Five Finger Death Punch - Wash It All Away (Explicit)


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  • Jfreed67 freed
    Jfreed67 freed 39 minutes ago

    I was at that concert

  • Leena Ojala
    Leena Ojala 3 hours ago

    Today Helsinki Hartwall Arena!!!

  • Matthew Brown
    Matthew Brown 8 hours ago

    FFDP is the ultimate band. A band that respects the veterans, cracks down on PTDS anxiety and depression like no other and sounds good doing it

  • mark montemayor tinapay

    my new favorite metal band

  • anthony bly
    anthony bly 11 hours ago

    Dude do a song with Mira. In This Moment. Will be a hit for sure.

  • Duane Martin
    Duane Martin 21 hour ago

    I went and seen these guys in concert. They put on a very good show. They also pay tribute to veterans and as a veteran. It made me feel good

    TERMINATOR 2866 21 hour ago


  • Alex Guerra
    Alex Guerra Day ago

    Every day I wake up at 4:15 am to go to work hard. I always walk and the first thing I do after putting on my black leather jacket is to listen to this song. When I'm ready to work I go to a thousand with my 53 years behind me. The youngest ones don't make it

  • phil thoreson
    phil thoreson Day ago

    Awesome cover band!

  • Maxim Belikov
    Maxim Belikov 2 days ago +1

    С новым годом!!!!!супер! ¡!!!!

  • Theadore Bundy
    Theadore Bundy 2 days ago +1

    talk about sell outs.....

  • MarkTriceps
    MarkTriceps 2 days ago

    Moscow 2020 was epic!!! Thank you!!! #5fdp

  • LA8PV doris
    LA8PV doris 2 days ago

    my favorite song in all bad Im not US and fit in the propaganda..... but still love the song

  • Päivi Hanhisuanto
    Päivi Hanhisuanto 2 days ago


  • Rutchada Supapin
    Rutchada Supapin 2 days ago

    I love this song.❤️❤️

  • Shama Cute
    Shama Cute 3 days ago


  • Jessy Bee
    Jessy Bee 3 days ago


  • Richard D.
    Richard D. 3 days ago

    My 11 year old daughter likez thiz song

  • MANOLO3190
    MANOLO3190 3 days ago

    Put on 1,25 speed, you are welcome ;)

  • just a dude doing lyrical covers

    Be me: casually sipping tea
    My headphones: this

  • Jonathon Taylor
    Jonathon Taylor 4 days ago

    Five finger death punch is awesome and there music is awesome too. My favorite song is jekel and hyde

  • Jenn Bombard
    Jenn Bombard 4 days ago

    Just wanted to say thank you FFDP, your music is one of my best ways to help me deal with having PTSD (n all that comes with it). Whenever I have my favorite FFDP songs playing, n I hear n sing along every word, (I might not sound as good as FFDP but I got my music blasting n I’m good with that) then I just let the music flow through me n I feel empowered to believe that no matter what hell I have been put through, I’m grateful to be a survivor n I am stronger bc of it.....n I feel like to me the world/life has become a little less darker...with a good chance there will be more light in my future...You probably hear this a lot FFDP but I appreciate all that you do for your music n fans n all the hard work that you put in...n I am ever so grateful for it..

  • Ronnie Denmon
    Ronnie Denmon 4 days ago +6

    Beats the hell out of the newer music they have today

  • clarkman one
    clarkman one 4 days ago +9

    50.. still a rock child....

  • Kamo B
    Kamo B 4 days ago

    i call this metal pop :( why the hell does megadeth have to support them on tour?

    • Tank Dempsey
      Tank Dempsey Day ago

      "Metal Pop" When in truth FFDP has a style very close to the classic Heavy Metal, but perhaps you are too dull to understand it.
      Ps. Megadeth sucks, one of the most overrated bands ever, their only decent works are the first three albums, the rest is stereotypical and resentful shit.

  • Maggie Jarp
    Maggie Jarp 4 days ago

    The name tho-

  • Danny Gambrel
    Danny Gambrel 5 days ago


  • Andy Stojek
    Andy Stojek 5 days ago

    Zoltan!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Moonshine
    Moonshine 5 days ago

    I'm 98 years old and I love this song

  • John Leckrone
    John Leckrone 5 days ago

    This band is trying to send a message to the world. They see the absolute corruption and are asking us all to stand up and "wash it all away". I am an activist fighting a crime syndicate and this song helps to keep me focused on my goal of changing this planet for the better. If each one of us would stop consenting to the tyranny imagine how much nicer this world we live in would be.

