Kroenke In (ATM) & How To Beat Liverpool! | All Gunz Blazing Podcast Ft DT

  • Published on Aug 22, 2019
  • Kroenke In (ATM) & How To Beat Liverpool! | All Gunz blazing Podcast
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  • Robert Strong
    Robert Strong 14 days ago

    DTis such a 🔔🔚”Kevin Campbell will tell u loads of stories about me in the players lounge and what I got up to”😂🤣bullshit!

  • feida ronaine7
    feida ronaine7 19 days ago


  • Ammanuel
    Ammanuel 20 days ago

    opinions are a dime a dozen Glad these guys dont represent all Arsenal fans...flip flopping where the flip flops...a. shinny penny from KRONKEOUT is like a diamond to the flip flopper

  • Mycall 2025
    Mycall 2025 20 days ago

    Comparing losing Bellerin to losing Salah....hahaha

  • oK
    oK 20 days ago

    Who were they talking about at the beginning

  • Anonymous !
    Anonymous ! 21 day ago +2

    What TheXvid’s was he talking about at the start

  • Etienne Bunbury
    Etienne Bunbury 23 days ago

    Even worst for Manchester United!

  • Tamora Callum
    Tamora Callum 24 days ago

    Arsenal must be trying to win the league! Liverpool and MC are going to play each other you know and they will stumble...We must act like we want it. What the manager is doing is not the instilling the right mentality.

  • Eugene Soki
    Eugene Soki 24 days ago

    Max allegri is free now, it's never too late to make the right choice guys, wat do u think

  • Brian Kelly
    Brian Kelly 24 days ago +1

    LIVERPOOL capital of the british empire 6 times

  • Idir Zaher
    Idir Zaher 24 days ago

    19:59 fart

  • VirgilVanMFDijk
    VirgilVanMFDijk 24 days ago

    I’m listening 👂🏽

  • stephen graham
    stephen graham 24 days ago

    Are the Wenger Out alumni saying to themselves now that we've been battered by Liverpool - Crap! All that campaigning to get him out hasn't put us ahead in the slightest!!

  • Jeffrey Razzouk
    Jeffrey Razzouk 24 days ago

    I get what you're saying about liverpool fans, but remember that those same fans had never whistled or made a scene over anything that happened to them since 1990 then 2004. They always stayed behind the team, they finished 6th, no titles no nothing, and never whistled one single player except Owen but that's a different story, even Karius didn't get whistled.
    So yea, they deserve to be happy and talk about it. You want to take the Liverpool model, and at the same time you don't want to support the team like lfc fans did. Nothing comes easy lads.


    To beat us all Emery would've had to do it watch the City game last December and The Barca 1st leg in last seasons champions league, we were outplayed and outworked all over the field, sure they were away but if you were to come at us with that pace, press and skill, we might crumble, our defence has looked a bit shaky this season already, we were there to be exposed lol but no point saying it now, Emery was actually tactically wrong, I think you guys need a better manager than Count Dickula, his biggest achievement is B-Tec champions league and a narrow win in a farmers league.
    Emery Out Fam. :D

  • Himanshu Singh
    Himanshu Singh 25 days ago

    3-1. unluckyyyyy.

  • Poes' Motem
    Poes' Motem 25 days ago

    DT quit licking Kroenke's ass, you have really stooped low now

  • Jj Jj
    Jj Jj 25 days ago

    Why do i get the feeling Kronke has told Emery how to speak to the footballing public? One thing is for certain he did not elect to buy a forward player in Pepe and add to the weaknesses in the defense. I think there is way too much meddling in the clubs purchasing and maybe also who gets to play. 12 seasons later and the American cowboys are still laughing at the supporters.

  • Bharat Jeevan
    Bharat Jeevan 25 days ago

    Why do they sound slightly like Chipmunks ? Like high pitched

  • marks041able
    marks041able 25 days ago

    Bull. None of the signings were planned except kieran tierney. And we needed Centre backs Luiz is not that man.

  • Tayo
    Tayo 25 days ago +1


  • y1521t21b5
    y1521t21b5 25 days ago

    39:00 Amnesia, eh? Forgetting the worst battering in decades when that Suárez-Sturridge-Sterling front line, fed by Coutinho, battered your yellow-clad heroes and had put 4 past Szczęsny in a little over 19 minutes.

  • Jayden Shepherd
    Jayden Shepherd 25 days ago

    Always me me me me me with DT

  • PDXL _
    PDXL _ 25 days ago

    Dt’s tattoos are disgusting

  • ThePloplcoptus
    ThePloplcoptus 25 days ago

    DT been sucking on helium, so high pitched

  • Dj Fridge Uk
    Dj Fridge Uk 25 days ago

    DT is the best post match Arsenal pundit, he say it how it is

  • Boo
    Boo 25 days ago

    Another Spur Pundit is Tim Sherwood

  • ajay999999
    ajay999999 25 days ago

    Stan Kronke - DT I want to see thank you Stan banners

  • WolfMan
    WolfMan 25 days ago

    Arsenal pick team to beat Liverpool...It's Real Madrid.

