Young Thug & Lil Baby at Icebox Together for First Time! Spends $150K!!!

  • Published on Mar 31, 2021
  • Young Thug stops by the world-famous Icebox showroom to shop our impeccable selection of high-end, luxury diamond jewelry!
    During his visit, Young Thug runs into Lil Baby!
    Watch this week’s episode as two of the biggest artists in the world link up under one Icebox roof!
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  • The Offspace Podcast
    The Offspace Podcast Year ago +7060

    Thugger is one of the most genuine people in music. Love to see places where he's comfortable to speak as he pleases.

  • GooeyPanther
    GooeyPanther Year ago +3558

    “No way you gone wear a Rolex over a patek” wish I could relate thugga😭

    • SopranoLife910
      SopranoLife910 14 days ago

      Dude is a cross dresser.

    • Xavier Rainey
      Xavier Rainey 5 months ago

      Keep grinding you’ll get there

    • Aleksandr
      Aleksandr 8 months ago +2

      @mpho mashegoane Patek is above Rolex, they've been around for a long time and are very well respected in the watch world. You just don't know much about watches.

    • Godswill Anazodo
      Godswill Anazodo 8 months ago


    • Roman
      Roman 9 months ago

      @Jacquelyn Dorinda Patek for me

  • Patrick Barthold
    Patrick Barthold Year ago +2393

    Lil baby intro looks like a district manager checking up on the employees 😂😂

    • Lil Khaos
      Lil Khaos 8 days ago


    • MightyMatt
      MightyMatt Month ago

      Shiuddd baby be there so much that they might as well sign the company over to him😂

    • Drag Race Junkies tv
      Drag Race Junkies tv 3 months ago

      @Michelle bravo what's good

    • eRe A
      eRe A 5 months ago +1

      Too much Sauce

    • Al P.
      Al P. 5 months ago +2


  • Dylan Scharnhorst
    Dylan Scharnhorst Year ago +1766

    You know baby goes there too much when homie said “don’t worry about it, we’ll get it next time”

    • Magna Delusor
      Magna Delusor 5 months ago

      @Lavonne Alexander thug has a standing bill of 115k he never paid they sued for 300k something but then dropped it. He probably just paid the bill he owed

    • Beal Beal 8 months ago

      Facts 😂

    • P.Loaded
      P.Loaded 8 months ago +1

      😂😂 frfr

      PBK2TRILL 9 months ago +4

      That blew me 😭 that’s real money

    • Lavonne Alexander
      Lavonne Alexander 10 months ago +8

      @CBanks wtf 🤬 that’s is some shady bullshit

  • KILL
    KILL Year ago +1840

    Y’all notice how Thug instinctively caught that lil baby’s bracelet was open. An then grabbed his wrist an closed it for him. You can tell this nigga got Love for the young ones he put on or are around him No Cap. That’s big bro shit Idc 💯

    • Ruby Addison
      Ruby Addison 5 months ago

      @Slainbabyyc 😂😂😂

    • M M
      M M 6 months ago

      @Slainbabyyc wtf 😂😂😂

    • Galaxy
      Galaxy 6 months ago

      @Slainbabyyc bro probably do that but with money and pockets

    • Amber Kay
      Amber Kay 9 months ago

      I thought he said blue face lost it when lol baby got there.

  • Leo
    Leo Year ago +2081

    Not many things in life are guaranteed, but lil baby being at icebox is one of them

  • Kenny Mestidor
    Kenny Mestidor Year ago +1332

    Imagine in 150 years from now, a archeologist while mining through the da skreets of atl, finds lil baby’s patek gifted by thugger💀
    Edit: Thanks for all the likes y'all... FREE YSL

    • james willypiss
      james willypiss 5 months ago

      Probably lost it gambling

    • GVO Dojo
      GVO Dojo 6 months ago +3

      @MrBloodlust3996 being tha thugger just lost a bag wit like 200k and $1 million in unreleased songs onna hardrive…I can believe tha he lost tha patek😭

    • SamLFC
      SamLFC 6 months ago


    • yaboi
      yaboi 8 months ago

      He's in chicago

  • asd44
    asd44 Year ago +1240

    Why is no one talking about how chill Thugger is tho

    • Lucky
      Lucky 5 months ago

      @Asdfqwert holy shit where can I find more on this conspiracy of America being ancient Egypt

