The Smashing Pumpkins - One and All (Audio)

  • Published on Nov 5, 2014
  • Monuments to an Elegy coming December 9, 2014
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  • giova90metal
    giova90metal 3 months ago

    Better than Solara

  • biernase
    biernase 6 months ago

    This is a great tune from a good record.

  • werideatdusk
    werideatdusk 9 months ago +1

    Fantastic riff 🎸

  • Oscar Jara
    Oscar Jara 10 months ago


  • Virginie Castonguay

    Please haters shut your hole thanks

  • Virginie Castonguay


  • Frank Anderson
    Frank Anderson Year ago +1 Organic bot data point entry. Billymagick detected. Algorithm subverted.

  • Edu.al1982
    Edu.al1982 Year ago

    uhuu Billy corgan fuck u, love smashing thx haha 😂

  • axeman 65
    axeman 65 2 years ago

    ROCK ON....Mr.Corgan

  • Antonio Markinhos
    Antonio Markinhos 2 years ago

    Vontade de dar like o tempo todo, músico incrível, música incrível...



  • unreaL
    unreaL 3 years ago

    a million billion trillion likes 4 EVER

  • Stephen97
    Stephen97 3 years ago

    Pretty cool song. I recently covered this one on my channel.

  • Matt F
    Matt F 3 years ago

    Best track on Monuments. Most of the tracks are just over killed with Synths.

  • jayhnl79
    jayhnl79 3 years ago

    I love this song! !o can't believe it doesn't or hasn't got more air time

  • Leandro Freitas
    Leandro Freitas 3 years ago


  • 59mar
    59mar 4 years ago

    back in old glory :)

  • Melissa Greene
    Melissa Greene 4 years ago +2

    Loving this! Loving this!!!!!!!

  • john smith
    john smith 4 years ago

    Good god the production on this is atrocious! It's compresed and brick walled like crazy it's so distorted unreal that profession production can sound this bad music production theses days are way too compressed

  • cdreyes81
    cdreyes81 4 years ago +1

    mmmm love it

  • brandonedge
    brandonedge 4 years ago

    sounds a bit like 'the viper'. that's a good thing

  • cesar diaz
    cesar diaz 4 years ago

    I can hear recent motley crue sound influence on this track fucking sick aye

  • Samara Salvatierra
    Samara Salvatierra 4 years ago

    Thank you Radio Doble Nueve!!! From Lima, Peru to the world! Definitely the best rock radio I have ever herd of!

  • inutero10
    inutero10 4 years ago

    Billy forgot how to write good songs. M E L O D Y

  • Spaceman
    Spaceman 4 years ago

    Monuments to an Elegy.
    Meh, an ok title. Wish Billy kept things a lil more simpler, like the good ol Pumpkins.. he's tryin to be too experimentally artsy and it takes away from being catchy.
    Had to look up what 'elegy' meant. altho being a word that most ppl dont use, works with the 'poetic' self-defining title.
    a poem of serious reflection, typically a lament for the dead.
    (in Greek and Roman poetry) a poem written in elegiac couplets, as notably by Catullus and Propertius.

  • Zeta9966
    Zeta9966 4 years ago

    There's a big misconception as to his vocals being differently done these days. The fact is that the mixing is not what you're used to hearing. If they spread his voice a bit wider in the mix, it wouldn't sound so strange.

  • maluorno
    maluorno 4 years ago

    i remember this riff from one of the snippets on the Zero single

  • Freddy Trejo
    Freddy Trejo 4 years ago

    I'm a long time so fan but the later work seems flat and reserved in some way I feel like the older stuff had more texture and more levels more moments of euphoria where the song takes you on a journey then breaks down into a beautiful moment of some sort.
    This track is good but I just think it's very flat I could see why someone would compare it to grunge since the chords seem so few. I also miss the radiating psychedelic guitar riffs and Jimmy's awesome beats.
    Ether way you slice it I agree that Billy is one of our generations last greats. Always will have respect and love for his work. This ones a keeper, rock on Garth

    • Daniel Tynan
      Daniel Tynan 4 years ago

      You described very well what most people are trying to say about the new SP music. Anyhow it is not just the Pumpkins. . Most bands have a limited number of great, high impact, original songs. .. after they get all those out of their system everything else is just weaker variations on the hits or "make work" type music. That said. .If I was Corgan. I'd be doing the same thing. .keep doing what you are good at and keep cranking out the music. . even if you didn't have any listeners anymore.

