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  • Published on Jan 22, 2019
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  • Clumsy
    Clumsy  10 months ago +351

    *subscribe for more Tumblr & memes*

    • Fapping Foopa
      Fapping Foopa 4 months ago

      tell us the outro music

    • Eco
      Eco 4 months ago

      First graders: Sharing is caring
      Me: sharing is communism

    • Thicc Boi
      Thicc Boi 10 months ago


    • BestBoi PyroYT
      BestBoi PyroYT 10 months ago

      *no u (destroy level 💯)*

  • Alyssa Millington
    Alyssa Millington 2 days ago

    if u dont say rock paper scissors i will fight you because tbh ur not a human

  • Iago MM
    Iago MM 8 days ago

    I'm British and I think paper sicors rock is fucking cursed by satan

  • Kelster T
    Kelster T 11 days ago

    It's Scissors, Paper Rock get it right .

  • Sans The Skeleton
    Sans The Skeleton 13 days ago

    0:50 *hmm yes pure genius*

  • Blue Raptors
    Blue Raptors 20 days ago

    It’s not Rock Paper Scissors or paper scissors rock

    It’s scissors paper rock

  • Mr Hugs
    Mr Hugs 25 days ago

    The voice when it says squirrel

  • GameyGames
    GameyGames 2 months ago

    6:11 why does Loki Look like obama

  • Kurt
    Kurt 2 months ago


  • Rai SSBU
    Rai SSBU 3 months ago

    i say scissors paper stone

  • joseph knapp
    joseph knapp 3 months ago

    5:28 lol

  • The Boot of Doot
    The Boot of Doot 3 months ago

    You Americans speak weird.

  • Batguy 1402
    Batguy 1402 3 months ago

    I say scissors paper rock

  • Cryptotech The ONE OF FIVE

    I have 5 doggos so every day is a good day

  • Emi Does Gacha
    Emi Does Gacha 3 months ago

    People say paper scissors rock?!
    _its rock paper scissors, silly._

  • Lana Egg
    Lana Egg 3 months ago

    Lol in Germany we say scissors, rock, paper (Schere Stein Papier)

  • Bethany Thomas
    Bethany Thomas 3 months ago

    at my school when I was in kindy year one a two we said paper scissors rock now i,v heard so much rock paper scissors that paper scissors rock sounds so rong to me

  • JaspA games
    JaspA games 3 months ago

    wait, so only Australians say scissors, paper rock?

  • Slimeyslime 1960
    Slimeyslime 1960 3 months ago

    Some of these reminded me of my childhood Ah i love my childhood the good days when you get in the van and turns out the man doesnt have any candy...

    CHILL MAN 3 months ago


  • Ethan Nguyen
    Ethan Nguyen 3 months ago

    ...scissors paper rock

  • DanielRBMC
    DanielRBMC 3 months ago

    2:04 mrbeast: am I a joke to u

  • Krabb i
    Krabb i 3 months ago

    Eat pant

  • Spiker logixo
    Spiker logixo 3 months ago

    What thread is this ?

  • Hiya_likes_to_draw
    Hiya_likes_to_draw 4 months ago

    Wait a second, isn't it Scissors, Paper Rock?

  • Liam Que
    Liam Que 4 months ago

    I always said Scissors Paper Rock (I am Australian)

  • FlyingDestiny_YT
    FlyingDestiny_YT 4 months ago +1

    Who first to reply is gou

  • Orca [ENG]
    Orca [ENG] 4 months ago

    its rock paper scissors.

  • chilliadistudios
    chilliadistudios 4 months ago

    Bruh it ain't Rock Paper Scissors or Paper Scissors Rock it's

    *cobblestone, sugar cane, sheers*

  • WæW
    WæW 4 months ago

    It’s scissors paper rock

  • Wyatt Bauman
    Wyatt Bauman 4 months ago

    9:23 a very big squirrel

  • H&L Studios
    H&L Studios 4 months ago

    In Australia we say scissors paper rock reference to 0:00

  • edwingamer678
    edwingamer678 4 months ago

    sorry can't subscribe *too fucking horny*

  • Angel Roberts
    Angel Roberts 4 months ago

    It looks like ET in a spider suit.

    EL RETRA HD 4 months ago

    9:05 XD if ur gonna bay a female leopard gecko first re saerch XD

  • Shiny •
    Shiny • 4 months ago

    it’s the Triple Berry Brownie Blizzard. It’s delicious but you always have to explain it to the people because nobody knows what it is. It’s black raspberry ice-cream with brownie chunks and some kind of berries?
    I always have to explain to the person I’m ordering from what it is so this post was kind of amusing.

  • Theravenclawpikachu _
    Theravenclawpikachu _ 4 months ago


  • Salem Black
    Salem Black 4 months ago

    Vikings during a math test: *Shit ton of struggling and confused grunts*

  • Bee Bro
    Bee Bro 4 months ago

    5:26 can relate

  • Alexa :3
    Alexa :3 4 months ago

    I’m laughing so hard right now it’s not even funny 😂😂😂
    It’s night and I’ve gotta be silent but omg it’s so stupid 😂😂

  • Iceimusaurus Ultimus
    Iceimusaurus Ultimus 4 months ago

    Justin.YT:**doesnt comments this video**
    Me:This ninja is up to something...

  • the cool kids
    the cool kids 4 months ago

    6:30 look at the name lol

  • Vox - Tale
    Vox - Tale 4 months ago

    We say, if directly translated, "rock, scissor, bagful" (a bagful being like a grocery bag)

  • Drishen Limbu
    Drishen Limbu 4 months ago

    Wait therapist help people but.
    In the word therapist.
    Is the word rapist.

  • your neighbor Hood friendly sleep paralysis demon

    I guess you can say he has a *bee-nis*
    ( 5:34 )

  • Fapping Foopa
    Fapping Foopa 4 months ago

    ooh, that trap at the end

  • Copilot17
    Copilot17 4 months ago

    I honestly could not take this video, I always find these videos amusing but usually manage to refrain from expressing it aloud. This video, however, had me gasping on the floor reminding me of the days I had asthma.

  • Amanda Cederlöf
    Amanda Cederlöf 4 months ago

    In sweden it's not rock paper scissors in sweden we say fuck you and have rock scissors bag

  • Student Arianne Alor Fuentes

    This was under technology

  • Jishlo TV
    Jishlo TV 4 months ago

    I’ve watched too many of these and the song now haunts my dreams

  • jason demon
    jason demon 4 months ago

    When a woman is in a coma what happens when she gets her period ಠಿ_ಠ

  • Robert Lopez
    Robert Lopez 4 months ago

    Paper scissors rock really really hurts to hear and say. What the fuck, I’m fucking crying.

  • Zuzia Łowicka
    Zuzia Łowicka 4 months ago

    In poland we say papier kamień nożyce so its paper rock scissors
    Edit:its at 0:24

  • Amanda Polzner
    Amanda Polzner 4 months ago

    When the communist meme ended a ad for a communist ad played

  • Alexander Shannon
    Alexander Shannon 4 months ago

    5:35 a beenis

  • Emi0310ly
    Emi0310ly 4 months ago

    In Germany we say 'Schere, Stein, Papier' which means 'Scissors Rock Paper'.

  • Monochromatic Monotony
    Monochromatic Monotony 4 months ago

    5:31 they have a BEENIS.

  • Eco
    Eco 4 months ago

    First graders: Sharing is caring
    Me: sharing is communism

  • hxneybee x
    hxneybee x 4 months ago +1


  • Zionne Makoma
    Zionne Makoma 4 months ago