I Tried Period Yoga Pants


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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Year ago +5328

    HELLO FRIENDS!! welcome back to another period video!! who missed these, lol? any other weird period products i should review?? xox, saf

    • Animal Videos
      Animal Videos 13 days ago

      Safiya Nygaard hey ur wearing nailogical merch

    • Katie A
      Katie A 21 day ago

      Do more period things.

    • UwUAnnie_ AnimationsUwU
      UwUAnnie_ AnimationsUwU Month ago

      I do if you've done this but try period underwear
      Love ur channel :3

    • Kaylah Bayless
      Kaylah Bayless Month ago

      Okay so I knowwww I'm very late to the party with this, but you should definitely try disposable menstrual discs but The Flex Company.

    • China Villalta
      China Villalta 3 months ago


  • Taylor Moore
    Taylor Moore 17 hours ago


  • Taylor Moore
    Taylor Moore 17 hours ago

    omg I just noticed that you have a holo it is my shirt.

  • Kuhoo Not Kuhu
    Kuhoo Not Kuhu Day ago

    I see what you did there with your lipstick

  • Hi Cupckae
    Hi Cupckae Day ago

    Did anyone have a period pant and underwear add before this vid 😂😂

  • Alyson Callaway
    Alyson Callaway 2 days ago


  • Ellie Loosier
    Ellie Loosier 2 days ago


  • Andromeda
    Andromeda 3 days ago

    i've been getting period ads before all of your period videos... wtf

    bts_ JUNGKOOKIE 5 days ago

    Wait that galaxy that you weared looks like the front is at the back tho😂😂😂

  • Kaleigh Kraus
    Kaleigh Kraus 5 days ago

    Hey Safiya! Can you maybe do a video reviewing the Flex period product. I saw an advert and it looks pretty interesting.

  • Sara Grace
    Sara Grace 6 days ago

    Id rather wear pads than pay $100 for a pair of leggings

  • Ava Johnston
    Ava Johnston 8 days ago +1

    It’s so ironic that I got a period underwear add before this

  • Potato Lord uwu
    Potato Lord uwu 10 days ago +1

    I got an ad for period underwear...NEXT EPISODE?

  • gocanadayayyy
    gocanadayayyy 11 days ago

    these kinda seem more like a thing you would wear on the last days of your period when there's just a little coming out and you don't wanna use a whole pad/tampon to deal with an amount that small. But that swampy feeling is pretty consistent with cloth pads as well, so I think that's just How Reusable Pad-Like Products Are.

  • Sapphire Lupiz
    Sapphire Lupiz 13 days ago

    its been forever since a period vid

  • Asha Tune
    Asha Tune 13 days ago

    I’m mad she did the squishy sound effect 😂😂

  • Trisha Mitchell
    Trisha Mitchell 13 days ago

    $100 for 1 pants. Omg why is it so expensive!?!

  • Lila Golde
    Lila Golde 14 days ago

    I haven't gotten my period yet but I feel really bad for people who do.. Just remember no matter how frustrating it gets someone will always be there for you! if your on your period you will make it thru!

  • Grace Hofmann
    Grace Hofmann 14 days ago

    my periods only last 2 to 3 days so i cant relate but 7 days must be hell

  • Katrina Allan
    Katrina Allan 15 days ago

    so are you just not wearing underwear while wearing these pants...

  • Dalia J
    Dalia J 17 days ago

    In the second day only I lose ALOT of blood
    Definitely more than 7 teaspoons!!
    Am I sick😩💔😂

  • Unicorn Sparkle Galaxy Squad

    All guys have left the chat...

  • Alissa S
    Alissa S 20 days ago

    Can you try “softcup” the disposable menstrual discs?

  • Snow leopard fantasy Studios

    You wore Cristines ‘simplynaillogical’ shirt HOLO it’s me

  • DarkRubberDucky
    DarkRubberDucky 23 days ago

    Not only is Safiya totally awesome about telling 3.2 million people about her period, but Tyler is fucking awesome by not being even slightly phased by chatting about this, and getting text reminds of his girlfriend's period time. He's a keeper (for realsies, since its after the engagement). Boyfriend goals.

  • A small YouTuber 123456789

    Did anyone notice her HOLO backpack 🎒

  • Jessalyn Miller
    Jessalyn Miller 26 days ago

    Roll tide😎

  • Rockingirl
    Rockingirl 27 days ago

    Thank you for making it okay to talk about periods!! Love your channel!

  • Lias 101
    Lias 101 27 days ago

    You're so brave to do this! I would never trust some yoga pants 😬

  • Riana _XO
    Riana _XO 28 days ago

    Omg! She has the Holo it's me shirt! 😁💿

  • Poppy Breen
    Poppy Breen 28 days ago

    I would wear these even if I wasn't on my period or doing exercise tbh

  • Halle Harrington
    Halle Harrington 28 days ago

    Saf has had 3 period videos since getting engaged and none of them have her engagement ring in them. Unless their videos are 3 months behind why is she not wearing her ring?

