• Published on Oct 15, 2019
  • This weeks helping of football and golfing action is different....We got a couple of boys in who lets be honest know what they are doing with a football, to take on myself and Jimmy 'The Bulldog' Bullard who also knows what he's doing with a football in a 'FOOORE HOLE CHALLENGE' footgolf special! Loser does a forfeit, and it's a dirty one!
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  • nikzogaming
    nikzogaming 16 days ago

    Fastest 10 sec i've seen ;D

  • dogs aren't dangerous
    dogs aren't dangerous 17 days ago

    Terrible game. Impossible to play/ enjoy.

  • LC l Rabid
    LC l Rabid 21 day ago

    I think it was fake
    so that they looked like the f2 weren't on a whole nother level

  • Kyle
    Kyle 22 days ago +1

    That course is ridiculous. Those rolls aren’t enjoyable.

  • in4mus85
    in4mus85 23 days ago

    Wow f2 have ridiculous ball control skills, didn’t drop it once

  • ThatSuaveFellow
    ThatSuaveFellow 27 days ago

    Make this a series with them, good chemistry and good content

  • Non cookie cutter
    Non cookie cutter Month ago +1

    Jeremy 'Swaz' Lynch, once a bellend always a bellend...

  • Lewis Ferguson
    Lewis Ferguson Month ago

    get of your phone..

    BEZER Month ago

    Jez on the phone as much as a 15 year old girl

  • Sebastian Moorefield

    SMFH, footgolf is to be played without cleats!

  • Where's your granny orite

    Wish Robbie wasn’t just filming what a legend

  • Amaan 7861
    Amaan 7861 Month ago +1

    Why does Bullard look like a linesman from the championship

  • Mohamed Hadaya
    Mohamed Hadaya Month ago


  • Oscar Hook
    Oscar Hook Month ago +3

    This man takes his pants off but leaves his shirt on

  • Jeff
    Jeff Month ago

    You could tell Jimmy was scared of the fishies!!

  • Phil M
    Phil M Month ago

    Tubes rocking the robocop haircut 🤙🏻

  • martin Padgett
    martin Padgett Month ago

    Clicked on the video thinking f2 vs theo baker😂😂. Still a good video though.

  • unbelievablescenes
    unbelievablescenes Month ago


  • okkcomputer
    okkcomputer Month ago

    starts at 02:28

  • Gabriel Jajou
    Gabriel Jajou Month ago +7

    The Amount of Likes is the amount of times “wE sTiLl GoT a ChAnCe” was said

    KLASSIX _ Month ago

    Come to Cornwall! and try Cornwall Football Golf

  • Fenway
    Fenway Month ago

    Who ta fuck are F2 ???
    Pair of annoying twats anyway

  • Danny max
    Danny max Month ago +1

    I was actually thinking of going to Foot Golf but this video has just saved me an entire afternoon. Thank you mate.

  • Danny max
    Danny max Month ago

    Time to throw up the white flag Tubes on that head of yours. Time to Bic that shit 😉😄

  • Lenny King
    Lenny King Month ago

    Tubes and F2 lads are all wankers just fuck off the lot of u

  • Josh Vlogs
    Josh Vlogs Month ago

    Why did you collab with these bellends .

  • Aaron Joyce
    Aaron Joyce Month ago

    Jez Lynch is a dickhead

  • Herculean
    Herculean Month ago

    🐸 🕳

  • eivom
    eivom Month ago

    Nice vid skipped the f2 parts though.

  • KingSta
    KingSta Month ago +1

    Jeremy lynch's girlfriend is still in primary school pass it on

  • Reginald Jukes
    Reginald Jukes Month ago

    what a touch 13:16 . . .

  • Shay Merten
    Shay Merten Month ago +2

    Why is everyone giving jezza crap for filming this on his phone????¿ y’all soft

  • Jacob Bunter
    Jacob Bunter Month ago +1

    I’ve met Jeremy and he’s a raging twat

  • Bob Chungus
    Bob Chungus Month ago

    Act like a wet wipe in your Audi

  • John Brett-Smith
    John Brett-Smith Month ago

    Awful course

  • gocubs22
    gocubs22 Month ago

    Hole 3 tho!

