• Published on Oct 18, 2019
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Comments • 769

  • Chase Hatton
    Chase Hatton 56 minutes ago

    @10:30 Get some milk lad since you're so dehydrated.

  • T RopE
    T RopE Hour ago

    lets all pause the video too appreciate eddies girl like throwing motion lmao

  • RainBoxRed
    RainBoxRed 19 hours ago

    15:15 gotta love it when they own the meme

  • Cale Toews
    Cale Toews 20 hours ago

    No 500KG turtle? :( Booo

  • steven muller
    steven muller Day ago

    20.000 and only 1300 get released.. whats happens to the rest? all kept for breading?

  • Tikchora
    Tikchora Day ago

    The most hydrated turtles over there :')

  • federico bambudicochacha

    thought it was going to be a video about someone not flushing the toilet.

  • jordi de waard
    jordi de waard 2 days ago

    Damn tho you'd try and lift that turtle ;p

  • V OX
    V OX 2 days ago

    9:32 Eddie lifting 500kg turtle

  • Frank Castle
    Frank Castle 2 days ago

    Eddie Hall shat on a 500kg turtle !.

  • Karasu Edits
    Karasu Edits 3 days ago +1

    You have 500KG in the title, but it was only 500LBS...

  • Backwheel bandits
    Backwheel bandits 4 days ago

    Eddie picks up turtle then eats it in go

  • Emmet Ray
    Emmet Ray 7 days ago

    I can run faster than Eddie Hall.

  • CommeLePhénix
    CommeLePhénix 8 days ago

    0:36 which country is it ? i don't speak english

  • DJ
    DJ 8 days ago

    iam sure the guys said 250 kg 500 pounds, you might want to check the title again.

  • James Ward
    James Ward 9 days ago

    Very cool! I remember
    going to the Virgin Islands and seeing some sea turtles. Some of the coolest
    creatures you will ever see. Those ones did not look 500kg though.

  • yaggle fraggle
    yaggle fraggle 9 days ago

    where's the 500kg turtle?

  • DerangedGod
    DerangedGod 11 days ago

    Depression is 50% in your genes. The other 50% is in your environment.
    If the environment is favorable, and you search for healthy solutions, you can control it.

  • CptCujo2
    CptCujo2 11 days ago

    dasani water bottles have salt in the water, its all a scam to make you buy more

  • Angel Zayas
    Angel Zayas 13 days ago

    8:25 the guy says "Stanima" instead of "Stamina"

  • Activator1993
    Activator1993 14 days ago

    The kitchen in the intro is 100% from The Simpsons :D

  • Bhupender Rawat
    Bhupender Rawat 14 days ago

    Intros are always lit

  • Marijn
    Marijn 15 days ago

    great content, love it. but the music inbetween is waaaaaay to loud

  • XV9Genesis
    XV9Genesis 15 days ago

    What? He gonna dead lift that turtle now?

  • David gm
    David gm 16 days ago

    Joder con la intro jajajaja

  • Liberum Arbitrium
    Liberum Arbitrium 16 days ago

    500 seems to be a magic number for you

  • Jesus is Here
    Jesus is Here 16 days ago

    Anxiety blah blah blah now who what’s to see me pick up this kid

  • Dustin Totten
    Dustin Totten 16 days ago +1

    The title made me think Brian gained a bunch of weight and started showing up even later.

  • Active Raven
    Active Raven 16 days ago

    Eddie the type of guy to drink the turtle tank water because he is dehydrated

  • mauser
    mauser 16 days ago


    LMAO what the fuck is up with her wacko jacko looking nose

  • Robert Stevenson
    Robert Stevenson 16 days ago

    Nice to see this channel growing all the time Eddie ! Another great video :-)

  • Teddy Bear
    Teddy Bear 16 days ago

    Eddie deadlift the turtle!

  • OldManSkimpy
    OldManSkimpy 17 days ago

    When he pretended to throw the kid 😂

  • Will Lectar
    Will Lectar 17 days ago +13

    Eddie was looking at that turtle thinking,
    “A couple of years ago, I could’ve lifted you”

    MARCEL-STEFAN JUCAN 17 days ago

    Please tell me you DEADLIFT that turtle, Ed! 😢😭🙄

  • Top Tenstury
    Top Tenstury 17 days ago

    550 lbs ! Wtf about 500 kg

  • Gavin Poetsch
    Gavin Poetsch 17 days ago

    Who else thought Eddie was banging the tank in the intro

  • Igor Fitness
    Igor Fitness 17 days ago +1

    Really cool video

  • marker
    marker 18 days ago

    2:29 Eddie Hall found a new home

  • reivJacuarios
    reivJacuarios 18 days ago

    Lift that turtle if you are a man!

  • High Risk
    High Risk 18 days ago

    Love vids like this. Keep travelling Eddie.

  • HelplessGaming
    HelplessGaming 18 days ago

    Anyone know the music when he's on the plane?

  • ThFewThProudThLEGIT
    ThFewThProudThLEGIT 18 days ago

    Eddie Hall fans reading the title: B-...but does he lift it?

  • One True God
    One True God 18 days ago


  • TFDRezk
    TFDRezk 18 days ago

    500 lbs*

  • Israel-Did-9/11
    Israel-Did-9/11 18 days ago

    14:36 adorable Eddie!

  • Isaiah Bacon
    Isaiah Bacon 18 days ago

    I wanna be on what your editors are having

  • Necronaut
    Necronaut 18 days ago

    Your wife is hot af.

  • RBD
    RBD 19 days ago

    Is no one gona talk about.... How hilarious the intro was?

  • dougerber
    dougerber 19 days ago

    he holds that mic like it's made out of spun sugar

  • Kory Kendrick
    Kory Kendrick 19 days ago

    Eddie Sees 500 kg turtle *are you challenging me *

  • Pim Iam
    Pim Iam 19 days ago

    Good man eddie!

  • JMckeown6
    JMckeown6 19 days ago

    *deadlift him*

  • Ninjaslash52 _
    Ninjaslash52 _ 20 days ago

    Deadlift the turtle

  • Koorosh Rostami
    Koorosh Rostami 20 days ago

    I'm disappointed he didnt deadlift the turtle

  • Juan Eduardo CG
    Juan Eduardo CG 20 days ago

    15:37 OMG!

  • Juan Eduardo CG
    Juan Eduardo CG 20 days ago

    1:03 Y eso que Brian es incluso más alto que tu Eddie, imagínate a él en ese avión jaja
    Me divierto contigo y tus participaciones en otros vídeos :D
    The beast!

  • Janno JJ
    Janno JJ 20 days ago

    Depression and anxiety isn't coming from genes, it comes from enviroment. Psychological problems mostly come from enviroment.

    Actually idk, It's just my opinion.

  • Chris shaw
    Chris shaw 20 days ago

    Don’t touch cave formations!!!!

  • Rorschach
    Rorschach 20 days ago

    menudas peras calza la rubia