I Want To Be Tall

  • Published on Jan 10, 2019
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • Ayla Meier
    Ayla Meier 2 hours ago +1

    jenna: i wAnNa Be TaLlLlLlLlLlLeRRRRRRRR

    this is the content i sighned up for

  • Savannah Reid
    Savannah Reid 9 hours ago

    As a 19 yr old 6'1" female I can confidently say that Jenna is taller than I ever could be. Her tall person vibes are overwhelming, even for me.

  • Zephyr Nace-Beach
    Zephyr Nace-Beach 11 hours ago

    I expected her to look at the top of his head and be like “ok, that’s a deal breaker”

  • Something Kristina
    Something Kristina 11 hours ago

    I doooontnnntt waaannna beee taaaalllll

  • Aura Films
    Aura Films 13 hours ago

    I love her!!!!🙌♥️😂 And she's great with piano!

  • its just Art
    its just Art 16 hours ago

    6:00 she looks like a paintbrush

  • red_purple_fox
    red_purple_fox 18 hours ago

    lol I feel so attacked because I'm also 5'5" and don't consider myself that short. 😂 Probably because I know a lot of people shorter than myself. Height is relative.

  • Kolbrún Garðarsdóttir

    As an abnormally short person, I never get tired of this video. It always makes me laugh and gets me in a good mood and ready to binge more Jenna Marbles videos. This looks like the best time ever!

  • KingJayuan27
    KingJayuan27 20 hours ago +1

    Looking like eyzma from emperors new groove...

  • Vejuko
    Vejuko 21 hour ago

    There’s a robot in mars 😭💔
    My battery is low and its getting dark..

  • Carson Schwartz
    Carson Schwartz 23 hours ago

    When she said "tall hair" I thought she meant like a beehive...

  • l3elovedLexi’s Gaming

    This Is How Many Times Jenna said: *JuLiEnNNNN!!! FiX iTTT!!*

  • nori
    nori Day ago

    As a tall person I can confirm that you stole my look Jenna!

  • Ava Bennit
    Ava Bennit Day ago

    I’m only 3.4 and I’m 14 I’m so jealous that you guys are so tall

  • Sophia Ban
    Sophia Ban Day ago

    As a tall person I can say that this definitely how we act

  • Gianna P
    Gianna P Day ago

    Wait wait hold the mf phone...what happened to joana?? Can we get a search party out for her she was everywhere a bit ago where is Joanna is she ok?? Joanna I care it's ok...mvn I just checked Joanna is doing just fine I've just been living under a rock

  • Kelsey Brooks
    Kelsey Brooks Day ago

    She looks like a charter from space channel 5 lol

  • virtualpainter
    virtualpainter Day ago

    5'0 gang where u at 😳

  • unicorne shimer
    unicorne shimer Day ago

    or like a fashionable troll LOLOLOLO !!!!!!

  • unicorne shimer
    unicorne shimer Day ago

    you look like a expensive highlighter brush , LMAO HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alona Oneal
    Alona Oneal Day ago

    She look like a peacock

  • hadi cruz
    hadi cruz 2 days ago

    I come back to this video every now and then

  • Vix Stewart
    Vix Stewart 2 days ago

    Can Jenna play the synth/keyboard at my wedding/kid's christenings/funeral?
    Enya and other etheral music only tho.

  • Kitty Jae
    Kitty Jae 2 days ago

    The boots you were after.... they are called New Rocks, and theyve just released some pink ones!!!!!

  • Monika
    Monika 2 days ago

    Videos like this make me forget Jenna has a degree in psychology.

  • Moosie Goose
    Moosie Goose 2 days ago

    5:04 buying $1 makeup from wish by Safiya

  • music dork
    music dork 2 days ago

    Yas you look like a fabulous makeup brush!!

  • S-J Dods
    S-J Dods 2 days ago

    this is neo-dadaism

  • Drawing is Fun
    Drawing is Fun 2 days ago

    6:06 you look like a fan brush not to offend you

  • Jason Polen
    Jason Polen 2 days ago

    Teeter hangups

  • Makena B
    Makena B 2 days ago

    Heeeeeeeellllllllllll yaaaaaaa

  • _buzz.wheeze_
    _buzz.wheeze_ 2 days ago

    I Wanna Be Tall 0:00 - 1:56
    I Wanna be Tall Reprise 12:36 - 13:04

  • Gobble Turkey
    Gobble Turkey 2 days ago

    The taller your hair is the closer you are to god

  • Gobble Turkey
    Gobble Turkey 2 days ago

    Jessie from Pokemon is quaking

  • Mack riggs
    Mack riggs 2 days ago

    Jenna: cAN I GET A HELL YA
    *Me with 3 cookies in my mouth*
    H e l l y a h

  • Targon
    Targon 2 days ago

    Laughs in 6 foot 13 year old

  • Poteto Potato
    Poteto Potato 2 days ago +2

    I'm showing this to my tall friends....haha..

