Julian Assange Arrested in Ecuadorian Embassy | The View

  • Published on Apr 11, 2019
  • “The View” co-hosts weigh in on charges made against the WikiLeaks founder’s alleged computer hacking conspiracy with Chelsea Manning.
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  • Diane Sullivan
    Diane Sullivan 21 hour ago

    You idiot women! Are you really this ignorant of the facts? Or are you bought out? Julian Assange is a hero, period! Shame on you!

  • Veen Sundown
    Veen Sundown Day ago

    Sunny Hostin: Calm, respectful talking

  • d obianuli
    d obianuli 2 days ago

    These retards (not sunny) are getting paid fortunes for garbage

  • michael wellborn
    michael wellborn 5 days ago

    Asange is a hero!

  • Miguel Gomes
    Miguel Gomes 10 days ago


  • Zofoblues Zofoblues
    Zofoblues Zofoblues 10 days ago

    Meghan must Hate free speech and Journalists. Easy to cast Blame and spew hate but very hard to stand up and say and do the right thing. She has no facts just accusations.

  • Andrei Nekrasov
    Andrei Nekrasov 13 days ago

    Meghan, 'yer daddy was a murderer! She's just upset Trump rained on her daddy's parade. Trump wouldn't "Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran", his dying wish. I love how much Trump hates John McCain, even after his death!

  • Andrei Nekrasov
    Andrei Nekrasov 13 days ago

    Wikileaks lawyers forced that correction out of her.

  • tasr
    tasr 14 days ago

    Seth rich gave wiki the files

  • Mubarak Widaa
    Mubarak Widaa 25 days ago

    Put our spies at risk 😂

  • Sarah Freels
    Sarah Freels Month ago

    Joy Behar is a fucking liar.

  • BlackSam347
    BlackSam347 Month ago

    Tbh I’d be surprised if Megan’s IQ was more than half that of Assange

  • Keno Steven Neal
    Keno Steven Neal Month ago

    How DISGUSTING everyone of you are on this fuckin show. Assange is a hero.

  • Global Roots
    Global Roots 2 months ago

    You're are fucking lier. .he didn't not hake anything! Wikileaks is a news agency that has sources like any other agencies! A Democrat hake and gave it to Wikileaks !

  • Rashad king
    Rashad king 2 months ago

    Sunny is correct that the Constitution does protect Julian Assanges actions. To Meghan and Abby’s point though, Julian Assange releases classified information about our National Security that put our men and woman overseas at risk, and Democrats in Congress did only care when it affected them. So in conclusion, legally it was correct to say Julian is not prosecutable by the Constitution. And Abby was right, the Pentagon Papers, and the Panama Papers, were all whistleblower documents; they were given to journalist, not taken from the source. But an entire second argument must be made to discuss his cyberterrorism in other nations, and jeopardizing national security. If he won’t be prosecuted by the United States for any of that, then he certainly will be prosecuted by another country. Just to summarize what the ladies at The View we’re trying to say, and a little more.

  • Lisa Salvedori rhythm2mysoul

    Fast mouth piece...If only she knew....

  • Cj Pelle
    Cj Pelle 3 months ago

    Freedom of the press you imbeciles.

  • none business
    none business 3 months ago

    why are these idiots opening their moronic pie holes if they don't know a thing about this. idiots. expect on spoke well about the first amendment, but still seemed to understand little about the depth of assanges victimization by the war criminals in government.

  • lori Shepard
    lori Shepard 3 months ago

    It isn't how Trump won.

  • morgan corkill
    morgan corkill 3 months ago

    There is no proof that Assange was working with the Russians (whoever "the russians" are)

  • Paul Doherty
    Paul Doherty 3 months ago

    Meghan McCain is some piece of work, sickening

  • morgan corkill
    morgan corkill 3 months ago

    Assange did not hack into the DNC... This is the first time anyone has said this, and they are wrong.

  • Chaz bono
    Chaz bono 3 months ago

    Welp Sonny is the only one who isn't hysterical and insane on this pannel. Big yikes.

    PANDIAN RK 4 months ago

    He is real hero

  • Armand Asante
    Armand Asante 4 months ago

    Sonny well said , the rest forget about it.

  • Armand Asante
    Armand Asante 4 months ago

    He didn't hack into anything you idiot. Its all about exposing the war crimes.

  • sheeja prasad
    sheeja prasad 4 months ago

    Propaganda news is what all others except Sunny is doing. That Meghan is her father's daughter he killed so many people by his actions n she kills people by supporting propaganda media.

  • sheeja prasad
    sheeja prasad 4 months ago +1

    War criminal John McCain what was he convicted of???

  • sheeja prasad
    sheeja prasad 4 months ago

    Why is that stupid War monger daughter there?

  • sheeja prasad
    sheeja prasad 4 months ago +1

    Good work Sunny the only sane voice.

  • Jennifer Wayans
    Jennifer Wayans 4 months ago

    🔴 Julian didn't hack the DNC
    Someone gave Julian the
    hacked info
    Megan McCain is an IGNORAMUS
    and a Dolt

  • Jaber Yami
    Jaber Yami 4 months ago

    Women are stupid

  • Lavinia Conde
    Lavinia Conde 4 months ago

    "You hear from Trump praising the guy and under his administration persecuting him"- Abby Hunstman
    As the John Adams once said to Thomas Jefferson "you fear one, but I fear them all"

  • No-Genocide D0tC0m
    No-Genocide D0tC0m 4 months ago

    And no _“freedom loving”_ Patriotic American, *British, or Australian* military member defended Julian Assange. *NOT ONE!* You folks _claim_ to value honor and *honesty?* Julian Assange *honestly* informed the public of heinous abuse of power and the murder of innocent people by corrupt government officials. Yet, ALL you Active military (and veterans), who took an honorable oath, did NOTHING to physically protect Assange from being kidnapped and put in chains LIKE A *SLAVE.*

  • Striker Orwell
    Striker Orwell 4 months ago

    2 strange facts about the arrest of Julian Assange? 1. Who told the media when and who was gonna be arrested? 2. Why is the policeman next to BBCs camera smiling and looking totally relaxed? We know of earlier event when media conveniently been "around the corner" that the event or parts of it was likley a staged event with crisis actors.

