Short People vs Tall People Problems

  • Published on Sep 11, 2019
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    Life Is Hard When You Are On A Diet
    We are all so different! And we have different problems. Watch in our new WooHoo video funny sketches about tall and short people. It’s so hard to be too big, or too small!
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Comments • 1 582

  • Manii Cdss
    Manii Cdss Hour ago

    I am long

  • Lexi Rhoades
    Lexi Rhoades 5 hours ago

    Geez how much make up to put a stain on like that
    I mean,I just put a little and u r puting two containers of make up

    • Lexi Rhoades
      Lexi Rhoades 5 hours ago

      I just realized how wrong this looks

  • Lexi Rhoades
    Lexi Rhoades 5 hours ago

    I’m only 9 and I can get on a stool like that

  • straw berry
    straw berry 5 hours ago

    In the intro when the tall guy was laying on the bed he should have just flip the other side then he would fit they so dumb they think all the stupid

  • Thato Ofetotse
    Thato Ofetotse 14 hours ago +1

    It's nice being short i also don't know why they complain about being short

    Love being me

  • Arthur McGourty
    Arthur McGourty 15 hours ago

    im tall run really fast and good at all sports and I'm only nine

  • caroline's CrAzY world

    Short or long? let me now!

  • Jose Martinez
    Jose Martinez Day ago

    You copy 123 go

  • unchill trash
    unchill trash 2 days ago


    Everyone forgot *avarege*

  • Gacha Tuber Mel
    Gacha Tuber Mel 2 days ago

    No not a shower for ants,
    1. Ants aren’t big enough.
    2. Ants will die in water...
    3. Ants won’t want to be in the shower.
    I know it’s a joke. But if they mean’t it then, those are reasons it isn’t a shower for ants..

  • Galaxy Fox 09
    Galaxy Fox 09 2 days ago +5

    The best thing is to be normal height but slightly tall like me every dress is perfect and you see the whole concert

  • Peter’s Channel
    Peter’s Channel 3 days ago

    30 dollars isn’t Cheep

  • xXWoods_ PlaysXx
    xXWoods_ PlaysXx 3 days ago

    I'm one of the shortest people in my class I'm in year six and I'm the fastest in the class

  • Frazzy B
    Frazzy B 3 days ago +2

    “Let’s try a gymnastics move!!!”
    That’s not gymnastics that’s just stretching your legs DURR

  • Lov!ingL!fe
    Lov!ingL!fe 3 days ago

    Tall and skinny or short and fat like a pig

  • Lov!ingL!fe
    Lov!ingL!fe 3 days ago

    I rather be tall than short

  • Samia Fatima
    Samia Fatima 3 days ago

    You guys are copying each and every video of 123 go youtubers

  • Jeff
    Jeff 4 days ago

    I'm a kid and I am short but but I love it

  • GigiPlayz Gacha
    GigiPlayz Gacha 4 days ago

    6:37 does she know how to adjust a seat?

  • GamingWithAmber
    GamingWithAmber 4 days ago

    0:32 close it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you not wanna live?!

  • Chris P Doritos
    Chris P Doritos 4 days ago +1


  • fran clark
    fran clark 4 days ago

    I love. Your videos

  • Aryashah0814
    Aryashah0814 5 days ago

    Did I heard u telling”Mt.Everest”
    If you are from Nepal and heard this than like

  • Gleymer yanina Cruz Mazariegos

    Woo hoo nos vemos obligados
    de nuevo comentario 😀😊😂😃

  • Madeleine Dicochea
    Madeleine Dicochea 5 days ago

    I’m 5”3 and I’m 11 years old in 6th grade, it’s tall and I hate it so much! 😡😡😡😡

  • Noodaru 123
    Noodaru 123 5 days ago +1

    Just so average people don't get left out ik it's probably a weird idea

    • Wolf Vlogs
      Wolf Vlogs 3 days ago

      I’m like kind of tall kind of short I’m both

    • Kallyn Knag
      Kallyn Knag 3 days ago

      well tall

  • BossNovaProductions
    BossNovaProductions 5 days ago +4

    Woohoo: Or maybe just Say hi to your eye brows!
    Me: or get a stool ether one works

