Neuro disease after vaccine with Nikk

  • Published on Nov 10, 2021
  • Nikk describes her experiences after vaccination and her struggles to be heard, thank you Nikk. This is the link referred to in the discussion,
    (C19 vax reactions)
    On a separate note, John would like to talk to Eric Clapton, if anyone knows Mr Clapton please pass on this request,

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  • Timberrr
    Timberrr 6 months ago +4382

    “The vaccine should be tested on politicians first. If they survive, the vaccine is safe. If they don’t, then the country is safe.”
    -Monika Wisniewska 🇨🇦 🇺🇦

    • Candice Allard
      Candice Allard 6 days ago

      If only we had a vaccine against evil

    • Misty Skies
      Misty Skies 10 days ago

      Well Matt Hancock said he was going to do it on live TV after being pressured (haha) by Pierce Morgan.
      But then we all know what happened to good ol Matty… he broke all the rules, took the money from Bill Gates and ran with his mistress. 🙄 Let’s PRAY Chris Whitty wasn’t on Bojo’s party list.

    • Gary
      Gary 15 days ago +1

      Hope that batch is a real bad one!

    • Brandon Mayer
      Brandon Mayer 18 days ago

      @j sclar this is a great idea. I agree and would be 100% for it

  • Alexandra Rieloff
    Alexandra Rieloff 3 months ago +264

    Thank you Dr.. We need more of you. I know 3 people who who were fine, who died from myocarditis after being jabbed. This is a monstrous crime of impossible proportion.

  • Melody Harris
    Melody Harris 3 months ago +794

    This really touched me I’m so glad I’m going with my natural immunity and declined the vaccine.

    • sue
      sue 5 days ago

      @debora balles do you understand you can't catch his sickness. It's in the shot. VERY SAD STATE OF AFFAIRS

    • sue
      sue 5 days ago

      @debora balles we are un too. Do you get SENSORS on this too. They don't want the truth EXPOSED

    • sue
      sue 5 days ago

      @Tessie Mae sad they are threatened . They need to SPEAK UP. OUR LIVES DEPEND ON IT

    • sue
      sue 5 days ago

      @Larry Tischler did your doc get the shot too

  • emorel48
    emorel48 4 months ago +515

    I am a retired Registered Nurse, age 73. Thank you for the truth coming out! First of all, I bet this precious lady was injected right into a vein! That happens when medical people do not aspirate when injecting into a person! That would also be the reason for the metal taste she immediately experienced! Praying for all who are going through this horrible time! I have not been jabbed either!

    • whoareya mate
      whoareya mate 13 days ago

      @Verse Writer wait till you find out whats in the gene jabs lol

    • sue
      sue 26 days ago


    • sue
      sue 26 days ago +1

      @Janet Lynne on thousands I
      Of ppl?

  • mica onyx
    mica onyx 4 months ago +127

    This poor lady seems like such a beautiful soul. I pray she and all the people who have been harmed by the vaccine make a full recovery.

  • Bill Smail
    Bill Smail 6 months ago +1194

    There are literally thousands upon thousands of people just like her all around the world.

    • sue
      sue 5 days ago


    • sue
      sue 5 days ago


  • Rob Tipple
    Rob Tipple 4 months ago +544

    This is exactly why I’ve stayed unvaccinated, taking David’s advice on vitamin d & k and worked all trough lockdowns and watched many colleges off with Covid & vaccine illnesses …. Thankyou for covering both sides & being honest throughout 👍

    • Charmaine De Villiers
      Charmaine De Villiers 4 hours ago

      @Marius Bekkelund please advise on where We can find those stats, I was told not true, but I have heard this for Australia too

    • Mindful Eats
      Mindful Eats 11 days ago

      @bluewater lands follow the money

  • Rosanne Patton
    Rosanne Patton 3 months ago +89

    My niece had brain swelling and underwent an emergency spinal tap to relieve pressure. Then she had Parkinson's symptoms of shaking that would not stop and had abnormal pressure in her eyes . She only got one of the two shot regimen and when the CDC was called they told her not to get the second shot. She is 23.

    • Donna Ridings
      Donna Ridings Day ago


  • Jennifer Duhe
    Jennifer Duhe 2 months ago +113

    The neurological side effects scare me more than anything. Thank you Nikk for sharing your story.

    • Charmaine De Villiers
      Charmaine De Villiers 3 hours ago

      But!!!! Nikki actually WENT BACK TO TRY AND GET A BOOSTER... I mean really.. rendered unable to think clearly!!!

  • Brigit Coleman
    Brigit Coleman 3 months ago +217

    My sister in law had the Pfizer booster in Dec 21. The day she had it, she developed tremors down her left hand side including arm and leg. These got progressively worse until they were so severe she was kicking furniture across the room. NHS have no idea what has happened and have ruled out a stroke. Told her they suspected Huntingtons (before even testing her). That has now been ruled out. She was a carer of elderly people, she now needs care herself. She's 57. These jabs are dangerous.

    • Brigit Coleman
      Brigit Coleman 4 days ago

      @Michelle Asquith my sister in law has come off all prescribed meds as they weren't helping and in certain respects, making her worse. She has improved but not fully recovered.

    • Michelle Asquith
      Michelle Asquith 4 days ago

      I had my first jab on the 28th September I also had the same injection, afterwards I had constant bad headaches and at the start when I stood up I had a weird feeling through my body like I was there but not there eye vision was blurry as if I couldn’t focus on anything around me, I would then get a weird feeling down my left arm and my arm would develop a weakness and start moving uncontrollably as if I had Parkinson’s disease which I had witnessed before having a family member had it, it would last for a short while and then go away, and I would slowly come back to normal, I would like to hear more about how your sister-in-law is going a couple of months later my menstrual cycle was happening every 2 weeks, I went to a doctor and told him about the headaches and problem with my arm he took bloods a few days later the results were back, I had high cholesterol, High blood pressure, low iron and low vitamin D, which I found strange as it was summer here and I had spent a lot of time in the sun and I was as brown as they come, he started me on high blood pressure tablets and cholesterol tablets, I have since seen a gynaecologist to have the marina put in to control the menstrual cycles, would like to hear more if you had any other news on your sister-in-law, thanks

    • Michelle Asquith
      Michelle Asquith 4 days ago

      How is your sister-in-law now and has she had any other problems?

  • Pink Rose
    Pink Rose 6 months ago +2673

    What’s shocking to me is the lack of help people face with these adverse reactions. It’s appalling.

    • Michelle Asquith
      Michelle Asquith 4 days ago +1

      Because the doctors are abiding by the rules they have been given it’s truly appalling

    • Warwick Wakefield
      Warwick Wakefield 6 days ago +1

      Right Pink Rose.

    • Jackson Kelley
      Jackson Kelley 17 days ago +1

      And how U.S. law doesn't hold pharma companies accountable for not warning people before a consumer buys and uses their peoducts until enough damage has been done

  • ChildofGod loveme4ever
    ChildofGod loveme4ever 3 months ago +482

    They took advantage of the goodness in people who wanted to keep themselves, their families and loved ones safe. What they have done to humanity is beyond an evil that we cannot comprehend. I'm so sorry for yours and all the people's hardships with no help from the ones who did this. Thank you Dr. Campbell for reporting this.

