How the World Map Looks Wildly Different Than You Think

  • Published on Aug 12, 2016
  • All of us have seen a world map at some point in our lives before, but it is very difficult to imagine how certain countries and parts of the world compare to each other in size that are far apart. In this video, I explore why the world looks very different than how it is portrayed in the Mercator Projection map. I then go on to explore how certain countries are unexpectedly larger or smaller than what they appear to be, and how some places looks wildly different than our perceptions.
    PS; Don't totally hate on the Mercator Projection, it's actually a really useful map for navigation and on keeping the correct shape of countries while sacrificing the size that we can all laugh about!
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  • Chris Webb
    Chris Webb 3 hours ago

    The ussr has fallen😭😭😖😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Duncan Wanjohi
    Duncan Wanjohi 16 hours ago


  • Jordan Keene
    Jordan Keene 21 hour ago

    This is so inaccurate it's not funny

  • Keizer Studio
    Keizer Studio Day ago

    U making russia smaller lol

  • HeDontLuvU
    HeDontLuvU Day ago

    You should a “what if TheXvid stopped playing commercials for a year”

  • Terrorix
    Terrorix Day ago

    You sometimes make it big, it is fake.

  • B1ueSyrup
    B1ueSyrup Day ago

    So Russia is Smaller than this video?

  • Ghost 09365
    Ghost 09365 Day ago

    What if you took a paper map and somehow made a sphere out of it then would it be accurate?

  • kasmos25 lol
    kasmos25 lol 2 days ago

    Russia:I'm biggest
    Asia:hold my lands

  • Bionicle LEWA Lu
    Bionicle LEWA Lu 2 days ago

    If you put Canada between the USA and Mexico those country’s will be north UMC

  • P Rigual
    P Rigual 2 days ago

    USA is an empire, taking the lands of many people

  • Jordy Anderson
    Jordy Anderson 2 days ago

    not true

  • Prine12
    Prine12 3 days ago


  • wisk8 wisk8
    wisk8 wisk8 3 days ago

    Your shrinking them :/ I don’t believe this.

  • Michael OEU
    Michael OEU 4 days ago

    German in ww1 : hmm russia is kind of clumsy (big) so he Need a long time to prepare. :)
    Reallifelore : well yes but actually no.

  • That Slavic Dude
    That Slavic Dude 4 days ago

    why did you put serbia without kosovo?

  • e t
    e t 4 days ago

    Whats with da porta-potty recording voice?

  • Colin
    Colin 4 days ago

    You literally just shrunk and enlarged some of these to try and seem like its bigger or smaller. What the fuck.

  • Yanping Wu
    Yanping Wu 5 days ago

    ._. Stupid map

  • João Farinhote
    João Farinhote 5 days ago

    Any flat Earth idiot here?

  • Чарльз
    Чарльз 5 days ago

    russia is fatter but cooler

  • Francois Labelle
    Francois Labelle 6 days ago

    Russia brought down to size is like Russian 's deflated ego! They need to invade Crimea and Eastern Ukraine to keep pumping their nationalistic "super country" as a superpower equal to the US or even China idiocy! Beside Atomic weapons, keeping alive the idiot fear they will be invaded by NATO in order to keep despot mafia Putin in power, most fail to realize Russia has the Per Capita GDP equal to that of Banana Republic of Equatorial Guinea...70% of Russian households have no indoor toilets...

  • OddFirst Naim
    OddFirst Naim 6 days ago

    Australia is not a continent. Oceania is a continent containing Australia, New Zealand, and many polynesian countries. AustralASia is a region including Oceania, Papua New Guinea, Melanesia, Micronesia and more. Brazil may possibly be bigger than all of Australasia or Oceania but bAustralia is not a continent.

  • Alpha Impulse
    Alpha Impulse 6 days ago +1

    Fun fact: Africa is bigger than Asia. People say that the maps show otherwise.

    • White Lego Tom
      White Lego Tom 4 days ago

      You're an idiot,I just hope this was not a joke and that i'm not gonna be r/wooooshed

  • Galactic Foxxi
    Galactic Foxxi 7 days ago +1

    what does this dude have against Europe

  • Karen
    Karen 7 days ago

    He calls Brazil gigantic yet somewhat calls Alaska Tiny

  • GamingLion 18
    GamingLion 18 7 days ago +1

    Im gonna talk about the icon: Russia is still big but it looks like that in real life because thats what it looks like when the earth is round
    *flat earther alert*

  • Cesar
    Cesar 8 days ago

    why you got to do Wyoming like that

  • Oshri Da Pro
    Oshri Da Pro 8 days ago

    u forget zealandia the 8 continent

  • Ivan Tan
    Ivan Tan 8 days ago +1


  • Sayantan YouTube
    Sayantan YouTube 8 days ago

    Most interesting, when Russia was put up in Africa....

  • Axtymus Playz
    Axtymus Playz 8 days ago +1

    When he put Antarctica 🇦🇶 inside USA it looked like a persons stomach organ

  • Eddy Hernández
    Eddy Hernández 8 days ago

    Liar liar pants on firefox

  • Bobbys11850
    Bobbys11850 8 days ago

    China on The True size of is as big as The People's Republic of Korea

  • Nym Net
    Nym Net 9 days ago

    I'm not hanging around to see what he does with terra australis.

