Francis Ngannou Goes Deep on UFC Relationship, Fight for ‘Freedom,’ Future After UFC 270 Win

  • Published on Jan 23, 2022
  • Francis Ngannou discusses his win at UFC 270, the doctor who said he shouldn’t take the fight, what happened the first two rounds, when he “broke” Ciryl Gane, if he will return to the UFC, a potential boxing fight with Tyson Fury, his turning point with the UFC, and much more on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani.
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Comments • 2 850

  • Beige Frequency
    Beige Frequency 4 months ago +1839

    There is really only one word to describe Francis: Inspirational. The man has done so much and come so far to chase his dream. He is the definition of a champion and it has simply been awe inspiring to witness his journey.

    • Akin Egbedina
      Akin Egbedina 2 months ago

      @Power & Glory lol, veeery softly indeed. The body slams were super soft.

    • Akin Egbedina
      Akin Egbedina 2 months ago

      @Austyn MoonVery true my man, watershed moment indeed. UFC will need to put their house in order from this point onwards.

    • Salva Looez
      Salva Looez 3 months ago

      @Ron P. bitter little girl

  • Yuckesh
    Yuckesh 4 months ago +395

    "If i lose I'm Cameroonian, if I win I'm French" is a very powerful statement.

    • Ugo
      Ugo Month ago

      I don't think that's the general statement though. The toxic voices will always come before the positive ones. Don't let this make you think most people are bad

    • VukanS
      VukanS 3 months ago

      @asdknjakljye He's sneaking French

    • asdknjakljye
      asdknjakljye 3 months ago +1

      Didn't he sneak into France?

    • Yuckesh
      Yuckesh 3 months ago +1

      @Lupara Bianca "France representative" and Cameroonian are two different things lad.

    • Golden states warriors bandwagon Destroyer
      Golden states warriors bandwagon Destroyer 3 months ago +4

      It’s like that mostly in European countries. they will bring up your origins as soon as you lose.

  • Medit-8
    Medit-8 4 months ago +419

    'Freedom doesn't work with money, you give up one for the other' What a line. This man can't be bought.

    • Help Help
      Help Help 3 months ago

      @rashid maxamed also 7 mil is not much when these guys start buying mansions and cars. They make bad business deals. The UFC is successful cause Dana is a savage businessman. Imagine if he caved in to tito years ago.

    • Help Help
      Help Help 3 months ago

      @rashid maxamed wheres he gonna get a better deal? Boxing lol. Hes not a boxer. Bellator? If bellator paid so great why do most of the Ex UFC fighters join them when their at the end of their careers and no longer champions. And most bellator champs are trying to get in the UFC.

    • highlandritz
      highlandritz 3 months ago +1

      Though a tad tenuous, this reminds me of a rant the late, great Patrice O'Neal went on re: "golden handcuffs" those who attain a certain level of success in the entertainment industry are bound by.

    • highlandritz
      highlandritz 3 months ago

      @rashid maxamed Well said.

    • rashid maxamed
      rashid maxamed 3 months ago +2

      @Help Help if it was only about the money Francis would've taken the 7 mill he would've made so far and the millions more he would made just being a Yes man today.
      The money is important, but the principle and the terms of a deal are important too.

  • Broly The Brodie
    Broly The Brodie 4 months ago +416

    -Ariel asks Francis why the french media disrespecting him 11:59
    -Ariel asks Francis if he was worried Ciryl Gane would find out about his injury before the fight 13:08
    -Ariel asks Francis what happened in the first two rounds of the match 16:28
    -Francis explains how he managed to win the third round of the fight 18:47
    -Ariel asks Francis about the moment with his coach Erick going into the 5th round 20:56
    -Ariel asks Francis if he consider his recent victory over Ciryl Gane the best one in his career 22:45
    -Ariel asks Francis if he really made 600k after the fight 23:53
    -Ariel asks Francis if he wanted to stop fighting for the ufc 24:44
    -Ariel asks Francis again if he still wants to fight for the ufc 28:36
    -Ariel asks Francis if he's willing to walk away (from the ufc) if necessary 29:07
    -Ariel asks Francis if he noticed that it wasn't Dana White who put the belt around his waist 30:47
    -Ariel asks Francis if he's going to need surgery 31:41
    -Ariel asks Francis if anything happened backstage after the fight was over 33:33
    -Ariel asks Francis if he was getting sued by the ufc 36:35
    -Ariel asks Francis about a future Fury vs Ngannou Boxing match possibility 40:01
    -Ariel asks Francis if he saw Jon Jones's Tweets 44:13
    -Ariel asks Francis what he wants to happen next year 46:44
    You’re welcome.

    • UFC Fanatic
      UFC Fanatic Month ago

      World would've been more better place if it had more people like you

    • Devin Hawkins
      Devin Hawkins 3 months ago +1

      Thank you 🔥🙏

    • Leo The LioN
      Leo The LioN 3 months ago +1

      This needs to be at the top of the comments. Thanks

    • Adeloye Segun
      Adeloye Segun 3 months ago +1

      You are simply the best, thanks alot and God bless you greatly

    • Terry In Da Chat
      Terry In Da Chat 4 months ago +1

      thank u thank u

  • Rick Okyere's Insight Series
    Rick Okyere's Insight Series 4 months ago +132

    This guy is not just muscles. He is one of the most intelligent fighters in the game right now. The pride of Africa

    • Rose Hans
      Rose Hans 3 months ago +4

      100% correct. I thought his mental state wasn't all the way there...I was very wrong. I apologize Francis. You are a true Champion

    • next A
      next A 3 months ago +8

      You're totally right

  • SomeBlackGuy
    SomeBlackGuy 4 months ago +1988

    Didn't think I could respect Francis anymore than I already do, but here we are.

