• Published on Jan 7, 2022
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    Today I play a new Roblox horror game called Kampong where you have to explore a house and get rid of the funny little ghosts in there and around the town I guess
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    ROBLOX TOPIC INDONESIA 4 months ago +1342

    Seems like the "Kampong" game if played by Albert isn't that scary 🤣

  • Memer9456
    Memer9456 4 months ago +294

    As a religious person I can confirm that occasionally the house gets haunted by otherworldly creatures.

    • ♥Hunter_simp♥
      ♥Hunter_simp♥ Month ago +1

      @Garfield enthusiast Lmaoo as a religious person I can confirm that you'll have more problems with spirits👍 I get haunted in dreams, real life- my father's friend had a spirit that threw stuff at them XD it's funny af

    • Garfield enthusiast
      Garfield enthusiast  Month ago

      Shit dude I'm going 2 start being religious if this is what happens

    • Reese_.TheFreak
      Reese_.TheFreak 2 months ago +1

      As a religious person i agree ✨

    • wodio
      wodio 3 months ago +4

      a bot copied your comment

    • amongus impostor
      amongus impostor 3 months ago +6

      someone coppied your comment son

  • ni art
    ni art 2 months ago +115

    answer for 3:58: pocong [A pocong, also known as shroud ghost, is an Indonesian and Malaysian ghost that is said to be the soul of a dead person trapped in their shroud. Known in Indonesia as kain kafan, the shroud is the prescribed length of cloth used in Muslim burials to wrap the body of the dead person.] ,[However, it is not uncommon for someone to find a small colony of pocong happily gathering near or around banana trees.]
    answer for 7:15: tuyul [A toyol or tuyul is an undead infant in Indonesian and Malay folklore. It appears in the mythology of Southeast Asia and is invoked as a helper by shamans by the means of black magic. The creature is used to rob people of their riches, which is similar in nature to Babi ngepet.]
    answer for 5:43:kuntilanak [The Kuntilanak, also called Pontianak, is a mythological creature in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. It is similar to Langsuir in other Southeast Asia regions. The Pontianak usually takes the form of a pregnant woman who is unable to give birth to a child.]
    answer for 7:42: kuyang/krasue [The Krasue, known as Ahp in Cambodia; as Kasu in Laos; as Kuyang, Leak, Pelasik, Pelesit, or Penanggalan in Indonesia; as Penanggal in Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and Singapore; as Manananggal in the Philippines; as Ma lai in Vietnam; is a nocturnal female spirit of Southeast Asian folklore.]
    answer for 4:05: Ayatul Ruqyah [Ruqyah refers to the healing method based on the Quran and hadith through the recitation of the Quran, seeking of refuge, remembrance and supplication that is used as a means of treating sickness and other problems, by reading verses of the Quran, the names and attributes of Allah, or by using the prayers in Arabic or in a language the meaning of which is understood. The use of ruqyah as a method of treatment is popular among the Islamic alternative healing practitioners. This method of ruqyah is based on the recommendations and practices carried out by the Prophet (pbuh) for self-treatment or to help his Sahabah and others. Through analysis of the inductive, deductive and historical approaches, this article aims to explain the views of Imam al-Bukhari in relation to aspects of ruqyah and its use in the treatment of disease by analysing some chapters translated (tarjamah al-bab) by Imam al-Bukhari in the Kitab al-Tibb. The results show that the use of ruqyah in the treatment of diseases refers to the discussion of the seven chapters translated (tarjamah al-bab) on three main issues: [1] The use of ruqyah from the Quran, [2] Conditions in using a ruqyah, and [3] The types of ruqyah recommended by the Prophet.]
    answer for 6:35: Orang minyak [According to Malay legend, Orang Minyak is a creature that abducts young women by night. Supposedly, the creature is able to climb walls and grab victims while evading capture due to its slippery coating. According to some folklorists, the Orang Minyak has been alternately described as appearing naked, or wearing "a black pair of swimming trunks". A number of stories describe the Orang Minyak as a rapist that only targets virgins. The Orang Minyak has been traditionally blamed for rapes, beginning in the 1950s, and superstitious Malay female students would attempt to ward off the creature by donning sweaty clothing "to give the appearance of someone who had just been with a man".
    Some versions of the legend hold that the Orang Minyak is an evil human warlock rather than a supernatural creature. Science writer Benjamin Radford described the tales as "rooted in myth and folklore" and characterized the creature's supposed abilities as "implausible". According to Radford, "if a person actually covered himself that way, greasy hands and feet would make it difficult to turn doorknobs or run around, not to mention crawl up the sides of buildings or grab a struggling captive".
    In one version of the legend, popularised in the 1958 film Sumpah Orang Minyak (The Curse of the Oily Man) directed by and starring P. Ramlee, the Orang Minyak was a man who was cursed in an attempt to win back his love with magic. According to the story, the devil offered to help the creature and give him powers of the black arts, but only if the Orang Minyak worshipped him and raped 21 virgins within a week. In another version, the creature is under control of an evil shaman or witch doctor.
    Malaysian newspapers occasionally report claimed sightings of the Orang Minyak. In 2012, the residents in Kampung (Village) Laksamana, in Gombak, Selangor, Malaysia, claimed to have seen and heard the creature in the vicinity of the Pangsapuri Laksamana and Jalan Laksamana. Several years earlier, local newspapers carried sensational reports of a knife-wielding rapist covered in oil, ostensibly in imitation of the Orang Minyak.]

