Sonic the Hedgehog Movie (1999) - Nostalgia Critic

  • Published on Aug 1, 2018
  • Japan's OVA has great animation, but the story is as, well, a speedy blue hedgehog. See where this blue blur of a mess went wrong. Nostalgia Critic takes a look at Sonic the Hedgehog Movie (1999).
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    Sonic the Hedgehog is a two-episode 1996 Japanese anime OVA series based on Sega's best-selling franchise Sonic the Hedgehog. The anime features Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Dr. Eggman (Dr. Robotnik in the English release), Metal Sonic and a few supporting characters created exclusively for the OVA.
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  • Channel Awesome
    Channel Awesome  Year ago +635

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    • Isaiah Rucker
      Isaiah Rucker Month ago +1


    • Double Aura
      Double Aura Month ago

      @Isaiah Rucker Guess that was a rare case where a robot that kidnapped Amy, tries to defeat Sonic and even having a Phantom Ruby duplicate defeat him do something nice! :O

    • Isaiah Rucker
      Isaiah Rucker Month ago

      You didn't even mention Metal saved everyone at the end!

    • Cyrus Kuria
      Cyrus Kuria Month ago


    • Double Aura
      Double Aura 2 months ago

      @Doctor Neon Like that Mario one?

  • SnApple
    SnApple 2 days ago

    *strange, isn't it?*

  • Spencer Decker
    Spencer Decker 3 days ago

    This movie works better as background noise to other activities, kind of like watching it without taking the ideas seriously.

  • Zpecial Zer0
    Zpecial Zer0 3 days ago

    14:00 why did he make a big deal of it, after all it's an anime movie

  • Ross DiamondThief
    Ross DiamondThief 3 days ago

    7:12 I nearly pissed myself from laughing too hard😂🤣

  • TJ Adams
    TJ Adams 6 days ago

    Japan doing Japan things as usual

  • that1kid 565
    that1kid 565 11 days ago


  • Train of Taught
    Train of Taught 11 days ago

    I lost it when Dr. Eggman was devastated about that tortoise bomb

    KANYANTA MWANSA 12 days ago

    Am I the only one who actually looked up Kaa from the Jungle Book?

    Am I the only one who is now dying inside afterwards?

  • Kai Nightingale
    Kai Nightingale 12 days ago +1

    Oh the time BEFORE the silly butt trailer of the FAST AND THE FURIOUS’ sonic the hedgehog 2019, oh bloats! I am an amazing boat? 🤥👵🏽

  • Akos Nagy
    Akos Nagy 13 days ago

    Is Sara a neko?

  • AbeWheels
    AbeWheels 13 days ago


  • Javier Linares
    Javier Linares 14 days ago

    Stop making fun of my child hood
    U dummy

  • homie shogunking
    homie shogunking 15 days ago +1

    Sonic ova is better then the upcoming up movie

  • DZCantu
    DZCantu 15 days ago

    *pika boom asshole*

  • Adam M
    Adam M 15 days ago

    Who is the girl with the brown hair @ 13:10

  • default
    default 16 days ago +1

    Sonic is getting a real life movie.

    Cuz those always go so well.

  • 0TTERZ
    0TTERZ 16 days ago

    sHuT uP tAiLs

  • BatmanFan 76 Channel 2

    2:40 SEGA

  • monstersinthecity
    monstersinthecity 18 days ago

    This is why I dont watch dubs

  • Joey Madrigal 94
    Joey Madrigal 94 19 days ago +1


  • Valenzuelas Studios
    Valenzuelas Studios 19 days ago

    All sonic adaptations from worst to best#:
    Sonic X English
    Sonic X Japanese
    Sonic Movie 2020 (probably)
    Sonic Boom (haven't really follow it but hope one good episode comes)
    Sonic Underground
    Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
    Sonic the Hedgehog (or Sonic SatAM for short)
    Haven't read all archie comics and just barely catched up on the idw comics (those wierd uk comics are not here either) so comics don't count.

