Tucker: DNC worried about Sanders becoming nominee

  • CNN sides with Elizabeth Warren against Bernie Sanders.
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Comments • 80

  • Juan Carrillo
    Juan Carrillo 21 day ago +1

    Miss Ocasio-Cortez NOW is prime time for you to have a chance at VP!!! But alot of Americans don’t follow politics and so they vote for a popular name and ex VP. ***AOC please advocate NOW that Bernie needs to invest in a “Eco-Bernie Friendly-Super-Pac” to win.*** Get the Eco Friendly Industries to invest NOW!!! Now is the time to target market smartly to “Counteract the Biden Ex VP Image Association With Obama”.

  • Larry Sherrill
    Larry Sherrill 25 days ago

    That is a right democratic boot hanging out of Bernie's bum. The Left boot is hanging out of AOC's bum or the whole exercise of putting distance between the party and Bernie is a waste... Will Joe and Bernie have a love child at the convention and that child will be half marxist???So the distance is not really distance but an illusion...Posturing...

  • EpsteinAccidentallyKilledHimself

    Did she get that disease that Michael Jackson had or umm what happened to her skin color exactly? 🤔😂😂😂

  • Alex Stone
    Alex Stone Month ago

    ....and don’t forget the govt enslaved Black people for 460 years,...and still practicing slavery through the prison system....

  • Albert Ahlf
    Albert Ahlf Month ago

    Can't stand Tucker but he's spot on in this clip. Pretty based

  • Diane Smith
    Diane Smith Month ago

    Leave Elizabeth alone.....

  • G Hays
    G Hays Month ago

    Bernie vs. Trump will be the election scenario. Trump will have to answer for not delivering support to the majority of Americans a status quo. Bernie will win the election and hopefully a proper health care support system will be established. The point that is never stated is our current health care system is ranked 47th globally behind all the "socialist' countries like Great Britain, Canada, Japan, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany no person in the United States would want to pay for health care if they can get a government plan. Research this our system is one of the worst right now. People love to spend thousands per year for health care and not be sure they are covered if they have a serious health problem, jeopardizing all their savings and potential bankruptcy. " They want to keep that " a ridiculous idea but the media and politicians convince people this is true. Right!?

  • Munray Greighton
    Munray Greighton Month ago

    CNN...Certainly Not News.......

  • McDonald Trump
    McDonald Trump Month ago

    Fox News is owned by a billionaire.

  • Shawn Considine
    Shawn Considine Month ago

    Tucker is another sycophant of dicktator grump. This is not democracy.

  • keys island hopper
    keys island hopper Month ago

    Vt is 96% white and tiny,
    The mega rich and poor
    Only Burlington a 80k population Woodstock old town of inheritance, are OK
    Taxes are on anything they can,,, you will regret this if you do it
    Trump 2020

  • keys island hopper
    keys island hopper Month ago

    Best warren and biden drop and see where buttguy goes.

  • st prch
    st prch Month ago +1

    I got a joke for you fox but i don't want any notoriety. What do you call a communist? A Democrat who identifies as a socialist. Lololol

  • joanne clark
    joanne clark Month ago +1

    "A master class in confronting sexism " as a woman, I am so,so,so tired of that narrative. Especially when it's manufactured sexism... she should be ashamed of herself

  • Artur Boras
    Artur Boras Month ago

    fake news ..,

  • Chris Hill
    Chris Hill Month ago

    What's the difference between a socialist and a democratic socialist like Bernie? Wasn't FDR a democratic socialist?

  • Francis Conners
    Francis Conners Month ago

    Tucker is an idiot. I guess that is a requirement to be on FOX

  • Koa Koa
    Koa Koa Month ago

    Bernie Sanders is insane. Anyone would be crazy to pull for him

  • Random Fellow
    Random Fellow Month ago

    I have to correct Tucker's signage: Bernie isn't white, he's Jewish.

  • Amrit Patel
    Amrit Patel Month ago

    Warren has "Deficit" of trustworthiness.

  • Darrell
    Darrell Month ago

    Warren claims to be a great progressive but it looks to me like she may throw her support to an establishment candidate rather than Bernie who is the only progressive left in the race just because she's mad.

  • Have you seen my grandpa Joe? He’s gone missing

    How’d that work out for Warren again?

  • Kyung Yu
    Kyung Yu Month ago

    I can't help it. Tucker is not a true Bernie supporter... but he's clever and hilarious. I disagree with 99% of Tucker's stance on just about every issue, and he neglects to point out how Fox is owned by Rupert Murdoch, but otherwise, this piece is on point and funny as hell.

  • gilmcosta
    gilmcosta Month ago

    go**************BERNIE***********go i believe.