    • `Matt McCeedツ
      `Matt McCeedツ 14 days ago +1

      It's fun to hear albert tryna to "kecek melayu" omg BSBSJSBJSBJS😭😭😭

    • your mom ♥︎
      your mom ♥︎ 18 days ago

      Woah thanks

    • Hizal Wahid
      Hizal Wahid 23 days ago

      Its also known as "gula gula" because is wrapped like a candy xD

    • BozerPlayz
      BozerPlayz Month ago

      Its actually real

    • RahaWasHere
      RahaWasHere Month ago

      Thanks for the hard work bro. Sending prayers to your fingers 🙂

  • shAs
    shAs 3 months ago +69

    "I am terrified of irl ghosts"
    I think you'll be happy to know that the things in this game can actually happen and is based on Islamic (muslim) culture:D

    • Nuaym Umair
      Nuaym Umair 2 days ago

      @DripEatsBanana I hate to tell u this but jinna tend to live in dirty, abandoned places; they also live in ur bathroom. Because of that whenever we go to the toilet we recite a verse for protection and when we leave we recite another verse for whatever is in there doesn't follow us out into the rest of our home. Also keep ur bathroom door shut 😉

    • Neeruhnian
      Neeruhnian 14 days ago

      dude ghosts arent real thats wild

    • RahaWasHere
      RahaWasHere Month ago

      @DripEatsBanana You can do that aswell :)

    • shAs
      shAs Month ago

      @RahaWasHere yeah true

    • crow
      crow Month ago

      @• ☾ fluff ☽ • originally the plan was from sg

  • The Floof
    The Floof 4 months ago +177

    i feel glad he’s playing an Islam-based game. Those ghosts are “Hantu” and also known as Syaitan.

    • Mirhaz 300!
      Mirhaz 300! 2 months ago

      @Local chibi game user you know what? To avoid allahakbar joke that offend islam (look at 9/11 accident and you know many people islamphobia that fear of that word or use that word like it was joke)

    • KittenOri
      KittenOri 2 months ago


    • Fadumo Ali
      Fadumo Ali 2 months ago

      ikr its so funny that he dosnt know that its a Muslim game and the part he tryed to say ayatul ruqiya

    • Izzul irfan
      Izzul irfan 2 months ago

      The ghost are based on Malaysian ghost story ,the Jumping ghost is "Pocong" which is someone who passed away covered in white cloths who is ya know revived, the goblin like creature is called "toyol' he is like summon by a seer to steal people's belonging.

    • sayeontozaki
      sayeontozaki 2 months ago


  • Vincent
    Vincent 4 months ago +3951

    This game is about the South-East Asia ghosts aka "Hantu". We call it Syaitan. They're black magic creatures and practising black magic in Islam is considered as a sin because it is syirik. The developer is from Singapore. Correct me if I'm wrong :D

    • iffah
      iffah 3 days ago

      @Ilyas Zulkarnain no hes singaporean , go search

    • iffah
      iffah 3 days ago

      @Mik Malay no? did u go on roblox and read the description?