  • RedIce4
    RedIce4 20 days ago

    Not as bad as the new one looks

  • WorldWalker128
    WorldWalker128 25 days ago

    Wow. This movie was pretty bad! :)

  • Mk3 version1.0
    Mk3 version1.0 26 days ago

    Out of a world full of live action remakes, they rather make a movie about a blue alien thing named Sonic... instead of remaking this...

  • Bendy the Demon
    Bendy the Demon 28 days ago

    Sonic In 1999: we're an extremely great franchise, nothing can ruin us with cinematic.

    *20 years later*
    paramount: SURPRIZE MOTHER F@#$ER

  • Atomic Leon
    Atomic Leon 28 days ago

    Foreshadowing 2:04

  • Chris
    Chris 28 days ago

    Apparently a thumbs-down in Japan means go to hell

    • Valenzuelas Studios
      Valenzuelas Studios 19 days ago

      I didn't know that.😯 But in this movie Sonic gives the middle finger, almost says f**k you to Robotnik, sexual harassment everywhere, Robotnik (maybe in his 40s) is marrying an under age teenager, and much more. Is the Japanese version any worse?

  • Wade Boombastic
    Wade Boombastic 29 days ago

    Hey critic will you review tekken blood vengeance?

  • Athos Colon
    Athos Colon Month ago

    Nostagia critics y’all should be in the sonic movie 🍿 as the original design better for doctor 🥼 robotnik And jallel white as the original design better

  • ahmed moselhy
    ahmed moselhy Month ago

    The best intro for NC

  • Kenneth Conklin
    Kenneth Conklin Month ago

    "Hehehe. Tails always acts like a kid when there's lightning but, apparently, he isn't. I dont know." 🤣

  • Ava K.
    Ava K. Month ago +1

    I love how respectful of the Sonic fandom you were by saying “I don’t understand it, but just because I don’t understand it doesn’t mean it’s bad.”
    Mad respect bro

  • Randy Johnson
    Randy Johnson Month ago

    why'd you have to remind me of all the weird stuff people do with Ka

    JUSTIN MARTIN Month ago

    15:27 ya can’t use that reference because Star Wars 3 came at 2005

    JUSTIN MARTIN Month ago


    I died!

  • Air Dragon612
    Air Dragon612 Month ago

    It's Japanese Anime, what you'd expect.

  • Grim Scull
    Grim Scull Month ago

    Oh yeah I forgot that the beastiality started long before '06

  • Olivia Maloney
    Olivia Maloney Month ago

    Did she say PERVERT??

  • Franco Caro Rocca
    Franco Caro Rocca Month ago

    no one hates the X, Zero, Legends or Battle Network games. Well, maybe the ps2 X games but not the other ones

  • Remote 'N' Mellow
    Remote 'N' Mellow Month ago

    *P I C A B O O M A S S H O L E*

  • Ben McAshea
    Ben McAshea Month ago

    Sonic the hedgehog both the original and reboot all do take place in our distant future. We'll all die to become our OC's yay. (Dies)

  • jollyskull07
    jollyskull07 Month ago +1

    I would watch this over and over as a kid, and honestly even now in my mid-twenties I still have a fondness for the movie, and the soundtrack had some bops imo especially the ending theme

  • superzigzagoon
    superzigzagoon Month ago

    This would have been made during Sonic's height of popularity in Japan. I wonder if that was one of the reasons they made it.

  • Uneass
    Uneass Month ago

    Wait, are we just gloss over the fact that Sonic gives the middle finger to robo eggman?

  • Sóslon Breki Ellertsson

    6:47 who is actually the hostage

  • Iconoclasm_
    Iconoclasm_ Month ago

    Something a lot of people don't know, is that Eggman was always called Eggman. That's the name the Japanese came up with, with his little round shape. Robotnik is something they came up with in the west, until they translated it properly in Sonic Adventure. So far, the series in the west treats "Eggman" as a nickname and "Robotnik" as his real name, even now. As for Japan, it's Eggman and Eggman only.