  • Ally Keck
    Ally Keck 29 days ago


  • Dragon Dude Collecting

    Love that location for a hike.

  • Reese Anderson
    Reese Anderson 29 days ago

    I love her shirt at 7:01 shout out to the holosexuals

  • Insane Cat Queen
    Insane Cat Queen Month ago

    OMC! I love her ‘Holo It’s Me’ shirt! It completed my day.

  • Kleir E. Austin
    Kleir E. Austin Month ago

    You should try Thinx underwears if you haven't already! They're AMAZING!!

  • The Real Tgirl
    The Real Tgirl Month ago

    She’s wearing the holo it’s me t-shirt 😮😮😮😮

  • Sam Fisher
    Sam Fisher Month ago

    I also have a question...do you where underwear with these?!?!

  • Sam Fisher
    Sam Fisher Month ago

    When you said to the naked eye I’m doing fine, or something like that, there was a matching couple behind you with jeans and like a royal blue long sleeve shirt and I am actually LIVING for them!! 😂😂❤️❤️

  • XoXNoelXoX1 MSP
    XoXNoelXoX1 MSP Month ago +1


  • Simina
    Simina Month ago

    Holo, it's me

  • MegaRjbowtie
    MegaRjbowtie Month ago

    right before the video even started there was an ad talking about period underwear! LIKE WHAT?!? XD

  • Caitlyn Wentworth
    Caitlyn Wentworth Month ago

    99 $ for those wow. PRICY

  • cinnamon
    cinnamon Month ago

    Who else is watching in 2019 and realizes how sped up this intro is compared to the recent one o-0

  • K_Kitten_B
    K_Kitten_B Month ago

    I just got a period underwear ad

  • stop it get some help

    I got a thinx period underwear ad before this video.

  • Temberland ______
    Temberland ______ Month ago

    7:00 simply nailogical merch!!! Yay even other TheXvidrs are rocking her merch #holosexuals

  • Ellie Arnold
    Ellie Arnold Month ago

    The red ones are nice because it already kinda looks like you “perioded” down there, but the first thing people assume is pattern.

  • Ashley Bellerose
    Ashley Bellerose Month ago

    Chasing the 1 teaspoon of liquid would be in case you have spill out if your tampon or pads or something cuz one teaspoon is not a lot and I'm pretty sure I played more than one teaspoon a day

  • Ailensarecool
    Ailensarecool Month ago

    I NEED SOME but not now I don't have my period yet

  • Hellokitty
    Hellokitty Month ago +1

    Wow so expensive

  • Beth Shinozaki
    Beth Shinozaki Month ago

    Who wants to work out on their period?

  • ItsThe LoveShot
    ItsThe LoveShot Month ago

    When I have my periods, I’m sleeping 24/7 drink and eat

  • Darkhellia DarkFire

    I wouldn't be able to do the diva cup, period panties, or these yoga pants at all. My cycle may be short but it's extremely heavy like I'm using Ultra size tampons every 4 hours type heavy for the first 2 or 3 days. Days 4 & 5 are very iffy because sometimes my cycle pulls a damn Houdini on me and leaves from anywhere between 1 hour to a full day, like it straight up stops all together and escapes then comes back for the 6 & 7th day or sometimes just stays away all together, then I get it again between 21-28 days later so I usually get stuck with my cycle twice a month if I get the first cycle at the beginning of the month. The only time this doesn't happen is if it's in the middle of the month or it chooses to be late like it is right now. Haven't had my cycle for almost 3 months now due to stress, no I'm not pregnant since I'm naturally infertile but I also haven't had sex since June last year so that's out of the question.

  • Ashley Letelier
    Ashley Letelier Month ago

    Safiya, you are rocking the
    h💿l💿 merch!

  • thrillaa
    thrillaa Month ago +1

    *who else got a Thinx commercial before this video??*

  • Nainai Nails
    Nainai Nails Month ago



    jk she prolley just likes it

    Like everyone

    Go sub to my channel

  • Alyssa Kancler
    Alyssa Kancler Month ago

    her lipstick in the intro was perfect!😂

  • The Tree Huggi
    The Tree Huggi Month ago

    *I have period yoga pants... I never knew*

  • Momma Bear
    Momma Bear Month ago

    I haven’t had a period in 13 months I can’t even remember how much they suck. Glad I don’t have to go through this again yet

  • Holly norton
    Holly norton Month ago

    They should make the pants a breathable and yet thick material so that they can hide the pad like part better

  • Chris
    Chris Month ago

    You know when your about to start your period when you have a strong craving of chicken..... Or is that just me?

  • *Moo*Sheep* *NeighNeigh*

    Saf more period vids pleaseeeeee ♥️♥️👏👏

  • Rachel Pryor
    Rachel Pryor Month ago

    If you do any period videos again, can you try out Flex? They have this weird disc thing that is supposed to work kind of like a cup.