  • Elizabeth Walker
    Elizabeth Walker 25 days ago +2

    did you 2 boys enjoy the game ynwa

  • Elizabeth Walker
    Elizabeth Walker 25 days ago +2

    arse smashed again YNWA

  • heath way4
    heath way4 25 days ago +1

    I loved watching this after today's result. Even the football factory remark. 10/10 Haha

  • dylan ryan
    dylan ryan 25 days ago +2

    Lol 3-1

  • Garik Hakobyan
    Garik Hakobyan 25 days ago +2

    Aftv gonna be Lit today!

  • Mechatronics Geek
    Mechatronics Geek 25 days ago +1

    Liverpool is the best club in the world

  • Benjamin Spiers
    Benjamin Spiers 25 days ago +1

    Talk Shit, Get Flogged!

  • Nick Tshibala
    Nick Tshibala 25 days ago +2

    Arsenal"s mental strength is very weak when it comes to play against top quality teams. Therefore, they need to hire a psychologist in order to strengthen their mental capacity

  • char dan
    char dan 25 days ago +9

    How do you beat Liverpool when you're 3-0 down? Mugs!

  • Kenneth Watson
    Kenneth Watson 26 days ago

    arsenal losing the way we did in the Europa League, to Chelsea who is not exactly firing on all cylinders at the moment in the league will not slap Liverpool away at this stage, we just need to give a good account of ourselves

  • Incongnito Sheep
    Incongnito Sheep 26 days ago

    I think if there was no petition they would have done nothing

  • iron solider
    iron solider 26 days ago

    liverpool overachieved i think city will win again

  • Aaron Flynn Devereux
    Aaron Flynn Devereux 26 days ago

    It's like DT is trying to start beef between him and Kevin Campbell

  • Eduard Korpa
    Eduard Korpa 26 days ago

    DT was spot on with the punditry thing at the beginning,

  • D Redondo
    D Redondo 26 days ago

    City got KDB back. He missed almost the whole season last years. Shaqiri and Keita (lesser) aren't good enough as back up MF.

  • Keyser Soeze
    Keyser Soeze 26 days ago +1

    Who was dt referring to at the beginning? Which you tuber’

  • cruzbohy
    cruzbohy 26 days ago

    True Gordie though 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  • MarbleHalls TV
    MarbleHalls TV 26 days ago

    pundits....we have plenty of them on every major network.
    Sky - the Merse and Charlie Nicholas
    BT Sport - Keown
    Talksport - Parlour and Groves
    BBC - Ian Wright Wright Wright and Alex Scott
    ESPN FC - Mariner and Robson
    And not all of them are complimentary of us. The Merse says it as it is and that (comically) triggers people.

  • TwistedSouL
    TwistedSouL 26 days ago

    What are they talking about in the first couple of mins...?

  • Rodney
    Rodney 26 days ago

    The Kroenkes did something because the fans disrupted the comfortable lives of their wives.

  • Haych Gee
    Haych Gee 26 days ago

    Fan of aftv but a liverpool supporter so COME ON LIVERPOOL 3-1 🤘🏽

  • Khendup Namgyal
    Khendup Namgyal 26 days ago

    Lfc fan I am, but still like to listen them.

  • Dave Tapgun
    Dave Tapgun 26 days ago

    Was getting Mustafi and Henrikh also part of your "plan"? LOL rent free.....

  • Patrick Machekera
    Patrick Machekera 26 days ago

    Ceballos, Chambers, Torreira

  • James Aparicio
    James Aparicio 26 days ago

    Carragher is an Everton fan

  • Emo White
    Emo White 26 days ago

    Who's waiting for arsenal to lose soo we can get get some good content on aftv 🤣

  • Mide Fatanmi
    Mide Fatanmi 26 days ago

    Paul Merson is a Chelsea fan..

  • Hermano Pierre
    Hermano Pierre 26 days ago

    3-2 gunners..

  • Random Fandom
    Random Fandom 26 days ago

    dt always has to swing a conversation towards hating on spurs, the jealousy is hilarious. And of course pundits are going to say liverpool will win, why wouldnt they, you're shit.

  • Big man
    Big man 26 days ago

    Robbie u will get alright lad again hahahahaha

  • cavmac102
    cavmac102 26 days ago

    Come on Robbie, everyone knows the only pundit/commentator who is openly and unapologetically biased is G Nev.