  • Donna Lee
    Donna Lee 4 months ago

    Assange never hacked anything. Seth Rich got the file sent it to Assange, Podesta and the DNC did a hit on Rich! Assange is here to be a star witness!

  • swampratzozzle
    swampratzozzle 4 months ago

    So sorry all you girls have either checked your brains at the door or are deliberately prostituting yourselves for a corrupt government. What you should be focusing on is the horrors done by your government that he bravely exposed. He did NOT hack, he published.

  • Johnny Jacobs
    Johnny Jacobs 4 months ago

    Do your research! LOL If you stay ready you ain't got to get ready Miss Joy Behar

  • A1 B2
    A1 B2 5 months ago

    If you consider this appropriate television, you are lost.

  • Verena ReinOk
    Verena ReinOk 5 months ago

    Assange never conspired with the Russians to hack the dnc. That’s propaganda. Do yourself a favor and watch one or two Assange interviews on TheXvid and you will be grateful for the insight he gives in global American policies. Assange is not anti anything but he supports an informed public who now turns on him because they buy into the media’s character assassination of him. All the Swedish sexual assault charges have been dropped by the way. He’s a tru idealist and put his life on the line for the truth to be published.

  • Fabio Longhi
    Fabio Longhi 5 months ago

    The blonde one is really horrible

  • Safiye Sultan
    Safiye Sultan 5 months ago

    The view is getting higher ratings because of the brat Meghan

  • BB McKinlay
    BB McKinlay 5 months ago

    Meghan is SO hateful.
    She has a very childish and one-sided.

  • ojdavis23
    ojdavis23 5 months ago

    Sonny don't mind checking this pillsbury doe boy. And Meghan can't take it.

  • madelena1234
    madelena1234 5 months ago

    Assange released information on US war Crimes which these dumb brain washed broads forgot to mention.. Shame on them. Disgusting and false accusations against Assange by liow level intellects who should not be allowed a Platform on TV. YUCK!

  • Chris Walsh
    Chris Walsh 5 months ago

    Theres something refreshing about watching ignorance ie the view

  • cj cotton
    cj cotton 5 months ago

    I know for a fact now Joy is a fuckin idiot!

  • none business
    none business 5 months ago

    morons. julian assange is a hero. a publisher. should be free. stupid morons.

  • Paul King
    Paul King 5 months ago

    American imperialism is the most dangerous lawless force on earth, nothing else comes close.

  • ReineDeLaSeine14
    ReineDeLaSeine14 5 months ago

    Assange, as far as I’m aware, didn’t “conspire” with Russia to influence the election. Wikileaks published what had been given to them by the hackers. Abby used the wrong term here, I think.

  • amal muslima
    amal muslima 5 months ago

    You know why Meghan is so angry because it exposed the soldiers who were in Iraq killed innocent Iraqi civilans on purpose.

  • Papa 1P3RCY
    Papa 1P3RCY 5 months ago

    Your reporting on Julian Assange is horrible. Julian did not hack the DNC as you have falsely reported. Educate yourself before disseminating false information.

  • seanzscorpio
    seanzscorpio 5 months ago

    2:20-2:28 I mean the fact that he released all the acts of horror the US military committed on the innocent Iraqis, Afghanis and everybody else should be witnessed by all.

  • Michael White
    Michael White 5 months ago

    The world needs Tulsi Gabbard now!

  • Jett Rink
    Jett Rink 5 months ago

    Right on Meghan... we're completely with you.

  • KT luv
    KT luv 5 months ago

    Pretty simple it is only breaking law when they get caught Abby and Megan incapable of havjng a mature discussion totally disgusting to watch...then they keep saying he is a hacker when who ever the president is is because of ppl like them...crying wolf

  • Thomas Shaver
    Thomas Shaver 5 months ago

    This is an attack on free speech, and on the freedom of the press. Our government is seeking to silence journalism, because they don't like when it's critical of their crimes.

  • palani samy
    palani samy 5 months ago

    "Assange" the real hero
    Free Assange

  • Laura Guerra
    Laura Guerra 5 months ago

    Joy, I love you but Assange did not hack the DNC... it was a fishing link that Podesta clicked on and as far as the investigation goes there is no evidence as to who did it... the only link to Assange is that Wikileaks ended up publishing those emails. But they do not hack... they publish info that others leaked or hacked. And Abby, Assange did not conspire with Russia... that is not in the indictment!!! That was said by a few media outlets but it is inaccurate!! Seriously girls... I hope you and your producers do take the time to check the facts before speaking about the issue. Assange is not more responsible than the NYT or the Washington Post. Assange is Merryl Streep on the Post. So his arrest is a disgrace.

  • Stephanie O'Hara
    Stephanie O'Hara 5 months ago

    I love Sonny so much for being educated and strong--not letting Meghan interupt her--and sticking to her convictions. She is my favorite person on that panel with Joy and Anna following her. Whoopi is a blue dog corporate democrat in every way and Abby, who is at least better then Meghan in her disposition and her basic political knowledge.