    • Chizzelfingers
      Chizzelfingers 4 months ago

      @Giannis 4MVP ya francis lost...lost all bargaining power and lost any hope of a boxing career with that boring ,not even sold out show. sry facts hurt you little lady

  • playapapapa23
    playapapapa23 4 months ago +113

    This dude is a walking billboard for the spirit of humanity. Saying he’s an inspiration is an understatement.

    • Akin Egbedina
      Akin Egbedina 2 months ago

      You're right on the button, my man. His Resilience beats imagination.

  • usama ja'afar
    usama ja'afar 4 months ago +192

    Ton of respect for Francis....he is extremely smart and comes with a big heart. That fight wasn't for him alone, it is for all those oppressed by tyranny...

    • steve paris
      steve paris 3 months ago +1

      @Matthew Neufer so sorry Mr Big Brains LMFAO

    • B Cameo
      B Cameo 4 months ago

      @steve paris these kids so overly dramatic man. They’re all part of the “rebellion” smh

    • Adiyudha Aji
      Adiyudha Aji 4 months ago

      Word 💯💯💯

  • m0rx
    m0rx 4 months ago +99

    This is probably one of the greatest interviews that Ariel has done. Especially about what’s been going on with a huge organization. Certainly exposes what happens behind the cameras and gives us the opportunity to understand what decisions you choose in life. Francis has shown his priorities and sticks with it. Always believed in himself and stuck through all the circumstances he’s been experiencing. True champion in the octagon and out.

  • BK
    BK 4 months ago +326

    “He looked like me, the first time I fought Stipe” Francis is learning and making adjustments. Humble enough to recognize his mistakes and get better. Truly more than a knockout artist now. And still evolving.

    • ChillingB
      ChillingB 3 months ago +1

      @Rosebed416 lel

    • Daniel Lee
      Daniel Lee 4 months ago +13

      *aaaaaaaand STIIIILLLL evolving.

  • Thetimelesstea
    Thetimelesstea 4 months ago +1768

    Francis is a legend to speak out like this. One of the greatest MMA interviews of all time. Big FU to the UFC 🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲👑👑👑

    • Danny Sibanda
      Danny Sibanda 4 months ago

      @Mont Gon 🤣🤣🤣🤣👊🏿👊🏿👊🏿👊🏿

    • Josh Feehan
      Josh Feehan 4 months ago

      @Evans Mugambi na but he's promoted him alot although business is business

    • Mont Gon
      Mont Gon 4 months ago

      @Danny Sibanda lol yeah I’m sure it’s the latter 😂

    • Danny Sibanda
      Danny Sibanda 4 months ago +1

      @Corey UFC confusion at its' best, me thinks 😊😊😊🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Rinchen Wangchuk
    Rinchen Wangchuk 4 months ago +99

    Hands down, one of the best MMA interviews I've ever seen. Fantastic job, Ariel. Ngannou comes across as a man of conscience, whose demands by any measure sound reasonable. The man is also speaking up for fighters who can't. A true champion inside and outside the octagon. Dana White and the UFC shouldn't be allowed to run away from the very legitimate concerns he has raised in this interview. Much respect for the Champ from India!

    • Phoresight
      Phoresight 4 months ago

      @Potomac they literally offered him millions...imagine being loud and wrong

    • F Ward
      F Ward 4 months ago +2

      It blows my mind that ufc doesn't offer their fighters health insurance. That's insane and all fighters in the organisation need to rise up.

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks 4 months ago +187

    Francis is so physically scary

    • Robert Smith
      Robert Smith 3 months ago

      He’s a gentle giant for sure but yeah I definitely wouldn’t want to piss him off

  • Shawn Haning
    Shawn Haning 4 months ago +248

    Seriously, this is the first Ariel interview I've ever watched front to back. Absolutely captivating. Francis is legendary.

    • Farhang Emamifar
      Farhang Emamifar 4 months ago +1

      @Aunchient Pistol You're right. He pushes it way too much, but it has a reason. he is pointing out the truth behind the scene. There's some hands which try hard to prevent the truth from getting out. there's a mafia behind ufc. there's a system which operates in a way to oppress the fighters in a controlled way. he is the only guy who points to the stuff. but he can't talk. like other people.

    • Prakul Rathnakar
      Prakul Rathnakar 4 months ago +1

      Legendary? Yes the legendary champ that fights once a year 😂

    • Ngo Matés
      Ngo Matés 4 months ago +1

      His JRE when he tells his story of how he got from Cameroon to France is out the gate. He's had a crazy life

    • Raul Perez
      Raul Perez 4 months ago +2

      @Dustin Demuth just look at Brett Okamoto asking all Easy questions at ESPN. No wonder why Dana likes him so much

    • Dustin Demuth
      Dustin Demuth 4 months ago

      @Farhang Emamifar okay lol ;D yeah sure

  • 9snaga
    9snaga 4 months ago +88

    MMA fighters won't realise it now but Francis is a hero for all the fighters. He has the courage to do what 90% of them won't/can't do. Shame they aren't backing him because of UFC/Dana phobia.

    • F Vue
      F Vue 3 months ago +3

      If Conor did this during his double champ days, he would be have changed the game forever.

    • Shawn Gilbert
      Shawn Gilbert 4 months ago

      All champions could

    • 9snaga
      9snaga 4 months ago +6

      @king kappa "..won't or can't.." they don't all fall into the same category. But they are not all in the same category. He made the hard, choice not because it was easy for him. Nothing this important will come easy. That's why realistically fighters will never have a union and the benefits thereof unless the government/courts intervene.