  • Iconoclasm_
    Iconoclasm_ Month ago

    Tails is 8 years old.... which is 45 in Fox years. 29 in Dog years? However, Sonic is 15, which would make him 200 in hedgehog years.... I dunno.

  • Barent
    Barent Month ago

    In the original concept Mobius was just apocalyptic earth after a war and Eggman is a mutant human. Sorry I pointed this out

  • Gregory Duru
    Gregory Duru Month ago

    Back WHEN time was pure before the sonic the hedgehog movie trailer released.

  • DarthAlphaTheGreat
    DarthAlphaTheGreat Month ago

    Ton of sequels people hate...for Megaman? Did I wound up in an alternate universe?

  • Brenyatta
    Brenyatta Month ago

    You couldn’t even have the clip of Jeff Goldblum yelling “SAR-UH!”

  • The New Kid On The Block

    Nosonic critic. We need it

  • Tannis
    Tannis Month ago

    All these years later and you still make me laugh so hard.

  • Yuuki Takemoto
    Yuuki Takemoto Month ago

    You forgot to make a joke about Metal Sonic's voice.

  • Rambling Hyena
    Rambling Hyena Month ago

    Just say thanks that Thumblr was not around.

  • El Gusanillo Del Juego

    14:52 "Everybody tries to help sonic outSHE IS SITTING ON HIS FACE!" LMFAO😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • El Gusanillo Del Juego

    14:20 Yeah, lets accuse the nice kid of sexual harassment despite it was an accident while ignoring Robotnik's obvious and akward insinuatons towards the teenage girl along the entire movie.
    Current year everyone. Feminazis would be proud.

  • Marvelfan 2.0
    Marvelfan 2.0 Month ago

    From what I`ve seen in this film many times.
    Tails sounds like he has a cold.

  • MrKaywyn
    MrKaywyn Month ago

    It's so strange and awkward it's kinda neat.

  • Forgotten Arctic
    Forgotten Arctic Month ago

    3:17 Not right now, Skeeter.

  • Long Ye
    Long Ye Month ago +1

    He’s called EgGnIck, silly.

  • שחר א.
    שחר א. Month ago +1

    15:07 No, they specialize in lying... are you sure he has nothing to gain from helping Robotnic?

  • שחר א.
    שחר א. Month ago +1

    Hold up. Sonic rescued Tails from an owl with clothes, only to be told he needs to help him save the president from Dr. Robotbic, which he did, resulting in Robotnic telling him he needs his help because of intruders taking over his layer?
    So it’s his fault, no? Wait... it’s his fault? No, yes it is, it’s his... I guess

  • שחר א.
    שחר א. Month ago +1

    “Hmm, you’ve done this before”
    “Question my life choices? Yes”

  • שחר א.
    שחר א. Month ago +1

    1:41 There ARE stranger thing online, eleven in fact. (And the understander with understand her)

    MARIO GAMING Month ago +1

    I think this one is and I hate to say it cause me and him are still rivals but were little bit of good friends but I think this sonic movie is better than IRL sonic and his t.....t teeth that was horror

  • Jr. All Star
    Jr. All Star 2 months ago +5

    "FINE, don't blame me when this happens!"
    *B A N*

  • Tam Nguyen
    Tam Nguyen 2 months ago +1

    SHUT UP TAILS!!!!!!!!

  • ibrahim shabazz
    ibrahim shabazz 2 months ago +1

    What's so bad about kaa on google ?

  • Jamie Willkner
    Jamie Willkner 2 months ago +1

    Sonic talks like Borat in this.

  • Fraggle Seedor
    Fraggle Seedor 2 months ago +1

    Yeah because it's you that is one of the soldiers in the fan made movie

  • G
    G 2 months ago +1

    The Sonic Boom TV show is so damn underrated

  • UltraSaiyan419
    UltraSaiyan419 2 months ago +1

    5:49 I think I recently saw this scene in a meme.

  • Ramses Pruitt
    Ramses Pruitt 2 months ago +1

    Wait can't tails swim