    • Stan R. Lee
      Stan R. Lee 3 days ago

      I vision a person here who wrote this as one that wears tin foil hats. Maybe I wrong. And it sounds like it.

    • Dianne B
      Dianne B 18 days ago +1

      @find-liars always you haven't done enough research obviously

    • Shona Cole
      Shona Cole 27 days ago

      Agree with you

  • M A
    M A 3 months ago +244

    During my placement I saw a patient that developed GBS after a astra-zenica jab. She went from walking 6-7 miles daily to not able to walk at all. It was shocking to see that!

    • Warwick Wakefield
      Warwick Wakefield 6 days ago +1

      We are told, on all the mainstream media, "Get the jab!" The mainstream media never tell us about these things.
      This is terrible deception!

    • Vikash Kumar
      Vikash Kumar 17 days ago

      Its nothing more than b12 deficiency. I also had same problems after vaccination but resolved after one month of b12 shots...

    • sue
      sue 26 days ago

      @super20dan dear God!

    • sue
      sue 26 days ago

      @J B I'm praying
      For you

  • Laura R
    Laura R 3 months ago +98

    Still a Pureblood and staying that way. Sending love and positive vibes to all those who have jabbed and having side effects.

    • Donna Green
      Donna Green 6 days ago

      A purebred? I am guessing then you have Never had any vaccine ever. That, is a Pure blood.😉

    • Laura R
      Laura R Month ago +2

      @Patricia Boyd Remember that "dark winter" Biden told us un vax'ed we would have? lolololol

    • Patricia Boyd
      Patricia Boyd Month ago +3

      Me too. Didn't take the shot, no side effects , living just fine.

    • Michael R
      Michael R Month ago +1

      @world through my eyes your not pure anymore jabroni

  • Jess Barnes
    Jess Barnes 3 months ago +203

    I got both Pfizer vaccinations. Since the second dose on 1/10/21, I have suffered tingling, numbness, aching, pain and weakness in all four limbs. This has increased overtime. Very soon after the vaccine I developed joint pains, headache and tingling in fingers and toes. My only abnormal test so far is an ANAof 160. I now have numbness and tingling all over my face (today it has started in my nostril), numbness under my chin, ear pain and lip twitching. I can only walk for about 10 minutes and have had falls. Before the vaccine I was a fit, healthy, slim 49 year old,working full time. I can no longer work and have no answers. Thanks for sharing all your experiences.

    • Internet Guy
      Internet Guy 2 days ago

      This worries me because my sister is having almost identical symptoms. Triple vaccinated. I'm glad I didn't get the vaccines, but I'm worried for my family,

    • Sasha Mohammed
      Sasha Mohammed 2 days ago

      Took my 1st dose of pfizer vaccine on 28th January 2022. The very next day I started bleeding, that lasted for 14 days. 4 days after the vaccine I also started to get this numb, burning sensation from my lower spine straight down to my left foot. My doctor said it's sciatica. Sciatica isn't a diagnosis it is a symptom. Now I have to spend money I don't even have to find out what's causing the sciatica. It's quite painful and uncomfortable. Can't lay on my left side again.

    • Warwick Wakefield
      Warwick Wakefield 6 days ago

      @NHIOCA ZAFAR GUPTA You're right!

  • Jesus is my GOD
    Jesus is my GOD 6 months ago +2871

    This man is an EXCELLENT LISTENER.FIRST 8 Minutes: He doesn't interrupt or ask her questions when she is on a roll. Makes good eye contact/ Shakes his head to show he is involved actively in listening. A lovely human being.

    • Goffle S
      Goffle S 11 days ago

      He promoted this nasty injection

    • Shona Cole
      Shona Cole 27 days ago

      He really is so respectful I trust him fully

    • twmd
      twmd Month ago

      @Janet Scott if the god is Loki

    • Janet Scott
      Janet Scott Month ago

      John Campbell is sent by God to us at a time as this

  • Ian Stoa
    Ian Stoa 10 days ago +13

    I’m a veteran and I receive my care through the VA. I asked my doctor to have a conversation about these new vaccines and concerns I had. She told me there have been no adverse affects and no deaths from the vaccine. She said they are 100% safe. After hearing this I knew I can no longer trust my own doctor.

    • Janet Ed
      Janet Ed 5 days ago +5

      Wow your dr was snake. Good you didn't fall for her bs. 👍

  • bcfc18751
    bcfc18751 3 months ago +96

    It is so good to hear someone talk about their reaction to the jab… we need more… no wonder the authorities don’t want these out. THANKS… Sharing this on Twitter! 👏🏻👏🏻🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿😊🇬🇧✝️💪🏼

  • Kimberly Finke
    Kimberly Finke Month ago +27

    I got sick after my 1st shot, my second shot I thought I was dying. I took hours for me to start and feel bad but when I did it started with body aches. From there I spiked a fever of 104.5 with uncontrolled shaking,vomiting and passing out twice. I was forced to get it and have refused the booster and will continue to refuse. Ever since the shots Ive had extreme dizzy spells, memory lapses and headaches. I pray for this lady 🙏🏻

    • Rachael T Rocca
      Rachael T Rocca 3 days ago

      @Jackson Mackin I’m praying for you I hope your doing better, dear Jesus Christ touch these people who are suffering with affects of this injection. Thank you Father amen

    • Noreen Albright
      Noreen Albright 3 days ago +1

      @Jackson Mackin I'm praying for all these 100's of thousands of VAERS and that people realize that they are Harmed / Unhealthy.

    • karate
      karate 17 days ago

      so sorry

    • Jackson Mackin
      Jackson Mackin Month ago +5

      I am an 18 year old male.I have no preexisting health conditions. Received my second dose of the vaccination around the 23rd of June 2021. Around September 5th 2021 I had developed a lemon sized cyst in the left frontal lobe section of my brain. To this day the cause is unknown but it is believed to have been caused by a “sinus infection”. I am one of a few hundred cases in modern day medicine with this situation and to this day receive MRI’s. A few months after the brain surgery I received a gal bladder removal, due to a sick gallbladder. Ever since those shots my health has been on a steady decline.

  • Brenda M
    Brenda M 2 months ago +38

    Such a heartbreaking situation. I pray that she can recover from these injuries. She seems like a genuinely kind person. Thank you for giving her a voice John

  • H Bree
    H Bree 6 months ago +3751

    I feel you’ve been pretty fair throughout this whole vaccine runout. The fact that you’ve given voice to the vaccine injured makes me respect you all the more. Thank you!

    • Stephen Eurosailor
      Stephen Eurosailor Month ago

      This guy was aggressively pushing this poison.,

    • sue
      sue 2 months ago

      @Spear Shaker we all do.. believe it

    • Spear Shaker
      Spear Shaker 2 months ago

      @sue May u live forever

    • Spear Shaker
      Spear Shaker 2 months ago

      @sue May u live forever

  • Margie Miller
    Margie Miller 3 months ago +56

    In nursing school we were taught to always aspirate before you push the plunger on a syringe. If you get a blood return, you are in a blood vessel and you need to withdraw the needle and find another site. Now, nursing students are taught NOT to aspirate. The woman in the video describes an immediate reaction to the injection, indicating this bioweapon was injected directly into a vessel.