    • WOO XI
      WOO XI 5 months ago

      He been goated only the youngins dont know that

    • Multi Records
      Multi Records 8 months ago

      Cuz he’s so real

    • Gabriel Perez
      Gabriel Perez 9 months ago


    • Asdfqwert
      Asdfqwert 10 months ago

      @Art Kannon also if you wanna get real crazy and jump further down the rabbit hole you should know that america was the original ancient egypt there are many pieces of evidence supporting this such as the buildings in america that were originally egyptian ones some even say the grand canyon was originally the red sea but is now empty due to moses splitting it

  • Flooded
    Flooded Year ago +733

    Baby came in swiped his badge walked straight to the back like he knew where everybody was

    • dominick hemphill
      dominick hemphill 4 months ago

      Levels. Where he first came in is where we buy jewelry. That badge means he's got hella bread.

    • Zach Wingler
      Zach Wingler Year ago +13

      The kind of money he spends there I'm sure they do pretty much let him do what he wants but this had to be staged

    • Shomie
      Shomie Year ago +85

      He the manager low key

  • Julio Alvarado
    Julio Alvarado Year ago +611

    Crazy how fast thug notice little baby’s bracelet was open, that’s how you know he looking out for him

    • 3 Strikes
      3 Strikes Month ago

      That’s how thug knew baby just put all that on to shine ✨ on thug but he had to still show respect.

    • Hsoj Ettedrub
      Hsoj Ettedrub 9 months ago +3

      He was "looking out" alright, looking for a reason to touch him.

    • Kevin Kitoko
      Kevin Kitoko Year ago +3

      1:49 you see

    • Kevin Kitoko
      Kevin Kitoko Year ago +1

      Facts 👀👀

    • Aditya Sharma
      Aditya Sharma Year ago +28

      Little baby 😂😂😂

  • Lewis Watts
    Lewis Watts Year ago +784

    You know Lil Baby visits Icebox often when he goes straight to the back, he passed all of the workers like, “Hey Mark, Hey Susan”.

  • Victor Resendiz
    Victor Resendiz Year ago +307

    Lil baby is one of those dads that sees them kids for a few hours drops them off gifts and bounces for a few days then repeats 😂😂

    KORDUROY KAOS 13 days ago +8

    that handshake with Baby got ATL authorities like “Hmmm… noted”

  • Leonda Reed
    Leonda Reed 11 months ago +300

    Youngthug so proud of Lil Baby, you can see it in his eyes...

    • Just Someone here
      Just Someone here 7 months ago

      @Young Malik no you didn't

    • sam cook
      sam cook 10 months ago +11

      Thug a real one, not too many of those kind 💯

    • Herly Canas
      Herly Canas 11 months ago +13

      He paid to take him out the hood

    • Young Malik
      Young Malik 11 months ago +25

      I just wrote the same thing. He looks so proud of his lil brother . Thugga saved his life.

  • Natty Lee
    Natty Lee Year ago +2143

    I love how Thug was sharing his childhood experience when things were hard for him but now there he's

    • Michquan McKnight
      Michquan McKnight 11 days ago

      This didn’t age well

    • Lit Trel
      Lit Trel Year ago

      @BIGMIKE exactly he had to kick a door when he was 5 remember 😂

    • 2K Swish
      2K Swish Year ago +1

      I appreciate the love on my new track, shits real

    • Made to Scratch
      Made to Scratch Year ago +1

      @BIGMIKE I’m a thug fan but cmon now like wtf 😂

    • moneyball82
      moneyball82 Year ago +4

      hell yea I know the feeling, went from selling dimebags to opening up my own shop. life is good

  • Big Tayzer
    Big Tayzer Year ago +393

    “Worry about it next time “ huh ? That ring was well over 50k and he’ll just pay the tab later ? Baby own icebox at this point 😂

    • lakerhopeful
      lakerhopeful 9 months ago

      Lol didn’t they get Young Thug with that then tried to sue him

    • Tony Baze
      Tony Baze 10 months ago

      Employee discount 😂🤣

    • Big Tayzer
      Big Tayzer 10 months ago +1

      @sora actualize nobody shows that tho . 😂 you wouldn’t know unless you on boss status

    • sora actualize
      sora actualize 10 months ago +2

      thats what a regular customer look like lol. they can collect payment later when you spend over a certain limit at the store.