    • king kappa
      king kappa 4 months ago +4

      Maybe because none of them are in the position to speak out like Francis is. A champ, has the hype of the sports/attention of the world, and contract running out

  • aws al-ghamdi
    aws al-ghamdi 4 months ago +929

    Francis is a true example for champion inside and outside the octagon

    • Junaid van Rensburg
      Junaid van Rensburg 3 months ago

      @Johnny Sack boring? No actually technical chess match if you train and fight you would appreciate.. especially if the dudes acl was blown. 2 years I’ve been battling

    • William Kraba
      William Kraba 4 months ago

      @Perhaps he is not respectful at all he diss all my country with his lies

    • Johnny Sack
      Johnny Sack 4 months ago

      Fight was super boring. Kinda shitty. Hope he doesn’t resign with ufc

    • William Kraba
      William Kraba 4 months ago

      Francis just lied and insulted 70 millions of peoples

    • Kota Lz
      Kota Lz 4 months ago

      Maybe when he’s on camera

  • Impressive IQ
    Impressive IQ 4 months ago +143

    I get so touched and emotional anytime I listen to Francis talk. He is a living testament of greatness.

    • Theme Master
      Theme Master 3 months ago +1

      @rashid maxamed I guess people don't distinguish between saying no after the contract has finished and saying no before it has finished? Saying no before the contract has finished is a thing, with opposing views on freedom and force. This isn't even a thing. This is just a guy making a life choice.

    • Theme Master
      Theme Master 3 months ago

      @rashid maxamed Do those other fighters wait until the contract is over before asking for more money?

    • rashid maxamed
      rashid maxamed 3 months ago +2

      @Theme Master his contract has essentially ended, but the UFC still gets 1 year to exclusively negotiate with him.
      He's not disrespecting any contract and legally/technically never has.
      Francis (and plenty of other fighters) are just asking for better paying contracts, more flexibility and freedom. Especially if the UFC wants to treat them like independent contractors and not employees.

    • Theme Master
      Theme Master 3 months ago

      @thehihatchi Why is it a big thing on TheXvid that Francis won't prolong the contract?

    • Theme Master
      Theme Master 3 months ago +1

      @thehihatchi So what's the big fuss over??

  • djef ardeur
    djef ardeur 4 months ago +60

    ''Freedom doesn't work well with money, u give up one, to get the other one''. Now I truly understand why this guy won, he has that true warrior mindset. He understands life philosophy and life is all about fighting and staying true to yourself !

    • Akin Egbedina
      Akin Egbedina 2 months ago

      ... Fashion World; Movies; Brands Ambassador... the possibilities are massive.

    • Akin Egbedina
      Akin Egbedina 2 months ago

      The money will come, trust me. The possibilities for Francis outside UFC/MMA are terrific.

  • Andrew Jenkins
    Andrew Jenkins 4 months ago +114

    I am so close to being convinced that this could be the moment for the UFC to have a real change. The issue of reasonable compensation is coming up more and more and as the organization grows, it has to get to a point where this topic is approached seriously. Crossing my fingers for all these fighters because if a few of these champions speak out, it'll be hard to ignore.
    Hats off to Ariel for using his platform to give the fighter a platform to discuss these matters, because this sport we all love is nothing without the athletes.

    • David
      David 3 months ago

      @Blue Moon This is a new generation. Fury can also vacate his belts and go after the 💰 fights that he wants on his terms. He's not going to fight many more years anyway

    • David
      David 4 months ago

      Francis needs to move on UFC to bigger and better things

    • NDNstrength
      NDNstrength 4 months ago

      Doubt it but it’s another sludge hammer to the wall.

  • Manny Grey
    Manny Grey 4 months ago +14

    I never thought i'd see a Legend come into existence in my lifetime. Francis and his story are truly like something from mythology. He has wholeheartedly earned the title of Champion and for right now, he undoubtedly is the Baddest Man on the Planet.

  • mmadigest
    mmadigest 4 months ago +360

    Legendary fight for him dealing with everything he was dealing with, losing 2 rounds, and then winning the next 3 with a totally different style of fighting.

    • alcott devalte
      alcott devalte 4 months ago

      @Osi O Because Francis didn't do anything during ground control besides in round 3. Gane landed more strikes and went for 3 submission attempts on the ground. Francis didn't even land a punch on Gane's face during the standup...

    • alcott devalte
      alcott devalte 4 months ago

      @Bentle, The Heir Of Bentropolis Gane landed more strikes in every single round besides round 3 where Francis only landed 3 more strikes than him. And Gane went for 3 submission attempts while Francis went for none. Francis took him down 4 times while Gane only once. I had Gane winning round 1 and 2, and a close round 5.

    • Ronan
      Ronan 4 months ago

      @alcott devalte hahahaha

    • Osi O
      Osi O 4 months ago +1

      @alcott devalte why? Because the weasel says so?

  • InternationalWaters
    InternationalWaters 4 months ago +31

    Fantastic interview. Francis' poise during fight week, post fight interview, and today stands tall amongst the greats. Professionalism, charisma, and above all else his honesty and candidness. I applaud him and continue to support him.
    Great work Ariel.

  • Northernblu1
    Northernblu1 4 months ago +27

    Francis crushed this interview, highly intelligent and entertaining to watch and listen to. Francis is the man!

  • Marlon
    Marlon 4 months ago +13

    Francis is the embodiment of class and grace. What a guy.

    • Holiwuudh
      Holiwuudh 4 months ago +2

      I agree... I wrote a long response, then I realized you already said everything i wanted to say in few words lol thanks

  • REMONA-_ T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX💞 With Me

    Ton of respect for Francis....he is extremely smart and comes with a big heart. That fight wasn't for him alone, it is for all those oppressed by tyranny...

