BIRD BOX Sushi Challenge | Making Sushi Blindfolded

  • Published on Jan 9, 2019
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Comments • 514

  • Yurodan Sawagi
    Yurodan Sawagi 3 months ago

    Next time, blind fold while frying

  • Yan Yan
    Yan Yan 4 months ago

    i enjoyed watching this video haha birdbox challenge 😄

  • L Robinson
    L Robinson 5 months ago

    Hiro san u truly are a chefs hero. Well done😉😁

  • MC Lala
    MC Lala 7 months ago

    Master Hiro!!!

  • ちゃちゃまる
    ちゃちゃまる 7 months ago

    What is the name of the song at 11:45 ??

    ALL BOUT THUG LIFE 7 months ago

    Hiro, You saved us! Thank you for the Video! Love all your videos! 😎

  • Michael Horodowicz
    Michael Horodowicz 7 months ago

    I was expecting you to use a can opener!

  • Michael Horodowicz
    Michael Horodowicz 7 months ago

    Ooh. Lol. You guys are so funny.

  • Michael Horodowicz
    Michael Horodowicz 7 months ago

    I love beets. Does anyone else?

  • Michael Horodowicz
    Michael Horodowicz 7 months ago

    Those cans of vegetables are only $1 each here in Baltimore.

  • wicked geekvape
    wicked geekvape 7 months ago

    This is the only time you will see hori san's chopping board that messy. And even with blindfold, he still tried to clean up everything! Lol

  • Kayed Mahra
    Kayed Mahra 8 months ago

    What is the song called that runs during the timelapse of Hiro making the first roll?

  • Kayed Mahra
    Kayed Mahra 8 months ago

    Do Americans not consider 4 bucks for a bag of POPPED popcorn to be outrageous? How does it sell ?

    TDONLEY91 8 months ago


  • Jake_fsf
    Jake_fsf 8 months ago

    That was impressive.

  • Pan Da
    Pan Da 8 months ago

    Damn that “looks good”

  • Victa Nguyen
    Victa Nguyen 8 months ago

    pork box

  • The COTW Hunter
    The COTW Hunter 8 months ago

    Omg I love this. This is amazing! Thank you guys for making this video. I love Bird Box and I love your videos!

  • Azer Sevillano
    Azer Sevillano 8 months ago +1

    I never thought I'd see Hiro make something I wouldn't eat. Popcorn in sushi?! thanks. Props for doing it blind folded!

  • Hassan El-hallani
    Hassan El-hallani 8 months ago +2

    Hiro - “I can do this shit with my eyes closed
    Cameraman - “no tf u cant”
    Hiro - “bet”

  • Mystrohan
    Mystrohan 8 months ago

    Okay, I'll admit it.
    I was scared.

  • spinningspun inverts
    spinningspun inverts 8 months ago

    This man is a legend i wish to one day eat from the food he has touched...

  • Cara Page
    Cara Page 8 months ago

    He did amazing for him to be blind folded!!!🥰🥰🥰

  • مطبخ سوشي Sushiman

    ok chef

  • Instagram's Best
    Instagram's Best 8 months ago +1

    Hiro is a really really good cook and he has a special talent not many have!!

  • Chirping Bluejay
    Chirping Bluejay 8 months ago

    This is fucken awesome!

  • kasonator 1
    kasonator 1 8 months ago +1

    Kenshi has left the chat

  • Kevin Nguyen
    Kevin Nguyen 8 months ago

    There are hungry children in South Africa.
    Hiro: Good afternoon.

  • jacky sew
    jacky sew 9 months ago

    You save the world sir.

  • Sleazy Mouse
    Sleazy Mouse 9 months ago

    I birdboxed my wife's asshole last night

  • Charlie e
    Charlie e 9 months ago +1

    This bird box challenge is just insulting to Blind People. You doing it because of a movie and not mentioning anything about the hardship blind people have everyday without sight. Instead of doing it because of a movie try living the rest of you life with your eyesight.

