OnePlus 7 Pro - A True User Review After 70 Days!

  • Published on Jul 29, 2019
  • The OnePlus 7 Pro has been with us for 70 days straight for a long term review test. During that time the 7 Pro has seen plenty of updates that improved everything from battery life to camera performance and more. But did those changes make it one of the best smartphones of 2019, maybe beating the upcoming Note 10 or are there still problems which could prevent that?
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  • mahesh chauhan
    mahesh chauhan 8 hours ago

    Really nice review. Cheers.

  • Nikola2016m
    Nikola2016m 4 days ago

    I had Galaxy S2 , S6 and S8. Both my S6 and S8 got bad type-c port and I finally I had enough from Samsung and bought OnePlus 7 Pro and I love it!

  • Lan Caster
    Lan Caster 6 days ago

    "One plus 7 Pro is big"
    😒 Me watching in Mi Max 3
    Thinking of upgrading my phone to this since there won't be Mi Max 4, I'll go for big😆

  • Jon C
    Jon C 7 days ago

    I know this video is older but I wanted to say thanks for this review. It pushed me to get the 7 Pro on Black Friday.

  • AngryTealTiger /
    AngryTealTiger / 7 days ago

    Do u guys have common sense cause 700 is still flagship killer considering flagships are now 1000+

  • Uditraj Bhâtï
    Uditraj Bhâtï 9 days ago

    Video of such phones should at least be posted in 60fps.
    Ever thought of how cool and sloppy the phone will look from 60fps video quality?...think yourselves.
    I would have loved @ 2:48, if it was 60FPS 😍😍😍

  • Sanjay
    Sanjay 10 days ago

    Is this worth buying now ??

  • Xye Leyx
    Xye Leyx 11 days ago

    Yah curved edges is just stupid and more importantly super annoying. I could live with just a slight curved edge where the main screen seemlessly transitions into the sides, but the one they have is ridiculously big curved edges...
    Super reflective, and, super duper annoying. . .

  • meh.
    meh. 13 days ago

    Don't get the wireless charging thing, tried it and found it annoying that I have to lay my phone down at the same place every time. If you use it it stops charging which is annoying on low battery. Charging via cable is much more connivent, at least in my experience.

  • ASO Biri
    ASO Biri 14 days ago

    I would like to disagree with you regarding your preference of S10 over OP7 pro. I think that OP is a better phone. They are both great devices, but for me the OP phones are more likeable. I have two main reasons for that: Software experience and Petformance. Not to mention the 90-htz display which is a really nice feature to have.

  • its just luke Revive
    its just luke Revive 15 days ago +1

    Bought this during Black Friday for $739 CAD plus tax, pretty good price.

  • Dexxer Mp
    Dexxer Mp 21 day ago +3

    Wireless charging is still using a wire tho so it's not really wireless, a slower wire btw

  • Greg Simpson
    Greg Simpson 24 days ago

    Oh crap. I screwed up. I didn't get some fruit to eat. I actually opened a can of beer before I started viewing. My bad.

  • Bobby Rogers
    Bobby Rogers 26 days ago +1

    Great review 👍
    I have owned my OnePlus 7 Pro for about a month now, and I absolutely love it. This is hands down the best phone I've ever had and, with so many premium features that no one else has, I am completely satisfied. It looks amazing, the screen is gorgeous, and the pop up camera is freaking awesome. The main reason it's so awesome (besides being a cool party trick) is because I don't use it that much anyway, so having absolutely no bezel on this gorgeous 90hz display is just such a nice change of pace from every other damn phone out there haha Seriously, how often do you use your front facing camera vs how much is the hole punch/camera bezel just an eye sore the rest of the 99.99% of the time you are using your phone...? Anyway, I love this phone, they do a great job giving you all the features you need while doing away with the rest, and I recommend the OnePlus 7 Pro to anyone with hands big enough to hold it. : )

  • Marco Lino
    Marco Lino 26 days ago

    Hi man, thanks for the review....I need to ask, so, 7 PRO PLUS is better than the Samsung galaxy 10 plus? do you have a video abou it? thanks in advance

  • muhaideen badhusha
    muhaideen badhusha 27 days ago +1

    Watching it on my osm one plus 7 pro nebula❤️

  • muhaideen badhusha
    muhaideen badhusha 27 days ago +1

    Still loving this mobile as hell🔥

  • xueq
    xueq 28 days ago +1

    I've done a lot of research to find the perfect phone for me that will be future proof for at least the next year. I ordered this one. My only disappointment was that they don't offer the 12gb ram one in US anymore so I went with 8gb 256storage. I'm excited to get this one in though. I've watched basically every video on this phone now and nobody is complaining at all and everyone is so impressed by the display.

