Angry Video Game Nerd - Season Five

  • Published on Nov 9, 2016
  • Angry Video Game Nerd - Season 5
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Comments • 2 191

  • Zamilovanej Blázen

    Allien Attack is the best game :D Just D pad and shoot :D :D

  • RayneMoonfire
    RayneMoonfire 3 days ago +1

    Please do Drakengard

  • ihatecrackhead
    ihatecrackhead 5 days ago

    who's still mad about the back to the future game

  • John R
    John R 5 days ago

    Haha nice clockwork orange 🍊 reference. The good ol in out in out

  • Max Welsh
    Max Welsh 5 days ago

    Action 52, Obviously at least a few people bought this new, I would love to hear from one of you...

  • David Dunn
    David Dunn 5 days ago

    1:56:14 hate these kind of momentsTo the point really think this guy is insane Doing the exact same thing over and over expecting a different result

  • UndertaleFan 1234
    UndertaleFan 1234 6 days ago

    The sixteenth game in Action fifty-two is Megalonia.
    Huh. What an *interesting* name.

  • daBImA
    daBImA 7 days ago

    1:34:02 - Fuck Fuck Fuck uhh uhh Fa fa uh uh uh fa fu oof fa fu fa fa fuf f-f-fuck... FFFUUCCKKK!!!

  • Steven Aries
    Steven Aries 8 days ago +1

    During the Scene with the Mario Plush, I can just hear SMG4's Mario: Woohoo, Mario's got a bone er

  • JasonWho13
    JasonWho13 8 days ago

    This game looks boss.

  • del trotts
    del trotts 9 days ago

    Don't make me give you a f**k slap..........ha ha

  • Abra Cadabra
    Abra Cadabra 9 days ago

    *BEER DROID!!!*

  • Itemtotem
    Itemtotem 9 days ago

    lol gettin pwned by Billy a decade b4 CS

  • TB 7788
    TB 7788 9 days ago


  • Known as
    Known as 10 days ago

    2:15:59 ZA WARUDO!

  • Hata no Kokoro
    Hata no Kokoro 10 days ago


  • Stig Rabbid
    Stig Rabbid 12 days ago +1

    billy bob looks a lot like the original prince of persia

  • Nick Armitt
    Nick Armitt 15 days ago

    The second world in Davey is Greek, not roman. The cyclopes is Greek mythology.

  • neontetra1000
    neontetra1000 16 days ago

    I would love a special episode where they track down the creators of these abominations and ask them “ what were you thinking!?

  • Nothing To See Here
    Nothing To See Here 16 days ago

    Puppy dogs in France in 1951 had a what? WHAT?!

  • Kenshiro Fist
    Kenshiro Fist 16 days ago

    Sept 30th 2019

  • joe
    joe 16 days ago +2

    4:36 don't thank me

  • Fortit Jordan
    Fortit Jordan 17 days ago


  • Mitchell Rollins
    Mitchell Rollins 17 days ago

    3 hours of shit

  • Daniel Seth
    Daniel Seth 18 days ago

    "Like here ,I thought you could jump down this waterfall " wtf ?? James you an idiot sometimes bro

  • WorldsWorstBoy
    WorldsWorstBoy 20 days ago +7

    When is the Action 52 Remaster coming?!?

  • SlewedBoot25934
    SlewedBoot25934 22 days ago +1

    45:43 BAS1FUK

  • Margaret G
    Margaret G 22 days ago

    Just call me the extorted female attorney, take two. Yay! If you are a lawyer, but you have a vagina and a contract for payment you have no rights in Massachusetts.

    LEXICON DEVIL 27 days ago

    1:57:35 this game is so horrible it's not even funny. Out of all the shitty games reviewed this one is just gawwwwd awful.

  • Steve Perrin
    Steve Perrin 27 days ago +4

    "Marty can't stop moving his legs."

    That'll be the parkinsons.

  • Justin Hill
    Justin Hill 28 days ago

    "Altered Beast?" More like "Altered Balls!"

  • Nin*Kaz
    Nin*Kaz 28 days ago

    1:37:49 I love how he starts cracking up at the end of the sentence a child about to burst into tears. No idea why it made me laugh so hard but it did.

