Some Jerk Visits Knott's Berry Farm!

  • Published on Apr 4, 2017
  • In the first episode of the new vlog series Some Jerk Visits, Some Jerk With A Camera visits Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, CA for the first time since childhood, to scriptlessly explore the park that the boysenberry built!
    Learn more about Knott's Berry Farm at
    Acting Reel:
    as Tiny Mayfield
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  • Garfield is Awesome
    Garfield is Awesome 8 days ago

    Why didn’t you make a Figment joke

  • DomiNathan Sports
    DomiNathan Sports Month ago

    What's the name of that commercial around 24:33 that was shown a lot during the 90s, right next to of course Hooked on Phonics!

  • King Vulturo
    King Vulturo 2 months ago

    Never See Their Faces Again...

  • George Chiarovano
    George Chiarovano 3 months ago

    first and only episode of some jerk visits

  • Drew Oda
    Drew Oda 3 months ago

    2:20 Why does that look like Bill O'Reilly? The similarity is uncanny.

  • Peterblahblah
    Peterblahblah 3 months ago

    I realllllyy hope star wars land will be that immersive. I would love to see an episode like this in Batuu

  • Unwise Cavalier
    Unwise Cavalier 3 months ago

    I just now realized that this was video of Alfred Yankovic and Scrappy Doo doing a television plug in Knott's Berry Farm at 3:32.
    I at once feel shocked, confused, enlightened, and very VERY stupid.

  • unconsidered1
    unconsidered1 3 months ago

    And he never went back again :P
    How was the chicken meal btw? I hear good things about it.

    • Tony Goldmark
      Tony Goldmark  3 months ago

      Fantastic. Some of the best chicken I've ever had.

  • Don Parker
    Don Parker 4 months ago

    At 6:35, buy that man a beer. BUY HIM ALL THE BEERS!

  • Mr Critical
    Mr Critical 7 months ago

    Did you ever find out the real name of Tiny Mayfield

    • Tony Goldmark
      Tony Goldmark  7 months ago

      Yep! His name is Chris Nebergall, and he makes great videos about theme parks too -

  • Ryan Downey
    Ryan Downey 7 months ago

    So are we ever going to get more Some Jerk Visit episodes?

  • Nathan Forester
    Nathan Forester 7 months ago

    If you ever pay a visit to the UK, you should check out either Thorpe Park or Alton Towers. The latter has the most insane rollercoasters.

    • Mr Critical
      Mr Critical 7 months ago

      Yes he should totally visit Thorpe Park

  • Haybone
    Haybone 8 months ago

    I want to see Some Jerk visit Legoland.

  • theater cosplay productions

    The history of this is really interesting especially how Disney took inspiration from them that's cool

  • aspetty
    aspetty 9 months ago

    If you get a chance to do another one of these go go for it.

  • Katy TerBerg
    Katy TerBerg 9 months ago

    I would definitely watch a show about Tiny & Tony just going on wacky, whimsical adventures.

  • Drew Oda
    Drew Oda 9 months ago

    Some jerk visits: episode 2?

  • disneydork100
    disneydork100 9 months ago

    In the admittedly unlikely event you ever find yourself in or near New Hampshire I have recommendations;
    Canobie Lake Park in Salem NH is low-key my childhood and fun for all ages and I reccommend it so much
    In Storyland in Conway and Santa’s Village near Jackson are also both pretty fun parks even tho they’re geared more towards younger kids but both are still pretty fun if you’re older and bored. My family has a place in NH close to Storyland and for one or two years my brother and I got season passes so we could go when we wanted and it was a fun time
    Idk why I mentioned all that, I just saw some other people make recommendations and I wanted to share my own and my thoughts lol

  • 1rhpsfan
    1rhpsfan 10 months ago

    Oh boy, the Undertaker!
    Undertaker:Rest in peace! (eyes roll back)

  • gdkeen
    gdkeen Year ago

    Wow, you guys really dive deep in the theming of ghost town, with the actors and everything. That's really cool I haven't seen those little skits and things. It's like Westworld! Miss Gertie's on a loop!

