Watch The 100 Season 6 Trailer

  • Published on Mar 28, 2019
  • Season 6 of The 100 premieres Tuesday, April 30 at 9/8c on The CW.
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Comments • 2 449

  • Ano Hasan
    Ano Hasan 35 minutes ago

    Season 7 is the last and it’s gonna be 16 episodes it’s gonna end on episode 100 if u math it it’s 84 episodes and add 16 it will be 100

  • Gandalf24
    Gandalf24 22 hours ago +1

    The unending cycle of conflict - the show

  • Nate Reacts
    Nate Reacts Day ago

    Thats planet alpha i herd about it its in a binary star system with 2 stars its on Netflix now watching it now

  • skinny slim
    skinny slim Day ago

    Season 7 will be the last season, I'm gonna miss "The 100".😣

  • nathaly g.
    nathaly g. Day ago

    May we meet again on season 7

  • Vanya Davydov
    Vanya Davydov Day ago

    Echo needs her own movie. You will hate me for this, but I want her to play “black widow.”

    • Vanya Davydov
      Vanya Davydov Hour ago

      Flamer what daredevil got canceled? Wtf is wrong with people. 😭

    • Flamer
      Flamer 3 hours ago

      @Vanya Davydov still worth watching, first 2 seasons were awesome. 3rd was kinda dissapointing and then the show got cancelled... arghhh. i hate how some shows like lucifer are saved while awesome shows like daredevil, punisher, into the badlands all got cancelled

    • Vanya Davydov
      Vanya Davydov 5 hours ago

      Flamer I’ve seen it. Widow was awesome. Well thats sucks news.

    • Flamer
      Flamer 10 hours ago

      @Vanya Davydov there was a character called "the widow", show was AWESOME but it got cancelled. everyone was disappointed. that was my fav show after the 100...

    • Vanya Davydov
      Vanya Davydov 10 hours ago

      Flamer what? I’ll have to look it up.

  • Justin Casar
    Justin Casar 3 days ago

    It is hard to believe that no one realized that this show just ripped off "Altered Carbons". They even named the guy Ryker. That is a low blow. How did they not get sued? U know "Altered Carbons" is the best show ever if an already good show like "the 100" had to rip them off for ideas.

  • Shazia Asim
    Shazia Asim 3 days ago

    Anyone know when this is coming on in the uk ?

  • Kitty G.
    Kitty G. 3 days ago +1

    Why is it that whenever Raven falls for a guy something always happens to him?

  • eero
    eero 4 days ago

    when season 6 coming in finland netfilx????

  • Gaia Stilinski
    Gaia Stilinski 5 days ago

    why book II??

  • Ainsley Dallas
    Ainsley Dallas 6 days ago

    You can actually watch this tv show at

  • Mikila
    Mikila 7 days ago

    More fights? ANOTHER war? Geez, Monty and Harper made a good call.

  • Αννα Κ.
    Αννα Κ. 7 days ago

    "You called me every day for six years and left me to die on the fighting pit" WE WERE ROBBED OF THAT LINE

  • marza97
    marza97 9 days ago +1

    Watching this trailer after finishing season 6 does not do it justice. This season was AMAZING

  • Johny Jatt
    Johny Jatt 10 days ago

    Bahute confusing season hai bay, saala samajh hi na aara kya challo 🤷‍♂️

  • French Guitar
    French Guitar 10 days ago

    Now that I watched the season 6, I can finally watch trailers

  • ออมไง ใครจะเเค


  • GothicQueen
    GothicQueen 11 days ago

    ahh where can i watch this? just finished season 5 after seeing it be on netflix. and since im not from america my netflic will have season 6 waaaay later

  • Bliss in Riots
    Bliss in Riots 11 days ago

    hhmmm clarke n bellamy hasnt happening yet in this season

  • Grace Rodhouse
    Grace Rodhouse 12 days ago +4

    WE NEVER GOT THE “you called me on the radio for six years talk” WE’VE BEEN ROBBED

