 days ago +2

    10:41 Simon doesn't sound like himself Wth

  • Slushie Games
    Slushie Games 11 days ago

    Wheres irl tinder 3????

  • iva atanasova
    iva atanasova 15 days ago +1

    I feel kinda bad for jj he literally got left for straight 19mins like i know he’s bad at this game but still I feel bad

  • Andre Saab
    Andre Saab 15 days ago

    Why the fuck is vikk the host Simon is more fun

  • ashleigh norman
    ashleigh norman 15 days ago +2

    The sidemen: lets all wear matching team shirts and not tell simon 😂

  • Haseeb Ahmed
    Haseeb Ahmed 16 days ago

    Vikk listens to some gay songs

  • Skye Mariah
    Skye Mariah 16 days ago +2

    when simon started singing panic, my heart went:
    “what a g✊🥰😎”

  • Victor Christian
    Victor Christian 17 days ago

    We need episode 3!!

  • McBotskeetz BMC
    McBotskeetz BMC 17 days ago

    Who else knows none of these songs?

  • Logan Squire
    Logan Squire 18 days ago

    12:39 y’all are dumb as hell it’s literally white overs on by post Malone dumb cunts everyone know the words to that song

  • Parsa Azari
    Parsa Azari 20 days ago

    oy don’t let vik host the vids anymore, he has no personality

  • Dragon Elemental
    Dragon Elemental 20 days ago

    hate that. give the win to the worse performers because they know the lyrics to a jay z song

  • Anja Lyon
    Anja Lyon 21 day ago

    It just goes from 1 to 3??

  • Jasmin Jasmin
    Jasmin Jasmin 21 day ago +3

    i swear Vik is secretly the biggest Katy Perry fan💀🤣

  • Storm1900
    Storm1900 21 day ago

    So glad simon’s not host, thank fuck

  • Sparssh Singh
    Sparssh Singh 23 days ago

    4:55 1:3
    4:58 3:4

  • Martina Hansen
    Martina Hansen 24 days ago

    6:37 like if harry got it

  • Alex Shrestha
    Alex Shrestha 24 days ago

    Spotify Playlist must be mad

  • Char
    Char 25 days ago

    vik is actually the best host

  • another emo
    another emo 26 days ago +1

    when simon got panic i was like WOAH

  • Saatviq Babu
    Saatviq Babu 27 days ago

    Makes sense why there team is Oreo because jj and Tobi are black and Simon white and is in the middle

  • Megan Rose
    Megan Rose 27 days ago

    That's funny, Guernsey boy saying Leeds is a shithole 😂

  • Realist
    Realist 28 days ago

    this is cringe as fuck.. nerds begging it

  • Carl Quiatchon
    Carl Quiatchon 29 days ago

    uhm the panic at the disco song is actuallly ballad of mona lisa. Even I know that and I'm asian

  • Aashik Naidu
    Aashik Naidu 29 days ago +1

    im dead 😂😂🤣

  • Patrick Janek
    Patrick Janek Month ago

    when one team cant say the n word

  • shopsticks
    shopsticks Month ago +2


    Me: 🤧 my bby is closet emo.

  • God Tabai
    God Tabai Month ago

    Concrete jungle wet dream tomatoe
    Concrete jungle where dreams are made of

    You decide

  • leonie marie
    leonie marie Month ago

    love the most

  • TiHeich
    TiHeich Month ago

    Red team re-united

  • Popsical007
    Popsical007 Month ago

    Makes me laugh every time

  • Luca Curto
    Luca Curto Month ago

    7:43 why does he sing it it that rhytm

  • Elie Cee
    Elie Cee Month ago

    ayeee red team

  • Lily Patel
    Lily Patel Month ago

    0:22 tobi: I am the captain now ;)

  • One-eye No-appendix

    Whoever is behind the camera breathing like a fat bastard needs to be fired, the whole video just breathing n shit noises in my ear

  • ComebackRob
    ComebackRob Month ago

    has anyone noticed the camera mans cough at 18:00

  • Leonardo Datore
    Leonardo Datore Month ago

    Yeah fuck this. I had to watch 6 adverts throughout this video, all of which were that new shitty Zombieland film

  • Thomas Smith
    Thomas Smith Month ago +1

    4:55 why did team Oreo suddenly gain 2 points???

  • Hani Hani
    Hani Hani Month ago

    Ok but josh looks hot in what he’s wearing 😍

  • wickednick
    wickednick Month ago

    Lmao Simon got sooo triggered when Harry roasted him for being white. Hilarious that he can't take a roast when all he does is make fun of others

  • Joash W
    Joash W Month ago

    Someone must say it, the audio was terrible

  • Makenna Peterson
    Makenna Peterson Month ago

    I knew there was a reason I like Simon so much 10:45

  • Louis Brown
    Louis Brown Month ago +1

    Is it just me who doesn’t know any of these songs 🤣

  • SecretGamer
    SecretGamer Month ago

    Why is Ethan not saying the n-word? He's part Nigerian isn't he?....

  • Luka Čulig
    Luka Čulig Month ago

    JJ is usless in finish the lyric

  • Arch ishere
    Arch ishere Month ago

    vikk lowkey annoying in this