  • VICE The Wolf
    VICE The Wolf 9 days ago

    There are only 123m Russians in the world and china is 1.4b someone explain

    • Силантий У.
      Силантий У. 7 days ago

      The reason is climate. Only a narrow strip in the south is comfortable for living (like in Canada). The rest of Russia is populated pointwise , the Moscow metropolitan conglomerate is 15 million (trade and administrative metropolis), St. Petersburg is a port city and area near of 7 million. And a number of million-plus industrial cities are the Volga river and southern Siberia. Plus some sea ports near Corean border 2 million.

    • VICE The Wolf
      VICE The Wolf 8 days ago

      @Micha ik idk why it's coming so fast

    • Micha
      Micha 8 days ago

      @VICE The Wolf China has 12.4 births, per 1,000 people. As compared to India's 25 births, per 1,000 people. India doesn't have the highest birth rate worldwide, but with a very large population in conjunction with the extraordinary birth rate, India's population is growing very very quickly.

    • VICE The Wolf
      VICE The Wolf 8 days ago

      @Micha so what your saying that india has more babies and less deaths in the country what about china what's that like

    • VICE The Wolf
      VICE The Wolf 8 days ago

      @Micha o k

  • DN Gamer
    DN Gamer 9 days ago

    Really I just see india, to look the smallest than it is( actually near to the size of Australia)

  • Joresnor
    Joresnor 9 days ago

    How is russia smaller then Africa?

    • Micha
      Micha 8 days ago

      Because there is less space in Russia, then Africa

  • Boyerdi Gamer
    Boyerdi Gamer 9 days ago

    I believe you, not the map!

  • shindari
    shindari 9 days ago

    Even as a five year old, when I saw how massive Greenland was on the map, compared to Africa, for the first time, my barely out of toddlerhood brain still said: "yeah, bullshit..."

    Mercator projection maps have always bothered me, because everything on it is so blown out of proportion. Russia is the largest country on Earth. Everyone knows this. But it's not SEVEN TIMES LARGER THAN THE UNITED STATES!!! No. It can comfortably fit our continental and Alaskan territories, but that's pretty much the limit of it. Russia is, at most, twice the size of the U.S.

    If the U.S. actually succeeded in buying Greenland from Denmark, she would immediately jump from fourth, to first, in the world in terms of total size, just from adding that island in the north pole. That's how little difference there actually is between first, and fourth, in the world, in terms of land size.

  • You did not see me on YouTube

    If North America’s countries were scattered out, they would fit into Africa! Wow!

  • Daniel McDavid
    Daniel McDavid 10 days ago

    Greenland looks similar in size to Africa on a Mercator map. In reality, it is similar in size to India.

  • Oskar Sørensen
    Oskar Sørensen 10 days ago

    I thought one second that Greenland actually could do something, but reality it’s pretty small

  • MegaSharks
    MegaSharks 11 days ago

    How can someone be such a dumbass

  • LynoxGamer
    LynoxGamer 11 days ago

    5:06 Uganda the wae

  • Tapo43k
    Tapo43k 11 days ago

    If you make something 10 times smaller

    It will become smaller

  • pam4840
    pam4840 12 days ago

    The map looked like dragon in reality the map looks like sheep.

  • Primo Benavides
    Primo Benavides 12 days ago

    You are not a bona fide Flat Earther if you refer to the Earth as as a globe. Out!

  • Polish Kid channel
    Polish Kid channel 13 days ago

    Antarctica was interesting

  • bella ames
    bella ames 13 days ago

    Yo can shush about my country

  • Squeez DaRee
    Squeez DaRee 13 days ago

    Wow just WOW

  • MilonClasher
    MilonClasher 13 days ago


  • Ghean Wilker
    Ghean Wilker 13 days ago +3

    Esse é o comentário brasileiro que você estava procurando.

  • cody Chittenden
    cody Chittenden 13 days ago

    that isn't Russia

  • theBLOX Cup
    theBLOX Cup 13 days ago

    He resized the countries. If you look at the first Russia clip you can compare on the map Russia to itself and it is way smaller than actual russia

  • Bl4d3 Runn3r
    Bl4d3 Runn3r 13 days ago +1

    Dat sound quality tho

  • Biff Danielson
    Biff Danielson 14 days ago

    George Bush told me Africa was a country.

  • Samer Fares *
    Samer Fares * 14 days ago

    All what u said is not right

  • Phil Brown
    Phil Brown 14 days ago

    The world is flat

    • Asshat Zeppeli
      Asshat Zeppeli 4 days ago

      Over a million people working at space agencies around the world: I'm about to end this man's whole career !

    • Phil Brown
      Phil Brown 5 days ago

      @Mc Banditas Sure of yourself?

    • Mc Banditas
      Mc Banditas 10 days ago

      Idiot earth is round

  • uncooked chicken
    uncooked chicken 14 days ago

    Sure cooked me.