  • Maniac536
    Maniac536 Year ago +3

    “If they ask u to sign a confession don’t do it.”
    “I can’t even write so that won’t be a problem.”
    GENIUS!!! *clap*

  • Brian Mazique
    Brian Mazique Year ago +1

    Some jerk visits Six Flags. Or do an episode there

  • Scrambled 59
    Scrambled 59 Year ago +1

    Ive heard that next he will visit seaworld San Diego and/or legoland California (also, ghost town alive remind me of westworld minus the killer robots)

  • matthew whitcher
    matthew whitcher Year ago +1

    Some jerk visits action park

  • Alfie Davies
    Alfie Davies Year ago

    Really? You didn't make a bttf joke with the Boot Hill Cemetery?
    Missed another joke!

  • Alex Is AWESOME Mig

    You should go to cedar point

  • Bradly105 YT
    Bradly105 YT Year ago

    Some Jerk Visits Six Flags

  • Josiah Baughman
    Josiah Baughman Year ago +1

    love this video keep on going guys.


    how about some jerk visits Gilroy gardens Canada!or some jerk visits playland canada!

  • Andrew Weinstein
    Andrew Weinstein Year ago +1

    Good news: Ghost Town Alive is now a yearly event. Summer months only though.

  • Danny McGraw
    Danny McGraw Year ago

    I've never ridden that ghost rider coaster but I bet its not better than the Beast at Kings Island

  • Mickey Moose
    Mickey Moose Year ago +1

    Jerk: Burn the witch!
    Tiny: What?! No!
    Jerk: BURN THE WITCH!!!
    *Immediately cut to Jerk becoming his lawyer*

  • Mickey Moose
    Mickey Moose Year ago +5

    I love that when Tiny Mayfield said, "Figment of his imagination" you hear Spazz go, "HA!"

  • TheUnknown 7789
    TheUnknown 7789 Year ago

    I live near this park and I love it

  • Kate Bottley
    Kate Bottley Year ago

    25:01 wrong wooden roller coaster!

  • Camygael
    Camygael Year ago +1

    4 words for Charle


  • TheCommonGentry
    TheCommonGentry Year ago

    Frontierland in the late-80s/early-90s once did the street cowboy shoot-em-out fights. #theGoodOldDays

  • kevin willems
    kevin willems Year ago

    They robbed the train and it was so fucking cool.

  • kevin willems
    kevin willems Year ago

    I wish they were doing this when I was there.

  • kevin willems
    kevin willems Year ago

    I went there when I was in California, and it's fucking badass

  • HappyKnife Films
    HappyKnife Films Year ago +2

    I love this episode to death, obviously because of the comedic genius that constantly came from Tony and Tiny, but everyone here had at least one amazing line. I think the most underrated being "We don't have to do every errand they send us on, it's not a game we aren't keeping score" "THAT'S WHY YOU'RE LOSING"

  • Daniel Adkins
    Daniel Adkins Year ago

    Tony, hmu when you’re in NC. We’ll do Some Jerk Visits Tweetsie Railroad. Or Some Jerk Visits Carowinds.

  • Leonardo Milani
    Leonardo Milani Year ago

    I’m from Brasil so I don’t have the chance to visit the USA parks that much but nevertheless I love going to those parks. Your videos help me still have the passion to the parks whenever I’m not at them (which is basically most of my time). I just wanted you to know that you give me this wonderful feeling every time you post a video. Keep the great work.

  • Dracke Stalen Torgen

    so thats the park referenced on the wild west park of the nuka world expansion

  • unconsidered1
    unconsidered1 Year ago

    so what's the next "some jerk visits"?

  • A.N. Productions
    A.N. Productions Year ago +5

    Tiny mayfield should win a Oscar for best actor in a vlog

  • Max Leunig
    Max Leunig Year ago

    Whatever happened to Tiny Mayfield anyway?