    • iffah
      iffah 3 days ago

      @andydot the creator is singaporean

    • iffah
      iffah 3 days ago

      @Crxsty nope hes singaporean

  • Minerva Lovell
    Minerva Lovell 4 months ago +26

    I love how Albert asserts his domanice over the ghost my screaming back at it 7:46 🤣😂🤣

  • Vivian O'Neil
    Vivian O'Neil 3 months ago +7

    When Albert says "Objective: find a key to enter the main house" it sounds kind of like he's singing it

  • RazorGaming
    RazorGaming 4 months ago +4

    hello albert im a muslim viewer and im really amazed and pleased to see u play a game that contains islamic ayat and prayers

  • Cristina Malenchi
    Cristina Malenchi 4 months ago

    Can we just appreciate that he plays horror games and dies from the jumpscares for us!! Support you flam flam

  • ❆Đông❆
    ❆Đông❆ 4 months ago +4197

    *I love how he can literally turn any horror game into a hilarious game.*

  • Jelly cat
    Jelly cat Month ago

    As a Malaysian, hearing Albert try to say kampong makes me want to unbreathe

  • Atsuki Drawz
    Atsuki Drawz 4 months ago +7

    I love how he makes every horror game video into a much less scary horror video lol

  • Mr.StupidMan
    Mr.StupidMan 4 months ago

    this man makes any scary game the funniest game ever

  • • an genderfluid freak who sucks at art •

    just gave me a pain in the heart to listen to that, didn't expect to see a grown man almost cry on camera today.

  • killjøymarcobus
    killjøymarcobus 4 months ago +1587

    Just a small creepy information.
    The singing is called Lingsir Wengi.
    Basically, the song's lyrics is about casting a spell that would attract demons and ghouls. It is a popular myth in Indonesia, where you would play this specific song only on midnight, and many spirits(especially the Kuntilanak) will haunt you.
    Apparently the singing is supposed to repell the demons/Jinns, not attract them.
    But either way, it's still unnerving to the ear.

    • Himmjeck
      Himmjeck 7 days ago

      The Lingsir Wengi was created by wali songo but idk who, someone just syirik and change the lyrics

    • Ipan :)
      Ipan :) Month ago

      @Zak jin is not human

    • REInz ?)
      REInz ?) Month ago

      I used to sing that when i was 11 and I think my Grandpa's spirit watching me while I was sleeping

  • ꧁shiningstqrs꧂
    ꧁shiningstqrs꧂ 4 months ago +1

    Me and my friends played this game, without us knowing that you played it! We always burst out laughing when we play it. It’s because one of my friends always scream laugh when something scary comes up. Love you, albert!

  • maddieee
    maddieee Month ago

    so now my mission is to binge watch albert's scary videos.

  • karina 🌸
    karina 🌸 2 months ago +1

    The fact that even if the game is scary he makes it seem less scary-

  • urmom
    urmom 3 months ago +1

    7:12 I love when he screams like a girl 😂
    He can literally make me laugh so hard! He's one of my fav youtubers ngl 😁

  • End me
    End me 3 months ago +1

    Flamingo is one of the last things that make me happy or laugh :)

  • Sour_patch Kidz Ö
    Sour_patch Kidz Ö 4 months ago +1

    7:45 just Albert mimicking the screaming and trying to scare away the jinn 🙂👍

  • Floppy
    Floppy 4 months ago

    I love how most of the games Albert plays he has no idea what he’s doing🤣

  • jae
    jae 4 months ago

    why does he make everything funny 😭he's literally my fav youtuber

  • Sarv
    Sarv 4 months ago +1310

    no matter how scary of a game albert encounters, he always makes it funnier

    • Dust ink
      Dust ink 4 months ago

      @ds you don’t buster

    • blue bubble
      blue bubble 4 months ago

      @ds SHUT UPPPP

    • blue bubble
      blue bubble 4 months ago

      @Beast v2🔥 shut up

    • ichangenameseveryday
      ichangenameseveryday 4 months ago

      Bots are really homophobic.

    • Dust ink
      Dust ink 4 months ago

      @coconut brando you don’t even have a video not even 2 subs in popular than you

  • Amy Barber
    Amy Barber 4 months ago

    I love the fact that he might be grown man and he is still scared 😱

  • FathurNapis
    FathurNapis 4 months ago +2

    This game is from Malaysia, I am from Indonesia, there is also a ghost from Indonesia, because we are neighbors, I like your videos (:

  • L0yalTea
    L0yalTea 3 months ago

    As a person that is from indonesia, this video is hilarious. Albert confused about the storyline and the creature.
    The ghost/creature that is jumping on their "sleepibg bag" is called Pocong, that is a ghost from indonesia.

