Which software is used for VFX?

  • Published on Mar 19, 2019
  • No VFX would be created without a computer software. Do you want to know which software is used by professional VFX artists? You'll find the answers in this video.
    Big thanks, to the following people, for supporting this video:
    Gorilla rig: Jakub Krompolc - www.rig-it.net
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    Natron - open source compositing software: www.natron.fr
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  • Elementbob_FX
    Elementbob_FX 8 months ago +536

    Adobe has been used in major motion pictures. The Force Awakens was nominated for an Oscar and after effects was used in the film. Not to as used as nuke, it's pretty well used in movies for visual effects!

    • Raymond Doetjes
      Raymond Doetjes Month ago

      no how is AE buggy?! Never noticed that. I just loath the comps and precomps and the many layers, especially for compositing render passes, it’s rather unorganized, compared to node based.
      But buggy? Especially for comping, it’s trivial math on individual pixels, it’s hard (even for Adobe) to fuck that up.

    • Raymond Doetjes
      Raymond Doetjes Month ago

      VFX Geek Houdini and Maya aren’t composities either. Photoshop still a corner stone, isn’t even motion graphics. Motion graphics when put in a shot are as much as a visual effect as and explosion or a 3D character.

    • RO VFX
      RO VFX 2 months ago

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    • Bikash Lakra
      Bikash Lakra 4 months ago

      Computer specification please

    • Horrorgraphy
      Horrorgraphy 5 months ago

      @Chosen Idea I remember Andrew Kramer, but I have not seen him for a long time

  • Chandu s
    Chandu s 14 hours ago

    All in one and only Blender 😍

  • Showbizy Pk
    Showbizy Pk 19 hours ago

    Plz Reply Me. Every Software Do Different Things.If We Have To Make A Video In Which We Need All The Softwares Work,How Can We Make A Clip With One Software And Put It Into Another Because They Have Different Supported Formats?

    • Showbizy Pk
      Showbizy Pk 14 hours ago

      @VFX Geek Thank You For Your Reply.I Have Not Used Any Of These Softwares,But I Am About To Try Any Of These.I Have Used Some Softwares Which Do Not Support Various Formats.After Watching Your Video,I Commented Here And Started Researching And Got To Know That These Softwares Have Common Formats.Anyways Again Thank You For Your Reply.If U Dont Mind Can You Email Me Your Fb Account(If You Use) On My Email
      I Have To Ask Numerous Questions.Please If You Can

    • VFX Geek
      VFX Geek  15 hours ago +1

      Between which applications, for example. Most of these apps use some common file formats, for exporting.

  • Nuno Gonçalves
    Nuno Gonçalves Day ago

    Well seems i got a lot of programms to crack 👀

  • 3ds max
    3ds max 2 days ago

    Opens Blender for the 1st time. Sees a cube automatically created.
    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Uninstall complete.

  • 3ds max
    3ds max 2 days ago

    3ds max: for winners
    Blender: for losers

    EDAРYБ 2 days ago

    Autodesk rip in 2010

  • momin aktar
    momin aktar 3 days ago

    May admission hona chatahu

  • The ghost 89
    The ghost 89 4 days ago

    I'm so glad they are not using that shitty Blender

  • Pro Justice
    Pro Justice 5 days ago


  • BLU Khedekar
    BLU Khedekar 9 days ago

    I use ms paint


  • Gamer Extreme
    Gamer Extreme 12 days ago

    4:41 movie name

  • 13monsterslayer
    13monsterslayer 17 days ago

    Where my ms paint squad at?

  • Miles Cupido
    Miles Cupido 18 days ago

    How to create a cgi/ vfx movie with blender...

  • r k
    r k 18 days ago +1

    Thank you 😘😍👌

  • Code Games
    Code Games 19 days ago

    The misleading part of this is not the software is the Title of the Video_This is what the tile should be
    Which software is used for VFX in the Big Studios _ because all the software out there can make VFX

  • TuffKid Gaming
    TuffKid Gaming 21 day ago

    i am invitible if i learned all that software

  • TuffKid Gaming
    TuffKid Gaming 21 day ago

    i never understand that how vfx software work? how they able to add exact color they we want to in final output? how thats possible? for example the lion king 2019 and rango mobie animation is so deep with detailing.. how they done and exact color that they imagine> ?

  • The Unrivaled
    The Unrivaled 21 day ago +1

    Most of the softwares are Indian and used in Bahubali

  • pipolo muhain
    pipolo muhain 22 days ago

    Meanwhile: lego stop motion.

  • The3DSMaxinator
    The3DSMaxinator 23 days ago

    Modeling and Animation = 3DS Max/Maya/ZBrush (Hundreds of pipeline plugins)
    Texturing = Photoshop/Substance Designer
    Rigging = Mixamo/Maya
    Composition = Adobe After Effects
    These are my favorite programs to use.

  • CrazyStarN
    CrazyStarN 24 days ago

    Blender has everything explained here 😝

    • The3DSMaxinator
      The3DSMaxinator 23 days ago +1

      True, except for the workflow and pipeline from one app to the next without some kind of issue.

  • Все обо всеМ

    Congratulations, you honor my
    / \

  • Mr. SusMan
    Mr. SusMan 28 days ago

    6:11 what about cinema 4d

  • denis tinggangau
    denis tinggangau 29 days ago

    TheXvid immature : blender bla bla2...
    Me : shut up blender user... Just show the world what blender can do in big screen... (FYI I'm zbrush, Maya, blender user - tools is just tools). I come for information... Not some bias comments

  • Alien Beam
    Alien Beam 29 days ago

    Best ones for a complete beginner?

