• Published on Sep 13, 2019
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  • Stefan Samuels
    Stefan Samuels 2 days ago

    Don't you just hate it when your already tall girlfriend/wife wears heels

  • Dean Walker
    Dean Walker 2 days ago

    Big fan Eddie, but remember those people who 'hound' you are the people who support you, and watch your programmes etc. Bodyguards are a bit OTT aren't they? I dunno. All the best anyway

  • Eire Finn
    Eire Finn 2 days ago

    I don’t think he could sneak in anywhere 😂

  • Gergely Kósa
    Gergely Kósa 3 days ago

    OMG, Stalone's face is frozen. Only his mouth is moving. Too much botox?

  • Schutzstaffel Hastag
    Schutzstaffel Hastag 4 days ago +2

    I wish Stalone left his face alone he looks like a lesbian with a thyroid condition.

  • Christopher P.
    Christopher P. 4 days ago

    Nice to see you with the wife.

  • Mukkz
    Mukkz 5 days ago

    Wow Eddie quality content

  • Ady Bullock
    Ady Bullock 5 days ago

    Eddie's got the world at his feet and the guy deserves it after all the hard work and dedication he's put into getting there.

  • YO YO
    YO YO 6 days ago

    Who is the overeeight fat bald guy??? No clue. In scotland we all know sly 😎 but no clue who the fat bald guy is 👍🏿

  • Azhii Ogna
    Azhii Ogna 8 days ago

    Your tie must be choking😂

  • Tijani Mottley
    Tijani Mottley 9 days ago +1

    Who else had the captions ON, and read...”The only man in history to ejaculate...”
    Seriously, not making that up.

  • LordHeath1972
    LordHeath1972 9 days ago +2

    Two tops guys...... and a pretty damn fine looking woman too! :)

  • Kurt
    Kurt 13 days ago

    Wow. Just WOW. Great video 👍

  • Grandmaster Sub-Zero
    Grandmaster Sub-Zero 20 days ago

    Eddie Hall is a real big bear, but he don't need bodyguards.

  • Martin Hansen
    Martin Hansen 20 days ago

    Sylvesters into was stupid..

  • Darren Anderson
    Darren Anderson Month ago

    Don’t give Gaza’ a drink that’s stupid he’s an alcoholic

  • peter johnson
    peter johnson Month ago

    Enjoyed watching this. Great to see people getting together and meeting eachother. Makes the world go round. 👍💪

  • Karl
    Karl Month ago

    Yeah, give an alcoholic a bottle of wine, ha ha ha, hilarious.

  • Evan Koch
    Evan Koch Month ago

    I wish Abigail from the video game Street Fighter 5 was real. He could make eddie Hall look like a small child. he would outweigh him by 200 pounds and tower over him at 8 feet tall (Eddie is only six foot 3).

  • National Health Institute

    Rambo : Last Hydration

  • John Swaim
    John Swaim Month ago

    I would think old Stallone would be thrilled beyond words to have the privlege of meeting Eddie Hall. Anyone would!

  • Rafael Paris Perez
    Rafael Paris Perez Month ago

    Un heroe... Gracias por existir sly 🤜🤜🤜🤜🤜🤜

  • TD Powerlifting
    TD Powerlifting Month ago

    Subscribe to me 😜

  • Caleb Bowers
    Caleb Bowers Month ago +2

    Sylvester Stallion seems like a really cool guy. He sounds like he has a heart. What a privilege you had to get to meet him.

  • Halifax87 Bahi
    Halifax87 Bahi Month ago

    Like my comment 😐

  • tony hunt
    tony hunt Month ago

    Top man you Eddie.

    HERO IN BED Month ago

    We need to impeach the traitor asap

  • slick36c
    slick36c Month ago

    eddie hall is going to be in movie I think

  • NegroLockSmith
    NegroLockSmith Month ago +1

    These are just paid events. Pay your $ anyone can go, google it

  • Anonimia Another
    Anonimia Another Month ago

    He was living my dream

  • im silly
    im silly Month ago

    A take it he's goin be in expendables 5 for 1 minute

  • darren millar
    darren millar Month ago

    watch this space eddie expendable 4 is calling your name..i wish you luck big man

  • Daemon
    Daemon Month ago

    cracking video Eddie..

  • Dean Dyer
    Dean Dyer Month ago

    but your wife can do a poem with me ;

  • Dean Dyer
    Dean Dyer Month ago

    sly give me a job
    and sky’s like acting classes you are na nexttttt dreamer 😂

  • Dean Dyer
    Dean Dyer Month ago

    no need for body guards
    i don’t ever see him hounded
    i think this guy pumping himself up a bit more than the people around him
    body guards no one gives a shit about Hall we want stallone and your Mrs Boobs

  • The Roo
    The Roo Month ago

    Bet Eddie didn't pay 850 quid

  • Lancer1131
    Lancer1131 Month ago

    Great men. Kudos to both

  • tintinesk5
    tintinesk5 Month ago +1

    Hot wife ! That Sly “Rocky” speech was priceless and timeless.

  • Krotiz
    Krotiz Month ago

    Man Eddie's wife is so bubbly and genuinely cute hahah, seems like a really cool and supportive woman to Eddie, I like seeing that he has an honest supporter and rock at his side--good women are hard to find especially for talented/famous guys!

    Keep it up you two!