  • Isabella Schlender
    Isabella Schlender 4 months ago

    Flamingo! I have a scary game for you to play! It's called 'Welcome' I would love to see you play it!

  • Jan_TheRandomDude
    Jan_TheRandomDude 2 months ago


  • Fiesta the shark.
    Fiesta the shark. 3 months ago +1

    3:11 can't stop laughing 😂😂😂

  • ღℕ𝕖ₖₒ𝓒𝓲˚♡

    Wow,this game gets viral...😳 *PROUD TO BE MALAYSIAN*

  • mobie2006
    mobie2006 4 months ago +1

    Wow! I didn't expect Albert to play this game. I thought only Malaysians and Indonesians play this, but you're one of the first American Roblox players to play this game that takes place in Malaysia, which is the country I live in.

  • somerandomboy_0
    somerandomboy_0 4 months ago +274

    0:00 I never really thought that I could disturbed within one second after watching a video, guess I was wrong lol.

  • Marshall
    Marshall 4 months ago

    4:13 fun fact thats called pocong a very popular ghost in south east asia mainly indonesia and malaysia its wrapped around a cloth that we usually use to burry dead people

  • ~Strawberry~
    ~Strawberry~ 4 months ago

    I am really sick, but watching Flamingo makes me laugh. I dont think I have covid though.

  • hello
    hello 4 months ago

    3:44 you don’t know how hard i laughed.

  • Jelly
    Jelly 2 months ago +1

    This game made me laugh but Albert made me die laughing lmao

  • Not Ethan
    Not Ethan 4 months ago +1440

    Hey Albert, do an admin video where
    you make a therapy
    " and ask
    them what their biggest fear is then
    make it come to life.

    • Batman
      Batman 2 months ago


    • Bella Reid
      Bella Reid 3 months ago

      @itz brylle ytThats still making fun of gay people. maybe edit it to christofer is christomean?

    • Naomi ❤
      Naomi ❤ 4 months ago

      @Bruh ⸜⁄ um ok 💀

    • Naomi ❤
      Naomi ❤ 4 months ago

      @Beast v2🔥 ok ok ok we know now you dont need to spam bozo

  • TTG Nathan
    TTG Nathan 4 months ago

    Can we appreciate how Flamingo Plays Scary games for are enjoyment

  • I don’t know what’s this channel about

    Albert:This is a scary game
    Also Albert:Makes it a funny game

  • Hi
    Hi 3 months ago

    This made me laugh so hard

  • Zulkfee
    Zulkfee 2 months ago +1

    People from USA playing kampong:"ITS SO SCARY"
    Malaysians and Indonesians:"apa dia cakap tu Raju?"

  • Benecollin
    Benecollin 4 months ago +331

    3:59 that's called "pocong" what is pocong? pocong, also known as shroud ghost, is an Indonesian and Malaysian ghost that is said to be the soul of a dead person trapped in their shroud
    5:44 that's called "kuntilanak" what is kuntilanak? Kuntilanak or often abbreviated as kunti is a ghost that is believed to come from a pregnant woman who died or a woman who died in childbirth and the child had not yet been born
    7:09 that's called "tuyul" what is tuyul? toyol or tuyul is an undead infant in Indonesian and Malay folklore. It appears in the mythology of Southeast Asia and is invoked as a helper by shamans by the means of black magic
    7:36 that's called "kuyang" what is kuyang? Kuyang, Krasue, or Palasik is a folklore about a demon in the form of a human head with body contents attached without skin and limbs that can fly to look for baby blood or women's blood after giving birth

    • AlanaMeIGuess
      AlanaMeIGuess Month ago

      @NoobPlaysOofieBloxGamingElderNoobs ye Uhm I might just have nightmares

    • Kaimona Anomia
      Kaimona Anomia 4 months ago

      @jedi CAKE holy damn,now im scared if that thing randomly appears at a graveyard starting to chase me...