  • K.C Gymnastics
    K.C Gymnastics Month ago

    You should try a brand called shethixs

  • Maybell Murphy-Sylla


  • Alexandra Neuzil
    Alexandra Neuzil Month ago +3

    Watching period videos on your period

    • Chris
      Chris Month ago

      Lol me too

  • Lightning Girl
    Lightning Girl Month ago +1

    Can someone tell me how old they were when the had their first period
    Coz i think I'm way to late

    • Lightning Girl
      Lightning Girl Month ago

      +Chris I'm a Teen

    • Chris
      Chris Month ago

      How old are you? I started when I was 11. You should get it by 14 at most. Although I met a girl who started at 17. It's about genetics.

  • Gacha Wolf
    Gacha Wolf Month ago

    I just got a ad for period panties. Did anyone else or am I alone?

  • Naturally Gifted
    Naturally Gifted Month ago

    Why? I can't.

  • inuchicki
    inuchicki Month ago

    HOLO! Love your yoga class shirt choice!

  • Elizibeth Muzzana
    Elizibeth Muzzana Month ago

    We need more men like Tyler because he isn’t shy of her bleeding or isn’t afraid to tell her to try a new period product. Guys be more like Tyler. And why are men so afraid. To all the guys out there be more like Tyler cause there is one week where a girl feels like they are dying and they are told to suck it up and deal with it. Imagine getting stabbed and told to walk it off. That is what it is like for girl on their period around men

  • jieul
    jieul Month ago

    That's hiking? You're walking uphill on a dirt road.

  • jieul
    jieul Month ago +1

    A teaspoon?? WTF

    • Chris
      Chris Month ago +1

      Ik I literally bleed like a cup everytime. 😂

  • Iris Denny
    Iris Denny Month ago


  • HoiKatz
    HoiKatz Month ago +2

    I got a thinx add lol

  • Couch patatoe speed builds 101

    Do you wear underwear with them..?

  • Alana Hill
    Alana Hill Month ago


  • fae gibb
    fae gibb Month ago

    BUT PERIOD SMELL!!! is it just me?

  • Michael Jackson
    Michael Jackson Month ago

    Ugh I hate my period Bc it lasts 7 days w cramps 🙄

    • Chris
      Chris Month ago

      Yah mine are anywhere from 7 days to 14 days. Kill me 😫😣

  • Themarshallginder
    Themarshallginder Month ago

    I need a mans like yours. Where can I get one

  • Addison Blonski
    Addison Blonski Month ago

    boys during puberty, "Oh yeah! Facial hair!" girls during puberty, "I can't believe im stuck with my period for the rest of my life!!! help!" Plz like ;)

  • Amanda Foell
    Amanda Foell Month ago

    I know your not a pad girl, but you should try the reusable pad. it's easy to clean and quite comfortable.

  • Jocelyn Crow
    Jocelyn Crow Month ago

    That was informative, interesting, and helpful! I would be way too freaked out to try those on my own, thank you for trying them out and sharing your experiences!

  • Krymzen Engler
    Krymzen Engler Month ago

    I never thought id hear my name being used to describe period blood...🤣

  • Jazlynn Hinkey
    Jazlynn Hinkey Month ago

    Aren't leggings and yoga pants the same thing?

  • LEE Gallagher
    LEE Gallagher Month ago

    Simply nail logical Merch, I see.

  • Briley C.
    Briley C. Month ago

    I feel like you should wear a tampon with them and then the built in pad is there to catch any leakage like if your tampon gets too full lol idk I definitely wouldn’t try anything like this on its own

  • Maddy Howarth
    Maddy Howarth Month ago

    Who else scrolls through the comments throughout the vid and end up near the end and ur just like WHAT THE HECK

  • Ishana Parmar
    Ishana Parmar Month ago

    I don't understand how Saf is so normal and happy. I'm always like a mad murderous machine

  • Brailey Logsdon
    Brailey Logsdon Month ago

    Binging period videos cause I’m on mine lolz.

  • Brailey Logsdon
    Brailey Logsdon Month ago

    These shouldn’t be $100. Thats just stupid.

  • SingleMomTries
    SingleMomTries Month ago

    I love how open and happy and goofy you are. I feel like we would be good friends hahahahaha.

  • Crazed Fanatic
    Crazed Fanatic Month ago

    This is the last video I will watch for 2018 yesssss

  • Whatevs
    Whatevs Month ago

    I feel sorry for USA and how they pick things from other cultures and just start commercializing it to bring new trends just to make money. THERE’s NO SUCH THING AS YOGA PANTS IN THE CULTURES THAT DO THE REAL YOGA. North America..you’re hilarious

  • Tammy James
    Tammy James Month ago

    Period products are just super overpriced. Perimenopause causes so much more "flow" and I go through about $17 worth of product every 3 days for 2-3 weeks. It is ridiculous.

  • K & D
    K & D Month ago


  • Sarah Witch
    Sarah Witch Month ago

    Is it just me or every time I see the notifications bell I think of Taco Bell

  • Kawaii gacha Dragon

    I’m soo broken on my period your so friken happy I dont get it on my period I’m like an edgy person like a emo don’t talk to me person on my period wow