    • xueq
      xueq 28 days ago +1

      @Athul Issac George oh yeah I betm

    • Athul Issac George
      Athul Issac George 28 days ago

      ​@xueq u will be impressed by the super colorful screen and most importantly the 90hz...i guarantee it........

    • xueq
      xueq 28 days ago +1

      @Athul Issac George bet dude! I got the black one. Can't wait to start using it

    • Athul Issac George
      Athul Issac George 28 days ago

      Same here...
      8gb 256gb almond oneplus 7 pro...

  • Fuck You And Your Ideology

    Yeah, Oneplus doesn't have a hole in the screen... or notch.

  • Nick Mullinix
    Nick Mullinix Month ago

    3:25 Soooooooo... you're saying this is definitely NOT a phone for people with Trump-sized hands?

  • AppleRain
    AppleRain Month ago +1


  • AppleRain
    AppleRain Month ago +1

    Mine is coming in 3 days. With free earbuds. Really excited, upgrading from a galaxy j7 star after a friend showed me his 7 Pro

    • Klaas-Jan Huntelaar
      Klaas-Jan Huntelaar 20 days ago

      My father has a J7 and I’m thinking of buying him this phone so he can be on pair with technology.

  • best tech commercials

    Is one 7pro is hdr10+

  • Salman Bin Kashem
    Salman Bin Kashem Month ago

    This phone is not big mate 20 x is a big phone

  • Andy Angsari
    Andy Angsari Month ago

    Best phone in 2019. I used a few flagships before but none as smooth and satisfying as OP7 Pro. The curve edges sometimes get in the way though. Once you try this phone, it'd be quite hard to try others. Believe it.

  • John Norris
    John Norris Month ago

    Please. Can you try to explain, why there's such a huge difference with photos from Different phones when So many use the Same SONY 586 SENSOR LENSES?? Including their own SONY PHONES???

  • Geddy Lee
    Geddy Lee Month ago

    just use GCam if the Camera is really bothering you

  • Aco K
    Aco K Month ago

    Can somone please tell me how te camera performe in video calling ?

  • I I
    I I Month ago

    Oh darn, no headphone jack? That's a dealbreaker for me. Oh well.

  • Sandeep Kaushik
    Sandeep Kaushik Month ago +2

    Does the phone have Always On display. Is there a way to know about missed notifications without picking up the phone.

    • Athul Issac George
      Athul Issac George 28 days ago

      Nope.. It doesn't have.. But it has horizon light which lights up the edges when a notification arrives...

  • Yasir Mohammed Ali
    Yasir Mohammed Ali Month ago

    Would you recommend this phone as of now at the price of 540$ ?

  • TheVegPie
    TheVegPie Month ago

    the razer shit was annoying downvoted for it lol

  • Snigdha Dev Purkait

    Which one is better one plus 7 pro or Iphone xr ?? Please help me ... I am totally Confused..

  • John Norris
    John Norris Month ago

    Talking about FLUIDITY. My Huawei p20 pro. Really does take Some Beating. ITS " ACE". And the New P40. Well. Let's Wait and See Eh?

  • sherwin poh
    sherwin poh Month ago +19

    I have no idea why people would rave about ”wireless charging" when it's so much slower, it still requires it to be placed directly on something, not free to roam, you can't use it while you charge. Like are y'all that lazy to just plug in you damn phone once a day??

    • MomenteDePustnicie
      MomenteDePustnicie 2 days ago

      @jaybee0507 yeah what I'm saying is that every kind of charging creates heat. Fast charging does create more heat than usual but the difference is negligible, becoming significant only after 3-4 years of daily usage. The benefits you get from fast charging far outweigh the downsides. When it comes to OnePlus they have taken steps to minimize heat while maximizing charging speed, it's not like their batteries deteriorate faster than the ones from other phones.