  • LR
    LR 4 months ago +646

    One of Ariel’s best ever interviews. Francis you truly are an inspiration.

    • Kyle Solace
      Kyle Solace 4 months ago

      @Saad Sandhu dont be sad saad

    • Sim Jie
      Sim Jie 4 months ago

      @aloevv𖤐 lose to a guy that has damaged leg. Lmao

    • Grrt Grrt
      Grrt Grrt 4 months ago +3

      @aloevv𖤐 if gane was a better fighter he would have walked out with the belt dummy put some respect on Francis

    • Daniel Watson
      Daniel Watson 4 months ago +2

      Definitely one of his best interviews!

  • Mr A
    Mr A 4 months ago +57

    Francis's story is a movie. I can't honestly believe that the UFC doesn't know the potential super star they have. Its crazy.
    We need more champs to do what Francis is doing right now. if a few more champs stood up, some real change could happen.

    • Hilaire Mouaffo
      Hilaire Mouaffo 3 months ago

      Dana White is treating him like the little African child who should be happy with the crumbs he's dropping at his feet. There are people who have some integrity not to sell their souls, and Francis is one of those.

    • Chiti
      Chiti 4 months ago +2

      sometimes power makes people blind, thats what happening with Dana White

    • Shawn Lauderdale
      Shawn Lauderdale 4 months ago +3

      It’s legitimately a movie backstory and that just shows you the size of Danas ego. It’s wild to blow this opportunity

    • Sam Freeman
      Sam Freeman 4 months ago +5

      Completely agree! Amazing story. There has to be a movie made one day surely

  • lucien granger
    lucien granger 4 months ago +14

    Such a powerful interview man... Francis is such a wonderful man... with so much poise... its really hard to dislike him and his incredible experiences... you just sit back and marvel in awe... a person that has been through so much, yet is still smiling and still able to show so much composure and calmness... truly a Gentle Giant!!!!

  • Hunter 45
    Hunter 45 4 months ago +78

    Very intelligent person, he just gained alot more fans with this interview. Francis Clearly showed that there is always two side to the story.

    • AGFB40
      AGFB40 4 months ago +3

      It was always Francis vs the evil greedy ufc

  • Mighty Zeus
    Mighty Zeus 4 months ago +46

    This was pure gold. That's the first time I've ever gotten choked up listening to a fighter talk. And props to you Ariel, the master interviewer- you know when to probe, and when to say nothing at all. And yes, that's the most important interview in mma history (not just yours). Just, wow, great interview.

    • Courtneh R
      Courtneh R 4 months ago +1

      Ariel really knows when to prove!

  • Luke Murray
    Luke Murray 4 months ago +495

    "We have no health care or insecure which is understandable for an independent contractor, but if we are independent contractors treat as such"
    - Francis Ngannou 🔥💯

    • Tyler Reeves
      Tyler Reeves 4 months ago +5

      Uncle Dana using Vince McMahon tactics with the contractor wordplay haha

    • Alejandro
      Alejandro 4 months ago +12

      @Trap Lord So lowkey he thinks that because he’s not a native English speaker…

    • Trap Lord So
      Trap Lord So 4 months ago +34

      broooooo i had goosebumps when he said thta. the guy is very intelligent and educated. Dana think Francis was a smooth brain

  • Devin Hawkins
    Devin Hawkins 3 months ago +3

    “I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get what I want” he’s not lying he literally escaped from Cameroon and became the UFC Heavyweight Champion. He also lives by the motto that “you have to create your own destiny.” He’s one of the most inspirational athletes of all time and I hope that he gets treated fairly in whatever organization he chooses to fight for.

  • Dhruvish Kapadia
    Dhruvish Kapadia 4 months ago +34

    Francis ain't gonna be bullied. He isn't just a beast inside the Octagon but also carries himself with grace outside. He deserves all the respect & kudos!
    What happens next is upto UFC but As true Francis Fans I will follow his journey wherever he goes!

  • Jon Rogochicken
    Jon Rogochicken 4 months ago +60

    The respect I have for this man is immeasurable.
    “You choose one, money or freedom” 👏

    • anglojojo
      anglojojo 4 months ago

      Jab or no job :P

    • Alejandro
      Alejandro 4 months ago +5

      @Junkee Monkee you’re dense dense. He’s sacrificing money right now for the ability for him to make more based on being free. He’s restricted by contract but wants autonomy over his finances as an independent contractor… this comment will still go over your head though

    • Perhaps
      Perhaps 4 months ago +2

      Yeah look at McGregor, the money has made him sick in the soul. Sad to watch.

  • Nathan Dust
    Nathan Dust 4 months ago +11

    I am so proud of Francis for standing up for what he believes in and sticking to his principles. He has gained everyone’s respect.

  • Ross Lambert
    Ross Lambert 4 months ago +392

    Francis has made the UFC look like utter fools and he's done it with a big bright smile on his face the entire time.

    • Hilaire Mouaffo
      Hilaire Mouaffo 3 months ago +1

      @Ehianeta Obinyan Dana became the fool at his own game.

    • Hilaire Mouaffo
      Hilaire Mouaffo 3 months ago

      Respect and more money@Red R0ver

    • bahriboy
      bahriboy 4 months ago +5

      @Red R0ver not about the money..about the whole contract

    • Lone Wolf
      Lone Wolf 4 months ago +7

      @Red R0ver it wasn't just about the money because he was indeed offered way, way more money and he refused. Watch the full video and you will understand how deep it actually gets. I never knew the UFC used such cheap tricks to pressure fighters and now I really feel sorry many of the fighters

  • Beaches2Mountains
    Beaches2Mountains 4 months ago +22

    Man, I got sooo much respect for this man..his humbleness, competitive drive, professionalism, and pure character as a man. Such integrity and sheer honesty comes from this man's mouth. I feel like he's the same person whether the cameras are on or off. Much Respect Francis !!