  • Photolady Photolady
    Photolady Photolady 3 months ago +47

    Thank you for sharing Nikk.... Since contracting COVID and having his vaccinations, my brother, contracted AF, developed prolonged tachycardia, and a heart arrhythmia. He saw a cardiologist(privately) who diagnosed him with ventricular pauses which required a pace maker urgently. He has now developed pulmonary oedema. He is in his mid 60's and used to run marathons and had a job that required him to be physically fit....His life has changed dramatically....

    • Donna Ridings
      Donna Ridings Day ago

      My 18 yr old daughter SAME EXACT DIAGNOSIS. She got Pf vx went 7 min went into seizure and full code A-fib. Took her to Cardiologist they said SVT also. ??? Blew her off said oh not Thaaaaaaaat bad if it gets worse ablation. So frusterating

    • find-liars always
      find-liars always 2 months ago

      A cyclist got real tired all of a sudden and diagnosed with blood clots on his lungs.
      Never had covid. Never had the vaccine.

    • sharon anderson
      sharon anderson 2 months ago

      I'm so sry.

  • Chris M
    Chris M Month ago +7

    My bro in law, an R.N., got the vax as mandated to keep his job. He lost a kidney right after his second vax. Blood clot went to the kidney. The neurologist said he basically had a heart attack in his kidney.

  • Dat Meme
    Dat Meme 4 months ago +29

    I discussed aspiration with the pharmacy clinician that gave me my booster here in the US and her had no idea what I was talking about. He thought it was about squirting the syringe in the air to get bubbles out. Once I explained it to him he replied, "Oh, that's what everyone keeps asking me about," but went on to say it's not necessary because we aren't aiming for any blood vessels and the needle is so small. When that's the level of understanding we're dealing with, it doesn't leave you much recourse.

    • Warwick Wakefield
      Warwick Wakefield 6 days ago

      Yes Dat Meme, there is a lot of ignorance around.

    • coop
      coop 13 days ago +1

      @Jennifer Johnston I'm a nurse too. This is what happens when you let every minimum wage Walmart employee working "under the supervision of a pharmacist" give injections.

    • Dat Meme
      Dat Meme Month ago

      @Jennifer Johnston What country are you in?

    • Jennifer Johnston
      Jennifer Johnston Month ago

      What?? I’m a nurse and you should always aspirate when you give an intramuscular injection.

    • Dat Meme
      Dat Meme 4 months ago +3

      @Sick of it. The irony of your comment is next level.

  • Christine Stevens
    Christine Stevens 6 months ago +4062

    Have doctors forgotten “First Do No Harm”. The way people who have vaccine reactions are being treated is nothing short of disgraceful.

    • Warwick Wakefield
      Warwick Wakefield 6 days ago

      Christine you are right. This is a disgraceful cover up.

    • L J
      L J Month ago

      @Ann-Marie Paliukenas "could be"
      we are 2 years further

    • twmd
      twmd Month ago

      @Jay Donnelly ultracrepidarianism

    • Jay Donnelly
      Jay Donnelly Month ago

      @twmd a bio weapon

    • elizabeth sheffield
      elizabeth sheffield Month ago

      @Aaron ........initially they did because they get an extra payment for each jab given. It was a £15 "bribe" don't know if that's changed now.

  • Gretchen
    Gretchen 3 months ago +23

    I have had long covid for two years now. I have not seen any specialists either. I have had such negative experiences with medical professionals in the past, that I have just been monitoring my own health. I had a terrible heart pain last week. It struck me as a silent heart attack.... I just kept putting off calling emergency services while hoping that if it was a heart attack it would not end in cardiac arrest. I was terrified to go to a hospital and spend hours there and be misdiagnosed or ignored or mistreated for being highly self aware.
    My heart broke when this woman started crying... ♥️ I can tell she may have anxiety in dealing with medical professionals due to being ignored while suffering through possibly life threatening situations. Sending well wishes to her.....

  • BigCoolViking. G.S.
    BigCoolViking. G.S. 4 months ago +49

    My Best friend had only the first Jab, Phizerr one, almost 1 YEAR AGO and he was as sick as a dog , in bed for 6 weeks, we thought we had lost him, he has now had to give up work and hand in his driving licence, he said he has that metallic taste in his mouth daily and still wracked with pain all over HIS BODY that he never had before. Obviously he has point blank refused the second jab

    • Warwick Wakefield
      Warwick Wakefield 6 days ago +1

      BigCoolViking, there is a huge coverup going on.

    • Rachael T Rocca
      Rachael T Rocca Month ago +2

      These testimonies are so scary I hope everyone is ok.

  • Hope Friese
    Hope Friese 4 months ago +58

    Have heard stories like this, too many times, from people I know. From Minnesota U.S.A. Also reading through obituaries there are so many people who "died suddenly".

    • Paula Moore
      Paula Moore 3 months ago +4

      Minnesota here. Strange you say this because I noticed that also last week.

    • Hope Friese
      Hope Friese 4 months ago +3

      @Maskie Man oh, I understand completely.

  • Deanne
    Deanne 9 days ago +3

    God bless this brave woman. Watching her cry broke my heart. I'm going to pray that she gets the help she needs and deserves. We need to get more stories like this out there. There are waaaay too many of them now. Something has to be done!

  • Forever Aloe Products
    Forever Aloe Products 6 months ago +3342

    Having worked in the NHS for over 15 years, I can tell you 2 things about the the medical world. 1. They don't like the feeling of uncertainty and rarely admit if they don't know something. 2. They hate patients challenging anything they say / do. To be challenged about areas they are unsure about is double trouble. Well done Nikk. Stay strong. Keep pushing. Keep believing your own body can sort this all out. Make heathy decisions and be kind to yourself. YOU are a survivor. Mike. 💪

    • Maggie Macdonald
      Maggie Macdonald 20 days ago


    • Sarah R
      Sarah R 3 months ago

      I usually have a lot of questions, they refuse to answer, I know they hate your ability to be a thinker.

    • Valerie O'Brien
      Valerie O'Brien 4 months ago

      @Queen of Swords The trouble with people like yourself blowing your own trumpet you have blinded yourself to the fact that an academic status. does not increase your worth as a human being. or necessarily furnish you with real wisdom.
      You can have high honours, even a fellowship yet your credibility as a person of worth is reduced as you congratulate yourself on the imagined esteem you feel you have earned.

    • Valerie O'Brien
      Valerie O'Brien 4 months ago

      Why do you still work for the NHS if you know what they really are about ?

  • Joy Cohen
    Joy Cohen 4 months ago +32

    I really appreciate that John listened to her so attentively and respectfully. He validated her. I know there is a lot of pressure on Drs and the medical system - but ghosting or gas lighting people in relationship to anything negative re Covid vaccination is unacceptable.

    • Diane Goodhile
      Diane Goodhile 2 months ago

      Gee I hope you get all 6 or 7 how many shot it takes to make. YOUR a true believer. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!

