Bypass Circle with Disney Parental Controls

  • Published on Nov 6, 2017
  • In this video, we show you how to bypass Disney Circle. This is a simple way to get around restrictions and limits that have been set on your computer.

    Windows CMDs
    View Table - "arp -a"
    Delete Table - "arp -d"
    Bypass - "netsh -c interface ipv4 add neighbors "interface name" "router IP" "router MAC" store=persistent"

    e.g. netsh -c interface ipv4 add neighbors "Wi-Fi" "" "00-21-f2-0c-99-90" store=persistent

    How to find the LAN MAC -

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  • Dyson Bowers
    Dyson Bowers 2 years ago +719

    My life has been destroyed so much by the restrictions I have on me. Every electronic device I have is limited and it just kind of sucks because I’m 16 doing everything I can do around the house & school & extra-curricular activities, and at the end of the day I’m given no responsibility and it just kind of sucks ya know? I know a lot of the people watching this vid are probably in a similar situation, so I wish you the best of luck 😔

  • Secret Shinobi
    Secret Shinobi 2 years ago +7

    If you guys are having issues with this, I recommend watching part two of the tutorial. For some reason, it worked for me when I tried this. Really helpful btw, I'm giving this a thumbs up

  • Arguini
    Arguini 3 years ago +14

    Just wanted to express my appreciation for your activity with responding to people with questions. Nice job my man.

  • AGKawaii
    AGKawaii 2 years ago +227

    My parents paused the wifi usage on my chromebook, which I barely ever use for anything other than homework and listening to music while doing other things such as drawing. The circle is ruining my life and I absolutely hate it.

  • Jane Fort
    Jane Fort Year ago +19

    me, being a kinda irresponsible 13 year old, understands that the blocks could help me, but the blocks that my parents placed on me are obsurd. seriously. my teachers assign us videos to watch on youtube, and i only get 20 minutes. most of the videos assign are from anywhere between 15-45 min. i got plenty of emails from my teachers asking my parent why i couldnt complete the assignment. i tried explaining to them that the videos are much longer than they thought, but they are stubborn and refuse to listen to me. this helped me sooooooo much thx

  • team doodz
    team doodz 2 years ago +561

    F in the chat for everyone who has youtube blocked

  • Chelsea Bishop
    Chelsea Bishop 2 years ago +292

    I was peacefully doing my homework like a good child and all of a sudden, "Its past my bed time"

  • Undead Hunter Productions
    Undead Hunter Productions 3 years ago +37

    Thank you. You have no idea how much privacy has now returned into my life

  • Shiloh Dimenstein
    Shiloh Dimenstein Year ago +4

    THANK U!! during school my parents are making me go to sleep at 8 this is a life saver !

  • Dark Stonks
    Dark Stonks 2 years ago +106

    Circle: has bedtime limits option

  • MajesticGoatPerson
    MajesticGoatPerson 3 years ago +1

    This is actually amazing thank you so much

  • Joseph Pierre
    Joseph Pierre 2 years ago +676

    Bro... im going to be nineteen soon and im still putting up with this bs.

  • audrey fart
    audrey fart Year ago +262

    the creator of my circle shall be destroyed

  • PEBStriker
    PEBStriker Year ago +10

    Im not gay but I could kiss this man. You have no idea what it feels like to do schoolwork on your computer and have your parent not give you your "free time" From me to you, I would like to thank you for the great service you have given 10- 18 year olds with overcontrolling parents.

  • BetterBGaming
    BetterBGaming 3 years ago

    Thank you so much you are Alice saver 👏🏾

  • Noah Quiring
    Noah Quiring 3 years ago +618

    This is pretty sad that I have to watch this 😕 I shouldn’t be in this mess

  • Bloom
    Bloom 2 hours ago +1

    Helpful tips:

  • Osk Bus
    Osk Bus Year ago +2

    What to do if it says "The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect"?

  • evanrabb
    evanrabb 3 years ago +101

    thanks, my dad told me he was getting this so i needed to act fast, its either i'm smashing this piece of shit or i'm bypassing it LUL

  • Bloom
    Bloom 2 hours ago

    Just wanna say you kind of saved my life over here. And I can't appreciate you enough!