Telling My Parents I'm Pregnant At 18

  • Published on Aug 30, 2018
  • Hey guys!! This is footage from telling my family that I'm pregnant.
    As you can imagine it was incredibly scary telling them as we are only 18 years old!
    This was filmed back in April but I never got around to uploading it. Dan's family's reaction will be up in a few days so stay tuned for that!!
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  • Slime Queens08
    Slime Queens08 23 hours ago

    My mom was pregnant with me when she was 18. Girl you got this. I believe in u

  • Scads Pads
    Scads Pads 3 days ago

    The snakes by her dads name💀💀

  • Hannza
    Hannza 5 days ago

    Your mother is amazing!

  • Conrad Castro
    Conrad Castro 7 days ago

    the girl is really dramatic and the boy seems a bit odd

  • jamie kearney
    jamie kearney 8 days ago

    Your mom is awesome

  • im Ev animatesSTUFF
    im Ev animatesSTUFF 10 days ago

    Your family is so pure omg😭

  • lay frecks
    lay frecks 10 days ago

    Your so annoying
    Do you really thing you should be having a baby?
    Your not grown up at all..

  • Kaitlin Frost
    Kaitlin Frost 12 days ago

    I found out I was pregnant 9 days before I turned 16. I didn't even get to tell my mom that I was pregnant. She bought the test and looked at it first lol. I'm glad she had a good reaction just like your mom did. ❤

  • _*Mochi Mochi!*_
    _*Mochi Mochi!*_ 12 days ago

    Yo do your fingers hurt after that text?

  • Aisyah Mutiara
    Aisyah Mutiara 13 days ago

    Please, I need a husband like Dan, he is soo supportive

  • Kristina Mekhael
    Kristina Mekhael 13 days ago

    *last few mins of the video*
    “It’s a boy :)”
    *video ends*
    other videos to watch: our baby gender reveal!
    what do u guys think it’s gonna be?! 😂

  • 태형김
    태형김 13 days ago

    i think pregnancy isn’t a problem if you are prepared financially, emotionally, and physically

  • suck a bloody bootyhole

    Aweee 💞 her supportive boyfriend 😭😭💞

  • Baseball Girl
    Baseball Girl 14 days ago

    Omg beanie (sorry if I spelt that wrong) he looks so small compared to now

  • Katyb Dorton
    Katyb Dorton 15 days ago

    Lord honey, I thought the same thing at 19. I was petrified. He is now 7 with a 5 year old sister.
    My mom was worried.
    Alot of the times anger is really worry.
    It's a baby, not the end of the world.
    Goodluck sweetie.

  • Lovely Elizabeth
    Lovely Elizabeth 15 days ago +1


  • Tony Mags
    Tony Mags 16 days ago

    Oh shit I was looking for a fake one lol this shits real

  • SynackFN
    SynackFN 18 days ago

    my sister is pregnant and shes 18

  • Amelie Li
    Amelie Li 18 days ago

    omg i was like... pregnancy mood swings???

  • karen silva
    karen silva 18 days ago

    Lmaoo not when you have Mexican parents

  • Yentl Van Breugel
    Yentl Van Breugel 18 days ago

    I just broke down when she said congrats

  • TheSims Songs
    TheSims Songs 18 days ago +1

    Bruh you seriously look like an 8 yo tbh not gonna lie or be rude

  • Ameilia Brewer
    Ameilia Brewer 19 days ago

    3:53 is my all time favourite hahaha

  • diaryofmy life
    diaryofmy life 19 days ago

    All the above I would say that kids should avoid such relationship they should be with their parents and focus on their carrier. Theirs a time for everything to happen.

  • Mallory Sampley
    Mallory Sampley 19 days ago +3

    These two are the best parents in the world I know your gonna be a better mom than how my mother has it's not about age or money it's about love and it'll be love for everything🥰

  • HoneyBee Meh
    HoneyBee Meh 20 days ago +5

    It’s harder for girl to tell their parents

  • H.P. Hatecraft
    H.P. Hatecraft 20 days ago +1

    being that afraid to tell your mom something that profound is not a good sign, seriously

  • Brawl Stars Fights!
    Brawl Stars Fights! 20 days ago


  • Dragon YEET
    Dragon YEET 21 day ago +1

    The boy friend looks like a old man ;-; xD

  • Everything Kenzie
    Everything Kenzie 22 days ago +2

    Girl you got it and your boyfriend is right there with you you can do it I send all my prayers your way