  • Sarah Martinez
    Sarah Martinez 2 months ago +22

    Sending love and prayers to this beautiful lady. You are so brave and it's ok to share your emotions. Take care and stay strong. Everyone needs to hear these stories.

  • Ray Mahfouz
    Ray Mahfouz 2 months ago +12

    I know what it feels like having a vaccine reaction. I also felt that my GP for months neglected me when I would call her sobbing telling her that there is something not right since I had the vaccine. 7 months later she finally sent me to see a neurologist. When the neurologist confirmed it was from the vaccine, she told me to continue to do the cupping because it was helping me with my spasms and twitches. Right now I've done 6 session and they've subsided significantly. Try doing cupping, if it doesn't work at least it doesn't harm you.

    • Ray Mahfouz
      Ray Mahfouz Month ago +1

      @Christine Nakibombo thank you for asking. I'm learning to cope with it. The cupping has made a difference in decreasing the twitches and spams.

    • Christine Nakibombo
      Christine Nakibombo Month ago

      Hi Ray how are you doing now

  • Chris Marcotte
    Chris Marcotte 2 months ago +28

    I Declined ALL Vaccines watching the entire covid unfold from the first cases! I have watched you from the start, thank you!

    • orion9k
      orion9k Month ago +1

      I saw a few of his videos in the beginning and I just couldn't continue, at that time he was very biased and duped.. He is finally waking up now thou

    • Jennifer Johnston
      Jennifer Johnston Month ago +2

      Me too!

  • Sharon Moore
    Sharon Moore 6 months ago +1233

    Imagine if all doctors had Dr. John's special and rare ablilities; the ability to LISTEN and TO ACTUALLY CARE!!!!

    • Acoustic Motorbike
      Acoustic Motorbike Month ago

      @Jane Brown so what. I know many nurses who have greater ability in healthcare management than a medical Dr. The fact he is a nurse with a PhD shows you how good he is. He's more than adequate to comment and in particular to this lady's issues he's demonstrated excellent patient care and a darn site better than most Drs I've encountered. What a stupid comment.

    • Acoustic Motorbike
      Acoustic Motorbike Month ago

      @L Blume exactly. Callous comment. But not surprising.

    • Acoustic Motorbike
      Acoustic Motorbike Month ago

      @Dicentra and your point is? He's a caring person and all Drs should show similar compassion.

    • roy larsen
      roy larsen 2 months ago

      @David Offor dr-nurse akademisk dr.

  • Shari Mcdonnough
    Shari Mcdonnough 2 months ago +10

    I took the vaccine Pfizer but I truly believe that if you feel you’re not a candidate for it you shouldn’t. Everyone knows their body. I’m so sorry you’re going through this madness. Hopefully now they will hear what you’re saying and trying to help you. Godspeed my dear lady.

  • Carol Grace
    Carol Grace 2 months ago +14

    I watched this dr last year and thought “Ohh no this dr is the same as the other gangsters “ I’ve now changed my mind, thank you for giving this lady a voice. Well done sir.

  • Forget oboudit
    Forget oboudit 4 months ago +27

    When working in A&E, I had a patient rushed through the side doors of the covid area, due to a cardiac arrest.
    I took over the CRP and as a team, we tried our best to save them but unfortunately couldn't.
    They came straight from having a vaccination.

    • Dee G
      Dee G Month ago +2

      What boggles my mind is why aren't the Doctors and nurses that see these things first hand speak up? If you all stand up and say no more, surely things will change?

    • Andrew Bryant
      Andrew Bryant 2 months ago +6

      @Patrick stefanek 8 years as a paramedic and the amount of arrests i went to last year broke all the records. All after the jab.

    • Patrick stefanek
      Patrick stefanek 4 months ago +1

      YeA rigjt....

  • ArtistSports
    ArtistSports 2 months ago +5

    I’ve been having mysterious reactions since my booster about a month ago. In the first week...Lethargy, migraine, a feeling of passing out, dizziness. Second week.....breast cancer symptoms (that is a thing with these vaccines-lymph nodes swell up causing strange pains in breast and under arm which came for a week and left), now I have leg tingling and mild shooting pain in my feet. Anyone with these same symptoms?

  • joe blow
    joe blow 6 months ago +4860

    if the vaccine is so safe, why does it have immunity from lawsuits?

    • C B
      C B 19 days ago


    • Donna Zuk Adley
      Donna Zuk Adley 3 months ago

      @santosha one of my weird symptoms after my 2nd Moderna was bruises all over my body

  • carebeme
    carebeme Month ago +2

    Thank you for sharing these experiences. After vaccination in January, I became exhausted for weeks, normally energetic. 2 weeks ago I contracted covid, the strangest symptoms Ive encountered, loss of taste and smell unlike anything Ive ever experienced, but the level of dehydration almost sent me to hospital, I wasnt vomitting, but so dehydrated I couldnt walk, Better now, but confused about the varying symptoms and responses. I appreciate the open minded considerate comments here, I felt like I was duped, and nobody gives a dam, I feel so much empathy for our elders who have trusted and been abused and abandoned

  • Anna Bailetti
    Anna Bailetti 4 months ago +20

    This is so similar to my experience after my second Pfizer vaccine. From the metallic taste in the first 1-3 minutes to Having immense pain headache and chest pain it was so intense i thought i was having a brain bleed and simultaneous heart attack. I could not move for the first day after the vaccine, i also had these chills and cramps in my legs and I was so thirsty too, it was the second day after the vaccine that i was able to drive up to the hospital. There they scanned my chest looking for blood clots in my lungs (i had none) and i had an ECG for the chest pain. But no investigation was done for the terrible pain i felt in my skull, but i had no slurring or signs of stroke so they were not worried. My bloods were taken and i was found to have very low iron, so low i needed an iron infusion ASAP and it was thought that my low iron contributed to my body’s response to the vaccine. I also suspect the Nurse did not aspirate the needle. Mine was not an allergic reaction no rash no swelling it was a severe physiological one. Thank you for sharing your experience, it helps for understanding that this has happened to many people and we need to learn how to make these vaccines safer for everyone.

    • Jackson Mackin
      Jackson Mackin Month ago

      I am an 18 year old male.I have no preexisting health conditions. Received my second dose of the vaccination around the 23rd of June 2021. Around September 5th 2021 I had developed a lemon sized cyst in the left frontal lobe section of my brain. To this day the cause is unknown but it is believed to have been caused by a “sinus infection”. I am one of a few hundred cases in modern day medicine with this situation and to this day receive MRI’s. A few months after the brain surgery I received a gal bladder removal, due to a sick gallbladder. Ever since those shots my health has been on a steady decline. The head aches could be something very serious clearly so anytime you feel them get that MRI.

  • Lola Ko Lola Mo Letty Carlson Cal Bruzo Rosero

    I was deeply touched when she shed tears, my heart goes out to her. May God bless and touch her whole body and get healed from this vax reaction

  • BeeJean
    BeeJean Month ago +7

    My Teen daughter had seizures within a short period after the Pfizer vaccine/vaccines .Upon getting the shot she tasted metal and blood ran from her arm she felt like she was having a heart attack. Her doctors are brushing it off and will not say it's even remotely possible this is at all related. I feel heart broken 💔 Extreme worry/anxiety and brain changes in thought process have also happened.