    • Highrussian Banzay
      Highrussian Banzay 11 months ago +2

      No..but no doubt hes one of their best customers so 50k is nothing considering baby would of spent millions in that store

  • Produced By Strevelli
    Produced By Strevelli Year ago +61

    This vid is exactly why Young thug is my favorite artist. From his story to his genuineness. I hope to meet him one day, my idol fr🙏

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl Year ago +276

    Thug is so tall. He’s such a genuine guy a real one always looking out. 🙏🏾💯

    • AMfranko
      AMfranko 4 months ago

      @Nautikient21 he’s actually 6’5. There’s a pic of him and Sahbabii together & he has like two inches over Sah who’s 6’3 himself

    • Tonia Oba
      Tonia Oba 5 months ago +1

      Young Thug has a Beautiful Smile🔥

    • lilmanq
      lilmanq 6 months ago

      It’s crazy that he’s only 6’3 I thought he’s like 6’5 because 6ft is average here and 6 ft 3 is considered tall

    • Nautikient21
      Nautikient21 10 months ago +3

      Should’ve been a basketball player 😂

    • Mr. Waffles
      Mr. Waffles Year ago +6

      He 6'3

  • Quinton Kennedy
    Quinton Kennedy Year ago +70

    Young Thug has an impeccable sense of style

    • WOO XI
      WOO XI 5 months ago +4

      From future

  • Steven G
    Steven G Year ago +1370

    Young Thug is the definition of "From Nothing To Something". I remember when he had no chains, 5 teeth in his mouth and his dreads were falling off. Look at him now, so inspirational.

  • Robert Barron
    Robert Barron Month ago +8

    And he rappin gunnas new shit way before it came out🥵

  • JCno28
    JCno28 Year ago +136

    “I’m right around the corner.” Lil baby was headed to icebox anyway 😂

  • Xavier Thomas
    Xavier Thomas Year ago +12

    8:52 is the coolest part of the video, my notes
    1. Thug is so relaxed with his delivery of the price. He knows it doesn’t make any sense to people who aren’t hip, and he values the uncut reactions.
    2. The fact Z has basically encyclopedic knowledge of jewelry is super impressive, and he’s the one who translates and co-signs how crazy rare it is.
    3. Thugs eyebrows pop off his fucking face as Z explains that money can’t buy certain jewelry.... while they stand in the middle of a fucking jewelry store. I enjoyed that cause Ion ever think I’ve ever seen thug that proud before.

    ADM FEED Year ago +74

    Thug a good dude. You can see that he’s happy inside looking at the lil baby shinning and winning.

  • Michelle bravo
    Michelle bravo Year ago +7631

    Lil baby is the one who opens the doors for the employees in the morning 😂

  • Nagachika
    Nagachika Year ago +5

    Gotta love the seriousness Baby comes in with. Room got real serious.

  • Isiah Salim
    Isiah Salim 4 months ago +5

    Damn he was puttin us on to sum unrealeased gunna that wouldn’t drop till 2022

  • Alex Sanchez
    Alex Sanchez 10 months ago +13

    This shit right here give me motivation to keep grinding

  • Nicolas H.
    Nicolas H. Year ago +23

    2:10 Damn, when you see and hear Thugger speaks, you can clearly see that Gunna been heavily influenced by him, the whole body language, cadence of speaking, lingo, everything

    • Condone
      Condone 7 months ago

      Bros influenced everyone him and Wayne

  • Romey Tube (RH)
    Romey Tube (RH) Year ago +3

    Life’s fucking good when you can walk into a store for another purpose and casually sidetrack spend 100k 😳🙏🏾 Thugga your life is special darg 😂

  • King Von fan 96
    King Von fan 96 Year ago +52

    When Young Thug raps His voice is super high in real life his voice is deep

    • EVYCxMD
      EVYCxMD 8 months ago +2

      Baffled by this the whole time watching this video 📣

  • Hackermorris on telegram👈👈

    Your act of kindness and service shows how big of a heart you have for others, thanks for the 50k you such amazing🤩 ☝️☝️☝️

  • Hackermorris on telegram👈👈

    Your act of kindness and service shows how big of a heart you have for others, thanks for the 50k you such amazing🤩 ☝️☝️☝️

  • GBTech
    GBTech Year ago +2063

    Lil baby walked in like he own the store 😂

    • Yves Jean
      Yves Jean Year ago +1

      I said that in my head 😂😂😂

    • 2K Swish
      2K Swish Year ago +2

      I just dropped sum music bout how crazy our life is

      SMHYOULOST Year ago +3

      U saw the end when he left he asked how much it was they say just take it and we figure out later goat status

    • Sylvia Foster
      Sylvia Foster Year ago


    • PVRIS
      PVRIS Year ago +3

      I know right. I was like damn!! The man, the boss, the ceo is here.