  • Grace Rodhouse
    Grace Rodhouse 12 days ago

    shaw was in the trailer longer than he was in the season wtf

  • ZackDestroysU
    ZackDestroysU 12 days ago

    I'm rewatching the trailer after this season but Kane's never wakes up at least the first one

  • wootwoot
    wootwoot 14 days ago +4

    I never thought that murphy would be my favorite actor in this series

  • Tristan Malone
    Tristan Malone 17 days ago +2

    Abby is GONE😭😢😭

    • Flamer
      Flamer 15 hours ago

      Kane too :(

    THE JAY JAY WAY 17 days ago

    This comes out April 30th coming up ??? Omg that's to long

    • Linda Pollock
      Linda Pollock 17 days ago +1

      No, it started on the CW on April 30th THIS year. Next week is the season finale.

  • Ebukey welela
    Ebukey welela 18 days ago

    One more episode left and we still haven’t hear the “you called me for six years and you left me to die in the pit” and “if anyone needs a fresh start, it’s us”. Really hope it’s in the finale and it’s gonna be a conversation between Clarke and Bellamy all alone.

    • Dani Rodl
      Dani Rodl 16 days ago +1

      “if anyone needs a fresh start, it’s us” line was on the first episode. And i hope they didn't cut out “you called me for six years and you left me to die in the pit” !! I need a calm conversation betweet Bell and Clarke, fingers crossed!

  • Inaê Carolline
    Inaê Carolline 18 days ago +11

    Here’s me waiting for s06e13 and hoping that when Bellamy says “You called me every day for 6 years and then you left me to die in the fighting pits” they’re in a romantic situation.
    Please give us Bellarke already 😭❤️

  • M G
    M G 19 days ago +3

    "you called me everyday for six years and you left me to die in the fighting pits"
    "if anyone needs a fresh start... it's us"

    if those quotes don't happen in the finale next week... I'M SUING! MAKE #BELLARKE CANON YOU COWARDS! 🙌🏻

  • Lucas Ido
    Lucas Ido 19 days ago

    Who's here after watching season 5 on netflix

  • Lord Conrad
    Lord Conrad 23 days ago

    Raggaaaa otttimo canale se ti va dai un occhio al mio, continua cosi che spacchi:

  • z
    z 24 days ago +4

    everything's so pretty this season

  • Grace Mcgonagle
    Grace Mcgonagle 25 days ago +17

    As of 6x11 the only part of the trailer we haven’t seen is Bellamy picking up the guns. War is coming

    • Jessiah Mckinney
      Jessiah Mckinney 19 days ago

      Grace Mcgonagle wasn’t that her running from josephine in the mind space?

    • Grace Mcgonagle
      Grace Mcgonagle 20 days ago

      Yeah the Clarke running scene too but I feel like audio could just be a tease and won’t actually be included

    • Josh Adams
      Josh Adams 20 days ago +3

      Grace Mcgonagle There is actually a few clips yet to see. Clarke running, the guns and Madi being tortured. Also there is three audio clips from Abby, Clarke and Bellamy.

  • maximumrisk2004
    maximumrisk2004 26 days ago

    Okay, this makes no fucking sense anymore. I watched the first 2 seasons and then only the end of the third. Geez, has this show gone somewhere else and I understand that, they wrote themselfs into a corner with that nuclear reactor stuff. In the end its going to be revealed that they already had the ability to fast travel to other planets and only the 1% had the money to do it and still screwed it up.

    • maximumrisk2004
      maximumrisk2004 14 days ago

      @Dani Rodl I may just look into it some day, but all what intrigued me about the series has been torn to shreds.

    • Dani Rodl
      Dani Rodl 16 days ago

      you missed a lot... season 4 is the best

  • Everything Ph14
    Everything Ph14 27 days ago

    what happened to miller? 🙁

  • Leo Stars
    Leo Stars 27 days ago

    Okey but how the absolute fuc, is Murphy still alive😂?

  • Angel
    Angel 28 days ago

    Wait so in tge last ep of season 5 showed earth with 2 suns?
    Is it the same earth with another sun?
    Or a new planet as survivable as earth somewhere else?