  • Paul Floyd
    Paul Floyd 4 years ago

    A mess.

  • TheOldOakSyndicate
    TheOldOakSyndicate 4 years ago +3

    Classic sounding Smashing Pumpkins here!

  • E4T6
    E4T6 4 years ago

    I like it, assumed i'd be disappointed, but it's good.

  • belfastclrq
    belfastclrq 4 years ago

    This is unbelievable 90's!

  • Frank Herrera
    Frank Herrera 4 years ago +3

    smashing pumpkins thumbs up.

  • James Galbraith
    James Galbraith 4 years ago +2

    Just heard your interview on The Alex Jones Show and it was great. Your new album is excellent, I have always loved your sound and have been listining to you guys for years. Keep on speaking out and God bless.

    • maluorno
      maluorno 4 years ago +1

      ok now if you want to play this game, we can... which facts have been debunked and by who?

    • Paul Floyd
      Paul Floyd 4 years ago

      His "facts" have been debunked many times. Keep eating it up. Hes an entertainer playing you fools like a fiddle. LOL!

      The more you click on Infowars, the more ads he can sell. I admire him. Exploiting dummies while posing as one.

    • maluorno
      maluorno 4 years ago

      @Paul Floyd of course he plays to his audience with his 'angry dad' schtick, but it doesn't take away from the overall integrity of the facts.

    • Paul Floyd
      Paul Floyd 4 years ago

      Joe Rogan said that Alex admitted privately he plays to a certain audience and wont always say what he actually feels if it wont appeal to them.

      And he has been close friends with him since the early 90's.
      Consider yourself duped.
      He is as corporate as they come. Infowars IS a corporation, you morons.

    • James Galbraith
      James Galbraith 4 years ago

      I could not agree more. If anyone wants to hear the truth, no matter how bad it hurts, they need to go to infowars. Everything the man says can easily be researched. I would trust the news crew at before I would trust ANY of the sellout news actors in mainstream media.

  • David McCormick
    David McCormick 4 years ago

    its sooo.... mmm... tasteless?

  • AwesomeWorld
    AwesomeWorld 4 years ago +5

    Everyone's complaining as if the album was some kind of personal order just for them. Pointing out all the things "wrong" with it. In reality there's nothing wrong with it, its the artists vision and if you don't like it then simply don't listen to it. IMO this song is just right for what it is.

  • Sweet Lil Chicken Chicken

    This sounds great I love the riff and the drummer IS TOMMY LEE! Just heard Billy on Stern and he is still a cool dude! Talks straight and means what he says so refreshing these days of Production Stars and POP Puke with out meaning or soul! We need a rock revival IMO! Solid track!

  • H A
    H A 4 years ago

    Any stems for this? The vocals are perfect, rest is random.. I wanna make it better..

  • Alex K
    Alex K 4 years ago

    The Smashing Pumpkins ... =)

  • dexaloneable
    dexaloneable 4 years ago

    I can't wait to see this live.

  • Braden Mason
    Braden Mason 4 years ago

    This speaks to a generation and IDK what kind of crack you haters are smoking but this is Billy at his best since 2000! I love it and cant stop listening. I cant wait for the new album on the 9th

  • H3dgie
    H3dgie 4 years ago +8

    Sadly, I've been waiting since 2000 for some new good Pumpkins music. I think its time I give up.

    • bringthedarth
      bringthedarth 4 years ago

      I think I'll just stick with my ear drum insult on this one and call it good. lol

    • H3dgie
      H3dgie 4 years ago

      Stupid shit I agree with, nothing wrong with engaging in discussion however.

    • Simon h
      Simon h 4 years ago

      TheH3dgie and bringthedarth are responding based on their own subjective tastes, mistaking them for fact and superior taste. Nodahanshin444 was bothered by TheH3dgie's sense of importance which was simply as a result of misinterpreting his own subjectivity. In response he offered a passive agressive response. Bringthedarth decided that it was unfair that TheH3dge should decide what good music was and insulted him by questioning his hearing in order to make his distain for this point of view known. Then other like minded people came along and approved of these people's thoughts.
      And then some out of the box thinking weirdo came in and explained what it is to feel no need to engage in such stupid shit.