  • peppa pig
    peppa pig Year ago +49

    It look so genuine with Baby and Thug the love they got for it each other

    • OGTHREE3
      OGTHREE3 11 months ago +1

      Ya cause thug paid him to leave out the streets

  • svgelife
    svgelife Year ago +37

    they told lil baby “we’ll worry bout it next time” 😂😂😂

  • Chosen One
    Chosen One Year ago +7

    I love seeing content with Jeffery he keeps us waiting so long,his personality is so refreshing.

  • Christopher Garza
    Christopher Garza Year ago +18

    I love the way Young Thug carries himself. I remember when Soulja Boy didnt want to collaborate with Young Thug because he thought he wasnt all that. Even though I'm a true day one fan for Big Soulja. Young Thug proved his way & now is a Boss.

  • TMan1234560
    TMan1234560 Year ago +3743

    alternate title: Lil Baby returns home, invites Young Thug

    • SirG
      SirG 11 days ago

      Alternate title: Free thug

    • Rashad James
      Rashad James Month ago

      @Meechie Y'all miss the joke😂

    • Karti Bandz
      Karti Bandz 3 months ago


    • Ej Wilson
      Ej Wilson 3 months ago

      That'll be cool

      RC LUNATIC 3 months ago

      Thug definitely invited lil baby 💯💯💯💯💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼!!!!!

  • Darius Thomas
    Darius Thomas Year ago +2

    Look at these young black men going out and getting what they desire 🙌🏾💪🏾love to see us living comfortable

  • Hackermorris on telegram👈👈

    Your act of kindness and service shows how big of a heart you have for others, thanks for the 50k you such amazing🤩 ☝️☝️☝️

  • Adrian Atta
    Adrian Atta Year ago +11

    Bro I love how thug was just so down to earth and mellow and just really cool to be around. I love lilbaby, bro never misses when he drops a song or an album but whenever I see him walk in he always seems like in a rush and doesn’t seem to look like he’s acknowledging like his surroundings like in terms of the people. Idk that’s just how it seems to me

    • 𖤐 kali
      𖤐 kali 7 months ago

      When life and business move fast so do you

  • Rixky Ortega
    Rixky Ortega Year ago +1

    Big ups to Z man ... I’m sure he picks up a lot of stress but he knows how to handle his stuff and still show love..... always stay in control !

  • sweet dimond
    sweet dimond Year ago +3773

    I swear lil baby needs his own private room at ice box 😂😂

    • TJ Amos
      TJ Amos 8 months ago

      He got one and his own parking spot

    • Patrick Davis
      Patrick Davis 8 months ago

      He be working with them I wouldn’t be surprised if he owns a % he threw a bday party for himself and let them set up stalls to selll jewelry at the event.

    • Shomie
      Shomie Year ago


    • 2K Swish
      2K Swish Year ago +1

      my new song bout the problems with da industry and society

    • Sir Reginald Lee
      Sir Reginald Lee Year ago

      Nah should just own his own jewelry store

  • Kujinomics
    Kujinomics Year ago +56

    5:15 Thug really looking at Baby like a proud father

  • jp91484
    jp91484 Year ago +1

    This is surely the definition of class!

  • Mk Pat
    Mk Pat 6 days ago

    I like how when thug picked up the chain he instinctively gave it more pull expecting more weight, but upon immediate contact,realizing how light the chain was he was disgusted

  • Idris Muda-Airahi
    Idris Muda-Airahi Year ago +30

    I love how thug wore that piece and never took it off, it was his the moment he set his eyes on it. KING SHIT!

  • nacho
    nacho Year ago +3446

    Lil baby is that one guy who is waiting in front of the store before it opens.

    • Shomie
      Shomie Year ago


      BILLY DA KID Year ago

      I tired of seeing him there.