  • A C
    A C 6 days ago


  • james manning
    james manning 6 days ago +6

    I am 63 and this guys make me fill so GOD DAM young agin!!

  • Hendra Hakata4
    Hendra Hakata4 6 days ago +10

    One of the best modern rock and heavy metal of the best in this year and I like this songs especially their music sound was totally badass and heavy tune at all but their lead singer was so cool with his vocal clean singing and death screaming vocal one of the best growl screaming ever I heard.Five Finger death Punch one of the most or the best underrated modern heavy metal band ballad era 2000s decade since they were more famous than the Linkin Park,Slipknot,Korn,Mushroomhead,Limp Bizkit,Breaking Benjamin,Sevendust,Ill Nino,Deftones,Papa Roach,Killswitch Engaged,All that Remains,Bullet from my Valentine,Drowning Pool and more than that.

  • Владимер Шаган

    Хороший клип

  • MakaveliSociety
    MakaveliSociety 7 days ago +1

    This microphone stand is fucking BADASS!!!!

  • moof
    moof 7 days ago

    great song

  • Chris Tatro
    Chris Tatro 7 days ago

    21+ Florida bases still wondering how

  • Michael Phillips
    Michael Phillips 7 days ago +1

    Feeling a little down?
    Turn on FFDP.
    Your welcome!!!
    Thanks FFDP...

  • Ришат Уравнитель

    Уф, от этих психов башню сносит, аааааа, не могу))))

  • Енот Жадный
    Енот Жадный 8 days ago +5

    0:45 - when your life cuts into pieces

  • enzo
    enzo 8 days ago

    Best moment 00:56

  • Legitah
    Legitah 8 days ago +2

    3:08 gave me chills

  • Terri Farina
    Terri Farina 8 days ago


  • Dr. Zippy Mcscoots
    Dr. Zippy Mcscoots 9 days ago +1

    That is a fuckin Helluva mic stand!!

  • Orwellian Observer
    Orwellian Observer 9 days ago

    Anthem to rid society of all shallow, Kindergarten level vocabulary pop music! Wash It All Away😜

  • Amber Young
    Amber Young 9 days ago

    Remember always support our troops, exspecially pray for them now

  • Tek Jester
    Tek Jester 10 days ago

    And people say that Nickelback and five finger death punch are the same...those people can fuck off because Nickelback doesn't even come close!

  • Виталий
    Виталий 10 days ago


  • Alex Schumacher
    Alex Schumacher 10 days ago +1

    Reminds me of my last girlfriend

  • TFfan75
    TFfan75 10 days ago

    Reminds me alot of Blind Guardian!

  • El Bravo
    El Bravo 10 days ago +2

    I've given up
    On society
    Up on my family
    Up on your social disease
    I've given up
    On the industry
    Up on democracy
    Done with all your hypocrisy
    All of the chaos
    And all of the lies
    I hate it
    I'm wasting here
    Can anyone wash it all away?
    I'm waiting here
    For anyone to wash it all away
    Wash it all away
    I've given up
    On the media
    Feeds my hysteria
    Sick of living down on my knees
    I've given up
    On morality
    Feeds my brutality
    Fuck what you think about me
    All of the chaos
    And all of the lies
    I hate it
    I'm wasting here
    Can anyone wash it all away
    I'm waiting here
    For anyone to wash it all away
    Wash it all away
    I won't change for you
    And I can't take the pain
    There's nothing you can do
    And there's nothing you can say
    I've given up
    On everything
    Up on everything
    Up on everything
    I'm wasting here
    Can anyone wash it all away?
    I'm waiting here
    For anyone to wash it all away
    Wash it all away
    I'm wasting here
    With everyone just wash it all away
    I'm waiting here
    For anyone to wash it all away
    Wash it all away
    Wash it all away

  • Alexander James
    Alexander James 11 days ago


  • Jeremi Avalos
    Jeremi Avalos 11 days ago

    Me encantan esa casion

  • robotmaster07
    robotmaster07 11 days ago +4

    Jason can "take the pain."
    Lay it on me.

  • Blue Rose
    Blue Rose 12 days ago

    2020 FIRE

  • Soggy Lunch bag
    Soggy Lunch bag 12 days ago +6

    A person played this at our therapy and I fell in love right away. So happy about it

  • Gamer king 1994
    Gamer king 1994 12 days ago

    Happy birthday Ivan rock the mother fucking world so hard u cause earthquakes

  • Natálie Hofmanová
    Natálie Hofmanová 13 days ago

    Moc moc

  • Redwood Original
    Redwood Original 13 days ago +2

    I love this song