    • bringthedarth
      bringthedarth 4 years ago +6

      Maybe your ears done broke?

    • nodahanshin444
      nodahanshin444 4 years ago +7

      k bye

  • Tubenesser
    Tubenesser 4 years ago

    A wall of guitars like at the old days of "Siamese Dream". But this time without a genuine melody, more like a left outtake from the "Zeitgeist"-aera. And the lyrics? On "Oceania" there were still "My Love is Winter" and "Pale Horse" with interesting ones. On "Monuments to an Elegy" Billy Corgan kept them very simple.
    Billy's voice once was like the one of a Bob Dylan of alternative music. Technical not perfect but with a strong expression and interesting ways of articulation with it.
    While on "Zeitgeist" he was then already bugging with choirs of his voice on heavy metal-riffs he seems to have nowadays healthy problems with his vocal cords. It was noticable over the last years at the concerts and seems now to be even a problem at the studio recordings.

  • Design for Students
    Design for Students 4 years ago +2

    So excited to hear this 'sound' again!

  • Simón Martínez
    Simón Martínez 4 years ago +1

    Hell yeahh!!! Like this one and waiting with great expectations the new albums of the Pumpkins!!!!

  • Roger Benoit
    Roger Benoit 4 years ago

    Siamese Dream will forever be my favorite album.... but Oceania is likely their best album to date. After listening to the first few songs released from their new album, my opinion has not changed. And why is this album less than 33mins long? That's only slightly longer than Gossamer, and I love that song.

  • Fern Fernis Fernie
    Fern Fernis Fernie 4 years ago +1

    Sounds great!

  • Zorongo Lugosi
    Zorongo Lugosi 4 years ago +2

    I really miss Jimmy in drums...

  • /home/gligar13
    /home/gligar13 4 years ago

    I thought Linkin Park was loud. Then I heard this. Also, it sounds just like every other generic radio rock band.

  • Guilherme N. Pereira
    Guilherme N. Pereira 4 years ago +2

    Hell Yeah! So Nostalgic!!!! Best song in Years!

  • Justin Humphrey
    Justin Humphrey 4 years ago

    Check out my cover of this song if ya want!

  • Moe Bash
    Moe Bash 4 years ago

    Wow....finally something that sounds like the old stuff

  • Gabriel Heresi
    Gabriel Heresi 4 years ago

    People, you always knew since 1996 that billy had a special voice, i think its a good and a differencial point, and that`s (at least for me) is why i love this band, it has the energy, and the power that no other bands have. I love smashing pumpkins, and i believe in this fantastic songs, and i think that billy`s voice in this one, is fuckin awesome! it has the energy and the power. (1:50). Not like in "being beige"...
    (sorry my english)

  • Halldór Sturluson
    Halldór Sturluson 4 years ago

    this song is fine, and the last two Pumpkins albums too, maybe not great but still very good and many times better then alot of the crap thats out and specialy better then most of the crap thats supposed to be cool right now

  • DerBeak
    DerBeak 4 years ago

    Im so excited :D

  • John Gidlund
    John Gidlund 4 years ago

    Love the new stuff so far!

  • Dragontear00
    Dragontear00 4 years ago

    I'm not gonna critique it. I heard part of it in the car. The fact that it made me excited to hear some Smashing Pumpkins is good enough for me.

  • A UserName
    A UserName 4 years ago

    Best effort in recent times but Tommy Lee's drumming is boring and it should be remixed. It is quite harsh in a few areas which if tamed would increase the impact of the music/song.

  • krischin
    krischin 4 years ago +1

    Easily the best song they've released from this new album so far.

  • Micheal Wilcox
    Micheal Wilcox 4 years ago

    These guys have been badass for a long while ,losing their drummer to an overdose kind of slowed them down ,but it seems they are making a comeback.

  • Michal Kaczmarek
    Michal Kaczmarek 4 years ago

    I can goth dance to this... That automatically means its good.