    • Jude Morales
      Jude Morales 21 day ago +1

      God bless you and your daughter. I pray she has a complete recovery.

  • Mies P61SleepyTimeGal
    Mies P61SleepyTimeGal 6 months ago +5205

    Dr Campbell. I have to confess i had my doubts about your approach to the whole Covid, and vaccination situation. During the last few weeks my opinion of you has changed. I am convinced that you are a man on a quest for the truth. But most importantly, you are not afraid to accept new views, as they present themselves. I salute you Sir.

    • Daniel Larson
      Daniel Larson Month ago +1

      @Lilly you will need luck friend, I'm praying for all of the one's who took these shots, it's all coming out don't decieve yourself

    • Daniel Larson
      Daniel Larson Month ago

      @The Wanderer he ain't ready sis, you tell him that he'll malfunction

    • Daniel Larson
      Daniel Larson Month ago

      @Dan Croitoru the 50 cent army; )

    • Daniel Larson
      Daniel Larson Month ago

      @Z.X.C. L.S.B.N great content, like to see John talk to him

  • Sarah Rose
    Sarah Rose 4 days ago +2

    Thank you both for doing this video. It is helpful to hear others having horrible reactions, as I too have had a tough time bouncing back after the 2nd vaccine. I noticed a metalic taste in my mouth right away, shooting pains throughout my body and brain (2 months), tinitus for 5 months, aching legs for 3 months and so much grief for feeling changed from a healthy person to someone I didn't recognize for 6 months.

  • LupusfreewithCelery333
    LupusfreewithCelery333 2 months ago +4

    Nikk I had lupus which I got rid of by avoiding gluten, dairy, eggs, corn, soy, vinegar, caffeine , excess fat. I had what I felt were convulsions after my second dose. My skin was cold to the touch. I was shivering so much I felt I was going to snap . My 2 children and husband all put their hands on me and hugged me. And I remember just being so tense. And I exhausted myself and slept. I made it a point to only have lemon water and
    Oranges because that is all I could stomach. After 2.5 days I felt better. Then I made sure to eat only fruits and leafy greens for 9 days. And I feel that helped me cleanse the poison. And now I try to stay away from gluten, dairy and absolutely no eggs. All my symptoms dissipated just like my lupus dissipate. You should try eating that way. I have seen many people heal from numerological issues by eating clean, natural foods. May the Angel of Healing help you heal. Amen.
    My husband now has eczema on his face, neck and scalp, after the booster.
    My son has tightness of the chest and anxiety after the second dose. But the pediatrician told me he was fine. It is a normal reaction and it will go away. Totally unfeeling.

  • Kelly Bayley
    Kelly Bayley 3 months ago +22

    My best friends mother has just been rushed to hospital (January 31st 2022 12pm Australia time) inflammation of the heart tissue. She's 52 dosnt smoke. Healthy lifestyle. Her mother & gran father are still alive. No heart problems within the family. She was vaccinated with her booster shot 3 days ago

  • Gayle Hudson
    Gayle Hudson 4 months ago +9

    I had a migraine from the day after my vaccine for 3 months in June. On august 24th, I had a migrainous stroke and was paralyzed and unable to say my name for 36 hours. They treated me for a real stroke until I got back to myself and they told me it was "just a migraine". I was seny home and m in the care of a neurologist for migraine now. But I ahd neurological symptoms for the whole time between the vaccine and the stroke episode. I was stuttering and could not "find my words", and that was never a problem before. I also had and have tachycardia and that tiltalwhirl world thing you describe also. I can no longer walk from my room to my car without stopping for my heart rate to jump to 150 beats. Yes. The tachycardia is a ghost with me as well. They saw it in the hospital but sent me home with it anyway. Oh man!!! This is so familiar!!! Ive been on a walker since I had the virus last January and I walk tipping to the right as well. My doctor just ignores everything.
    I hope you get some help!!!

  • karlevans1982
    karlevans1982 3 months ago +8

    Thanks to the Doctor for listening so well! But above all thanks to the patient, for being so open and honest in describing her symptoms.
    I have a similar story my difficulty is being able to put it into words in the 5 minutes allocated with the GP.
    Every phone appointment I miss something and before you know it theres 10 or 20 symptoms I've failed to mention.
    I've been really low this last few weeks, feeling like theres no point trying to explain symptoms to the GP again
    But this video is full of hope.
    Thank you both for your time.

  • Little Byrd
    Little Byrd Month ago +3

    The neck spasms are also something I have had from MS and they give me many Botox shots in the neck and upper spine for the muscle spasm’s that help relieve my pain.
    When I have my scan of MRI with contrast where the medication for contrast goes right into the vein and there’s an immediate TASTE in my mouth instantly and goes throughout my whole body, into every organ. Prayers to you both! 💕🕊

  • Tikvah
    Tikvah 3 months ago +8

    Thank you Dr. Campbell and Thanks So much to your guest Nikk for sharing with the world this horrific adverse reactions to these shots. "The people Perish for the Lack of Knowledge" Prayers for your complete and prompt recovery.

    • Charlie7337 usa born and bred
      Charlie7337 usa born and bred 3 months ago

      Dear Dr Campbell can you please reach out to me I am having so many issues at present time concerning after effects of vaccine. I can give you a detailed list of my symptoms

  • Smile at the World Healing

    My grandma had dementia and immediately following her shot, her dementia got significantly worse. Pre-shot, her dementia was bad for about an hour a day. Post-shot, she was visibly uncomfortable all day and started yelling in discomfort. She passed away about six months after her shot. My grandpa got his shot around the same time and passed away a week after my grandma. It's a troubling correlation. My grandpa had diabetes. Before his passing his blood count was low but they didn't find any internal bleeding or apparent reason for his low blood count. My gut tells me there is some relation to the shot for both my grandma and grandpa's passing. I could be wrong, but my intuition keeps nudging me. Wishing everyone good health and happiness!

  • Liz Salas
    Liz Salas 3 months ago +3

    I had a very similar experience, but I didn’t loose motor control for long. It only happened for the first 2-3 days, and it was more muscular weakness in my legs that I had to hold on things to walk. I also got a series of weird symptoms that seem like my body did not like the vax and complained (for lack of a better word). I currently only have the vertigo left over and it’s on and off. I hope it eventually wears off. Thank you for sharing… even sharing these events feel like you’re going to be stigmatized… labelled as “anti vax” or as “conspiracy theorist”. One of the drs I saw decided not to include the vax in the report either, so I repeated it to the specialist. Not sure if he also brushed it off.

  • Nichelle Loh
    Nichelle Loh 2 months ago +3

    My heart goes out to this precious woman. She & so many others have come out and speak up about this terrible vac 🤮! I sure hope she is feeling better my sweet Jesus. I hope she is being taken care of properly.

  • Joyce Wilcox
    Joyce Wilcox 3 months ago +11

    Thank you for covering this. We must respect "informed consent".

    VERNA CROWTHER Month ago +3

    Thank-you, Dr. Campbell, for being a credible source & man of integrity who is exposing the truth of what has gone on . . ..

