A Key Reason for England's International Failures

  • Published on Oct 1, 2018
  • A study by Gracenote into the nationalities of players starting matches in the UEFA Champions League reveals that England still lags behind other major footballing nations. Nations who have won World Cups and European Championships this century have always been one of the top five countries for most starters in the Champions League that season. England has historically ranked between 7th and 10th.
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Comments • 421

  • Emeka Mapoma
    Emeka Mapoma 24 days ago

    0:45 "partitipation"

  • Alpha Dingo
    Alpha Dingo 24 days ago

    English players just aren't that good. False economy of media hype in a popular league followed globally. English players are distinctly average - just look at Henderson and Pickford. Terrible players who wouldn't make the XI of any strong footballing nation

  • Ataur Rahman
    Ataur Rahman 3 months ago

    So basically they're shit???
    Got to love tifo football, always giving shit teams the time of the day.

  • Bart Allen
    Bart Allen 8 months ago +1

    The Guardiola factor is also an interesting casepoint as his coaching methods help his players while his presence in the league brings about an added intensity to their rivals.

  • therealjeagles
    therealjeagles 11 months ago

    Germany haven't won a European Championship this century though.

    • Christian Hernandez
      Christian Hernandez 5 months ago

      yeah but almost always making the semifinal of the euros and winning the world cup counts as successful

  • Kobi Coker
    Kobi Coker 11 months ago +1

    Young English players need to break that comfort boundary and travel out in seek of first team football instead of dropping down the football league. To break it down to the bare minimum - this will increase the pool size of English players around the globe and give more diversity for international call ups. Now of course not all are going to be world beaters but buy having a greater variety will increase our chances of having greater quality as we already produce quality young players, they just need the exposure.

  • Da GoatMane
    Da GoatMane Year ago

    2:50 why y’all do my boy panzo like that lmaooooo

  • U Z
    U Z Year ago

    You should do a new video of why England so successful under Gareth!!

  • John D. Hernández Rey

    Below some people argue no chances for local footballers: Look, guys like Klopp are developing youngsters (Gómez, Arnold, etc). Your managers suck at it and you lov foreign managers who do it too (the special one?). England thinks there is a "right way of playing football" and thats the worst mistake you can do in this sport... Any country which is open to change and adapt is successful.

  • Daniel Hirst
    Daniel Hirst Year ago

    >the players just aren't good enough
    that's what Big Dave down the pub said too

  • Fábio Ferreira
    Fábio Ferreira Year ago +1

    when are we going to see a video about portugal? a small country with small population with huge story on futebol

    • Tifo Football
      Tifo Football  Year ago

      We've done a few videos on the tactics of Portuguese teams. - Alex

  • Akhil Bandi
    Akhil Bandi Year ago

    That Reiss Nelson animation though....

  • Deklan T Smith
    Deklan T Smith Year ago

    NOT ANYMORE hahaha

  • Δημήτρης Κο

    I feel there is something wrong about the stat about greece being the fourth country in uefa champions league starters.Maybe you mean the next year when all of the european champions got themselves big transfers abroad??Otherwise i find very hard for this to be true, even when we had 3 teams in the group stage and all

  • 3girlrhumba
    3girlrhumba Year ago

    there's no reason to believe your dumb smelly island should be good at football. England success is commensurate with the size and influence of the UK

  • Dotdotdot
    Dotdotdot Year ago +1

    Is there any evidence of a cause-effect relationship here? Jt seems more like its just a consequence of the best playere nailing down startibg positions in top clubs and also doing well internationally.
    I doubt Scott Sinclair and Patrick Roberts starting for Celtic last season had any impact on England in the World Cup for example

  • Columbo
    Columbo Year ago

    you get things so wrong sometimes it really annoying.

  • NJB Football
    NJB Football Year ago +1

    Also English players never league leave England, and that's an issue cuz they never get foreign experience. And let's be honest, Leagues like la liga and serie a demand players be a lot smarter on the ball than the epl. In those leagues every team and player are good at the passing game, compared to England where smaller and mid table teams can hardly play out from the back or put together 10 good passes in the opposition half. Furthermore England's midfield players are always out of position, always going forward when they should be between the forwards and defenders. If you go back and watch Euro 2016 you'll see England's mids like Dele Alli and Rooney would never check in for the ball, they would run forward awaiting a long pass. Compare that to Kroos and Khedira who always move around and run to the ball instead of away from it.