    • Player
      Player Year ago

      @Aymen Rhanim fr he can walk in at anytime 😂

    • IG Livez
      IG Livez Year ago

      Nah he be the one in the store keepin y’all waitin

  • John
    John Year ago +6

    9:40 when he told himself he wasnt gonna spend no extra money in that store😂😂😂😂😂

  • S4IF15
    S4IF15 Year ago +6

    Imagine being in a studio session with Thugger

  • Adnan Sherifi
    Adnan Sherifi Year ago +6

    Even when Thugger speaks it’s sound‘s like he Rap 😆🙌🏻🐍🤟🏻

    KVBVL Year ago +2

    This is my first time listening to Young Thug, how Tf is this guy like the biggest mumble rapper but also one of the clearest sounding rappers I’ve heard??😂😭

  • Jaye Hood
    Jaye Hood Year ago +3

    Can we all just appreciate how hard the beat was at the beginning?? 😳 lol...

  • Anthony Gates
    Anthony Gates Year ago

    That laugh tho 😂😂 7:05

  • Liltonio
    Liltonio 8 months ago

    8:41 that dynamic duo tho 🔥

  • Leerick Q
    Leerick Q Year ago +17

    Lil Baby walking in there like he owns the place and knows every corner.... 😂

  • KingSlime Snippets
    KingSlime Snippets Year ago +1384

    Thugger is one of the REALEST rappers in the game right now! He inspired a lot of these new generation rappers his eye for talent is from another level...🐍🐐

    • kvng_louie
      kvng_louie Year ago

      King slime

    • kingofhaiti123
      kingofhaiti123 Year ago

      @KingSlime Snippets ain't nothing good about young thing music dawg 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀💀

    • kezn
      kezn Year ago +2

      @KingSlime Snippets yeah young thug a 🐐 u a 🐐 to

  • StefanP
    StefanP Year ago +3

    Thug always inspirational

  • Meghane Lex
    Meghane Lex Year ago +4

    Lil Baby & Young Thug have the cutest friendship 🖤🖤

  • Isaiah Patterson
    Isaiah Patterson Year ago +9

    When he said “ I just want my jewelry cleaned bro “ I felt that

  • Malazan
    Malazan Year ago +1

    I am glad these two are still cool

  • Michael Clarke
    Michael Clarke Year ago +2618

    I knew it lil baby lives in icebox every week he's in icebox with another rapper 😭

    • Blazer Blazeup
      Blazer Blazeup 4 months ago

      These great artist receiving rewards

    • 2K Swish
      2K Swish Year ago +3

      my new song underrated, that's real shit

    • lutz_official
      lutz_official Year ago

      @Charles Williams had see

    • MrSimsEffect
      MrSimsEffect Year ago +1

      @DaeDaeFlow dude Ong he did that shit on his last video I think Lmaooo

    • MrSimsEffect
      MrSimsEffect Year ago


  • Elton Wayne Williams

    Thugger gives of such a cool vibe and positive energy, like him even more now.

  • Solo NewsReporter
    Solo NewsReporter 5 months ago +1

    all jokes aside, Baby is loved and respected by MANY!

  • Styles McKay
    Styles McKay Year ago +5

    It was dope af to see him so casual finally haha

  • Jason Medina
    Jason Medina Year ago

    It's a weird world we live in..this shit was dope though 👏🙌

  • NoTrapCap
    NoTrapCap Year ago +1851

    Lil baby probably goes to icebox at night time alone eating cupped Raman noodles just looking at the jewelry display set 😭

  • Said Abdulkadir Mjahid
    Said Abdulkadir Mjahid 2 months ago +2

    Thugger thugger , this my first time seeing him talking in real life 😂😂😂😂 his voice when he raps and in real life 🤔 humble

  • WORLDSTARHIPHOP • 1M views •

    Thug the only person in History that can walk out of icebox with over a 100 Thousand in Jewelry & Not Put a Dime Down... Thugga Run Atlanta Foreal!!!💯

  • Young Chuy
    Young Chuy Year ago

    Two legends in the buliding 🐐🐐

  • Zooba Ali
    Zooba Ali 7 months ago +5

    I am so used to his voice in songs I can't believe this is his real voice 😭 😍

  • Sindisiwe Mncube
    Sindisiwe Mncube Year ago +2

    Crazy how i can hear every word Young thug says, he is actually well spoken!