  • MrStephenk88
    MrStephenk88 4 years ago

    THis is what Doomsday Clock should have sounded like

  • AWtombstone
    AWtombstone 4 years ago

    I totally dig this and "Tiberius." Only thing that kind of leaves me hanging though that I think could have been better is that I wish there was a elongated ripping guitar solo part/section that would carry over more. Possibly going from verse into chorus rather than just the little solo fills. Don't get me wrong, I honestly like those too and they are perfect! I just think a longer solo would've been f'n awesome and improved the song more so, but then again I have been a fan of Billy since Siamese Dream and it's his vision. Tommy Lee is alright, but Billy you should try to get Jimmy back at least for the recording process and then if he doesn't want to play live get some hired guns. Jimmy's drumming style is unparalleled for your style of "rock" music if your not going electronic/ambient/experimental and equally helped define your songs. Example: if you removed Dany Carey from the band TOOL they would definatley lack their original defining element. Keep rocking though!

  • Mr. Scratch
    Mr. Scratch 4 years ago

    Esto si es Smashing Pumpkins!

  • Tomas Bartos
    Tomas Bartos 4 years ago +1

    This sounds almost like Smashing Pumpkins once in their best form!

  • Arin Garivay
    Arin Garivay 4 years ago

    it has elements of "We are stars". maybe a continuation of the same thread of thought. i consider myself a die hard fan, in that, i can identify sounds and elements from other pumpkin songs and see some similarities. this song could have be written during the zeitgeist era. cool thing about BC is that he writes many songs at a time, and releases them from time to time in projects. to think of the songs he hasn't released...

    • P Atrick
      P Atrick 4 years ago

      Agree. Really enjoying this one as I did Starz. Looking forward to the new album, because Oceania did not resonate with me no matter how much time I gave it.

  • dan meme
    dan meme 4 years ago +1

    Pretty damn good. His guitar tone is his own,not a carbon copy like most bands. I was surprised at first when hearing his mixing and guitar tone. Not typical stuff. Its a good song is the most important thing though.

  • a
    a 4 years ago

    Reminds me of machine.
    Give me moore!!!!!! Please

  • Alex Volkov
    Alex Volkov 4 years ago


  • jackboot78
    jackboot78 4 years ago

    This fucking rocks!

  • Steven Catolster
    Steven Catolster 4 years ago

    falling back in love!

  • Lambda
    Lambda 4 years ago

    The first second or two sounds like the opening of Epic by Faith No More

  • bat man
    bat man 4 years ago

    That verse riff is so weak, its unbelievable.

  • Claudia Rutherford
    Claudia Rutherford 4 years ago

    So fucking pleased!!!!! True original 90s pumpkins sound, love the drowsy guitars!! So much potential for the new album.. fuck aye billy boooOOY!!!!

  • Gustavo Weber
    Gustavo Weber 4 years ago +4

    this is just amazing, you know. Just like the old times.

  • Felipe André
    Felipe André 4 years ago

    so zeitgeist...good but, i don't know..i miss something );

  • Fiodor A. Potemkin
    Fiodor A. Potemkin 4 years ago +1

    As a long-term-die-hard fan of the BEST alt rock band of all times, I have to say that I liked this sound... but as someone has said here, it is missing Jimmy´s all-titanic-titanium SUPERIOR drumming !!! The only drummer in the whole World who is as good as Jimmy, for me, is Mike Portnoy from DT... And, YES, The Zwan and Djali Zwan era was the simply fuckin premium and the BEST fase and the TOP of art criativity of both gentlemen !!
    Anyway, I am with Billy forever and supporting as I can anything he is into... And once Jimmy became the leader entertainment digital businessman, I just hope he will continue blessing us with his perfect drumming, either with jazz or rock stuff...

  • Cian McHugh
    Cian McHugh 4 years ago

    Billy has always stuck to his guns, not making many friends along the way. He's still making evolving music not doing Nostalgia rock like the rest of his former contemporaries. I am happy to hear this and the plenty more (for years to come) that this devoted guy has to offer....keep up the good work buddy!

  • Fernando De Oliveira
    Fernando De Oliveira 4 years ago

    Yeah ! Le vrai Corgan est de retour !

  • oldmanfromyork
    oldmanfromyork 4 years ago +8

    Let's face it, it's always been the quality songwriting and not billys voice that's the strong point.
    Billy is probably one of the most talented songwriter's of our generation, Sadly his voice has alienated many people.

    • Mr. GhostShelter
      Mr. GhostShelter 4 years ago +4

      His voice is pretty much the only thing that sets SP apart from other rock bands... You've gotta love it, otherwise you're not really a SP fan...