  • Rasima Beganovic
    Rasima Beganovic Month ago

    Is there going to be a season 7 and when is the 100 going to be on the Netflix in America???

    • Rasima Beganovic
      Rasima Beganovic 29 days ago

      Linda Pollock thanks

    • Linda Pollock
      Linda Pollock 29 days ago

      Yes there's going to be a season 7 - they start filming it next month. Season 6 should drop on US Netflix on 14th August.

  • Random Jazz
    Random Jazz Month ago

    How can I watch season 6

  • Miguel Gaonananananana

    I hope Kane die this season

  • Serdilka Pe
    Serdilka Pe Month ago +2

    0:49 did Bellamy already say this in 6 season?

  • Luna Cherry
    Luna Cherry Month ago +5

    I am only here, and i repeat, only here for the slim chance of bellarke

  • TheReal ONE
    TheReal ONE Month ago

    Wait lexa is alive?

  • amir riddle
    amir riddle Month ago +1

    Will clarke manage to commit genocide this season. Lets find out

  • Armageddon X
    Armageddon X Month ago

    I thought they moved on already as S05 was last ultimatum,but this this a drag or something good?

    • Smitee Oberoi
      Smitee Oberoi Month ago +1

      Armageddon X it’s probably the best season of the series

  • Jens Dorrestijn
    Jens Dorrestijn Month ago

    Season 6 still called the 100 but what 100

    • Jens Dorrestijn
      Jens Dorrestijn 29 days ago

      @Bonjour Et Bienvenue haha the intro of a new episode THE 4 and then the rest of the intro of season 6

    • Bonjour Et Bienvenue
      Bonjour Et Bienvenue 29 days ago

      More like the 4

  • Sam R
    Sam R Month ago

    In my opinion is the strength of the serie gone because the grounders were the best thing in the serie. Also the characters looked better in the previous serie’s

    • Jarin
      Jarin 20 days ago

      Season 6 is better than season 3 to 5.

  • Jens Dorrestijn
    Jens Dorrestijn Month ago +9

    Season 6 be like 'welkome to mount weather

  • Spønge Bob
    Spønge Bob Month ago

    I miss montey he was my favorite so was jasper cause he's in my favorite movie diary of a wimpy kid. But at least Bellamy is still alive.

  • Elizabeth Anderson
    Elizabeth Anderson Month ago

    we need Octavia to find someone in the show i hope she finds someone in the show but octavia is my baby girl so plz give her a happy ending she desires it. Octavia has been trough so much and so has raven so give Octavia and raven a happy ending plz.

  • tepzcs
    tepzcs Month ago +2

    Wtf happend to that show.. SEASON 1: Masterpiece
    2: bad
    3: ok
    4-5: ok
    6: totally a new series

  • randrianoromalala valisoa

    Too eager to discover this movies!! In addition, there are already all the outfits here:

  • Jarred J
    Jarred J Month ago +2

    I was scrolling through Netflix to see what good movie there are to watch and there was non. I come across the 100 and told myself this show probably isn’t good. But I read the description and gave it a try. I’ve been binge watching from season 1-4 for the past 3 days

  • ja chem byc rybakiem
    ja chem byc rybakiem Month ago +1


  • WAMatt
    WAMatt Month ago +1

    Goddamn they'll just let the writers do anything.

  • Foxy Ladyyy
    Foxy Ladyyy Month ago

    Atleast the people they meet this time are normal not drilling holes into them to get their blood or trying to take over the "ONLY GREEN PART PN EARTH"

  • Vlada Jekic
    Vlada Jekic Month ago

    Season 6 is worse season. She destroyed whole show.

    • Linda Pollock
      Linda Pollock Month ago +1

      Most people think it's one of the best seasons and every episode has got a rating of over 9 on IMDb.