  • Rich Waight
    Rich Waight 4 months ago +12

    Francis is smart and pricipled and highly intelligent. In all his interviews he is always impressive and you can't help admire him!

  • Abraham SeCoE
    Abraham SeCoE 4 months ago +8

    Now I am really scared of what the UFC could be plotting against Francis. I did not know the UFC can be so creepy

  • Jay C
    Jay C 4 months ago +13

    So glad that I clicked on this interview. Francis you’re a role model to many!

  • Matthew Bray
    Matthew Bray 4 months ago +29

    Incredible interview, I hope he gets the fighters what they deserve

    • 6Bird Gang9
      6Bird Gang9 4 months ago

      They Have No Choice Now
      Hes Pitting Alot Of Pressure On The UFC Now
      This Is What The Fighters Like Diaz And Masvidal ETC Been Waiting For

  • Richard Dixon
    Richard Dixon 4 months ago +9

    Massive respect to Francis. And I'll support him no matter where he goes from here. He is a true champion. In life. And a great role model for people to look up to.

  • Jason Barry
    Jason Barry 4 months ago +16

    Incredible enlightening interview- so much transparency from Francis- he’s a true champ through and through!

  • Pancho El Sancho
    Pancho El Sancho 4 months ago +14

    Great interview! You did it again Ariel✊🏼 and congrats to Francis Ngannou✊🏿 he is a modern day gladiator and a great human being! What a story - What a fighter!

  • Caryn Whitfield
    Caryn Whitfield 4 months ago +6

    What an amazing interview, Francis a real dude, Principal over money 💴.
    Possibly my 2nd favorite fighter, right after MAX!

  • Vincente Baez
    Vincente Baez 4 months ago +10

    It is fantastic to listen to Francis Ngannou's point of view on all these events that took place. Ciryl Gane has a great future, but this is Francis Ngannou's moment.

  • Rocco Tinitali
    Rocco Tinitali 4 months ago +9

    He said I'm in America, the country of freedom so I should have that. This guy is like the MLK of UFC, bloody inspirational

  • James Gepner
    James Gepner 4 months ago +4

    The best, most honest, most fulfilling sports conversation of all time! Thank you Helwani!! Thank you, most importantly, Francis Ngannou.. Great content guys!

  • Ashkan Mehran
    Ashkan Mehran 4 months ago +550

    The UFC does not deserve this man, Francis you are the epitome of self belief and greater purpose. No other fighter has battled such adversity and come out shining like the diamond you are. Keep this energy flowing my brother as we are all here behind you no matter what path you decide to take in your extraordinary journey.

    • Jason Skillz
      Jason Skillz 3 months ago

      @Mark Walmsley You know what .They want boxing money so bad they loose all their pride and principles and rather lose and embarasse themself and the UFC .ITs gonna be an emberassement .Francis can't even outbox Gane and takes it to the ground ,Fury is laughing easy money. .

    • Jazz Franciu
      Jazz Franciu 4 months ago

      The ufc doesn't care about being embarrassed. All they care about is the money. Why else would Conor have been next in line for the belt if porier won? Conors been losing but he draws numbers. Just like having CM Punks fight for the ufc, it brought numbers. So if the ufc wants to keep the fighters exclusively to the ufc then offer the guarantee pay and long term health care, otherwise they can't be upset if a fighter wants to make money by other means

    • Mark Walmsley
      Mark Walmsley 4 months ago +1

      @Jason Skillz yep, all because he isn't allowed to box and embarrass the ufc and mma in general. All the top fighters renegotiate their contracts fight on fight so Francis acting like he's being palmed off with bad pay is not telling the whole story. No wonder dana is annoyed by it all. If they say yes to Francis then masvidal, nate and usman will want to box, where does it stop? They didn't want to allow Conor to box but he was saying if he wasn't allowed to fight Floyd he would never fight again so they said yes, then they created a monster plus it was a circus. It's not going to happen again, Francis could been paid more but he wont sign if he isnt allowed to box so he wants to see his contract out.

    • Jason Skillz
      Jason Skillz 4 months ago +1

      But the UFC offered him at least 7.5 million and he refused

    • Mark Walmsley
      Mark Walmsley 4 months ago

      @Luke Murray I didn't ever say anything about why he should resign. I was replying to what you said about him saying he should be treated as an independent contractor. He wasn't saying that in relation to being out of contract as that makes no sense, he is saying the same thing many ufc fighters have said about them being independent but at the same time being tied to the ufc. I am pointing out you can be independent but if you sign a contract with someone where the terms say you cannot work for anyone else until the contract of fulfilled then you have to see out the contract. He however wants to be able to do others things like box and if he can't do that he won't sign. That is where the problem is.

  • John Starks
    John Starks 4 months ago +9

    I have so much respect for Ngannou. Incredibly inspirational interview. Great job Ariel, much love and respect to you both.

  • Bwnasty7
    Bwnasty7 4 months ago +2

    I’m happy for Francis, you can really see how much he’s matured! Handling all the media plus drama plus work drama plus injuries, common the man deserves a break!

  • Jdirty89
    Jdirty89 4 months ago +18

    Francis is one of the best champions ever. True self belief over all the noise. The way he won the last three rounds shows true heart. I hope the ufc smartens up and realizes what they have in Francis. Pay the man, let him box. He will be a true superstar that puts butts in seats.

  • majolnb
    majolnb 4 months ago +8

    Massive respect for Francis. This interview really moved and inspired me to fight for what I want.