  • FinCash 8
    FinCash 8 9 months ago

    He can still cook better than me with a blindfold on 😂

  • Jindora_De_Explorer
    Jindora_De_Explorer 9 months ago

    "Do not try this at home"

    I'll do this in my kitchen then :)

  • Jonathon Dale
    Jonathon Dale 9 months ago +2

    This is a truly skilled chef right here

  • TheClassiestFox
    TheClassiestFox 9 months ago

    Makes better looking Sushi blindfolded then I can make with my eyes lol

  • Census
    Census 9 months ago +1

    I mean you could’ve just glued newspaper on the window.

  • Patrick Schaefer
    Patrick Schaefer 9 months ago

    You did it for sure, but that looks like the least tasty roll ever lol... nothin like canned veggies and popcorn!

  • MystermaN
    MystermaN 9 months ago

    The music ruined this :(

  • Olivia Y
    Olivia Y 9 months ago

    A woman is in the background. Hiro’s or cameraman’s wife?

  • LooneyPlootzy
    LooneyPlootzy 9 months ago

    ..... The moment I saw bird box I started scrolling down. But then I saw it was Hiro.

  • Pilon
    Pilon 9 months ago


  • DernipoGaming
    DernipoGaming 9 months ago

    Camera man: If you take that blindfold off WE WILL ALL BE DEAD
    Hiro: Good Afternoon.

  • Iyus Multi
    Iyus Multi 9 months ago

    Well... Christine Ho does this all day everyday... the Blind chef that won the Master chef competition...

  • Sandra Borg
    Sandra Borg 9 months ago

    Second video I've watch and I love you .

  • M Martin
    M Martin 9 months ago

    Put on cc no disrespect but cc got shit all fucked up lmao

  • Peter Bangsund
    Peter Bangsund 9 months ago +1

    Your sushi blind-folded is better than my sushi with full vision.

  • Soul Snatcher
    Soul Snatcher 9 months ago


  • P Jeppesen
    P Jeppesen 9 months ago +1

    Has Hiro ever woken up one morning and found 248 perfect rolls of sushi that he made in his sleep.? 😅 If anyone could... it'd be him.

  • Exl
    Exl 9 months ago

    Does the person over there in top right corner get to enjoy the food as well? 6:22

  • Toad 1973
    Toad 1973 9 months ago

    Great video guys. The movie was ok but not all that great.

  • Amit Patel
    Amit Patel 9 months ago

    Next challenge should be tandoori chicken or chicken curry sushi

  • GreenMan 0352
    GreenMan 0352 9 months ago

    $1.44 for canned veggies?! Geez where do you live? It’s like .90 at most for Del Monte where I live

  • SouthwesternEagle
    SouthwesternEagle 9 months ago

    Whoa! What a difference a year makes! The cameraman is now a fun guy with a good personality! :)

  • Kevin Davis
    Kevin Davis 9 months ago

    Their laughing now, until everyone is killing themselves while hiro enjoys sushi...

  • sexy korean girl
    sexy korean girl 9 months ago +1

    better than the movie but less sexy than sandra

  • TheOcelot117
    TheOcelot117 9 months ago

    Thanks Hiro you are an inspiration, I made sushi for the first time after watching you especially since you could do it blindfolded.., would love to try your food one day

  • Th B
    Th B 9 months ago +1

    Hiro, my friend, g11d aftern11n!!!
    What a great idea and lovely recipe... When will the cameraman reveal his face?

  • Omen Jay
    Omen Jay 9 months ago +1

    **Cuts finger**

  • Rainyy
    Rainyy 9 months ago

    Got a new phone and came back to an amazing vid! Keep up the mouth watering work

  • Henry Lo Manzoni
    Henry Lo Manzoni 9 months ago

    Hiro my friend Please make a dish with Sand Fleas Mole Crabs 👍🙏please