  • TheLoverboyz901
    TheLoverboyz901 Year ago

    "Or never see their faces again" - Arya Stark

  • Asinine
    Asinine Year ago

    20:19 wait is the freal?

  • Corinne O'Reilly
    Corinne O'Reilly Year ago

    I love Knotts so much. Whether it be Scary Farm or every other day of the year, the actors are always so much fun and clever.

  • SonofMrPeanut
    SonofMrPeanut Year ago

    Knott's has a VR ad for Ghost Town Alive right now, and Tiny's in it.

  • T G
    T G Year ago

    The kid in the red shirt was the best part

  • Tai Rad
    Tai Rad Year ago

    dudeyou are the best!

  • Jonathan St. Martin

    Some Jerk visits Carowinds

  • Pennywise
    Pennywise Year ago +2

    Should have tried the paradox defense. Have the sheriff agree to release him for a week as a free man as long as he stays in town for that time. the catch being the prisoner is to be hung by surprise any day of that week. let the prisoner in on the plan before hand, obviously, so he'll know to agree. The paradox is then explained to the sheriff once he agrees to the sale and releases the prisoner, which he might do just to put him immediately back in saying he chooses today for the gag of it. The paradox is "the prisoner can't be hung on the final day of the week (say Friday) because, once the Thursday day is over, he would know it will happen that day so it's not a surprise. Now he can't be hung Thursday because he knows he can't be hung Friday and once Wednesday is over Thursday is the only logical day it could happen..." this continues on for every day. So once he is freed with the agreed stipulation, he is free man period.

  • razor711977
    razor711977 Year ago

    The entire beginning of the video I was thinking of the Back to the Future 3 ho-down song. When it came on, instantly subscribed.

  • Albert Calis
    Albert Calis Year ago

    Reminds me so much of Dollywood that Dolly Parton could buy this park and rename it West Dollywood, or Dollyland, or EuroDollywood...oh wait, that one's in Alabama... nevermind!

  • Phoenix Quill
    Phoenix Quill Year ago

    Just spent the day there, it was fun

  • Shaggy Bird
    Shaggy Bird Year ago

    I know more history about Knott's Berry Farm than all of you combined

  • Andrew Weinstein
    Andrew Weinstein Year ago +1

    Grief, for lack of a better word, is good!

  • Xandermorph
    Xandermorph Year ago

    "We're all wastrels in need of some booklearnin'..."
    Said completely deadpan XD

  • chicanochrist
    chicanochrist Year ago

    No wonder Bonnie 'Prince' Billy hasn't toured much. He's a character actor at Knott's now.

  • Marcello Antonio
    Marcello Antonio Year ago


  • Pipeterian
    Pipeterian Year ago

    Thoroughly enjoyable. Just went there myself and made a pipe smoking vid. You might be interested. But yours was very entertaining. Here's mine:

  • tscream80
    tscream80 Year ago

    Would love to see you come to the East Coast and review either Busch Gardens parks and/or Hersheypark - though I'm kinda fearful you'll call the latter a "Candyland Six Flags." ;)

  • Disneyland1951
    Disneyland1951 2 years ago

    Growing up in Anaheim on Harbor (Now DL back lot) in the 50's we would go to Knotts to get Fried Chicken to go, and pies.

    The SADDEST thing I ever saw in my life was a free concert the Wagon camp theater in the round.
    For a full 45 minute set Ricky Nelson and the Stone Canyon Band sang for less than 6 people in the audience.
    If I was Ricky, I would have quit show business then and there.... or shot myself.

  • The Movie Guy
    The Movie Guy 2 years ago +3

    What the hell, why are they selling Doctor Who merchandise? And yay I get to make a Doctor Who reference. From the day they arrive on the planet, blinking, step into the sun, there is more to see than can ever be seen, more to do than-- no, hold on. Sorry, that's The Lion King! The Tenth Doctor

  • Jeffrey Blend
    Jeffrey Blend 2 years ago

    Enjoyed those days when they had Knott's Berry Tales.