  • renata ugrin
    renata ugrin 5 months ago +1795

    My huge respect for everyone who speaks about vaccine sides effects! ❤️

    • Catherine Schafer
      Catherine Schafer 26 days ago

      @Heather Hall yes, we all want to know about your friend.

    • Vicki Jo
      Vicki Jo Month ago

      @king, perogie and Charlie Exactly....its not the vaccine that's the problem, it's people's immunity response. We all react differently. Also some of the side effects that I've been hearing is also sounds like anxiety symptoms. Racing heart, shortness breath, trembling.....but knee jerk reaction is to blame the vaccine.

    • Chelsea Crawford
      Chelsea Crawford Month ago

      Thanks for your appreciation

    • Drew Anderson
      Drew Anderson 2 months ago

      autoimmune hepatitis 😢

    • FELICITY929
      FELICITY929 2 months ago

      In Poland it is similar sttuation, even people have died. Now there will be process Neuremberg II. You are lucky to be alive.

  • Bernadette Basmajian
    Bernadette Basmajian 4 months ago +13

    I am a nurse in US and had vertigo for days after 2nd dose of Moderna. I was told it was not related but I believe it was.

    • Mobee
      Mobee 2 days ago

      10,000% agree.
      No doubt about it because too many people are suffering from vertigo and balance problems after taking the 2nd jab.
      Myself and a couple of good friends included. No history for any of us of vertigo or balance issues ever before.

  • Gillian Foote
    Gillian Foote 15 days ago +1

    This poor lady 🥰 my heart goes out to her 🤗 thank goodness she has the warmth & compassion from Dr Campbell to tell her story

  • Christine Saunders
    Christine Saunders 3 months ago +7

    Thank you so much for sharing this story. It is so sad that doctors do not take this seriously! Thank you Dr. Campbell for getting this information out to us, no one seems to want to talk about this and it is happening more frequently than people know.

  • a
    a 4 months ago +8

    Thank you for sharing this interview. I got covid and lost the mobility in my scapulae and arms, incredible fascial, neurological pain. Doctors didn't listen until I couldn't work. I had no chest pain, but a direct attack on nerves.

    • Eva
      Eva 3 months ago

      Has it healed? Medication? I have neurological issues after 1st shot of pfizer

  • Robert Nugent
    Robert Nugent 6 months ago +1968

    MY WIFE HAD THE EXACT SAME!!! She is 3 months sick and desperately trying to get answers. We are in Ireland and we are paying for specialists now. She got moderna and she knew something was wrong. 2nd dose was horrific. Our next door neighbour 35 years old also got modern and 2 months later she had a Stoke 10 days in hospital. Something is not right at all.

    • Amee Grant
      Amee Grant 3 months ago

      @Robert Nugent keeping your wife in prayers for full one can blame you for refusing to get vaccinated.

    • Ian Webster
      Ian Webster 3 months ago

      @Lee So sorry to hear about your condition, the doctors will try their upmost to blame everything but the jab, trust me I’ve had 11 months of it now, be forceful and don’t accept what they tell you, eventually they back down and agree with you.

    • Ian Webster
      Ian Webster 3 months ago

      @Liz Jo absolutely crazy, it’s pier pressure on the kids, they will regret it 😡

  • the Katt
    the Katt 3 months ago +6

    Blessing to both of you. Thank you for sharing !

    I felt so many of those symptoms too, sister !
    Call me crazy, but I think I had the Rona in Dec 2020. Before the world even heard of Rona yet.
    I'm more than half a century old, have had every cold and flu. It wasn't really awful. Just really, really different. Lasted for over 3 weeks. Dizzy, weak and no smell or appetite .
    I survived 2 weeks untreated Rubella(which I WAS vaxxed for in the 60's) my vaxxed kids also survived Rubella(untreated for 2 weeks) . My ONE son who was UNVAXXED and with his young siblings and myself nonstop the whole two weeks...nothing.
    The Rubella was undiagnosed by our Family Doctor (remember those ?) As he ASSURED me that the vaxx made that impossible. Oh yeah, we knew right away that all the kids were exposed to a friend by playing in hottub, who a couple days later came down with Rubella. His mom called us. But the Dr. would not consider it, and treated our colds" and never-before-presenting "allergies" with ever-stronger antibiotics. When my two young children and myself ended up going to the ER, and youngest daughter into CRITICAL care. The first thing they said was Rubella in all of us.
    as soon as we had the right kind antibiotic we improved by the hour.
    I'll go with my natural immunity . 40+ yrs not one vaxx. I just don't trust Pfizer with my life.
    Sorry, not sorry.

  • Danayne Ashorn
    Danayne Ashorn 4 months ago +26

    I totally believe you because when I first got my shot instantly I felt light-headed dizzy my heart was fluttering and I did feel like I don't know tingling going all up in my brain and everywhere throughout my body but nobody believes me

    • Rachael T Rocca
      Rachael T Rocca Month ago

      I believe everyone who shares their testimony

    • Emma Wanjiku
      Emma Wanjiku 2 months ago +1

      Same here on my 2nd P shot Aug. 2021. The paramedics on site checked my BP & oxygen levels before allowing me to go home. Since then, I developed unexplained bruising, soft tissue swelling on my left Achilles and pulsating in both my temples (Nov. 2021). My GP did some bloodwork and ultrasound. I opted out for a head ct scan for fear of high radiation exposure but my GP recommended it if the symptoms persisted. I feel normal now because of the power of prayers.🙏

    • Elizabeth O
      Elizabeth O 2 months ago

      Doctors believe you, but won't do it it. Money is a big part of it, and job is the other.
      I know someone close same thing. On,y 19 everyday in major pain and up to her brain. Have you had any success with helping or healing it? We need an anecdote now!!!

    • Ksitigarbha
      Ksitigarbha 4 months ago +3


  • Jacob Park
    Jacob Park Month ago +2

    My "reproductive stuff" was aching for almost 3 months after my 2nd dose (JJ for 1st, Moderna for 2nd). They've hurt before, but never that long or intense... I don't think it was conicidence.

  • Bernadette Devlin
    Bernadette Devlin 3 months ago +5

    DR Campbell is lovely .. wish there were a lot more like him ❤️🙏💙😘

  • Janet Duos
    Janet Duos 6 months ago +1145

    No don’t worry about crying, this is horrible and it’s madness against humanity! You have every right to feel overwhelmed! I would cry and did cry with you and it’s okay we are all human! Aren’t we?

    • Suzie Finley
      Suzie Finley Month ago

      @John O I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God who loved me and gave Himself for me. Galatians 2:20 🙏

    • Luca Engels
      Luca Engels Month ago

      @John O You are Satan's spawn and are not seeking light. You have no business commenting here. It is here that us humans who God created in His image console one another at this time when the Almighty is working mightily in us. Jesus is the LORD.

    • John O
      John O Month ago

      @Luca Engels I somehow missed your post until now. You seem prideful of your beliefs but you explained nothing? I am The Word of God, I invite you to share your light with me.