    • jedi CAKE
      jedi CAKE 4 months ago

      @Renshū Practice ghost itu hantu dalam bahasa inggris jin itu makhluk halus

    • jedi CAKE
      jedi CAKE 4 months ago

      @LeeOne 2000 bro you know if you leave in Malaysia and you said something bad in forest the ghost will disturb you because it was their house and also give respect to our culture 😤😤

    • jedi CAKE
      jedi CAKE 4 months ago

      @Kaimona Anomia yea pocong actually have disturbing face if you look at it and if also you are not strong enough (not brave enough) sometimes pocong can rolling as fast the car

  • Arwa Hussain
    Arwa Hussain 4 months ago

    i love how that legit every muslim is enjoying albert suffering lmaooo😭💀

  • Ayla Deveney
    Ayla Deveney 4 months ago +1

    I was literally so scared watching this and my friend was with me and I almost screamed 😃

    PROTEIN 👺 2 months ago +1

    as a Malaysian who was born at Malaysia the way he said kampong hurt me.

  • ・The Dreamin Kid・
    ・The Dreamin Kid・ 4 months ago +1

    3:47 *put the speed on 0.5x and you will see the Jinn that Albert saw* but further in the vid you will see it clearly XD

  • Camila
    Camila 4 months ago +596

    *Can we just appreciate that this man plays these heart stopping games for us even when he’s scared*

    • Command3r Cody Brickfilms
      Command3r Cody Brickfilms 2 months ago


    • KamAdant
      KamAdant 4 months ago

      @ds k

    • You cant disagree to a Dog
      You cant disagree to a Dog 4 months ago

      This is literally every single comment on itsfunneh's videos
      Not hating on itsfunneh tho, I really injoyed her content, it's just that the comment section is soo annoying and not creative.

    • KamAdant
      KamAdant 4 months ago

      @Dust ink You really believe a grown man is scared of a glitchy Lego game....

    • Dust ink
      Dust ink 4 months ago

      @KamAdant he is…

    CLXWNZII 4 months ago

    this person helps me want to play horror games.

  • Deez Nuts
    Deez Nuts 2 months ago

    2:49 quick information if you're playing this game,turn off the volume or lower it down on this part,bcs the song might attract evil soul/demons

  • Ford e
    Ford e 4 months ago

    I love how he calls Jinns "critters"

  • Makimo
    Makimo 4 months ago +10

    It makes me so happy that muslin culture (even if its horror based) is being shown on Roblox and even in your channel! you mispronounced some things but its not like it really matters because even I had/have trouble pronouncing this stuff lol The game was terrifying though but you made it funny and super enjoyable.

    • xBlu3yy
      xBlu3yy 2 months ago

      @Idk Idc it plays with the quran, thats haram.
      But since they arent muslims i guess they’ll play it? Idk

    • Idk Idc
      Idk Idc 2 months ago

      @xBlu3yy how is it haram?

    • xBlu3yy
      xBlu3yy 4 months ago

      The game is haram because they play the quran so i cannot play it.

  • Amy's animations
    Amy's animations 4 months ago +648

    It fills me with joy that there's finally a horror game on roblox that has something to do with Muslim culture

    • RandO_Real
      RandO_Real 2 months ago

      Lol same

    • Izzul irfan
      Izzul irfan 2 months ago

      @₵ØɆɄⱤ_VłĐɆ but he said what the f*** is muslim culture.

    • skpon🅥
      skpon🅥 2 months ago

      @AAALY247 gamer ?

    • BlackSamurai
      BlackSamurai 3 months ago +1

      eyyy I’m Muslim :D

    • Christopher Nathan
      Christopher Nathan 3 months ago

      @assaha well you can't expect much from an internet stranger ig

  • Allyson Weber
    Allyson Weber 4 months ago

    I love how Albert in the beginning was like: AHHHHHHH
    but in the end: she’s hitting the worm

  • Jenny Santiago
    Jenny Santiago 4 months ago +2

    *So we aren’t gonna talk about how this man takes time out of his day to make these videos? You would think he’d be working, but no. He does this for us

    • cheez !! 🍄
      cheez !! 🍄  4 months ago

      @dsu literally have 2 subs and 1 video how is that "better" content

  • M4RL1 x3
    M4RL1 x3 4 months ago

    The fact I felt bad for him when he said “I really didn’t like that” 😭😭

  • Sylvia Sjarlis
    Sylvia Sjarlis 3 months ago +1

    3:11 another proof that asian's ghost is scarier😀

  • Txlli
    Txlli 4 months ago +443

    3:11 Albert genuinely sounds like he’s really scared. His scream actually jump scared me instead of the actual jump scare