  • ImBarryScottCSS
    ImBarryScottCSS Year ago

    "A Key Reason for England's International Failures"
    Their players aren't good enough.
    That is literally your video. Wow.

  • Matt Potter
    Matt Potter Year ago

    I think whilst I don't doubt some of the validity of this analysis in that the more players you have playing at the highest level gives these players more exposure to playing in higher quality games that are similar to major international tournaments I still think that the analysis is flawed, or at least skewed. As some of the comments pointed out it was amazing that Greece had the 4th highest number of players playing in the Champions League in the year they won the Euros I'm actually not surprised by this, not as much as some of the other people commenting. Firstly Greece doesn't have that wealthy a league, or that many clubs that can pay high wages so any talented players are going to attract attention from bigger leagues with more money to spend, and players coming from Greece, not being superstar names, will be relatively cheap to obtain and pay a salary to. Greek players will also be looking for the biggest pay day and will be looking to win trophies, play for bigger teams, and cement themselves in the eyes of the national team coach so it makes sense that they move abroad.

    The problem with England is the reverse. Wages are so high in the Premier League because it is the wealthiest league in the world bringing the most money in in terms of tv money, which is spread evenly between the clubs, before you account for bonus payments for league position, and so there is no real incentive for English players to move abroad and without playing in the Premier League, say Championship players, they won't get exposure from clubs abroad who probably couldn't match even their pay anyway (here I'm talking about the also rans in leagues not the Real Madrids, Barcelonas, Juventuses, or Bayern Munichs of this world, or even the next rung down of Champions League participant teams). So England is stuck with a rich league that can bring in the big names, and even speculate on international players from smaller nations for a lower price than they could from buying English players from English clubs. So that leaves English players coming through at their clubs and when you are having to compete against the very best players in the world to get into the 4 teams that qualify for the Champions League it is more difficult. It isn't impossible, some English clubs have been pretty good at bringing through youngsters, like Spurs and Liverpool, but here lies the problem, many of the youngsters at these clubs aren't English, the academies of the top English clubs have youth players from all around the world. The majority probably are still British, but it still lessens their chances.

    The other point I'd like to make is that the country that the Premier League is played in is the United Kingdom, not just England. This means that there will be Scottish, Welsh, and Northern Irish players in some of the teams. Players from these countries aren't travelling to a different country when they play at Premier League clubs and some of these, and maybe even adding Ireland to the list, grew up, maybe were even born in England, so the situation is slightly different to other countries in Europe. When you analyse England therefore and their performance in major international finals by using the national leagues it doesn't really work for England. The Premier League is also more of an international league that happens to be played in England (and Wales with the likes of Cardiff or Swansea competing in the English league, but we won't go there). It has international owners who employ international managers who bring in international players, some of which they know from their own countries, to form their teams. There is nothing wrong with this, but it doesn't happen in France, Spain, Germany, or Italy. It has at some of the biggest clubs from time to time, but most of the time it doesn't, and the majority of the Champions League teams from a country aren't superclubs.

    I'm not saying that this analysis isn't correct and it does show that there are less English players playing in the Champions League, which has a knock on affect on the England national team, but if you are looking at total number of players I think it just shows that there are more Spanish, French, and German players playing outside of their national leagues for top clubs who play in the Champions League than there are English, which is true. Maybe this will change a little with the success of the England youth teams and with many of these players not being selected by the clubs they came through the youth systems of, some clubs from other countries are taking a look at these youngsters ether on loan or to buy. Until either the money in the Premier League dries up a little or the money around Europe increases, which is more likely, then I can't see this changing that much. Obviously the top top leagues in Europe like Spain and Germany are doing a better job of bringing their youngsters through at the top teams that qualify for the Champions League, but I think some of that is down to there not being as many clubs challenging for the title, two in Spain, three if you count Atletico, and maybe two in Germany in Bayern and Dortmund, and so there isn't as much pressure to buy in expensive foreign players all the time for every position in the team and can try some of their youngsters more than teams in the Premier League.