  • Danny McGraw
    Danny McGraw 2 years ago

    I wish you could come to Kings Island in Ohio. But I know that's unlikely since you live in California.

  • Tony Bones
    Tony Bones 2 years ago

    Ron Jeremy? ;)

  • Christopher Negrete
    Christopher Negrete 2 years ago +1


  • Toku Nation
    Toku Nation 2 years ago

    14:50-15:16 If I was that guy, I would react the same way

  • MasterofGaburincho
    MasterofGaburincho 2 years ago

    Jerk visits Dinosaur World in Florida and Six Flags in Illinois.

  • 0MindSwept0
    0MindSwept0 2 years ago

    "Too many coasters" are you SURE you aren't crazy? o.o
    "It's great working at KBF" chyeah, ask anyone that works there, you'll get quite a different answer. Maybe it used to be, but now, yeah not so much. It's funny because I actually applied three times for knots and once for lifeguard at soak city and never got in, I was a little disappointed, but when you think about it it's really not so bad that they didn't want me. XD

    • 0MindSwept0
      0MindSwept0 2 years ago

      Ah HA! So now the REAL truth comes out! I knew it. 😏

    • Tony Goldmark
      Tony Goldmark  2 years ago

      Yeah, those grapes WERE probably sour.

    • 0MindSwept0
      0MindSwept0 2 years ago

      Oh ya, before I forget I wanted to say; for being "some jerk", you sure were nice about the place; I was expecting a bunch of ranting and stuff, but oh well I guess.

  • GermanAnimeFans
    GermanAnimeFans 2 years ago +3

    The guy that recognized you was hilarious. He was so much in character, he looked like he fled right out of an outtake of Back to the Future III :)

  • 0MindSwept0
    0MindSwept0 2 years ago

    "Beautiful" Buena Park? Have you ever BEEN to the place? o.0
    I like how most of the "thrill rides" you mentioned at the beginning weren't even very good.
    they got stuck on that dang sky cabin again? oh come on x.x
    Haha, ur pretty good at improv

    • 0MindSwept0
      0MindSwept0 2 years ago

      Stay in school children

    • uneek35
      uneek35 2 years ago +2

      "Bueno" and "buena" both mean "good". They're the same word in masculine and feminine forms.

    • 0MindSwept0
      0MindSwept0 2 years ago

      Actually "Bueno" means good, not that it actually is, who knows why they named it what they did, just unrealized hope for what they wanted it to be I guess, sort of like KBF. So I guess this is just a big story of disappointment. Well, there's always SFMM.

    • Tony Goldmark
      Tony Goldmark  2 years ago +1

      Well, Buena means good, and Park means park. So it's a good park.

  • Liquid Snake
    Liquid Snake 2 years ago

    I think the remarks on Iron Reef are perfect lol. The story was just non-sensical...

  • Origami Gem
    Origami Gem 2 years ago +1

    If you're ever near Baton Rouge you should check out Dixie landin its small but I always have fun there

  • Andrew .johnson
    Andrew .johnson 2 years ago

    some jerk visits adventure city

    • Toku Nation
      Toku Nation 2 years ago

      Andrew .johnson I looked it up and looks more like carnival or a county fair than it does an amusement park

  • jordandan96
    jordandan96 2 years ago

    That awkward moment when you guys are better at improv than the staff

  • Daniel VanDePutte
    Daniel VanDePutte 2 years ago

    are you going to continue this sereies? if so you should go to cedar point!

  • PatchWorks
    PatchWorks 2 years ago +1

    That's pretty cool you've went to Knotts, my boyfriend currently is working there as a ride engineer.

  • Time Cop
    Time Cop 2 years ago

    I've only been to Knott's once and I don't remember a whole lot besides Voyage to the Iron Reef but the one thing I will say is this. The bacon at the Hotel is absolute shit.