  • Joshua Pilling
    Joshua Pilling Month ago +1

    This is 2 months old

    • Joshua Pilling
      Joshua Pilling Month ago +1

      Tubes ok thanks tubes 👍 saw a video with them two months ago! Sorry mate
      Keep the work up 👍

    • Tubes
      Tubes  Month ago +1

      It’s not pal, we did 2 bits of filming on the day 👊🏻

  • TheSportDemon 1
    TheSportDemon 1 Month ago

    Jez on his phone

  • J H
    J H Month ago

    Great game - great concept - when's the WCup ?

  • NhojGaming
    NhojGaming Month ago

    You need to deflate the balls a bit so they don't roll so much

  • Evie Aqua
    Evie Aqua Month ago +1

    I've played foot golf

  • Matt Molnar
    Matt Molnar Month ago

    Couple old donnies trying to keep up with top lads, class show innit x

  • Trash Perfect
    Trash Perfect Month ago

    f2 obviously won

  • Karl a
    Karl a Month ago +1

    Great funny video!! And this is such a beautiful place ..... 3 lakes near ware. So many different activities here to do and great food at the restaurant. Pitch and put here all the time.

  • icantthinkofaname 900
    icantthinkofaname 900 Month ago +12

    I don’t know who are you? Random person scrolling through the comments?
    Have a nice day!

  • Simply Golf
    Simply Golf Month ago

    It's not a frog, it's a toad in the hole 😂🤣😂☝🏻😂

  • Chris Farrow
    Chris Farrow Month ago

    This is so funny great vid once again 😂👍🏻

  • spencer earthy
    spencer earthy Month ago +1

    Tubes looks like pukki 😂😂

  • xcx Zzz
    xcx Zzz Month ago

    I cant handle this Jez fella...3rd or 4th thing ive seen him in & what a twat

  • luke g
    luke g Month ago

    If the f2 were on a dating show my life is football maybe u can play with my balls 😈

  • big gib
    big gib Month ago

    Jez using his phone... Such disrespect. I like Billy but Jezza is just too much.

  • Will Hunt
    Will Hunt Month ago +1

    Why don’t you play on the actual green?

  • Uncle Terry
    Uncle Terry Month ago +48

    jeremy lynch's girlfriend is still in primary school pass it on

  • lazy llama 2
    lazy llama 2 Month ago

    Cracking video keep it up mate

  • Sid Taylor
    Sid Taylor Month ago +56

    Billy’s mic: 🎙
    Jimmys mic: 🎙
    Tubes’s mic: 🎙
    Jezzas mic: 📽
    Also, what disrespect jezza on his phone 😑🙄🙄

  • SeeMCW
    SeeMCW Month ago


  • HDFX
    HDFX Month ago +5

    anyone says anything: 'ahahahahahahahahahahahah your'e a legend'

  • One Creator
    One Creator Month ago +2

    Loved it. Can't get enough of jim

  • M Gfngndfsh
    M Gfngndfsh Month ago +3

    Imagine getting an opportunity to spend time with a celebrity but they spend the whole time on their phone. These guys wont get an opportunity to play with famous people in a long time, if not ever

    • M Gfngndfsh
      M Gfngndfsh Month ago

      Malik Alam you dont know that, and even if he was, he should be doing that in his own time. Not during a fun activity with people passionate about the sport

    • Destroyer -
      Destroyer - Month ago

      He was only on his phone to do videos, caption and post them. Calm down

    • zInstinctHD
      zInstinctHD Month ago +3

      Jeremy Lynch is a total bellend but you're stupid as fuck they are more famous than Tubes and probably Bullard aswell they will obviously carry on getting opportunities

  • Nathael Prolon
    Nathael Prolon Month ago +3

    Where's Gareth Bale???