    • Mike Spearwood
      Mike Spearwood Year ago

      The pommy players are too gutless to take a paycut and move overseas to develop their talents and themselves in a foreign environment that's uncomfortable for them. They would rather be big overhyped and overpaid fish in the small pond of England.
      The top EPL players are foreigners who've already honed their skills at several different clubs in several different nations. Now the poms are successful at youth tournaments, so the problem isn't a lack of talented players. The main problem is a lack of a ruthless desire to develop their skills and toughen themselves up in foreign conditions and environments with different tactical situations.

  • Wolves ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    This kind of seems self-explanatory: a country with more players considered to be at the "elite" level of football tends to do better.

  • Drew Myself
    Drew Myself Year ago

    Looking at that graph at the two minute mark got me wondering if this could somehow explain why the last several defending world champions get knocked out in groups the following cup?

  • Nehemiah Weldeab
    Nehemiah Weldeab Year ago +2

    This comes to the conclusion that the English team is usually rubbish. Just confirming our suspicions.

  • Aquafina
    Aquafina Year ago

    wow, you've discovered that best countries have the highest number of players in the best league... Why isn't Andora sending more players to UCL? Having more players in UCL should help Andora's national team.

  • Zodingpuia Hmar
    Zodingpuia Hmar Year ago +1

    If the young English players are encouraged to play abroad like after their success in age levels and not overpriced and over hyped them to the point that they believe their own hype, England will have much better players in different positions with diverse traits and attributes. The top teams in England are not going to start using English players as starters just because they are English and it isn't going to change anytime soon. They have to leave the comforts of their mummy's love and the shadow of their hype machine media and move abroad and learn like all the top footballers of the top footballing nations of Europe and the world does. Only then England will have a chance to succeed at the WC and Euros and the Olympics.

  • Monk Killedababy
    Monk Killedababy Year ago

    England have less teams in the UCL? I know this is a dumb question, but why?

  • Adam Dunkley
    Adam Dunkley Year ago

    It’s not a surprise that there is this correlation. It’s not the “reason” that we don’t do well. It starts at youth level and the interest, or lack thereof, of big teams in other leagues. Obviously if there are great English players, they’ll be shipped off to teams and good players will help their teams compete in the UCL. The cause of both being in the Champions League and playing for your country is 1. being good and 2. playing for a team/system that allows you to flourish. We haven’t had that in the past. Now we’re getting there.

  • Topsey2000
    Topsey2000 Year ago

    The CL is the best international tournament not just in football but in sport! What competition can bring so much talent together to compete? But I also think that playing in the top 5 domestic leagues in Europe, within the top 4 clubs is just as important for WC success too

  • kfnsyh 07
    kfnsyh 07 Year ago

    I think its great point of view by Tifo. The hypothesis is the more england players competed in champions league, the more england nat’l teams have a CHANCE to get an int’l thropy. And their POV was proved by the data in simple and clear way.
    Maybe Tifo is not showing the statistic calculation to really prove that there are strong correlation between the hypothesis, maybe b’cause this is JUST a NEW POV that Tifo had in mind, just like when we had the newest IDEA or POV of something. Its just need a simple and clear way to prove that our POV is right.
    And after it right, then we have to prove it by statistic and math to make sure that our hypothesis is have a strong correlation value.
    And then we submit our research to elsevier, etc., if we had enough money and patience for it 😂

  • theoriginator 99
    theoriginator 99 Year ago

    English players need to play abroad more

  • hskqour
    hskqour Year ago

    Aren't you misreading the stats ?
    Is France world champion because Mbappé, Pogba and others gained experience in the CL ?
    The number of CL starters is relevant because the best players in Europe (and most of the best players in the world) start in the CL. If a nation has more starters in the CL, then it has more of the best players in Europe. Hence the correlation with a national team success.
    In my opinion you took a symptom for a cause.
    To further the thought, think about it in reverse. If you forced the premier league clubs qualified in the CL to play english players, it wouldn't make the English national team better. Now if you can identify what is lacking in terms of development (and it might be getting experience at the highest level, I am not qualified to make a guess), more english players will start in the CL.
    To put it another way : These stats don't show "a reason for England's international failures", it only shows that England's international failures were predictable.

