john lewis christmas advert 2018

  • Published on Nov 7, 2018
  • john lewis christmas advert 2018
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  • Damian Bradley
    Damian Bradley Month ago

    NOT A JOHN LEWIS CHRISTMAS ADVERT!!!! If it's a advert for anything that's even close to Christmas it'd be for the RSPCA a dog is for life not just Christmas. That or a appeal to promote adopting a dog from a shelter.

  • 黃大毛二世
    黃大毛二世 Month ago


  • Simon P
    Simon P Month ago

    Lovely advert.

  • GillyAnne 01
    GillyAnne 01 2 months ago

    I don't remember this?

    • Jake Norris
      Jake Norris 2 months ago +1

      GillyAnne 01 it’s not a John Lewis ad

  • Iris Stevens
    Iris Stevens 2 months ago

    Go away nasty person x

  • joe memes
    joe memes 2 months ago

    Y is the poodle so small like it's as big as her head and poodles r massive and her wrist is messed up

  • Karyn Karelli
    Karyn Karelli 2 months ago +1

    Sweet, it wasn’t the ad though.

  • Justine
    Justine 4 months ago +2

    Step into Christmas?


  • lesley james
    lesley james Year ago

    John Lewis. You should be FUCKING ASHAMED

  • Miss Peacharino
    Miss Peacharino Year ago +5

    This is NOT the John Lewis ad

  • Alisha W
    Alisha W Year ago +2


  • Diana Salova
    Diana Salova Year ago

    нельзя выкладывать видео под чужим лейблом... я против этого! подскажите, пожалуйста ,есть просто оригинальное видео этого чудесного ролика?

  • traudel geppert
    traudel geppert Year ago +1

    big like 👍❤❤❤

  • Kayte Brown13
    Kayte Brown13 Year ago


  • Ice Myyght
    Ice Myyght Year ago +2

    The animation or whatever might’ve been a John Lewis advert, but she just went on iMovie and added a John Lewis picture

  • bean pidgon cowboi
    bean pidgon cowboi Year ago +2


  • David Deane
    David Deane Year ago +1

    I've seen this animation before -_-

  • Evan Bean
    Evan Bean Year ago +3


  • WS 560
    WS 560 Year ago +31

    *Finds weird old college animation*
    *Puts Royalty free Christmas music over the top*
    John Lewis Christmas ad 2018!!

    • JirenTheBald
      JirenTheBald Year ago +1

      The guy who uploaded was a definite pedo

  • Erin Jane
    Erin Jane Year ago +15

    Why did you have to go and name this a John Lewis advert for Christmas? Because for one, I’ve seen this before like a year ago, and two there’s no theme of Christmas in this at all. Come on! Nice idea whoever made it but it’s not right to just go and steal someone else’s work ...

  • reefer skankpot
    reefer skankpot Year ago +1

    what a nice message this advert puts out, buying a puppy at Christmas - how wonderful! which heartless bastard thought this a good idea?

  • Tyler Joseph and Josh dun

    It’s a short film but they put a Christmas song over the top 😂😂

  • Arabella ‘s Corner

    it is fake but it is good

  • Joey Figo
    Joey Figo Year ago +1


  • Ethan050607
    Ethan050607 Year ago +3


  • Andrew Mcguire
    Andrew Mcguire Year ago +4