    • jaybee0507
      jaybee0507 2 days ago

      @MomenteDePustnicie Every electronic device creates heat. That's just how electricity works.

    • jaybee0507
      jaybee0507 2 days ago

      @Rex InFx Every phone will raise temperature when charged, regardless of the brick. Some more some less, but in general the more you put current the more you have heat. So in laymen's terms the faster the charging, the more heat.

    • MomenteDePustnicie
      MomenteDePustnicie 2 days ago

      @jaybee0507 and wireless charging also creates heat

    • Rex InFx
      Rex InFx 21 day ago +4

      @jaybee0507 the heat is in the charger brick, not the phone

  • PG Plays Video Games

    this is how I've customized my OP7pro:
    First, I disabled home buttons and used gestures. So now the bottom of
    the phone is bezel-less and does not have a software "bezel"
    next, I turned on developer mode + USB debugging
    Now, run these commands once you've installed ADB:
    adb shell wm overscan 0,-100,0,0
    adb shell pm disable-user
    adb shell pm disable-user com.oneplus.opbugreportlite
    adb shell pm disable-user com.oneplus.brickmode
    adb shell pm disable-user net.oneplus.odm
    adb shell pm disable-user net.oneplus.odm.provider
    adb shell pm uninstall -k --user 0
    The overscan removes the top notification bar. If you want. Now my phone
    is 100% bezel free. You can install widgets to give you the information
    you need (Battery, etc)
    The android.cellbroadcastreceiver will disable amber alerts as well as
    presidential alerts. THIS IS USEFUL FOR CANADIANS as all alerts are
    presidential level.
    The brickmode one is the zen mode. At the very least I think most people want this option (to disable it)

    • PG Plays Video Games
      PG Plays Video Games Month ago

      video recording is available in wide screen:
      Step 1: Go in dialer app
      Step 2: Type #*#1597#*#
      Step 3: Go to video and just swap cameras

  • Ben Luca
    Ben Luca Month ago

    Comparing price to a locked "dealer specific" device ... stupid. Complaining about the size ... you're a punk.

  • alcylon
    alcylon Month ago

    people/reviewers seems to forget that smartphones is a phone with a camera and not a camera with a phone.

  • Diu Lei Frontier
    Diu Lei Frontier Month ago

    I've been using this phone since August 18 i satisfied with the performance so far. I'm a Gamer so obviously camera is not my priority unlike those Celegrams, Vloggers, and others who value camera more than processing spec.
    My only downside for OP7P are no audio jack which makes my headphone kinda useless & you know that bluetooth headset is a nightmare for gamers, and round edge display that kinda hinders me to look at the full pict...
    But for the plus? Oh there're so MANY!!!
    Zen Mode, Build-in Internal Recorder(Still need a bunch of improvements in my opinion), Oxygen OS, Fnatic Mode(Definitely a bless for a gamer like me who always got annoyed with sudden phone call). Warp Charge(Screw wireless charge!), 90 Hz, notification when your device's suddenly got too hot, and many more. If you think that 7P & 7TP are expensive, you can just buy the regular 7 which is cheaper & smaller(I think some people will love this) but has no 90 Hz, 12 GB RAM option, & some aspects.

  • W B
    W B Month ago

    Reviewers don't need more than 128gb because you aren't USING the phone. I use 50gb in a few weeks.

  • AkIRA_22 Game-O-Rama
    AkIRA_22 Game-O-Rama Month ago +1

    I'm thinking of buying this on the cheap now the 7T pro is announced. Good to hear the camera has received significant updates.

  • Jin-
    Jin- Month ago

    Remember when Google offered tech people best performance phones and nothing more. They ditched us and chose the hipsters instead with their focus on cameras and social media. Thank god Oneplus came in and replaced Google Nexus series

  • hdtwin
    hdtwin Month ago

    I just got the 7 and 7 pro yesterday. I honestly love both phones. I'm using the pro as a weekend phone and the 7 as a work phone. Both are supremely capable and the 7 is light years ahead of the 6t. My 7 was the Chinese variant with 12/256 and I absurdly love it. Big surprise was it was already pre loaded w Google services on it! Winning! If your in the market you cant go wrong with either phone...