    • Dwi eka
      Dwi eka Month ago

      @Aliyah Valenzuela just watch cocomelon🗿🗿🗿🗿

    • Dwi eka
      Dwi eka Month ago

      @Aliyah Valenzuela then don't watch this video lol

    • lumine 🐻
      lumine 🐻 2 months ago

      @ohuh games
      bc we can watch whatever we want ❤️

    • Kartkidplayz
      Kartkidplayz 3 months ago

      But baddies don’t watch cocomelon they watch meloncoco

    • DefinitelyNotCringe
      DefinitelyNotCringe 3 months ago

      @Cherry Milk !! they also make fun of~~suicide~~ joke.They must be terrible person

  • Mollz games
    Mollz games 4 months ago

    7:44 My favorite part ✨

  • Melody afton
    Melody afton 3 months ago

    Me and my friends played this and we kept going into the freezer and closing it and it was really funny

  • d4rl1nq
    d4rl1nq Month ago

    I cant stop laughing even tho Albert is playing a scary game 😭✋🏻

  • JJ F
    JJ F 4 months ago +2

    Can we just appreciate how cute Albert is when he's scared-

  • esurber
    esurber 4 months ago +496

    I love how he messes around in every serious game. It's hilarious.

    • faz X
      faz X 4 months ago

      It isn't actually serious it's funny

    • Brylian Liuwendy
      Brylian Liuwendy 4 months ago

      @The Dank scene YT who tf create an bot just to leave an comment like that, fr the creator of the bot don't have anything to do

    • Fruit
      Fruit 4 months ago

      That’s basically flamingos videos in a nutshell.

    • Jawatu
      Jawatu 4 months ago

      Serious game? Dont make me laugh

    • PepperMeat
      PepperMeat 4 months ago

      @Beast v2🔥 woww, ur the best conent creator🤮not

  • Frederick Tagacay
    Frederick Tagacay 4 months ago

    I love how when he gets scared hes like alright lets continue

  • Erath_artist
    Erath_artist 4 months ago

    As I live in a religious household I can agree that I get haunted every day by a girl on the radio

  • Keshino Tomachi
    Keshino Tomachi 4 months ago +1

    3:10 I'm really hoping Alberts ok :(

    YOSHIKAGE KIRA 4 months ago

    "It's not a mistake"✨ITS A MASTERPIECE✨

  • Commander of the 69th legion
    Commander of the 69th legion 4 months ago +243

    Anyone else miss the times when albert would have admin in literally every single game he joined?

    • axiga
      axiga 2 months ago

      the flamingo era

    • Mitsu._.Fumiko._.
      Mitsu._.Fumiko._. 3 months ago


    • DOG
      DOG 4 months ago

      @ds okay, but did we ask?

    • DOG
      DOG 4 months ago

      @roblox4life😎 Go back to twitter and argue

  • amanwithoutapfp
    amanwithoutapfp 2 months ago

    3:57 This guy is actually harmless if you unwrap him he blesses you
    so its bassicly a fleshy gift
    but i think he was missing his stick

  • Wrenz
    Wrenz 4 months ago

    Omg i remember when me and my friend and my brother were playing that and it was so funny and scary at the same time


    As a religious person I can confirm that occasionally the house gets haunted by otherworldly creatures.

    • Cool_Boy 3831
      Cool_Boy 3831 3 months ago

      Can u not?

    • danish
      danish 3 months ago

      @Tigeron1 its a bot bro

    • Tigeron1
      Tigeron1 3 months ago

      You directly copied this comment from Memer9456, who’s of which was posted 10 days ago from now

  • Jasper’Stuff
    Jasper’Stuff 3 months ago

    Just me or is it funny when he gets scared because he just completely screams into his mic lol.

  • Austine Playz
    Austine Playz 4 months ago +308

    I love how Albert forgets he’s playing a horror game and just messes around 😂

  • Roblox Village
    Roblox Village 4 months ago

    Vid made me uncomfortable in 2 seconds...that's a new record. Somehow I can't leave tho 😅. Love you Albert ❤!

  • Mayang exe
    Mayang exe 4 months ago

    i forgot the name of the jumping one, (according to what I've heard) It's spirit of a corpse of someone who hasn't had a proper burial kind of thing, I heard hugging them and unwrapping them, brings luck to you and your family

  • kai :)
    kai :) 4 months ago

    7:17 the pure disappointment in his voice when he realised it wasn't a fish

  • Bryce Gabriel Denoyo

    I just start fighting for breath when he calls the jinns “critters” ✋😂

  • Cyclone
    Cyclone 3 months ago

    "i know this is a bridge because it says bridge."