  • Gilbert Smith
    Gilbert Smith Month ago

    CNN the great Satan War Machine

  • Byron Branch
    Byron Branch Month ago

    Lol @ these Bloomberg ads

  • Ch335h34D
    Ch335h34D Month ago

    Hey ya’ll who voted for Trump hoping for an increased standard of living... Think again, he has only helped the ultra wealthy elites, not you! Consider Bernie Sanders 2020

  • Wulfee
    Wulfee Month ago

    Not everyone is hopeless on the dem side. Don't forget Andrew Yang

  • gary smith
    gary smith Month ago

    The alleged Bernie's sexist remark is a thinning string the "dumb numb cheaters" held on to via media. As for the frail flower (Elizabeth Warren)... obviously a sense of decency is beneath her. What's next in the circus arena?

  • Anthony
    Anthony Month ago

    Me and Tucker are very different.....but his commentary is good! Even tho I have different beliefs then Tucker, hrs the most trustworthy on mainstream media

  • Kristen555
    Kristen555 Month ago

    She absolutely did it on purpose. No doubt whatsoever.

  • elena marcu
    elena marcu Month ago

    Is Warren's middle name Hillary? Just asking...

  • Joshua Sterling
    Joshua Sterling Month ago

    Bless Bernie, but he cant even stand up for himself much less a nation and by in part that means he cant stand up for me. Also all his talking points have shifted by lets just say a fair amount since the last time he ran. Even if I don't agree with him I kinda respected him, but now after giving his blessing to Hillary after being railroaded, being bullied by lying Harpies and forgetting his manhood at one of his homes...that is receding faster that his hairline. He is an out and out socialist now and there is no helping his loss, he had a good chance of being president in 2016, you know that's how native movements work, but since the Democrats are too calculating for that they will never get out of their own way. Side note, if all of that was not an issue Bernie is just too old guys, her does not hold the vigor necessary to campaign and run a country. He is almost 80 years old and being able to remember briefs and the complexities of day to day governing are not going to be possible, this is especially true if he was elected a second term.

  • Smarackto
    Smarackto Month ago

    amazing how bernie is not percieved as a "bad person" by ANYBODY. you dont have to agree with him ... but its hard to call him "evil" or a liar

  • Mark Bignell
    Mark Bignell Month ago +1

    Funny how it's sexist to not like Warren ,but, it's okay to ignore Tulsi Gabbard.

  • Jr Jr
    Jr Jr Month ago

    Why even care what is on CNN? They are in dead last in ratings!!

  • Adam
    Adam Month ago

    Currently in US politics, we have Socialists defending Trump and Fox Defending a Socialist.
    The DNC has really done a number on political discourse.



  • J.J Rangel
    J.J Rangel Month ago

    Bernie is not a socialist. Haha it is funny how Republicans feed all of you this yet Republicans are also benefiting from your hard earned money. Guess who pays their vacations, guess who pays their healthcare, and guess who is making them rich.... you are. Lol Republican voters are so easy to fool. Btw Warren is scum.

  • aboctok
    aboctok Month ago

    Only Elizabeth Warren has a credibility so low it compels Tucker Carlson to speak up for Bernie.

  • GrindcoreNinja
    GrindcoreNinja Month ago

    Tucker doing better than CNN and MSNBC.

  • Josh Brookshire
    Josh Brookshire Month ago

    Bernie will beat the DNC. It's 2016 all over. Bernie is Trump. Joe is Jeb. Pete is Rubio. Liz is Cruz. Watch. The same trajectory all over again.

  • neguys
    neguys Month ago

    Democrats are Pathetic

  • casienwhey
    casienwhey Month ago

    The Socialist Sandman!

  • Kabir Kumar
    Kabir Kumar Month ago

    How is Tucker more honest about Bernie than CNN?!?!? God, the corruption in the establishment disgusts me.

  • Isaac Prasad
    Isaac Prasad Month ago

    How did I end up here

  • mark bogacki
    mark bogacki Month ago +1

    Dems are crazy .

  • Shellshock29
    Shellshock29 Month ago

    You know there's something wrong where Fox News is more fair to Bernie Sanders than CNN and MSNBC.

  • dan parish
    dan parish Month ago

    They’re not that worried, they have ways of making him lose: If media smears don’t work, they’ll rig the primary; if all else fails, Bernie will tragically commit suicide with two bullets to the head on the same day his security system cameras stopped working.

  • Talos q
    Talos q Month ago

    Poor Bernie...

  • Harrison Waltman
    Harrison Waltman Month ago

    She was pissed off but that’s only because she is dumb

  • Joe Marks
    Joe Marks Month ago

    Here’s the thing. Bernie has said throughout his career that a woman could be president, and that it’s about time we had one. That said, he probably did say to her...hey listen, a woman isn’t going to win this election, Trump just has too much support. Why don’t you drop out and endorse me. And instead of being reasonable, Warren wants to make it about the patriarchy.

  • Cracc 216
    Cracc 216 Month ago

    Bernie is alot. But NEVER a liar

  • Peeky Blinder
    Peeky Blinder Month ago

    Shows how much democrats have degenerated juveniles or is it Obamaitis or Clintonitis a deadly disease. The press is worse

  • W M
    W M Month ago

    Bernie's the real deal. Warren is not.