    • Time Cop
      Time Cop 2 years ago

      Yeah, it's the type of bacon that's SO hard it's impossible to pick it up with a fork and cutting it just makes it worse.

    • Tony Goldmark
      Tony Goldmark  2 years ago +2

      Wow, really? It takes a SPECIAL kind of incompetence to fuck up bacon.

  • 360Jopo
    360Jopo 2 years ago +7

    So part of the park is like Westworld but you can't have sex with everything?

    • Tony Goldmark
      Tony Goldmark  2 years ago +7

      Well, I mean, technically you CAN. You just probably shouldn't.

  • Evilgidgit4Ever
    Evilgidgit4Ever 2 years ago

    I love it when everyone has a double take when the Golden Horseshoe joke is made, even the big guy is like "Seriously?"

  • Jack Phipps
    Jack Phipps 2 years ago

    I don't get the golden horseshoe joke?

    • Tony Goldmark
      Tony Goldmark  2 years ago

      The Golden Horseshoe is the old-west-style saloon in Disneyland.

  • Theme Park Enthusiast
    Theme Park Enthusiast 2 years ago +5

    Some jerk visits Legoland California please!

  • Spencer White
    Spencer White 2 years ago

    pretty cool larp

  • Matt McDougle
    Matt McDougle 2 years ago

    "oh boy, the undertaker. noone's ever said that before "
    Tony must not be a wwe fan.

  • Grant Turner
    Grant Turner 2 years ago +14

    Watch Nick's face after Tiny Mayfield says "The Golden Horseshoe"

  • Hollyweeds
    Hollyweeds 2 years ago +1

    Tiny Mayfield is fricking hilarious.

  • Landon McAfee
    Landon McAfee 2 years ago

    Some Jerk Visits Carowinds

  • Trey Northcutt
    Trey Northcutt 2 years ago

    Did Charlie make you succumb to the masterful Fun Bun?

  • G C
    G C 2 years ago

    You guys are fun....thanks for sharing. Now I have a craving for Funnel Cake, endless Boomerang & Montezooma rides 😃

  • LordManda2
    LordManda2 2 years ago +2

    "First dey dig a swimming hole for a bunch of dancing dolphins, and diving dowgies, and dancing dowgies, and diving dolphins, and diving-dancing dowgies, and dancing dowgies,.." That's one of the reason I love ya Jerk. You may be a good comedian, but you just can't resist throwing in some TheXvid Poop-style gags into your vids :3

  • ZombieFobby
    ZombieFobby 2 years ago

    Some Jerk Visits Action Park... and hopefully doesn't die!

  • TheWestcoastDAVEY
    TheWestcoastDAVEY 2 years ago

    fucking nerds.

  • MrBGS101
    MrBGS101 2 years ago +2

    Visit Legoland, please

  • TackyRackyComixNEO
    TackyRackyComixNEO 2 years ago +5

    The performers at Knott's are consummate professionals. I'm highly impressed by their ability to stay in character and roll with whatever's thrown at them.

  • Adam Hoffman
    Adam Hoffman 2 years ago

    If you're going to keep visiting non-Disney, non-Universal parks, you may want to check your expectations for "themed immersive rides" at the gates. I think a lot of parks can't afford that kind of thing. A lot of theme parks are just amusement parks with regular amusement park rides in a setting built around some kind of theme (wild west, fairy tales, jungle, Santa Claus, etc).

    • Adam Hoffman
      Adam Hoffman 2 years ago

      Okay. Just wanted to put that out there. As someone who lives in a place in the US that is not Florida or Southern California, pretty much any of the parks I visit are more like the ones I described (one childhood favorite is The Great Escape in Lake George, New York).
      But I guess some parks might surprise you. It looks like Knott's Berry Farm upped the immersiveness for this event by having actors around the Ghost Town part of the park.

    • Tony Goldmark
      Tony Goldmark  2 years ago +2

      True, but I plan to still keep my eyes open for any diamonds in the rough.