  • Tomas Veigas
    Tomas Veigas 28 days ago

    I farted and it stinks

  • tigershade1
    tigershade1 Month ago +4

    okay this is my second time watching all the season again/ im on season five now :-)

    FREAKCROW Month ago

    I was hoping in the Christmas one (grinch) that the people would just be pissed off

  • Dawgweazle
    Dawgweazle Month ago

    1:34:18 I always get so tickled by that part. Perfect end!

  • Kunisake
    Kunisake Month ago

    I always assumed the red lady was giving him a potion or some food. Link doesn't have to time to screw around like that anyway. If someone sleeps for too long, they'll obviously die

  • Hector Apodaca
    Hector Apodaca Month ago

    01800 sega numero llamda now madcats crontrols

  • Tom 4y5s
    Tom 4y5s Month ago

    Cheta man music !

  • Zamilovanej Blázen

    the cybernetic shit sucker was fucking funny i loved the entire episode :D and the way James "acting" like the robot picking up stuf :D xD

  • Katie Woolwine
    Katie Woolwine Month ago

    (in 2019: >:( )

  • Jay S
    Jay S Month ago +1

    The Glitch Goblin is my favorite thing.

  • Yuri Hageshi
    Yuri Hageshi Month ago

    Maybe 45 watched cheetaman 2 about hurricanes

  • Goochieloco
    Goochieloco Month ago

    My personal favorite avgn season

    • Goochieloco
      Goochieloco Month ago

      I think Iliked the character the most this season and for me at least i laughed at every episode and I liked how he arranged his collection so the little arcade cabinets are behind him.

    • Dev Hann
      Dev Hann Month ago

      Why is that?

  • Max Power
    Max Power Month ago

    "the bird is taking shit in a piss fountain"...

  • Mang Merciless
    Mang Merciless Month ago

    45:43 it says fuk.

  • Ceh. H.
    Ceh. H. Month ago

    i was eatng spaghetti andalmost fucking choked when you said its shooting qtips
    jesus you almost killed me for real

    • Dev Hann
      Dev Hann Month ago

      Really? Almost killed you for real? Was it that serious?

  • gaussminigun
    gaussminigun Month ago

    G force GAFFOT

  • Augustus Sinclair
    Augustus Sinclair Month ago +12

    22:18 "Anything *pink* in this game sucks!"
    *Exits to main menu, every game is highlighted in pink*
    Subtle hilarious humor!

  • Henry Su
    Henry Su Month ago +2

    Anyone else think the Cheetahmen song for the nintendo is actually pretty dope? Lol

    • Henry Su
      Henry Su 14 days ago

      @Dev Hann yeaup.. thought so. LoL 😂🤣

    • Dev Hann
      Dev Hann Month ago +1

      No. Nobody at all

  • Kevin Norris
    Kevin Norris Month ago

    The "Beat a Game Button" was a bit heavy handed, don't you think?

    • Dev Hann
      Dev Hann Month ago

      No. Nobody thinks that

  • Peter Taylor
    Peter Taylor Month ago

    Rob at the end. Avgn, you sir I sulute!

  • Luke Winter
    Luke Winter Month ago

    Did they really charge $199 for that game?

  • Spit Dragon
    Spit Dragon Month ago

    Prince of Pitfall Jones

  • Toool
    Toool Month ago

    1:40 I remember he commented on the music too, or is it just me?

  • Austin Robertson
    Austin Robertson Month ago +2

    18:36 I'm not picking those up. I'm Somewhere else on this planet,and you're probably Somewhere else AVGN. Can't make me.

  • Austin Robertson
    Austin Robertson Month ago

    An NES that looks like a toaster and works? That's actually pretty cool.

  • Quinn Meche
    Quinn Meche Month ago

    It's a Clubberfuck! I thought i was going to die

  • Demonic Horsemen
    Demonic Horsemen Month ago

    Put that pile of shit in the nintoaster

  • Octoomy YT
    Octoomy YT Month ago

    I wish Fred fucks was found at this time