  • Ebony Shavon
    Ebony Shavon Month ago +1

    crazy how Bellamy won't forgive Octavia yet he forgave Clarke after she repeatedly betrayed them all. Let's not forget him being a big part of the reason Lincoln is dead, or the attack on Indra's people and Octavia forgave him.

  • The Lady in Red
    The Lady in Red Month ago +2

    And me who liked Marcus and Abby’s relationship.... I’m fucked.

    • Flamer
      Flamer 15 hours ago

      They both died but said proper goodbye to each other before Kane got floated. Still ended up better than Clexa.

  • Joseph Barfield
    Joseph Barfield Month ago

    Rip Harper and monty

  • PotatoMan
    PotatoMan Month ago +1

    They ruined it im not watching this...

  • Carla Zar
    Carla Zar Month ago +1

    Holy freak why am I watching this I'm only at Season 4

  • Misslill15
    Misslill15 Month ago +1

    SO LEXA WILL BE BACK? She is casted???

    • Misslill15
      Misslill15 Month ago

      ​@Linda Pollock Too bad, would be a cool twist - even just for a flashback, via Madi or Clarke's memory. The show just keeps bringing her up all the time so I thought it could be true. Oh well, still one of the best seasons so far.

    • Linda Pollock
      Linda Pollock Month ago

      No, she won't be back. Alycia isn't interested - she doesn't even watch the show anymore.

  • Zayne Sinclair
    Zayne Sinclair Month ago

    There was literally no reason to make another season the ending of season 5 was amazing (and calm down I know there’s other books )

    • A D
      A D Month ago +1

      The show is successful and people love it so if they can make more money why not 🤷🏻‍♂

    • Linda Pollock
      Linda Pollock Month ago +3

      Yes there was a very good reason. Many people love the show and want it to continue.

  • Fuck Off
    Fuck Off Month ago

    Okay this left me so confused

  • Ivy Rowan
    Ivy Rowan Month ago +3

    I'm so in love with Bellamy lol

  • Lilia Ashleigh
    Lilia Ashleigh Month ago +1

    I love the show but I am exhausted watching these people go through shit. Damn

  • Gabriel Cesar
    Gabriel Cesar Month ago +1

    Go float yourself.


    Season 6. Episode 4. I think Clark soul end here but her body continues it. This really sucks.............


    Who hate Clerk more than anyone in this whole series, I want her death in this season, she doesn't deserve to live after all taking so many lives.

  • shadow.l_17
    shadow.l_17 Month ago +1

    y'all missing Lincoln, I fucking miss Lexa

  • Liza Middlesworth
    Liza Middlesworth 2 months ago

    This season needs to come out already

    • Liza Middlesworth
      Liza Middlesworth Month ago

      @Linda Pollock well I guess th US does not have it yet but I will watch it on CW

    • Linda Pollock
      Linda Pollock Month ago

      @Liza Middlesworth OK, well that depends what country you're in. Some places already have season 6 episodes, some won't get them until the whole season is done on The CW.

    • Liza Middlesworth
      Liza Middlesworth Month ago

      I'm mean the 6 season needs to come out on Netflix

    • Linda Pollock
      Linda Pollock Month ago

      Come out where? The first 7 episodes have already aired on the CW channel in the United States.

  • Jonathan Tucker
    Jonathan Tucker 2 months ago +2

    Why so people talk about the game of thrones like its better than this smh

  • Yellow
    Yellow 2 months ago

    Я единственный русский, который смотрит этот сериал ?

  • brenna rose
    brenna rose 2 months ago

    so your saying book 1 took 5 seasons... there are four books.... 🤔 honestly the only reason I'm still here is clexa.

    • Linda Pollock
      Linda Pollock 2 months ago

      @brenna rose Yes. Why wouldn't I? A lot of people don't know that the show and the books are completely different and I've seen many comments like yours before.

    • brenna rose
      brenna rose 2 months ago

      Linda Pollock you actually thought I was being serious...

    • Linda Pollock
      Linda Pollock 2 months ago +1

      The books and the show are completely different. The 'end of book 1' shown over the last scene of season 5 is nothing to do with the books written by Kass Morgan.