  • Michael James
    Michael James Year ago

    Lazy analysis. The reason more players appear in the CL from elsewhere is because they (typically speaking) produce better players.
    Regular CL football is advantageous, no doubt about that. But simply throwing English players into the CL wouldn't magically make them or England better at football.
    Jordan Henderson reached a CL final last season. And while there's no denying that he's improved and the experience has been beneficial, it hasn't suddenly turned him into a more capable player. He's still technically limited.
    And in 2008 Cheslea and United contested the CL final, with 10 English players involved in the game. England failed to even qualify for the Euros that year. Care to explain that one?
    The key thing is to produce good players - players who are sufficiently good enough to compete in the CL in the first place. Then we can worry about how many of them are actually playing regularly in the tournament.

  • purneet banerjee
    purneet banerjee Year ago

    Why does Italy have an extra team in the champions league this season?

  • K P
    K P Year ago

    I think the underlying reason for this is poor player development in the home league. One of the reasons for this is due to the money involved and the fierce competition to finish top 4 (for those at the top) and to stay up (for the rest). Most teams don't give players the time to experience growing pains. If you have the money to buy a foreign player and that might be the difference between staying up/not then you buy the foreign player. The money attracting foreign managers is a big part of it as well. The mid and bottom table teams in Spain and Germany are pretty much entirely Spanish and German players which serves as a natural funnel to the top clubs. The mid and bottom table teams in England are simply not.

  • Lukakwho?
    Lukakwho? Year ago

    At least Sancho and Nelson are young English playing in the Bundesliga. That's all I can say though.

  • Some Random Edgy Guy

    with Tottenham and maybe ManU dropping out in group stages, this doesn't look to bright yet again. Hell, even ManCity didn't really convince.

  • Chitraansh Popli.

    I don't know if its a vague stat or if it actually makes sense but maybe the reason for this, at least for this year's world cup is because they are fighting themselves. I am unaware of the previous years but the complete England squad for 2018 world cup was from the premier league itself and there only a limited number of players who can be starters in the CL. It just reduces the probability when compared to teams with players playing in different major leagues.

  • Saawan Krushnan
    Saawan Krushnan Year ago

    Another reason probably is England and it's team just lack humility. A constant reiteration of "best league in the world" such an overarching exaggeration gets thrown around. This is such a baseless statement, england has the most marketed league owing to just one thing, a huge audience watches it cuz everything is in English and Asia speaks English and is about 2 billion plus people. That's about it. It isn't nearly the best league, if that is the case we would see english clubs dominate champions league but when have we ever seen that ? When the ref blows his whistle none of this rhetoric supplied by the media means anything, the 11 from other nations are just better at the sport mentally and physically without bringing natural talent into the conversation. It's just that. The level any of the other leagues play at is much better than the english one. Most watched league doesn't necessarily mean best league. Stupid reality shows are being watched by loads of people, does anyone think they're the best shows in terms of quality ?
    This is the case not just with football, in cricket as well. England as a whole lacks humility and likes to beat it's own drum whereas other countries and cultures let their actions speak and therefore find themselves in english teams as well and move on to bigger and better and when it comes to national competitions do much better than england.
    Invite Tunisia and Saudi everytime and sing stupid jingles. Get a trophy for that. English players are just not on the same level as any of the others in Europe, let alone South America.

    • Pierzing.glint1sh7
      Pierzing.glint1sh7 Year ago

      England used to be much more dominate the champions league 2000-2012seasons, getting further in the competition more consistently than any other country in Europe. So instead of jumping to conclusions, you should examine things more closely and ask why this was the case even though there's more money in the league now and there are MORE strong teams now, on paper anyway. England had the best league in the world then, and had the best league in the world now.
      Also you should keep in mind that success in the champions league and success in international tournaments are completely different things. Look at Spain, last 7 years they dominated club football but in tournaments they did almost nothing.

