I Tried Period Yoga Pants

  • Published on Nov 15, 2017
  • I found another strange period product and had to try it out! These are period yoga pants or period workout pants from a company called "Dear Kate"... After my disappointment with the period leggings, I was excited to try another period pant, and these had their ups and downs! Would you try these on your period?
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    I found my leggings here: www.dearkates.com/collections/activewear/
    Assistant Editors: Emily Linden & Claire Wiley
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Year ago +5644

    HELLO FRIENDS!! welcome back to another period video!! who missed these, lol? any other weird period products i should review?? xox, saf

    • Diana Hamilton
      Diana Hamilton 4 days ago

      I've always wondered if adult diapers would work for really heavy days. In the ads they are always showing them to be super thin and discreet so I thought maybe they would work

    • Brittany Royal
      Brittany Royal 2 months ago

      Bro I’m on my period

    • Tommy Torhan
      Tommy Torhan 3 months ago

      You can try also this one! amzn.to/2UQbSsL

    • Animal Videos
      Animal Videos 5 months ago

      Safiya Nygaard hey ur wearing nailogical merch

    • Katie A
      Katie A 5 months ago

      Do more period things.

  • Madelyne Phinney
    Madelyne Phinney 2 hours ago


  • Chloe Dill
    Chloe Dill 4 hours ago

    I love now open saf and Tyler are ❤️ goals

  • Perla Pansinchen

    Do you wear underpants?


    Your wearing Christine's merch?

  • Maju OC
    Maju OC 2 days ago +1

    What do you do with everything you buy you don’t use 🤔 I wonder because you guys must have soooo many things by now LOL

  • Helina Hints
    Helina Hints 2 days ago

    I have leaked many times because I didnt know my period was coming but all of the times, I either have worn dark pants so you cant see the period, or any color jeans and they dont show through to the outside. Guess im lucky haha

  • Sakura neko
    Sakura neko 3 days ago

    I thought it said yogurt pants

  • Michelle Buckley
    Michelle Buckley 3 days ago +1

    Try and aim lol😆😆😆

  • Ty Falcon
    Ty Falcon 4 days ago

    These remind me of how when I still bled I'd need a super tampon and a nighttime or max flow pad and I'd still leak sometimes. And during the day I'd have to have the pad almost completely in back or I'd leak that way and at night the opposite.

  • Pizłozaur
    Pizłozaur 6 days ago

    i love how you wear cristine's merch

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 7 days ago

    Weirdly enough this isnt the only video that the camera has zoomed onto safiya's crouch..

  • Clara Gachalife
    Clara Gachalife 7 days ago

    OMG!! You were wearing Cristine’s merch!! I am sure Simply is pleased!!Btw Lysm😘

  • QuirkyCat07
    QuirkyCat07 8 days ago +5

    I'm starting to realize safiya makes a lot of period videos 😂💛So far I've seen period cup, period pants, period leggings, this video (period yoga pants ofc 😂) and the next recommended is period swimsuit 😂

    There is no other youtuber like saf snd I love her for that 😂💛

  • Tiana Gomez
    Tiana Gomez 8 days ago

    Got that cristene merch

  • j0dy Dxvil_
    j0dy Dxvil_ 9 days ago

    Idk how the fuck ur in the mood to film a video while u have ur period when I have mine I fight with everyone even my damn turtles even the delivery man

  • firebugjohnnypyro
    firebugjohnnypyro 11 days ago

    I cut out halfway through. I thought 'period' meant a certain place in time and increasingly got disgusted. lol

    • firebugjohnnypyro
      firebugjohnnypyro 9 days ago

      @Narnia Back to your chronicles please and save your sarcasm. I woulda cut out if it was piss, shit or snot too.

    • Narnia
      Narnia 9 days ago

      Oh wow a natural bodily function. How disgusting. People should be ashamed.

  • Laugh all day Yep bet you will

    Has anyone noticed that for yoga she wore Christine’s merch holo it’s me top!!

  • Meghan McCrery
    Meghan McCrery 12 days ago

    I wonder if they expect you to still wear a tampon and it’s just extra protection if you’re like me and always seem to bleed out.🧐

  • intertenera
    intertenera 12 days ago

    the only thing I want to say after watching this video is that saf's skin looks amazing even when she's on period and I'm jelly

  • Ryann Grace
    Ryann Grace 13 days ago

    She’s wearing Cristine’s merch😯😀😂

  • Amanda Rodriguez ・ω・

    This is ironic
    I saw this Video yesterday and I woke up finding out I just got my period today...

  • Megan Johnson
    Megan Johnson 15 days ago

    Holo it’s me shirt 👚

  • hey it’s Tala
    hey it’s Tala 15 days ago

    I’m on my period

  • nikiichan
    nikiichan 16 days ago

    OH that lipstick looks SO bloody and beautiful on you!!!! Also so appropriate for this video :P

  • Debashree Das
    Debashree Das 16 days ago

    Practically Sasha is gonna have her periods twice this month....well it can be even more...u never know

  • Ashley sievert
    Ashley sievert 17 days ago +2

    Holo it's me. SIMPLY NAILOCIGAL 7:00 - 8:00

  • Lillian Niver
    Lillian Niver 18 days ago

    She is wearing Simplynailogical merch 😂

  • Just a normal person
    Just a normal person 18 days ago

    They could make it look rly bad but like cover it up with a skirt kinda thing
    So it will work better n look better ?