  • Bigg Dreamer
    Bigg Dreamer 4 months ago +4

    Looking back on this 9months later.. did anyone noticed at the end Thug is spitting lyrics to Gunna's songs.. songs that just dropped 9 months later...

  • Og Lapa
    Og Lapa 6 months ago

    Esses cara são foda

  • MXFT
    MXFT Year ago +2

    thug just throwing the jewelry around like he already own it 😂

  • Prince Fandi
    Prince Fandi 9 months ago +129

    Baby come in like "im already know everything in this building tho no cap"

  • Prod. RAD
    Prod. RAD Year ago +4

    i got this icebox where my heart used to be

  • Quicc Hitter
    Quicc Hitter Year ago +80

    It’s good seeing people appreciate thugga, even after all them years of people calling me gay for liking his music

    • Rushil Duvedi
      Rushil Duvedi 9 months ago +1

      @Positive A hahah not damn near he done been a legend for a while nah

    • Positive A
      Positive A Year ago +8

      2014 was tough but look now he’s damn near a legend

  • zaxlol
    zaxlol 10 months ago +3

    I like how they measured thuggers ankle with a gold chain 😂😂

  • Drista
    Drista Year ago +3

    Lil baby walked in like he own the store 😂

  • OliveG* Bêşt
    OliveG* Bêşt Year ago +10

    Bro I be laughing loud‼ how thug be acting weirdly when lil baby shows up.😂😂

    • Goddess Keisha
      Goddess Keisha 11 months ago +1

      Thought I was the only one who saw that. I think he can't believe how someone he put on, made it to be on his level.

    DJ DRAMA 3 days ago

    Icebox before rappers walk in: "I hate these guys"
    Icebox as rappers walks in: "HEY BUDDY 😊"

  • Rek Dogg Gisborne
    Rek Dogg Gisborne Year ago +1

    Lil baby came thru like a boss 🙌🏻💯

  • Maurice Berres
    Maurice Berres Year ago +5

    *Look at Thugger man, so inspirational*

  • 16* 29
    16* 29 Year ago +2

    You can tell thugger is real his aura everything he’s a real one

  • Semi Qerelevu
    Semi Qerelevu Year ago +18

    Lil baby walk in like a BOSS and sees the HUMBLE CEO THUGGER 🐍🥶

    WRETCH Year ago +2

    Happy to see Thug having a good time but he needs to me on too. I need that Slime Language 2! 😭

  • Greek Freak
    Greek Freak Year ago +612

    Thug wearing a hoodie a trench coat 🧥 with basketball shorts 🩳 and tube socks 🧦 he too comfy 😂

  • Vanessa Clemons
    Vanessa Clemons 4 months ago +1

    Two of my favorite people🥰😇😍

  • Kwamane Herriott
    Kwamane Herriott 6 months ago +1

    Thug looking like a proud OG watching lil baby shine. 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

  • Macho Ink
    Macho Ink 8 months ago +1

    Pretty inspiring. Thug is authentic.

  • Romii♍
    Romii♍ Year ago


  • InkosiPiff
    InkosiPiff 11 months ago +3

    At this point: Lil Baby probably has keys to the store 😂.

  • Ariana Taylor
    Ariana Taylor Year ago +8

    And this is why he’s literally my favorite rapper! He’s so humble plus we share the same birthday!!! #Leogang ❤️

    BIG POPPA 10 months ago +1

    4:41 Damn Thug spotted that shit from a mile away 🤣🤣👌

  • 9WRLD9
    9WRLD9 Year ago

    are we gonna talk about how lil baby walked in and walked through the place like he owned it.

  • Vincent Briggs
    Vincent Briggs Year ago +734

    They should just rename the store to “IceBaby” at this point😂

    • Shomie
      Shomie Year ago +1

      @SirSkiMask ngl it low key does, frl frl

    • R J
      R J Year ago +3

      He should become a equal partner or open his own & they change the name to that. That’s actually a cool name.

    • SirSkiMask
      SirSkiMask Year ago +11

      That lowkey sounds cool

  • Paul Vasquez
    Paul Vasquez 7 months ago +1

    Imagine if gunna showed up too ?!? 😭😭 Holy Trinity at the Ice Box

  • dalton runyon
    dalton runyon Year ago +21

    they handshake so smooth when baby rolled up

    • Henso Akira
      Henso Akira Year ago +1

      But bro the number of times he came to icebox he surely became friends with the people who work there