  • Anthony Bly
    Anthony Bly 4 months ago +11

    By the sounds of things, I have a new found respect for Francis and I stand in support for him.

  • Luke Willemse
    Luke Willemse 4 months ago +12

    So much love and positivity for you Francis! Keep on doing what you're doing, we're very proud of you. Hopefully I'll get the chance to meet you one day. All the best!

  • LuiRenzo
    LuiRenzo 4 months ago +11

    Wow, Ariel this was an amazing interview and Francis is an absolute inspiration to the world 🌎. Ariel, I’ve been listening to you and your interviews for a long time and I have to say that this one particularly compelled me to send this message. I’m another speck in this universe as we all are, but there are specs that inspire as Francis is doing now and I have to say, “You Sir are another speck of Inspiration as well”. Keep up the good work my man.

  • foopyu nooui
    foopyu nooui 3 months ago +2

    I am so proud of Francis for standing up for what he believes in and sticking to his principles. He has gained everyone’s respect.

  • Eric Rollings
    Eric Rollings 4 months ago +415

    One could argue that getting in a raft to cross 8 miles of water was not smart. One could argue that migration to France with no money was not smart. One could argue that fighting after such a short time of training was not smart. Francis my brother, you are nothing like the people that say those things. You are truly a modern day warrior. Much love and respect….

    • Hilaire Mouaffo
      Hilaire Mouaffo 3 months ago

      Beautifully said!

    • Scruffy Afro
      Scruffy Afro 3 months ago

      @Robert Sorry mate, you are going to need to explain that a bit better, what you said really does not make much sense to me. That last paragraph, maybe it's just me, but it makes no sense. As far as shouldn't need to take risk, I mean do you think everyone should just be handed everything, and who exactly should be doing the handing over? Saying you shouldn't need to take risks is like saying you shouldn't need to live in the real world. of course, the degree of risk a person is willing to take is their choice, it's always a choice that is why we say great risk comes great reward. It's for the individual to decide what they are willing to risk and if it is worth the reward. Some people risk and lose, some win. If you don't risk anything you definitely don't win anything, it's a universal law. that is all.

    • Robert
      Robert 3 months ago

      That’s not the point. He has no choice.
      People who are stuck in poverty has to work longer hours for low wages just to pay the bills. Nowadays, people work harder because living is expensive.
      And yet, the amount of profits businesses make and yet can’t afford to pay higher wage is ridiculous

    • Robert
      Robert 3 months ago

      @Scruffy Afro
      Clearly, we shouldn’t need to take risks.
      Taking risk is a choice but if that’s the only way to LIVE then things need to change.
      Because clearly millions of people that are in poverty cannot take risks or else they will work longer hours just to make up for that money you lose.

    • a o
      a o 3 months ago

      @RunForPeace 2020 "16th chapel"? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jon Un
    Jon Un 4 months ago +8

    We all are in awe of Francis Ngannou, the guy is a gem of a person

  • Taha Nasir
    Taha Nasir 4 months ago +14

    Respect to Ngannou for dealing with all this bs and still coming out victorious.

  • Efuet Atem
    Efuet Atem 4 months ago +4

    "The only moment you loose is the moment you Give-Up" Francis Ngannou
    Great interview.

  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anml 3 months ago +1

    I am so proud of Francis for standing up for what he believes in and sticking to his principles. He has gained everyone’s respect.

  • koiun dwrru
    koiun dwrru 3 months ago +1

    I am so proud of Francis for standing up for what he believes in and sticking to his principles. He has gained everyone’s respect.

  • Shane Pistone
    Shane Pistone 3 months ago +1

    Such a respectable heavyweight, I really am genuinely happy for ngannou. He has improved so much over the years and I dont think anyone thought they where gonna see him win a fight using grappling over his monstrous power. Humble guy and inspirational for sure. I hope he stays in the ufc. He's gonna keep Jon Jones in hiding

  • Saber Belaskri
    Saber Belaskri 4 months ago +15

    This man deserves every dime pay the man He's really a warrior and he overcame a lot of difficulties

  • j
    j 4 months ago +4

    thats insane guys... who could call that injury watching the fight?
    huge props to Francis, the victory feels even more impressive. Thats a hell of a champ

  • Nick Mildon
    Nick Mildon 4 months ago +682

    UFC and many others always thought he was the big dumb brute. So happy to see Francis prevail and show everyone. One hell of a champ, inspirational and a really intelligent guy

    • caspar
      caspar 4 months ago +1

      @Lone Wolf I knew he was smart but this interview impressed the hell out of me. It's not even a case of doing well for not speaking his first language and being am immigrant fighter... he's highly intelligent. More than the average university student. The way he thinks every question through and answers deeply from a perspective that the question didn't even consider. He is a wise man. Going to be a great one too.

    • caspar
      caspar 4 months ago +1

      ​@Big Dawg He is clearly highly intelligent, based on this interview alone. Not just book smarts, strategy and emotional intelligence combined with integrity.Quite frankly you show your own lack of intelligence by not realising it. He's a dangerous man.

    • Kameron Richardson
      Kameron Richardson 4 months ago

      @Big Dawg say something 🤡

  • Cole Blooded
    Cole Blooded 4 months ago +4

    What a unique soul Francis is, coupled with the masterclass meaning questions asked..
    I’m personally inspired.. Blessings yll💯💪🏽

  • Connoisseur 101
    Connoisseur 101 4 months ago +9

    "This is exactly me when I fought Stipe and I knew he was done." Man that was powerful!