  • The Royalty Family
    The Royalty Family 22 days ago +2

    I’m afraid to go to school because I got my period

  • Eman sweileh
    Eman sweileh 24 days ago

    Ridiculous .if you're really so afraid of your mom ... you shouldn't be doing at the first place .. why would you have sex if you're too scared of her 😑😑😑😳😳😳😳😳😳

  • Stupid Commenters
    Stupid Commenters 25 days ago +1

    I told my mom my girl get pregnant 🤰 mom kick out from home 🏠

  • Edgar_funny 8
    Edgar_funny 8 25 days ago


  • Kayla Borter
    Kayla Borter 26 days ago

    Telling dad is always harder than your mom. Congratulations you guys😊

  • Kayla Borter
    Kayla Borter 26 days ago +2

    I was 18 when I found out I was pregnant and I promise you that bundle of joy will be more than you could ever ask for.

  • RainbowXLG
    RainbowXLG 26 days ago

    Her: Mom, I'm pregnant
    Mom: k

  • Jennie Thomas
    Jennie Thomas 26 days ago

    There is nothing wrong with teen pregnancy but nowadays many teen are taking the these as trend..teen pregnancy is not wrong but your body is not capable and mature enough..think about yourself

  • Lacey Williams
    Lacey Williams 28 days ago


  • Citrus Tea
    Citrus Tea 28 days ago

    Me sending my essay to my teacher knowing I’m gonna fail

  • Chloe Distel
    Chloe Distel 28 days ago

    I love how the boyfriend is just cuddling the cat in the back ground 😂

  • Ellen Nghihepa
    Ellen Nghihepa 28 days ago

    Our African parents would first make a seen, call close relatives n make it look like its an offense. Give me a speech of your life for weeks.

  • Scarlets World
    Scarlets World Month ago

    Didn’t think the message was gonna end 😂😂😂

  • Rose gallagher
    Rose gallagher Month ago

    I’m would be so scared to do that ik even scared to tell my mom I got a B ok math😳

  • Redex Superior
    Redex Superior Month ago

    It’s legal not illegal

  • La vie en NOIR ROSE


  • laylay and tae tae
    laylay and tae tae Month ago

    My sister is 16 and pregnant

  • Mina Cruz
    Mina Cruz Month ago

    Lol imagine telling them at 15

  • Niyah Ware
    Niyah Ware Month ago

    This is me !!! “My mom is gonna hate me”😭😂

  • Laky Hodge
    Laky Hodge Month ago

    My parents would kill mee

  • sam gerrity
    sam gerrity Month ago

    Who texts there mom that there pregnant at least call

  • keonnasopretty
    keonnasopretty Month ago

    me asking my dad if I can spend the night or someone can😭😂

  • keonnasopretty
    keonnasopretty Month ago +2

    me asking my dad if I can buy something off my phone 📲..

  • angelique january
    angelique january Month ago

    im 24 ths month and im not evn allowed to dare 😒 no joke

  • Melaninn Beauty’
    Melaninn Beauty’ Month ago

    18... your grown

  • Bec H
    Bec H Month ago

    Your mum is beautiful - by saying to you 'firstly congratulations' thats such a wonderful thing to hear as a teen mum thats scared. She's so supportive and loving. The best mum by the sounds of it. I would know, I was in your exact position at 18. But my mum said all the nasty things, abort the baby, begged me to abort him, told me you've ruined your life, made me feel like a huge failure and still to this day (20 years later) I havent managed to get over it. My pregnancy was never celebrated by my family, not even the day he was born.
    Ive been watching since this Vlog and some for reason it came back on my to watch list today so have re-watched it. You're doing great with Milo now he's almost 1 and have come so far from this scared young 18yo :) well done Naomi.

  • Naomi Tschumper
    Naomi Tschumper Month ago

    Wow love your name lol

  • Beonkia M
    Beonkia M Month ago

    I’m going to try at age 21 (next year) when I’m married and my mom would still wanna kill me

  • One Fizzy Cherry
    One Fizzy Cherry Month ago +1

    Here's Why Nobody Should Be Scared:
    I bet Your Mom Told *Her* Parents She was Pregnant.
    Other Moms Probably Had A Baby At 14, And You Probably Had A Baby Older Than That.
    Another Reason Why Is Because Some Parents Act Like *They* Didn't Do This. So If Your Gurdian Yells At You, Mention What They Do. And One More Thing.. Your Parents Might Have Experienced Things Like This. So Have No Stress Regardless. ☺

  • paarden lovers
    paarden lovers Month ago

    My mom would be happy and angry