Rangers 6-1 Hibernian | Defoe Hits Perfect Hat-trick As Rangers Run Riot | Ladbrokes Premiership

  • Published on Aug 11, 2019
  • Jermaine Defoe scored his first SPFL Hat-trick as Rangers steamrolled past Hibs at Ibrox.
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Comments • 689

  • SPFL
    SPFL  Month ago +43

    Which Goal from the 7 scored was the best? 🤔

    • Oscillan FTW
      Oscillan FTW Month ago

      SPFL 2nd

    • Rab Anderson
      Rab Anderson Month ago +1

      Alfredo Morelos's first goal all day long. Typical El Buffalo style,
      Made from nothing,
      At a trot/ half canter, A perfectly weighted nutmeg and finishes off clean as a flute!
      (or is it "A 'whistle?";-))

    • CamB CwAzy
      CamB CwAzy Month ago +1

      2nd Gers goal it was outstanding team play

    • Orgito Channel
      Orgito Channel Month ago +2

      2nd goal Super!!

    • Baino Boi
      Baino Boi Month ago

      Art & Anarchy as a rangers fan I think the hibs goal was good the pass was the best part couldn’t do anything about it

  • Rory Smith
    Rory Smith 4 days ago

    Great pass by Allan for Hibs goal.

  • DAYMatchFootball
    DAYMatchFootball 12 days ago +1


  • japeking1
    japeking1 16 days ago

    Looks like a fair result....and maybe more Hibs should have been sent off.

  • muhammad syibil
    muhammad syibil 16 days ago

    Lookslike GK training session 🙄

  • thpillage
    thpillage 18 days ago

    The goals are amazing in this

  • Drogba Babas
    Drogba Babas 19 days ago +1

    Sheyi Ojo is fun to watch

  • EmZeeYT
    EmZeeYT 20 days ago

    Hibs really sloppy..most of the goals come from their miss pass and counter attack

  • Maciej Kamiński
    Maciej Kamiński 24 days ago

    Tu wygrywają na z Legia to remis

  • Anime Boy
    Anime Boy 26 days ago

    I here for Steve G #Ynwa

  • Andreu Ruz
    Andreu Ruz 27 days ago

    Here there are goods summaries not like Spain.

  • Pitt Viper
    Pitt Viper 28 days ago +4

    Shows you how bad the Scottish league is when a 60yr old is scoring hat-tricks!

    • 09weenic
      09weenic 6 days ago

      Are you really stupid you dick ?

  • Rod McLean
    Rod McLean 29 days ago +1

    That Hibs goal keeper deserves a Medal of Valour......... standing in a direct line of fire with no defence. Easily 12 - 1 otherwise.

  • Paul Anthony Flanagan

    Could have scored 20 rangers

  • Emily Rigby
    Emily Rigby Month ago


  • Barry Cooper
    Barry Cooper Month ago

    Was this a game of attackers v defenders? Bloody hell could of been double figures!! Lol

    ADDICTED TO YOUTUBE Month ago +5

    Defoe is still class, my idol forever 🙌🏼

  • To Become Better
    To Become Better Month ago


  • Stus PageOfGoo
    Stus PageOfGoo Month ago

    Thanks for putting these on YT so we don't need to watch the Crap, Biased Pish the BBC puts on their tax the poor and the old, channel.

  • grzesiek palys
    grzesiek palys Month ago


  • Nosaveddata
    Nosaveddata Month ago +1

    The keeper was bad for one goal but he made some outstanding saves 👏

  • Brad Wolf
    Brad Wolf Month ago

    Well done Gerrard. - Eugene Kwok

  • burtlangoustine1
    burtlangoustine1 Month ago

    The highlight is here 3:18

  • Anderson Silwimba
    Anderson Silwimba Month ago

    Wasn't this a perfect hat trick..?.? Wow Defoe

    • Andrew Keen
      Andrew Keen Month ago

      It literally says that in the title of the video

  • Liam Milton
    Liam Milton Month ago

    the charlton academy beat hibs 6-1

  • kevin mole
    kevin mole Month ago

    about time Celtic had some competition

  • Matt Curtis
    Matt Curtis Month ago +40

    That hibs keeper needs to get signed by someone who actually has a defence

  • Dave Davidson
    Dave Davidson Month ago

    The Hibs defenders are absolutely terrible.

  • Stevn Reed
    Stevn Reed Month ago +3

    Hope the Hib Goalkeeper got man of the match as He did some incredible saves.

  • Cam Moore
    Cam Moore Month ago

    Dafoe has to be one of the most selfish players I’ve ever seen play

  • St. Alex Jones
    St. Alex Jones Month ago

    I will never understand why the hibs defender raised his arm, I know there was an unmarked player behind him. But surely you’d be better used in the next game rather then suffering a red card 3-1 down to stop a player from controlling the ball inside the box. Makes no sense to me

  • David Laird
    David Laird Month ago +1

    Hibernian Celtic clearly didn't do very well here. Two Glasgow Teams fighting it out. Much love from the USA

    • David Laird
      David Laird Month ago

      @Carpe Diem Leith like Keith but with a "L" , cool

    • Carpe Diem
      Carpe Diem Month ago

      @David Laird Its in Leith, Edinburgh. Never been

    • David Laird
      David Laird Month ago

      @Carpe Diem oh ,oops I didn't realise. Well when I come back to Scotland I will have to visit this place Hibs, is it a nice place?