  • Edward GS
    Edward GS 4 months ago +6

    Great interview 👏, Francis is my favorite fighter, he deserves everything he wants, what a journey he is been through, greetings from México

  • M. H.
    M. H. 4 months ago +6

    Francis makes a great point, he is an independent contractor but has an iron clad contract that dictates what he can do outside of the #UFC. The ufc is getting over, making all the fighters to my knowledge contractors instead of employees and them not having health insurance is wild.

  • Scenic Fights
    Scenic Fights 4 months ago +885

    One of the best MMA interviews from Ariel. Francis Ngannou is a such a warrior. He knew how important it was for him to win his fight against Gane not only for himself but for all MMA fighters. He wasn't going pull out the fight no matter what.

    • OctoberOmicron
      OctoberOmicron 4 months ago

      @onelongwordable Hahaha, yeah, that's what it comes off as. Like two completely different people. Like he copied and pasted his first post from somewhere else but was completely unprepared for any retort.

    • onelongwordable
      onelongwordable 4 months ago +4

      @OctoberOmicron seriously at the forst sign of resistance this guy just calls names and says "you're wrong and it's so obvi" what a terrible argument, he put all his effort in the first comment I guess

    • OctoberOmicron
      OctoberOmicron 4 months ago +2

      @Max Macabrè Wow, after reading your post and then the responses I was really looking forward to your counter arguments. I guess your post just made me assume you had a thicker skin.

    • Jesse
      Jesse 4 months ago

      @Luke Murray you're crazy

    • Tal Tak
      Tal Tak 4 months ago

      @Max Macabrè yeah, my bad on that. But go ahead and read the rest if you care for that

  • Tim W
    Tim W 4 months ago +2

    Amazing interview. Congratulations Francis. You are a champion inside and outside the Octagon

  • B B
    B B 4 months ago +14

    Respect to everyone in the comments section for all the love towards Francis.

  • Steven Billard
    Steven Billard 3 months ago +2

    Is it just me or does this man have a new ora Around him, like I can literally feel his energy through the screen, very powerful!

  • Cerebral
    Cerebral 4 months ago +3

    Killing it Ariel, thanks for bringing this to us

  • Rainbow Warrior17
    Rainbow Warrior17 4 months ago +326

    "Freedom vs. Money, to gain one you give one." Tells me all I need to know about this man. Revolutionary.

    • Ryan Cheong
      Ryan Cheong 3 months ago +1

      @The Laughing Man it's even more amazing how eloquent he is right now in English based on that.

    • The Laughing Man
      The Laughing Man 4 months ago +2

      @Ryan Cheong english is his third language. He speaks his native tongue and french and english

    • Lone Wolf
      Lone Wolf 4 months ago

      @Ashanti Ghana that's probably why they so easily gave the opportunity to Macgregor. He was chasing hard after money and fame at any cost and since Macgregor is a troublemaker by nature, that makes him way easier to control as well.
      You might be onto something with everything you said. You can't have a guy who freely speaks his mind out hold both power and money and that's probably why they are making Nganou's life a nightmare atm

    • Kevin Foster
      Kevin Foster 4 months ago +2

      He also seems to have the highest emotional intelligence of probably any champ at the moment. Very aware of himself. Those losses to Stipe and Lewis changed him and he came out the other side a better person. Hopefully he can be the arbiter of change here and improve conditions for all fighters. It’s not his responsibility, but it’s the right thing to do and he’s following through. Mad respect.

  • HC
    HC 4 months ago +3

    I could have listened to this for two more hours straight. this man is fascinating. What a genuine Soul . . and the fighter guy was pretty interesting as well

  • Over a cup of Coffee
    Over a cup of Coffee 4 months ago +3

    I love how well Francis can express himself now.

  • Stephen Casey
    Stephen Casey 4 months ago +3

    Intelligent, articulate and respectful everything you need in a champion. Francis is the man!!

  • Xol •
    Xol • 4 months ago +3

    Ngannou is a real leader, he is completely right and his attitude is inspiring

  • Old Boy
    Old Boy 4 months ago +623

    Im honestly just so happy for Francis for how the fight turned out. This man deserves the world.

    • Joshua Brown
      Joshua Brown 4 months ago

      He's gonna get it too! Dana snubbed him, Francis is going to call his shots. He can retire one fight against Tyson Dosser Fury. He's gonna expose the UFC by his humble actions

    • Luke Murray
      Luke Murray 4 months ago +3

      @Cool Guy the 5th round the fight took place on the mat. Literally over 4 minutes. Yes Gane got the takedown but had it reversed almost straight away. Yes he went for the leg lock but so was Francis and he got out of it and landed ground and pound. They then controlled the rest of the round. There is literally zero argument for Gane taking that round or the fight. Gane even knew this himself!!!

    • Cool Guy
      Cool Guy 4 months ago

      @Luke Murray the 5th round gane outstruck him, took him down and attempted a submission whereas ngannou just laid on top and didnt do damage. Top control is not scored in the new rules

    • Luke Murray
      Luke Murray 4 months ago +7

      @Abdul Hadi Mojaddedi Chael opinions are either right on the money or just straight up the worst takes ever. There is no in-between!!

    • Luke Murray
      Luke Murray 4 months ago +8

      @Cool Guy how anyone can say that fight wasn't scored right is off their head. Not only do you clearly not get MMA but you can't of watched it! First two Gane easy but what round did Gane win after that?? He got controlled for the rest of the fight excluding one little half attempt at a heel hook.

  • Michael Franzese
    Michael Franzese 4 months ago +3

    It's really a shame that other fighters are too scared to publicly back him. What he's currently doing is going to benefit every fighter in the long run, and he decided to take the company head on when he's in the position to gain the most. If the fighters don't publicly back Francis RIGHT NOW, I don't want to see any more passive aggressive tweets about fighter pay. This is the chance to band together as an association.