    • Frazzy B
      Frazzy B 3 days ago

      BossNovaProductions what does “ether” mean I think you mean either but still

  • Kaelyn Flores
    Kaelyn Flores 6 days ago

    Me at the movies I always see Giants in front of me

  • Katherine Perez
    Katherine Perez 6 days ago


  • emera Smith
    emera Smith 6 days ago

    Me:you dropped your hat
    Tall guy:mad at his friend

  • Salwa Mohamed
    Salwa Mohamed 6 days ago

    I'm short so, everyone is taller then me other then the baby's

  • Cats To da max
    Cats To da max 6 days ago

    I’m tall 😂🤣

  • Vanessa Hunter
    Vanessa Hunter 6 days ago

    I'm the shortest person in my class I'm in the 5th grade and 5ft and I'm the oldest I'm freaking 11

  • LILY 30315
    LILY 30315 6 days ago

    Am the Giant and my littel sister is a short littel ant

  • Hiba Saad
    Hiba Saad 7 days ago

    I'm tall I struggle wen I get my box in school

  • anne Andreasen
    anne Andreasen 7 days ago +1


  • FountaiNOVA
    FountaiNOVA 7 days ago

    2:08 =randomly feeds strangers

  • Jose luis Montano
    Jose luis Montano 7 days ago

    Omg you guys at the worst you tubers thumbs up if that's true

  • B ł ø ß ß ø m
    B ł ø ß ß ø m 7 days ago

    Am I the only one that’s average

  • Arlene Yu
    Arlene Yu 7 days ago

    What kind of party has 4 people??

  • HSA
    HSA 7 days ago +1

    Ha ha

  • baja baga
    baja baga 7 days ago

    im a kid an i can climb on a bar stool easeley

  • Jaz Josiffo
    Jaz Josiffo 7 days ago


  • veeyem002
    veeyem002 8 days ago

    I love you and I'm a tall kid and love you

  • Strawbery Sp
    Strawbery Sp 8 days ago +1

    Feel bad for that girl in the clickbait....😂😅😅🤣

  • Jeff McCollum
    Jeff McCollum 8 days ago

    You can adjust the car seat😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • nehpptune
    nehpptune 8 days ago


  • Pam Stroud
    Pam Stroud 8 days ago


  • Tiki Gaming toy review

    Troom troom: the hardest part of dating at all guy is-
    Me: kissing!
    Troom troom: getting cramps in your neck!
    Me: WHAT THE HECK!!!!!

  • Mehar Mudassar
    Mehar Mudassar 8 days ago


  • SweetLoriana
    SweetLoriana 8 days ago

    Ummmmmm why does it sound like Troom Troom ? Are you almost the Same people ?

  • Toxix Plays
    Toxix Plays 9 days ago +1

    How did you get there if you can't drive because your to small? 6:38

  • Savannah Washington
    Savannah Washington 9 days ago

    Why doesn’t she just move up the seat for the tall persons car!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s literally so easy. The did it on purpose,I bet you!

  • Ana Silva
    Ana Silva 9 days ago

    I have I am so smalll!

  • Rio Fukuda
    Rio Fukuda 9 days ago +3

    Ummmm... This might be the wrong time but...
    Average height squad where you at?

  • Janina __
    Janina __ 10 days ago +1

    Woohoo:a Channel ON TheXvid
    Also woohoo : a tahing on sims

  • Jaizlyn McCoy
    Jaizlyn McCoy 10 days ago

    Copy catter

  • KayBae Enamorado
    KayBae Enamorado 10 days ago

    So true. I have I would be the short one lol

  • Emma Unicorn poop
    Emma Unicorn poop 10 days ago