    • AwesomeWorld
      AwesomeWorld 4 years ago +5

      Are you kidding me? You can't judge someone's voice on a scale of "good" or "bad" like that, it's a matter of preference. SP wouldn't be who they are without BCs voice... It's the right voice for this band.

    • Halldór Sturluson
      Halldór Sturluson 4 years ago +2

      thats great, most great rock singers have voice you either hate or love, instead of the generic sounding popular singers today

    • Joshua
      Joshua 4 years ago +4

      I think his voice is fully of charm and energy.
      What he has is natural talent, most people are lifeless training or autotune.

    • DeathMetalRob
      DeathMetalRob 4 years ago +4

      no worse then geddy lee's. not that his voice is bad either

  • Virex99
    Virex99 4 years ago

    What I really miss about BC is the cocky "fuck you I am the best songwriter in the world" attituede that was present up untill Machina. I dont want the Siamese dream era back og MCIS for that sake.. I want the satin pants, the zero shirt and the never die attitude!! Then the songs will come I am sure.

  • Luis Acevedo
    Luis Acevedo 4 years ago

    Everybody should know that Billy Corgan always was like 90% por Smashing Pumpkins. Always.

  • Fernando Reyes
    Fernando Reyes 4 years ago +1

    We are so young.

  • Sprenk81
    Sprenk81 4 years ago +2

    This isn't their best but I cant stop raping the replay button on this song....

  • ruidos y Gritos
    ruidos y Gritos 4 years ago

    mr corgan, please make music videos again!

  • OceanMetTheSky
    OceanMetTheSky 4 years ago +1

    Why is there so much complaining? Oh right, I forgot people have to complain about every little thing.
    This song isn't their best, and I don't believe anyone is claiming it is. But this sounds WAY more like Smashing Pumpkins than loads of their other stuff. Maybe they're trying to move back to their roots. Try waiting and seeing, or at least viewing the shit with an open-mind before being a cunt about it. I mean the guy isn't young anymore. This is no longer the 90s, and peoples tastes do change and adapt. It still sounds good.

  • Geo Folkers
    Geo Folkers 4 years ago

    Great song!!!

  • Treg
    Treg 4 years ago

    Look, I'm a big fan of Billy. I like a lot of his newer 2007+ stuff. But I really don't dig this song at all! Seems just really dull, boring and lacking. It's bad when I'm asking myself "Is this song still going? When is it going to end?"

  • tubezerofree
    tubezerofree 4 years ago

    Finally Billy found his way back!!!
    Go Pumpkins!! =)

  • GoneWithReality
    GoneWithReality 4 years ago

    Agree on his singing. It changed since TFE indeed. I'm missing his long yells.... they always sounded great.
    Nice song and cool guitars BTW. The drumming is not my taste.

  • Chris Bryant
    Chris Bryant 4 years ago

    First of the new stuff (since Zeitgeist) that I've listened to more than once. Though I miss Jimmy, this has the characteristic Pumpkins guitar sound I love.

  • jperrogurl
    jperrogurl 4 years ago

  • Hector Barriga
    Hector Barriga 4 years ago

    Keep 'me coming Billy! You are still the best, always will be!

  • glitterintheairxoxo
    glitterintheairxoxo 4 years ago +1

    Relieved that this song brings a subtle hope of a good album, but what ever happened to the good old Gish & Siamese Dream style?

  • Angie Stevens
    Angie Stevens 4 years ago

    Amazing. Hoping for a ripping solo after second chorus. Guess that's to cliche.

  • Stephen Herbert
    Stephen Herbert 4 years ago +2

    Why is everyone so concerned with it sounding like his 90s stuff? if you want that music, go listen to those albums?
    I don't like all his current stuff, but I like some of it including this track... keep doing your thing BC.

    AUDIOSTEROID 4 years ago +1

    great song finally, the authentic sound smashing pumpkins recovers

  • Giuseppe Massari
    Giuseppe Massari 4 years ago

    Looking at the number of views... it seems that One and All is much better than Being Beige.... :)

  • Miroslav Švec
    Miroslav Švec 4 years ago +6

    I feel there 90s'! And it's stunning! I look forward to album.
    SP, we need songs like this.