  • Daniel Watson
    Daniel Watson 4 months ago +2

    Definitely an important moment for MMA, fighters, and so much respect for Francis Ngannou! Such an inspiration!

  • Garou
    Garou 4 months ago

    Francis is a living legend,this man's story is unreal,so happy he won 💖

  • Fit Kaur
    Fit Kaur 4 months ago +1

    One of the best interviews I've seen. So much respect and love for Francis- what a human!

  • Asienho Pahlad
    Asienho Pahlad 4 months ago +6

    A true strong, respectable and motivational heavy weight champion!!! Go Francis, I will be in Cameroon soon.

  • Jenny Hewson
    Jenny Hewson 4 months ago +3

    What an amazing, radical interview!!!
    Big Ups Francis 💗

  • Jeff Brunswick
    Jeff Brunswick 3 months ago

    Really amazing interview. What a great guy Francis is, super honest and willing to sacrifice for what he believes in. If only the world had more people like this. He has called the UFC's bluff and they have no choice now. They need to change and respect their fighters more, everyone is saying this. Not having medical insurance for their fighters is a disgrace. I am a huge Francis fan now. What a great human being.

  • CptBluto
    CptBluto 4 months ago +2

    Not only is he brave and strong (mentally and ofc physically), he stands his grounds against all odds, he seems to be a good person and he's way smarter than most people give him credit for. His answers to Ariel were always precise and mesured (even if he's not speaking in his mother tongue). What an inspiration and what an incredible human being!

  • Shutter Nomad
    Shutter Nomad 4 months ago +21

    Man this guy got Dana by the balls. What a story. He bet on himself against all the odds. Truly inspirational, he really is the baddest man on the planet!!

    • NDNstrength
      NDNstrength 4 months ago

      No one is indispensable, the show will go on. I hope a fighter strike happens.

    • Shawn Gilbert
      Shawn Gilbert 4 months ago

      @The Laughing Man they just fckn did make an IC title they can absolutely strip him any time they want....we seen it with 2 division Champs too....
      NOW after watching him on Ariels show, it seems if they strip him that makes him a free agent is Francis interpretation...and wow was he sharp and well spoken...he has really won me over going thru all this and fighting that hurt with all that was on the line...

    • The Laughing Man
      The Laughing Man 4 months ago

      @Shawn Gilbert nah they cant strip him for medical leave thats related to his fight camp for said UFC title fight. thats a massive lawsuit hes got up to a year per his champion contract expiration. They can not strip him until this time frame ends

    • Shawn Gilbert
      Shawn Gilbert 4 months ago +1

      Unfortunately he doesn't he needs surgery and Dana will strip him when he does....
      He will then be forced to deal with Dana to get a shot at his title back or move on to another probably less lucrative promotion BUT he will get more respect he a fan...but no fighter beats Dana...its sad....

  • Bijou Bakson
    Bijou Bakson 4 months ago +4

    He makes me feel weak, and people tell me I am a warrior. Thank you for the inspiration bro'

  • seeni gzty
    seeni gzty 3 months ago

    I am so proud of Francis for standing up for what he believes in and sticking to his principles. He has gained everyone’s respect.

  • Bruce Bush
    Bruce Bush 4 months ago +1

    Man, this might be the best interview I’ve ever seen. Much respect for Francis for fighting for himself and others and much respect for Ariel for providing a platform for him to be heard.

  • HC
    HC 4 months ago +4

    18:56 "by the end of 3rd round, i look at him, i saw me, when i fought stipe the first time.. i was like 'this guy's done' yah". -- I love Francis Ngannou. What an incredible soul. Gentle Giant. He will be King ~

  • DeepFleet
    DeepFleet 4 months ago +1

    Incredible Interview. Every now and then people come along who transcend there sport. Francis is that person for MMA

  • Dat Dude416
    Dat Dude416 4 months ago +4

    This is beautiful but I'm afraid this incredible story and stance will be over shadowed soon by media by finding a way to discredit him. He'll still be a hero to us real fans. Much Respect Francis. God blessed you with principle, courage, wisdom and eloquence.

  • Nimai Plouffe
    Nimai Plouffe 4 months ago +9

    When he said “I’m willing to do anything it takes to get what I want”, I pictured him walking across the desert, cutting himself on razor blade fences, and paddling across the Mediterranean to get into France, for his dream, for his freedom. Money can’t buy this man’s freedom.

  • Jack M
    Jack M 4 months ago +288

    Francis comes across as calm and reasonable, and makes extremely valid points regarding the ufc contracts. Will look really bad if the UFC cannot make this right

    • 6ixtoShoots
      6ixtoShoots 4 months ago

      People forget that ESPN is owned by Disney. If Dana wants to renew this deal he’s gonna have to impress some people

    • Tal Tak
      Tal Tak 4 months ago +2

      @Tess Jardin are you insane. That’s a bad idea. Imagine if Francis was bound to a 20 year contract for little money. You always want to strive for short contract with the most amount of money. 20 years contract consisting 20 fights worth 10 million is 500k a fight. Now 2 years contract of 2 fight worth 10 million is 5m a fight. See the difference

    • Tess Jardin
      Tess Jardin 4 months ago

      20 years contract and problem solved

      COLBY IS MY DADDY 4 months ago +4

      They dont care bro. Like at all. Fighters are still gonna fight and fans are still gonna pay

    • Party on Wayne
      Party on Wayne 4 months ago +3

      They don’t care as you’ll still watch and pay

  • The One
    The One 4 months ago +3

    Francis you are a kind of university to my life. The more i heard you talking in this interview the more i was ashamed of myself. You have all my respect bro 🇨🇲🇨🇲