  • morg ala
    morg ala Month ago

    ah man.. Gazza, he's looking fragile

  • A h
    A h Month ago +1

    PS. Where has Jenny Powell been?.. still looks good if not better. Fine wine aye 🤗

  • Richie Williams
    Richie Williams Month ago

    Top video again Eddie gutted didn't know you at the ICC at the Celtic as I live directly opposite the resort on the main road that joins the Coldra would loved to have come and taken care of you🤣 nevermind maybe next time keep the videos coming 👊🏼👊🏼💪🏼

  • Andy Webb
    Andy Webb Month ago


  • Mark Cunningham
    Mark Cunningham Month ago

    Such a Sweet moment for Eddie meeting Stallone.. :-)

  • Liss Sande
    Liss Sande Month ago

    You must start training helps Look how fat you are sporty doned Hope Sylvesterr speaking helped you ja I Love him thats rirhe

  • Mark Townley
    Mark Townley Month ago

    Love Stallone and Eddie, But found this video just cringe-worthy !!

  • Jeff Gibson
    Jeff Gibson Month ago

    Warning: Sylvester looks even smaller in your rear view mirror.

  • Liam C
    Liam C Month ago +1

    Stallone looks like he also tried deadlifting 500kg but with terrible form.

  • Liam C
    Liam C Month ago +1

    Sly looks like he also tried deadlifting 500kg but with terrible form.

  • NemosPodcast
    NemosPodcast Month ago

    That’s awesome He’s one of the main reasons why I became a Actor!!! I was supposed to meet him August 26 in In Philadelphia I was coming all the way from Detroit but he canceled, I was pretty upset, but that same day I got a call very big audition out of state everything happens for a reason. That’s awesome that you got to meet the legend!

    • NemosPodcast
      NemosPodcast Month ago

      Mcbalmar Balmarson Check out the new trailer I’m in. With SUPERMAN Dean Cain and Nathan Jones from Mad Max. Thank u for the support!

    • NemosPodcast
      NemosPodcast Month ago

      Mcbalmar Balmarson Thank u!!! So much you’re absolutely right! That’s what I’m working on an advertising! Check my IMDB

    • Mcbalmar Balmarson
      Mcbalmar Balmarson Month ago

      @NemosPodcast I hope God gives you a break. You seem to have a great idea and good stuff, but I don't know if you got the right audience. You need to target the right audience. That is my only advice. Take care and good luck

    • NemosPodcast
      NemosPodcast Month ago +1

      Mcbalmar Balmarson That’s true! I’ve been acting for 15 years Didn’t really have direction until 5 years ago and now thank God I’m very humbled and I’m getting very great opportunities. I have a podcast on TheXvid #Nemospodcast I review movies and I also Vlog when I’m on movie sets for films that I’m in. Hope you check it out! Tomorrow my Rambo last blood work he will be up! You’re right about the whole morals thing but I have God in my heart and mind.
      Trust me I could’ve sold out along time ago I had some crazy opportunities for Good Money and I didn’t do it!

    • Mcbalmar Balmarson
      Mcbalmar Balmarson Month ago +1

      Tbh if I was you I would try to have a crack on TheXvid first. 90 percent of actors are D celebrities, while you could be a TheXvid B star within a year, more money and you still keep your morals.

  • Mads
    Mads Month ago +1

    Great vid. Love Sly. Terrible background music. Sounds like something a 14-year old would use for a video game compilation

  • God
    God Month ago +1

    *wifey looks absolutely stunning!*

  • Liam C
    Liam C Month ago +1

    Sly looks like he also tried deadlifting 500kg but with terrible form.

  • TheBardeng
    TheBardeng Month ago

    You know whats hard. I turned 25 years. I watched both Arnold and Sly since I was 5 years old in 1999. 20 years with two of my biggest idols. Its hard to know I probably will never meet them and they'll pass away. May they live 1000 years

  • Ivan C
    Ivan C Month ago +4

    I’m so used to seeing Eddie, next to Brian/Oberst and Nick.. that I genuinely forget just how massive he really is lmao

  • Jon Jones
    Jon Jones 2 months ago

    Sylvester Stalone is a bum who has always been jealous of Arnold and lowkey hates him cuz of Arnold Charisma and charm

  • Creation
    Creation 2 months ago

    Damn Sly is as wholesome as he seems from his roles in his movies. Actual Rocky Balboa

  • Joseph Kelley
    Joseph Kelley 2 months ago

    Jack Nicholsen once said, "The average A-List-celebrity shakes hands with
    approximately 18,600,000 in the course of his/her lifetime." It's in the You Tube
    piece where the do THE SHINING documentary. Jack wasn't THRILLED about the
    experience, per se.

    • Joseph Kelley
      Joseph Kelley 2 months ago

      Jack giving us a QUICK demonstration of the above
      at the 5:20 mark.

    • Joseph Kelley
      Joseph Kelley 2 months ago

      At the 4:54 mark for those of you NOT into THE SHINING.

    • Joseph Kelley
      Joseph Kelley 2 months ago

      Here it is - the astonishing (and frightening) celebrity-facts-of-life
      courtesy of Jack Nicholsen (
      .Can't wrap my head around it. Unable to even COMPREHEND what Jack is saying.

  • IShoot Media
    IShoot Media 2 months ago

    Ha thats me rightvat the end back stage, was a top night. Didnt know i got filmed though :-)