    I love how he makes every horror game video into a much less scary horror video lol

    [REDACTED INFORMATION] 3 months ago +6

    Hey albert if you see this just make sure if you're playing a game with any religion related things in it just make sure to not say anything if you don't know how to pronounce it because some people will consider it rude

  • Louisa im not good at maths

    Dear Albert,thankyou so much for playing an indonesian's game i respect you so much for intertaining us for years and never was boring

  • {♡Tomei_pancakes♡}
    {♡Tomei_pancakes♡} 4 months ago +526

    Ghost in Kampong:
    The pontianak is like a malaysia and indonesia's version of a vampire but shes a bit different..she usually likes to haunt pregnant womens for their babies..
    The pocong is basically a dead muslim person that has been wrapped up in a white cloth and it cant do anything but just hop aroundsince its body is wrapped up..
    3.Orang Minyak/Ink man
    Orang Minyak is a ghost all black and oily that abducts young womens at night and r!pes them..
    4.The toyol
    The toyol is a goblin made out of a baby fetus,it can only be alive by feasting on its master's own blood..if their master dies then the toyol also dies..the toyol is harmless because its job is only to steal people money and the only way to distract the toyol by stealing money from people's houses is to put marbles or candies or green peas on the floor..
    5.The penanggal
    The penanggal is a ghost that floats only with its head and haunts people..
    6.(I'm not sure about the fire ghost because I never heard about it)
    7.(oof I forgot the last one-)

  • Robox_Edits
    Robox_Edits 4 months ago

    I love when Albert got scared

  • REInz ?)
    REInz ?) Month ago

    Ah yes She's singing Lingsir Wengi (Dusk in Javanese). I was so scared of Kuntilanak but now, I think I gonna want to marry her

  • kokovixhyper
    kokovixhyper 4 months ago

    Albert be like: Today we are playing a scary game. Even if it is scary I am going to try my best to make it as if it was a comedian show. :)

  • Rabbit_love_offical
    Rabbit_love_offical 3 months ago

    I love how he screams its so cute

  • LuvJules
    LuvJules 4 months ago +100

    Can we all appreciate that Albert plays scary games for us even tho he hates jump scares.

  • Nicole Hedley
    Nicole Hedley Month ago +1


  • XoxoAsh
    XoxoAsh 4 months ago

    I just love how the thing was jumping over the toilet

  • Anzu is god
    Anzu is god 4 months ago

    My dog started howling right after the first jumpscare and i thought someone was in my house lol

  • SlimeyyAnimation
    SlimeyyAnimation 3 months ago

    I love how the game is hillarious to beginw ith, i mean, for me, i think its because im indonesian and know what these horror characters are already

  • MikakuDraws
    MikakuDraws 4 months ago +141

    I love how he calls them critters and everytime he finds a new one he treats them like finding a new type of pokemon added to his collection

    • Amogas
      Amogas 4 months ago +2

      @roblox4life😎 no lol

    • Kyle Scorzo
      Kyle Scorzo 4 months ago +2

      @roblox4life😎 why are you on his channel then?

  • 🍋Cleo-chan🍋
    🍋Cleo-chan🍋 4 months ago

    Let's all agree Albertõs is Hilariously funnier then all of us combined✨
    Especially when going into a horror game, HE WILL CHANGE THE GAME AND MAKE THE GENE FUNNY NOT HORROR🔫

  • OneRandomMicrowave
    OneRandomMicrowave 4 months ago

    hey Albert, I think it’s pronounced “tampon” I believe

  • {Akira!(◍•ᴗ•◍)

    Thanks to this game I had a whole entire nightmare about this game being a hotel that we stayed at (this is not a hate comment)

  • Kuru Adrastea
    Kuru Adrastea 3 months ago

    As a Singaporean it's nice to see a game like this

  • Muiz Zharif
    Muiz Zharif 4 months ago +37

    As a Malaysian who loves the horror stories as a kid, it was very fun to see the ghosts from the stories to be in a roblox game. In a detailed one to.

  • Lilly Markoski
    Lilly Markoski Month ago

    Me and my bff play kampong all the time! its such a fun game!

  • Hailey
    Hailey 4 months ago

    i wish i had the guts to play this game lol