  • Jamston Julian
    Jamston Julian Year ago

    Probably true, but is ultimately academic. If we take this video as true it doesn't really pose a solution. There has to be a fundamental reason why English players either don't go to continental clubs or get picked regularly. I think in England we have passion for watching football, but not so much for playing it. There's a lot of money in the EPL, but how much of that goes into training young players? We need a bottom up approach.
    Also doesn't help that our England managers repeatedly failed to give proven UCL winners like Michael Carrick or Andy Cole a decent chance.

  • Owen Williams
    Owen Williams Year ago

    English players arnt all that good at passing thats a big issue

  • engerlandt
    engerlandt Year ago

    It's not a matter of having your own nation's top 4 start more of your national players. If you look at France they have 2-3 teams in the CL but have an incredibly number playing overseas. Brazil isn't even in Uefa so all their players play outside of Brazil. England have no players abroad to speak of so even if all 4 of their teams had all-English starting 11s they'd still be behind Spain Brazil and France.

  • Telcontar1962
    Telcontar1962 Year ago

    This lot can trot out all the stats of this kind they want. It won't tell anyone why England have failed at international level since 1970.
    Anyone with even a passing familiarity of the English team will know why they have failed and this video didn't get within a zillion light years of shedding light on the issue.
    If Carlsberg wanted to make the most ridiculous, pointless, obscurantist football videos ever this would be it.

  • laxus 94
    laxus 94 Year ago

    Well 2002-2006 had world class players but as a team still sucked.

  • plezx29
    plezx29 Year ago

    I guess we had plenty before 1966

  • sjewitt22
    sjewitt22 Year ago

    That greece stat is surprising.

  • Carlos O
    Carlos O Year ago

    Premier League employ too many foreigners and see national players as a drop in teer sad really I believe England have young quality talent not being used properly

  • Rijo Sam
    Rijo Sam Year ago

    How about a similar video for Argentina? How corruption behind the scenes affected them and more reasons like the same for their failures in getting max out of their golden generation

  • Excel
    Excel Year ago

    So Tottenham needs to win the UCL, for success in World Cup for England.

  • Thisold Hatte
    Thisold Hatte Year ago

    Isn't this compounded by the fact(?) that the English domestic league is one of/THE most competitive in Europe? Which means there are potentially a lot of quality English players playing for English Clubs who don't get the opportunity to play in the Champions league, because only so many teams can qualify from the English league.

  • Kieran Fitzgerald

    I imagine the fact that English players don't tend to play on the continent.

  • kalunda
    kalunda Year ago

    England could follow the Spanish French German model but they didn’t qualify for 94 74 World Cup won nothing between 66 and now. They were no foreign players. England don’t have the player with technical ability

  • Jim Howson
    Jim Howson Year ago

    It doesn't pay for English clubs to play english players because they are seen as a gamble, but ready made talent that has been taught in better youth systems , are easily bought.

  • Score Like Harden in the Garden

    Bosman Ruling is the answer

  • Saitama SenSei
    Saitama SenSei Year ago

    another reason...
    they keep singing that fcking coming home song..

  • Stefan Lygdopoulos

    This isn’t a reason I hate this argument eg Holland are above most but haven’t qualified for anything since 2014

  • Rafael rocha
    Rafael rocha Year ago

    Also, I think the variety of styles in the PL today will be an inspiration to the next generation. Kids are watching

  • Rafael rocha
    Rafael rocha Year ago

    Really enjoyed watching the english team in this WC. I feel your way of play is adapting with more flair and speed being added. Cheers from Brazil 🤙🏽

  • Sujan Shrestha
    Sujan Shrestha Year ago

    pablo machin sevilla tactics?

  • Salih Alash
    Salih Alash Year ago

    If english stop with the mentality of " kick and rush" english football will flourish soom.

  • B. Nainggolan Channel

    I think England will be great in the next 4 years if their WC youth winners are well developed. Solanke, Brewster, Foden, Sessegnon etc.

    • TheUKNutter
      TheUKNutter Year ago

      B. Nainggolan Channel How do you watch these 4?

    • B. Nainggolan Channel
      B. Nainggolan Channel Year ago +1

      @Gilfoyle Shanks We'll see how it goes in the next 4 years. I believe on them.

    • Gilfoyle Shanks
      Gilfoyle Shanks Year ago

      Solanke won't be good enough. The others probably won't get many opportunties at their clubs even though they have the talent.