    • Carpe Diem
      Carpe Diem Month ago

      Hibs is in Edinburgh

  • Roan Patrick
    Roan Patrick Month ago +1

    Tin pot league needs scrapping

    • Badly_Dubbed
      Badly_Dubbed Month ago

      If nobody watched it then yes, but you and a quarter of a million others suggest otherwise. Your judgement is tinpot.

  • b 6
    b 6 Month ago

    Hibs were lucky. It should have been 13-1

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith Month ago

    We are simply the best

  • daniel wood
    daniel wood Month ago

    Scoring 3 in Scottish premier is nothing to be proud of.English championship is a far better league.better teams better fans and no Scott’s just how it is.

    • Badly_Dubbed
      Badly_Dubbed Month ago +1

      Scoring for Rangers is worth 10 championship goals, and 100 Sheffield United ones. Enjoy being relegated back there this season.

  • McScragger187
    McScragger187 Month ago +1

    As an English follower of Rangers I have to say its great to see them back at the top performing as they should! Really hoping they smash Celtic this year!

    • Clive Bindley
      Clive Bindley Month ago

      @McScragger187 Haha, someone is assuming I'm a Celtic fan. I'm not, but it's clear they're the best in the Scottish PL.

    • McScragger187
      McScragger187 Month ago

      @Clive Bindley With Lennon in charge you'll be closer to relegation! Poor manager! Can't even beat a Romanian side that ranked lower that teams in the WELSH league

    • Clive Bindley
      Clive Bindley Month ago

      Keep hoping, but they won't. Hoops rule Sctotland!

  • TheDiamondGamerzZ
    TheDiamondGamerzZ Month ago +5

    Coming from a Sunderland fan, Defoe is a very hard working player who plays consistently well for the teams that he plays for. He needs more game time. He kept us in the premier league for a while, without him we would have been a league 1 team a lot sooner.

  • William Black
    William Black Month ago

    Hibernian's keeper was brilliant. Did many really awesome saves.

  • Kenny Wenny
    Kenny Wenny Month ago

    Come on the gers

  • Kerr Dorman
    Kerr Dorman Month ago

    Yiddo Yiddo Yiddo chuffed Defoe is banging em in for the Gers. He deserves to win the league with the best team in Scotland #COYS

    • TheLKlad7
      TheLKlad7 20 days ago

      Best team in Scotland!???!!
      Hahahaha 🍀🇮🇪🍀🏆

  • Andrew Chippendale
    Andrew Chippendale Month ago

    Absolutely fantastic gers. Flying high oh flying high we'll keep the blue flag flying high. Burnley skins. No surrender.

  • Red Kop
    Red Kop Month ago +1

    Watch out Celtic....Gerrard's coming for ya!!😎😎

  • georgia
    georgia Month ago

    Marciano definitely saved hibs from the score being about 10-1.

  • Beryl Inwood
    Beryl Inwood Month ago +2

    The friendship we made with the Rangers boys will last a lifetime. Sheff wednesday and rangers loyal. Andy!!

  • 20twin10
    20twin10 Month ago +14

    As a liverpool fan i like keeping tabs on rangers an see they are doing really well

    • luigi gerratani
      luigi gerratani Month ago

      @Slothy Woffy yaaawwwn....

    • Slothy Woffy
      Slothy Woffy Month ago

      @luigi gerratani So what I said is wrong? Prove it

    • luigi gerratani
      luigi gerratani Month ago

      @Slothy Woffy yawn

    • Slothy Woffy
      Slothy Woffy Month ago

      @L U aw the same old ignorant drivel from English Football fans. Do you realise the WINNER of the Scottish Premiership gets LESS than the team that gets RELEGATED for the EPL? Let that sink in. Rangers and Celtic are much bigger clubs than a lot of the Premiership and given the money they would be top 3 in no time.

    • L U
      L U Month ago

      There's no competition in Scotland Celtic and Rangers are top 6 championship bottom 5 premier league standard up against league 1 and 2 standard teams week in week out

  • 썬ᄂ
    썬ᄂ Month ago +1

    What a fantastic score!!!

  • Ferhat Öztürk
    Ferhat Öztürk Month ago +5

    Im from turkey galatasaray fan and I like rangers

  • X_Online
    X_Online Month ago

    A younger Defoe scores 6-7 wasted a few good chances.

  • Raymond Bonington
    Raymond Bonington Month ago

    Ojo Was he the bloke who was on loan at Fulham 2 seasons ago .

  • Elland Back
    Elland Back Month ago +1

    Scottish football is pathetic

    • Calum McCracken
      Calum McCracken 21 day ago

      If you think it’s pathetic then why would you watch the highlights of it?

  • Poor Ford transit owner

    Commentary was right to say tha

  • AaryanPlaysGames
    AaryanPlaysGames Month ago

    This sounds like golf crowd

  • Craig Cameron
    Craig Cameron Month ago

    Should have been 10

  • Crowned King
    Crowned King Month ago

    Bornemouth are dumb

  • RonnocRetep
    RonnocRetep Month ago

    DAT ASSIst

  • Ben Ward
    Ben Ward Month ago

    Wow if rangers actually knew how to finish it could be 10+

  • Charlie Williams
    Charlie Williams Month ago

    If fifa was set on Amateur

  • Mad Fer it Rkid
    Mad Fer it Rkid Month ago

    Anyone notice tavs been getting booted a lot recently