  • shock jockey
    shock jockey Month ago

    So obvious the the GOP wants bernie to be nominated. He has the lowest chance out of beating him out of all the popular candidates.

  • Ricardo Santos
    Ricardo Santos Month ago

    It's the establishment (Warren, Biden, Obama, Military-industrial complex, CNN and the banks ) VS everyone else

  • blastman8888
    blastman8888 Month ago

    Breitbart conspiracy News LOL

  • blastman8888
    blastman8888 Month ago

    Breitbart conspiracy News LOL

  • Ig: Leo. Contreras816

    Of course the DNC is scared about Bernie winning the nominee... He's not part of the establishment elite Democrats or Republicans. The fake news media on the "left" (CNN for Biden) and "right" (Fox for the "perfect Christians") must be very scared of an average Joe actually having a change... He might just work for the average people of America...

    Tucker Carlson's net worth $20 Million

  • Ian Wynyard
    Ian Wynyard Month ago

    But he is mean, vulgar, and immoral

  • Malcolm Hosking
    Malcolm Hosking Month ago

    What a sad bunch. More sad is that there are people backing these geese. Democracy is at stake but people judgement is shot.

  • Mpiloenhle Sibanda
    Mpiloenhle Sibanda Month ago

    CNN is full of a lot of, you know what.

  • Mpiloenhle Sibanda
    Mpiloenhle Sibanda Month ago


  • New Man
    New Man Month ago

    Easy Fox News.. you all did the same thing to Ron Paul in 2012.. forgive but never forget

  • Francisco Toscano
    Francisco Toscano Month ago

    Iowa Caucus delayed, Democrats screwing Bernie again, Tucker predicts the future, still has a punchable face.

  • Jay Brooks
    Jay Brooks Month ago

    You think 🤔 that perhaps the democrat party is leaning to sanders because they are sick of the radicals? Most Americans are turned off by a lot of whats going on.

  • severian monk
    severian monk Month ago

    How and when did Wigwam Warren forget that she is a liar.

    • grondhero
      grondhero Month ago

      She knew she had a hot mic. It's not a coincidence that the camera followed her over to Bernie. This is collusion, but of the media type.

  • The Liberty Movement

    Or the time she lied about her kids going to public school. Or the time she lied about Russia collusion. Or the time she spent a career in office and did nothing. Shes trash. Trump will mop the floor with all these commies.

  • don jonson
    don jonson Month ago

    another case of reality lying to make elizabeth warren look bad

  • Mack Maloney
    Mack Maloney Month ago +1

    Ask Trump where Pearl Harbor is

  • Paul G
    Paul G Month ago +1

    As an independent voter, if Bernie gets the nomination, he won't get my vote. He has socialistic plans for the US and that cannot happen.

  • Joe Heinemann
    Joe Heinemann Month ago

    U all freaks

  • Jack Douglas
    Jack Douglas Month ago

    As usual, Tucker is correct. But the Democratic Party is fast becoming irrelevant. They are headed I think for a massive loss this fall. Person after person tells me that they are sick of this impeachment nonsense and want Congress to instead work with the President, and stop trying to overturn the election of 2016 … but the Democrats and their allies (people like Mitt Romney) never learn. It is sad in a way, but we may be in the still early stages of seeing the Democratic Party split as it did in the 1860 election. Maybe that is what needs to happen. AOC and Bernie Sanders may well this time form a new party and take at least 1/3 of the Democrat vote with them. If they do, I predict that within 10 years the Democratic Party will effectively cease to exist. Conservative Democrats and some moderates even will become Republicans and for probably 20 or more years the progressives will run a distant second … but they may build momentum. Who knows? Nancy Pelosi has been of great harm to the country and even greater harm to the Democratic Party. AOC and the "squad" may bring their party down. But then I am a former Democrat who grew up in a family of stanch Democrats and the silliness of the Democratic Party drove me away in 1984. God bless Ronald Reagan for helping me to see the light.

  • Derek Gregory
    Derek Gregory Month ago

    The real problem with a Bernie nomination is the questions he might raise throughout his campaign about the scumbags in both parties who have spent a lifetime gaming the system.

  • bansraj mattai
    bansraj mattai Month ago

    They are democrats in name only, supporting more wars and their corporate paymasters, and doing nothing for the masses. People see through all this. The electorate is presented with a false choice, Bernie hopes to change things. Hence the morbid fear of him.

  • United Americans
    United Americans Month ago +1


  • William Walker
    William Walker Month ago

    Dems are nothing more than a bunch of sperm burping whores

  • MushroomScoot
    MushroomScoot Month ago +2

    Devastating: The worst person you know just made a great point.

  • Derek Perkins
    Derek Perkins Month ago

    I love the nonchalant swipe at Michael Moore. More of that please lol