  • Fluffy The Cat
    Fluffy The Cat 3 days ago

    Hell yeaaaaaa

  • Broken Down Golf Cart
    Broken Down Golf Cart 3 days ago +1

    im fucking crying

  • REDFOXGAMER Shardboy9
    REDFOXGAMER Shardboy9 3 days ago +1

    Me screaming at 3:0am Hell yeah
    Parents:what the hell are you doing why are you shouting
    Me: the lady in the internet asked for it

  • Louisa Cryan
    Louisa Cryan 3 days ago +2

    Julien: I'm a skinwalker
    Jenna: No no no no, you put that sentence back in your mouth

  • Alfonso Garza
    Alfonso Garza 3 days ago +1

    Jenna should become a plant

  • Gaymer Boy
    Gaymer Boy 3 days ago

    She's an Alive meme Anthem LMAO

  • Erika Haven
    Erika Haven 3 days ago +1

    "As you can see, part of being tall is constantly being on the phone"

  • 88 anissa
    88 anissa 3 days ago

    jenna marbles is just the greatest youtuber no questions asked

  • Eden Williams
    Eden Williams 3 days ago +2

    She either needs to be in a Dr. Seuss movie or in the capital of The Hungers Games....

    CONTENT-: :-FACTORY 3 days ago

    H E L L Y E A H

  • Ava Bucci
    Ava Bucci 4 days ago

    thexvid.com/video/0r7rCcQNW2o/video.html Your welcome lol

  • Rad
    Rad 4 days ago +7

    I had to re watch this. and the first two minutes alone made me cry laughing.

  • MegHannahK
    MegHannahK 4 days ago

    Currently sick with pneumonia and I just watched this video for the 262827th time still laughed so hard that I vomited thanks Jenna :)

  • lila kikareas
    lila kikareas 4 days ago +5

    Im 5'11 I could give you my height any day i hate it

    KIM TAEYUNG 4 days ago

    Oh god help Jenna.......... WE NEED HELP 🗣

  • Marquis De Lafayette
    Marquis De Lafayette 4 days ago +1

    I've watched Jenna so much that I've started to talk like her

  • Gracie Flood
    Gracie Flood 4 days ago

    When she comes down and he just sighs and says, "..Jenna"


    Well, she grew her seven inches

  • Ashelyn Rodriguez
    Ashelyn Rodriguez 4 days ago

    wow she looks so different from way back in the day. I love it.

  • Caroline Ring
    Caroline Ring 5 days ago

    Jenna was killing it on that keyboard.

  • Lily Carey
    Lily Carey 5 days ago

    my name is kermit i want to cry some more

  • TopBoyAnd Mugy4Eternity

    Oh my gawd I love watching these two lovely people haha such fantastic sense of humour haha I've gone on a Jenna and Julien video binge awesome cool most fun content much love from Australia love Sarah hehe

  • A K
    A K 5 days ago

    There is a surgery for that

  • Rachel Corrin
    Rachel Corrin 5 days ago

    My goal in life is to be this happy and to have someone to be as happy and as weird as me😂 they are goals

  • fla la
    fla la 5 days ago +4

    Honestly that look is *HIGH FASHUN* Jenna!

  • Jazmin Escobar
    Jazmin Escobar 5 days ago

    Does anyone else want a height update video?

  • ryxn mcxlxre187
    ryxn mcxlxre187 5 days ago

    She looks like a paint brush

  • koluski
    koluski 6 days ago

    Oh my gosh sister I want to be sister tall too Kay? Kay! Hell yeah!!!!!!🤣

  • Khloe Potato
    Khloe Potato 6 days ago +2

    "Can I get a hell yea CAN I GET A HELL YEA OH SHIT" IM NOW DEAD 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • WOLFYIA •-•
    WOLFYIA •-• 6 days ago +10

    Me: how high do you wanna be?
    Jenna: *YES*

  • DaPoodleFloof
    DaPoodleFloof 6 days ago

    I’m 11 and 5 foot 7 for some reason. People think I’m like, 15 years old...

  • Spaze Cadet
    Spaze Cadet 6 days ago

    Love the intro so much lol!
    I made a horror trailer out of it. It's literally perfect for one 😂

  • Zenøa Melí
    Zenøa Melí 6 days ago


  • Julie Daniel
    Julie Daniel 6 days ago +1

    12:38 she looks like Eva from emperors new groove 😂

  • psotelo342
    psotelo342 6 days ago

    HELL YEAH btw she just wanted to get a hell yeah,like to say hell yeah

  • can I be your overlord plz

    Can you like actually be my mother.

  • akeelah williams
    akeelah williams 6 days ago

    Why does this have the same energy as the season one finale rant of Rick and Morty

  • you thought boiii
    you thought boiii 6 days ago +5

    They tried to put me on the cover of vogue, but my legs were TOO long