    • John O
      John O Month ago

      @Suzie Finley I am in this world not of this world. Your understanding of salvation is very short.... Christ told everyone "your first service to God is to be Holy." Christ told everyone "go and sin no more." Christ did not die so people could freely live in sin.... anyone that believes so is a worshipper of the antichrist. Use my wisdom to your advantage to combat the deception of the evil one. We've been here working in the garden, like a thief in the night. Always remember God's Family is a Holy Family. Holiness is only the beginning of one's relationship with The One True God. Every soul chooses it's own Way... few choose The Way of Christ.

  • Laura 🔮
    Laura 🔮 Month ago +2

    Thank you, Dr. John, for presenting information NOT skewed toward a political agenda. I have followed you for a long time and have been impressed with your caring and concern. Blessings to you, Nikk, and all who are suffering. 💐

  • Uterus Power
    Uterus Power 4 months ago +3

    I experienced neurological side effects from my dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine. I got flu like symptoms that lasted 24 hours which many people were experiencing, but then I also had a headache that lasted some days, nausea that lasted many days and also episodes of dizziness/vertigo that went on for a week. Thankfully these unpleasant symptoms went away. I have heard from many others who also experienced similar neurological symptoms. Both the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and the Astrazeneca vaccine are experimental Adenovirus vector vaccines.

  • Annyie B.
    Annyie B. 2 months ago +4

    This is extremely similar to what I was experiencing with a Covid infection. It was so horrible that words can't even describe it. And the most traumatizing thing was that absolutely nobody helped me. Not even in hospital. They just laughed and left me alone in a quarantine room because standard bloodwork were okay (what it not even was but I didn't know it back then).
    It's two years later now and I went to hell and back several times. I am still not able to work, walk more than a kilometer or drive at 30 years old. I've never felt so alone and desperate in my whole life.
    If there is anybody in GB who can help or know were to go I would be so thankful. Germany still doesn't take Long Covid seriously. In fact there is a senior doctor who leads a big Long Covid outpatient department and he keeps asserting to media and print that Long Covid is psychological! It is a nightmare!

  • Duke Marlborough
    Duke Marlborough 2 months ago +2

    Dr.John, thank you for listening to Nikk. Making me cry.
    The medical profession has been revealed to have massive shortcomings. There needs to be a large-scale reexamination of all their thinking.

  • Sharon Baker
    Sharon Baker 2 months ago +2

    Nikk is very articulate at explaining her symptoms and I love her accent. I’m wondering why she would have another vaccination from after having such a profound reaction to the one she had in February. I think that I would not take any more shots after such horrible reactions.

    • Janet Ed
      Janet Ed 2 months ago

      I know... just not an intelligent person

  • Nic Jane
    Nic Jane 2 months ago +1

    I had the same! I wasn’t able to move my foot properly after vaccines and my thumb swelled to 3 times it’s size…I decided against booster and have slowly improved. I’m on Humira for psoriatic arthritis and it just seemed to make me so much worse. I’ve had months of hell and now return to (my) normal

  • Tweety USNews
    Tweety USNews 15 days ago +1

    10:27 starts the meat of the interview;
    15:03 she gets into doctor rejections and her frustrations
    17:24 appointment oddities
    32:02 Metallic taste (failure to needle aspirate)

  • Kim Stewart
    Kim Stewart 4 months ago +11

    Thank you both for bringing this hidden news to the public. 🙏

  • Paula Wells
    Paula Wells 4 months ago +1091

    I remember listening to this man last year, he's obviously become aware of the serious side effects and giving people a voice, the utmost respect to him xx

    • Captain Morgan
      Captain Morgan Month ago

      @David Smith Belated reply, yes in recent videos he still is only one leg over the fence.

    • Deborah Ringham
      Deborah Ringham Month ago +2

      I agree… although I sense that he’s struggling with what’s happening, but fair play, he’s being open. He clearly has good intentions, but I very much doubt he’s aware how bad and how serious this really is….

    • Skip Mullen
      Skip Mullen Month ago


    • Verse Writer
      Verse Writer 2 months ago

      @El Evans

  • C26
    C26 23 days ago +1

    Thank you for this video, and bless you Nik. I didn't have some of her side effects but I'm still plagued daily by the Pfizer vaccine. Had my 2nd vaccine on 8th December 2021 and 2 weeks later I was bedbound with vertigo. Had chronic vertigo everyday for 2 months, accompanied by a hot itchy rash on my cheek. The vertigo thankfully passed but I've been suffering since Feb with twitching neck, burning cheeks and ears, itching so bad. Seen so many doctors and everyone has dismissed me with Rosacea and not the vaccine. Spoke to a doctor on Monday and he said it's extreme nerve damage in my face and ears and an on going allergic reaction. Now on 3 medications a day, biggest mistake of my life getting the vaccine.

  • Marty Marty
    Marty Marty 4 months ago +4

    Nikk, you’re amazing, you’re courageous and I’m sure you’re a wonderful mother. So strong, even to throw in a bit of humour☺️
    Keep it up! You’re a great survivor!

  • Lolita Grant
    Lolita Grant 4 months ago +3

    I had Delta last August 2021, that turned into long covid after a 2 week or longer hsp stay.
    I felt great while on the steroids; but, when they weened me off, I got arthritus in my knees, chest pains, and low back kidney pain. Plus, at the 3 month post covid mark, my hair started falling out by the handfuls.
    I feel her pain.
    COVID: The plague, that keeps on giving. 😑

  • Pamela Laub
    Pamela Laub 2 months ago +2

    My husband is turning 81 this month. When he retired 6/30/12 he began walking twice a day. Whithin a month he was up to 3 miles twice a day then 5 miles twice a day. After the first Pfizer shot walking got more difficult. He's now had 2 shots and the booster. Walking 1/4 of a mile is now challenging for him. It was so abrupt as he had each injection. It's heartbreaking to watch that.

  • Kelli Hernandez
    Kelli Hernandez 6 months ago +142

    A friend of mine has a 12 year old Son who got myocarditis. The hesitancy by doctors who didn't want to admit it was the jab almost cost him his life.
    These things are NOT safe and the way these people are treated is DISGUSTING

    • Andrew Bryant
      Andrew Bryant 2 months ago

      @Bea K paycheck

    • Bea K
      Bea K 5 months ago +2

      @Katyy Zady Their God is SCIENCE.

    • Katyy Zady
      Katyy Zady 6 months ago +9

      I no longer respect or trust doctors. I'm afraid of them.

    • Barney Rubble
      Barney Rubble 6 months ago +3

      Was that after receiving the biological chemical weapon for the 12 Yr old or did he get myocarditis from the inoculated shedding the spike proteins? Thanks and good luck x

    • rose mullen
      rose mullen 6 months ago +14

      Complicit doctor. Must go to jail forever

  • Mister M
    Mister M 2 months ago +1

    I smelled the rat from day one.
    That was March 2020.
    I warned my friends and family, none took any notice.
    Many of there took the vax believing Witty and Vallance advise.
    We now know full well.
    Anyway, thanks to this brave woman and John for giving her voice.
    Hope she’ll recover fully

  • Nicole Orton
    Nicole Orton 2 months ago +1

    Thank you Dr. Campbell, you are a man with high integrity. That was a informative interview. Thank you both. Yes, yes, yes, this is going on everywhere, in virtually the same way. It is so disappointing to know there is wide spread denial regarding those who are alive and CAN be helped if they weren't being actively ignored. I have also had adverse effects neurologically and pain in the chest area from the time of vaccination. It is real.