  • Remy .c
    Remy .c Month ago

    1:05 or a coffee and cigarette

  • scy1192
    scy1192 2 months ago

    who doesnt like kiwi

  • Proud internet citizen
    Proud internet citizen 2 months ago +4

    My dream phone 😍

  • masoud omer
    masoud omer 2 months ago

    My main issue with this phone lack of sd card and headphone jack other than that its amazing

  • masoud omer
    masoud omer 2 months ago

    Do we need 12gb ram in 2019???

    • Ajay Prabhu
      Ajay Prabhu 9 days ago

      @Proud internet citizen I complete agree. I think most people, including myself, upgrade too early.

    • Proud internet citizen
      Proud internet citizen 9 days ago +1

      Ajay Prabhu Why would you only keep it for 2 years? Keep it until it
      *a.)* Starts to get too slow for you
      *b.)* Is too broken
      *c.)* Stops getting supported

    • Ajay Prabhu
      Ajay Prabhu 9 days ago

      @Proud internet citizen I used to think that, but unless you keep your phone for over 2 yrs future proofing is meaningless.

    • Proud internet citizen
      Proud internet citizen 9 days ago

      Not NEED, but it’s great for futureproofing

    • Ajay Prabhu
      Ajay Prabhu 9 days ago


  • Jesse Lopez
    Jesse Lopez 2 months ago

    I loved my OP7p out of the box but what REALLY made it perfect was rooting it.
    I have the T-Mobile version. If you wanna get yours unlocked in order to root, contact T-Mobile through FB. Don't bother calling. If your account has been in good standing for long enough you should be able to get yours fully unlocked. Took me a 2 minute convo.
    Anyways once I was rooted I immediately installed Viper4Android, Titanium Backup and set the screen to run at 90hz at all times.
    Best phone I've ever had. Camera somewhat lacks in lower light areas.

  • rushic24
    rushic24 2 months ago

    Hey which one would u pick among asus rog2 and 1+7t

  • Helloz World
    Helloz World 2 months ago

    As a OnePlus 7 Pro owner, I find the camera to be good enough. It's not perfect, but it's definitely not average quality (depending on which camera imo). OnePlus really focused on making the best camera be the Regular lens on the back. I personally find the ultra wide lens to be soft, the selfie camera is average, and the telephoto lens is pretty decent shots. Try to shoot with the regular lens though for the sharpest picture. 😉

  • Pawel Skopek
    Pawel Skopek 2 months ago

    You suck

  • Nine Miko Kitsune
    Nine Miko Kitsune 2 months ago

    The world greatest battle One Plus 7 Pro VS S10 Galaxy!
    12GB RAM makes the phone better, instead of going for 90% Best, I go for 100% Best

    • alcylon
      alcylon Month ago

      8 or 12 GB in daily use you dont se the different. 12 GB is overkill

  • Bharath Sachu
    Bharath Sachu 2 months ago +1

    I choose performance over photos, so I'll pass on that area!

  • Bills Sawshop
    Bills Sawshop 2 months ago

    Waste my time with long commercials

  • Jake Fiore
    Jake Fiore 2 months ago

    he doesnt know what he is taking about

  • Majin Buu
    Majin Buu 2 months ago

    Hands down one of the best smartphone if not the best

  • Tech Twon B
    Tech Twon B 2 months ago

    Do you think that T-Mobile going to get the system update on the OnePlus 7 pro of the Android 10 because T-Mobile still don't have it yet so do you think that T-Mobile going to get it

    • Tech Twon B
      Tech Twon B Month ago

      @crispyexcal no I don't T-Mobile still have not got the system update for Android 10 on the OnePlus 7 pro and last weekend T-Mobile had got a update on 9.5.11 and that's was the security patch I'm like what's going on with T-Mobile why they so behind on there system update

    • crispyexcal
      crispyexcal 2 months ago +1

      Have you gotten android 10.0 yet? Im looking into picking this phone up.

  • Raymond Woods
    Raymond Woods 2 months ago +11

    Hey can't knock the phone's size just cuz ya got baby hands 😂

  • Ivan Withers
    Ivan Withers 2 months ago +1

    Just ordered it. Im so excited. Going to it from the note 9 which was incredible.