  • Rajesh Kumar
    Rajesh Kumar 29 days ago

    Which web I downloaded it pls

  • Noiecity GM
    Noiecity GM Month ago

    amazing video, I for almost all use blender and zbrush haha

  • Alinoor Abdi
    Alinoor Abdi Month ago

    If you have adobe after effect and element 3d plugin.. its very simple.. just you need obj file and you can do taking too long rendering Time🤣🤣

  • Christ Warriors
    Christ Warriors Month ago

    i want to learn vfx can you teach me

  • Raymond Doetjes
    Raymond Doetjes Month ago +1

    You see a massive and sudden shift. I’ve been using Blender of and on since 1997. Now I see it pop-up in studios and moving away from Maya, and I’m often asked how to do certain things. Autodesk isn't innovation anymore in Maya and that stupid lease model is not doing them favors.
    And also in compositing I see a gradual but steady shift from Nuke to Fusion. And having used it now, I gotta say that it is faster because it has great GPU integration and it’s actually very useful.

    • Raj Darsan
      Raj Darsan 24 days ago

      @Raymond Doetjes their new bifrost visual programming feature very advanced than we thinking they will eat industry again

    • Raymond Doetjes
      Raymond Doetjes Month ago

      *autodesk isn’t investing a lot in Maya anymore.

  • Mariah loma
    Mariah loma Month ago

    Adobe After Effects is better than Nuke in VFX .

    • VFX Geek
      VFX Geek  Month ago

      Sure, that's why it costs 25$ per month, and no one is using it for professional productions.

  • R. ANAND
    R. ANAND Month ago

    How to learn VFX

  • Umar Baig
    Umar Baig Month ago

    So many hard learning software even if i wanna create 1 minute 3d video 😁

  • Yacine Chakour
    Yacine Chakour Month ago


    ROY MALAMBO Month ago

    but in star trek after effects was used.

    • Raymond Doetjes
      Raymond Doetjes Month ago

      Only for titles and holograms (motion graphics stuff). But still used yes.

  • Areeb Qasim
    Areeb Qasim Month ago

    Thank to gives us guide

  • Areeb Qasim
    Areeb Qasim Month ago

    Which software I want to use

  • Mr Goody
    Mr Goody Month ago +1

    Lot of blender comments here.

  • Sandeep K S
    Sandeep K S Month ago

    How can i get proper training for these softwares. I like video editing, 3D making, motion graphics... etc?

  • AHS Society
    AHS Society Month ago +2

    I waited to the end only to find out they dont use After Effects

  • Isaiah Campbell
    Isaiah Campbell Month ago +2

    Pretty much: Autodesk Maya

  • anonymous jj
    anonymous jj Month ago

    Vfx artists really work in true hell......

  • Pixel Agency
    Pixel Agency Month ago

    Awesome information you have ..

  • Asfand Yar
    Asfand Yar Month ago +1

    Best ever video which i ever seen of vfx information. Thanks for amazing video

  • ramy ahmed
    ramy ahmed Month ago

    Where Cinema 4d

  • Ruchit Barot
    Ruchit Barot Month ago

    Please make videos on nuke. Thank you for this video.

  • Goutham manic
    Goutham manic Month ago +1

    your content is true ,i am in vfx field as a compositor

  • Nazar Seitkuliev
    Nazar Seitkuliev Month ago

    But wait... What about cinema4d??

  • Holger Röhrig
    Holger Röhrig Month ago

    What about Maxon's Cinema 4D? It's not even mentioned here, yet it's widespread and used by many studios and design agencies. 🤨

    • VFX Geek
      VFX Geek  Month ago

      Going this way, I would have to put Blender on the list, because 3 or 4 professional studios are using it. That however doesn't make it a standard software used in the industry.

    • Holger Röhrig
      Holger Röhrig Month ago

      @VFX Geek That's not entirely correct. It is used for example by Territory Studio (Blade Runner 2049 and others ...), Sarofsky (Doctor Strange ...), Perception and SPOV. Also the new Marvel-Studios logo was created with Cinema 4D.
      "... The leading design studios Sarofsky, Perception and SPOV were involved in the creation of main-on-end-titles, previz, medical animations, and the design of the new Marvel Studios logo for the movie. All three used Cinema 4D for their inspiring work. ..."
      I admit it's probably not the standard and is probably often used in addition to other tools but it's at least so good and so often used that it deserves a mention. :-)

    • VFX Geek
      VFX Geek  Month ago

      Well it's not widely used at VFX studios. Perhaps at advetisement agencies.

  • Md. Mustakim Billah

    What about blender?

    ROMEO CREATION Month ago +1

    Perfect information

  • Yubis Smile Studio
    Yubis Smile Studio Month ago +1

    Thx you very nice video🙏👏👌😜👍

  • Pvpballgaming
    Pvpballgaming Month ago +2

    Non sense, i can do all of these vfx with paint

  • Oscar Nebe Abad
    Oscar Nebe Abad Month ago

    Autodesk sponsored this video?

    LOL SINAN Month ago

    Hey! Cinema 4d by Maxon is also a very good Animation Tool!!

  • Gmail Account
    Gmail Account Month ago

    Blender is wayyyyy better and free

  • Predrag Popovic
    Predrag Popovic 2 months ago +1

    Ok.. I am kinda new to all this and considering starting with either AE or Cinema 4D and neither is even mentioned in the video :P
    Any advice?

    • moh1t
      moh1t Month ago

      I would say go for it, I use both and they are great

  • Arbaz khan
    Arbaz khan 2 months ago

    *SMILING ON MY FACE*, after seeing 3ds max in the list😍😍

  • Dhruv Jadeja
    Dhruv Jadeja 2 months ago +1

    thanks for this video sir it helps me alot :)