  • Andrea Arias
    Andrea Arias 2 months ago +1

    Thank you John for giving Nikk an opportunity to share her experience and symptoms! She has suffered such severe symptoms. This is a powerful report of side effects. I've watched it twice.

  • Elizabeth Falcone
    Elizabeth Falcone 3 months ago +7

    Unfortunately I can relate to this lady’s problems but I had the Moderna vax . I also had an auto immune disease to begin with . Havent been well since i had the vax . Have lost the use of my left arm , the pain in it is definitely nerve pain . Thanks for the information .

  • Bernadine Morgan
    Bernadine Morgan 5 months ago +1052

    My 13 year old grand niece ended up in hospital for several days after her 2nd Pfizer (apologies I wrongly said AZ before) . At First she felt that it was very hard for her to breathe - after testing and scans doctors told her parents that she had inflammation of the heart. 12 years old! She was a completely healthy girl - no health issues at all. Father is a highly respected theatre nurse and he and my niece had complete confidence in the medical authorities etc. I think they are in shock! Please don’t take the risk where your children are concerned.

    • J S
      J S 3 months ago

      @marjan m they are all bad

    • Electra Collective
      Electra Collective  3 months ago

      Thanks for reminding me 💜 They will grant me a permanent exemption.

  • Linda
    Linda 3 months ago +2

    I was exposed to Covid in February 2020. The only symptom I had was fever/chills that lasted 6 hours. But then for the next 9 months I was completely exhausted and my heart was weak ( I've always had a strong heart and loved exercise and could no longer do anything strenuous). Then that went away, then my joints became painful and inflamed, my muscles are always cramping and tingling. I started taking 9000 IU's of Vitamin D along with calcium and magnesium. This seems to be helping, somewhat. I hope over time that you recover completely. Good luck to you.

  • Phil King
    Phil King 2 months ago +1

    I know how she feels. I've gone through exactly the same with my GP's, and still am doing. Some similar symptoms though It didn't start until 5 days after the vaccine (AZ) for me. It is so harmful to your mental health to be going through this with no help from the NHS.

  • Daniel LeBlanc
    Daniel LeBlanc 3 months ago +1

    I must say that the level of oration among the English makes for very easy listening. Thank you Nikk for sharing your story. Thank you John for spending your time interviewing such people, and for your dedication to human welfare in general. You have my respect. Love from 🇨🇦

  • Hilli McManus
    Hilli McManus 2 months ago

    Thank you so much, we could be twins with our vaccine experience and GP attitude. I'm only just beginning to recover partly from the Pfizer vaccine in October, having delayed the 2nd dose after terrifying side effects after AZ in March 21. I had a violent and terrifying Covid19 in March 2020 but had a previous horror of an episode 2 months previously. I've been made so much worse because of Pfizer and suffered blinding 'brain pain' temporary blindness, 3D vision and right arm paralysis, and yet the GP still pushed the booste. I stuck to my guns and have refused. Something is wrong in my system, possibly due to being in the first wave of Covid19, but the willful blindness to these issues is horrendous. I've cried every day for 6 weeks with my recent blistering, never ending migraine eruption......last 3 days have been better and unwittingly I had a glass of red wine last night. First in 2 years and I feel better for it. Thanks for all this, I also reported my serious reactions to both vaccines to the MHRA yellow card system, for what that was worth.

  • Anne Midwinter-Cooke
    Anne Midwinter-Cooke 6 months ago +1394

    I stopped listening to John some months ago when I felt he was pushing the 💉💉regardless of peoples concerns. However, credit where it is due, I have been pleasant surprised to see several of these vaccine injury videos from him recently. It does take courage in the face of relentless bullying and shaming by the establishment to address this issue, and he is bringing it to the mainstream. Thank you for having the grace to do this, it is much needed and appreciated.

    • jose maria trueba
      jose maria trueba 2 months ago

      I started watching him when he came almost two years ago. I stopped watching him as soon as I realised that he was blinded with official nu bers that did not fit my logically because all official data looks like disgusting propaganda.
      I started watching him only recently and I see he is slowly making his mind up.
      I would love for him to recognise that he was fooled and to, at the very least, say sorry for having done no good information for such a long time. His information has been pushing too many people to accept to participate in the pharmaceutical games risking something as important as your own health. Some have died. They paid with their lives for following wrong instructions! Why did they had to die?

    • Richard Loach
      Richard Loach 4 months ago

      For every unfortunate adverse event John needs to balance this out by posting 200,000+ interviews with people who were fine after their vaccine. Then it would be fair

  • Richard B
    Richard B 3 months ago +1

    Thank you for this interview Dr. Campbell as well as many other informative videos. Many of her symptoms have affected me and now I feel comfortable knowing what it might be. Dr. Campbell I love your help. Thank you!

  • Denise Curran
    Denise Curran 2 months ago

    Thank you Dr. Campbell for your honesty, do no harm ethics, permitting a platform for pts to share their story. She is a very nice woman who believed in her practitioner's who deceived and disappointed her. Hope she heals from this nightmare.

  • Steffani Ledford
    Steffani Ledford 2 months ago +1

    This woman is very articulate and well spoken. Perfectly logical, and this is a serious issue.

  • Siobhán Duff
    Siobhán Duff 3 months ago +1

    Your fantastic Dr John the way you cover so many different aspects in this pandemic with such incredible detail, it’s the detail in every subject of course that makes me watch you & how you seek out the truth & facts as much as possible. Thanks so much for your time & genuine commitment & professional expertise in all this.
    So sorry to hear of the terrible experience the vaccine & medical professionals have been for you Nikk, you are as you say a strong lady, a very clever, well read & loving mother & will say a prayer that you will receive proper medical care and that you will heal & improve completely xx🌹
    Love from Ireland

  • Robin Hammond
    Robin Hammond 6 months ago +327

    My heart goes out to her and Kyle. Being sick and not well and needing attention, but being ignored. Terrible and makes me angry for them. Thank you for listening to them.

    • Christine Oconnor
      Christine Oconnor 6 months ago

      I'm full vaxed,an on wed.between 12_5am I completely folded,and all the kidney pain and dyhrodration she's talking about I have now,the fatigue is unbelievablemy head she completely cloudy and even light hurts my eyes.the amount of congestion on my chest is crazy,so I really don't get the point of me getting this Vax,to protect me yet the won't see me in the surgery to check me over.

  • BardysDen
    BardysDen Month ago +1

    I was listening to someone talk about their symptoms with Lyme disease a while ago and some of this Ladies symptoms match up. Might be worth getting that ruled out too. Hope she is doing ok.

  • Paulo Perrotti
    Paulo Perrotti 4 months ago +4

    Dr. Campbell, I appreciate a lot your videos and have been watching all of them .I'm a Medicine student in Italy and lately i started to check facts about the adverse vaccine effects. I would like to ask if is be possible to make a video about the cases of sudden-deaths in athletes during 2021. I found data showing an incriase of 500% in sudden-deaths in professional soccer players during that period. I think that should be discussed. Thank you.

    • culluc44
      culluc44 3 months ago

      very interesting point !