  • Fahmina Zaman
    Fahmina Zaman 19 days ago

    Aren't these just leggings tho? Or the fact that they're for work outs are more so the yoga part? Lol. Love the patterns on them!

  • Johanne Lund Pedersen
    Johanne Lund Pedersen 20 days ago

    I would have felt so uncomfortable not wearing my pad

  • Le shrek Donkeh
    Le shrek Donkeh 21 day ago

    We all saw the holo it’s me tank top saf
    Holo holosexuals 💿 🌮

  • Le shrek Donkeh
    Le shrek Donkeh 21 day ago

    I really like the pad-ern 🔴

  • Kawaii Kun
    Kawaii Kun 21 day ago +2

    I noticed you wearing simply's merch on day two...... Yas kween

  • Smokeyy Bear Hugs
    Smokeyy Bear Hugs 21 day ago

    I lost my uterus due to cancer. I appreciate the bajeezies out of videos like this because I have 2 daughters. Thank you Saf, for doing the dirty videos for those who can't test these things ourselves.

  • Haley Avveduto
    Haley Avveduto 21 day ago +3

    When Saf walks out with the leggings on-
    No one:
    Tyler: ooooooh 😏

  • Algorithms The YouTube

    Bloody hell....

  • Annalie Holliday
    Annalie Holliday 26 days ago

    holo it’s me ;)

    AVA RIGGS 26 days ago

    Funny, I just started mine


  • Damir Ivastinovic
    Damir Ivastinovic 27 days ago +1

    Your really athletic 🤸🏼‍♂️🧗🏼‍♀️

  • Hunter BloodRose
    Hunter BloodRose 28 days ago

    For the pad sit, they need like 3 parts, a bottom and then the other two parts on the side... idk though

  • Fnaf123 345
    Fnaf123 345 28 days ago +1

    I am missing this series, it has always made me cofterble about my period

  • Tara Mullett
    Tara Mullett 28 days ago

    Dear Saf, thank you for understanding the normal, lower-middle class people and stating that $100 is pricey.

  • Amber Jenoko
    Amber Jenoko 29 days ago

    One word ouch

  • Nao Roman
    Nao Roman Month ago +1

    Did you know that..

    *Read more*

  • sydney_ lived
    sydney_ lived Month ago

    But like I would wear those like every day, their so pretty and are yoga pants.
    cant go wrong with yoga pants

  • Spicy Apple
    Spicy Apple Month ago

    "Period smell"

  • Quiana Hernandez
    Quiana Hernandez Month ago

    i love your vidsss

  • Edahel
    Edahel Month ago

    Just tell us. HOW DO YOU SURVIVE ON YOUR PERIOD?! I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who dies each month when these fuckers arrive.

  • Jise The ARMY
    Jise The ARMY Month ago +3

    I seriously wanna hear Saf’s first period story

  • joanna roy
    joanna roy Month ago

    There is a couple no a lot of sticks and roots and rocks where I hike so I almost passed out last time 8 went hiking

  • Katie Quintanilla
    Katie Quintanilla Month ago

    What about the underwear won’t it bleed through then you have bloody underwear and not bloody pants????????

  • Zoe H.
    Zoe H. Month ago +2

    I've been binge watching Safiya's videos, and I got an add for Wish on the last video I watched 😂😂

  • Kate Crawford
    Kate Crawford Month ago

    I love love love that you do these videos!! So nice to see you being so open and honest....and hilarious. I’ve always wanted a period legging!!! I’ll keep posted hoping you’ll find one!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Hansika Daswani
    Hansika Daswani Month ago

    Lol Cristine's merch

  • Little Lanie
    Little Lanie Month ago

    Right before this video for yoga pants, and their WHITE!

  • Marita Phelps
    Marita Phelps Month ago

    these videos are weird but i feel like NO ONE ELSE would do this if saf didnt

  • Anime lover
    Anime lover Month ago +1

    Any Simply Nailogical Subscribers

  • Anna Moldován
    Anna Moldován Month ago +7

    Ohh, on the 2nd day you wore Simply NailLogical's t-shirt
    So CUTEE

  • Musical Magic
    Musical Magic Month ago

    i like your yoga shirt

  • Alexa Espinoza
    Alexa Espinoza Month ago

    Did anyone notice she was wearing Christine AKA simply nailogical merch

  • Fatcat Wentzel
    Fatcat Wentzel Month ago


  • Gabby jay
    Gabby jay Month ago

    I love you I think your my best friend we even have the same hair cut 👌🏼💚your dope 🤙🏼love ya girl love your try videos where you try different things and stuff 👌🏼🙏🏼💕

  • Ashlyn Sanders
    Ashlyn Sanders Month ago

    Imagine just being at the gym minding your own business and then you look over and see a random guy filming a girl’s butt and crotch

  • Roxane Sen
    Roxane Sen Month ago

    We love the HOLO IT’S ME shirt

  • Lucy Hughes
    Lucy Hughes Month ago

    I love your holo it’s me shirt

  • Kristine Lead
    Kristine Lead Month ago

    You should try the flex menstrual disc

  • HarliQuinzel
    HarliQuinzel Month ago

    Go head, girl, keep chasing that red whale. I love your videos, lol.

  • I fails
    I fails 2 months ago +1

    Why'd you stop this series?

  • shakizzle33
    shakizzle33 2 months ago

    I just don't understand why people wear leggings at all without underwear