J.Y. Park X Mnet "슈퍼인턴" Teaser 5

  • Published on Feb 7, 2019
  • J.Y. Park X Mnet "슈퍼인턴" Teaser 5
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Comments • 345

  • treasure13 txt
    treasure13 txt 8 months ago

    0:06 Shes instagram please

  • 9 9
    9 9 8 months ago

    박진영(♡J Y P♡) 씨
    젊은 청 소년 소녀 걱정이 킹 이 아닌 왕이 아닌
    인성이 아름다운 마음이 사회를 더블을 수있는
    대한민국에 더블어 운이 있다는걸
    ※《》※ 진영씨 잘 보고 있읍니다
    방송 인성의( 윤리 도덕 너무 큰 가요 )
    진영 씨는 할수 있다고 생각 ~^^

  • Jeanne Emedi
    Jeanne Emedi 10 months ago

    Where can I watch this show

  • fyra nf
    fyra nf 10 months ago

    what this is all about? some new project? about boy/girl group?....can someone tell me?

  • rully hendrawan hendrawan

    pleass, open audition in indonesia

  • Itzy Dalla
    Itzy Dalla 10 months ago

    Need engsub

  • felixfreckles
    felixfreckles 10 months ago

    i didn’t understand anything

  • Apple Patronum
    Apple Patronum 10 months ago

    can someone tell me what is this about?

  • Kimchi Con Ramen
    Kimchi Con Ramen 10 months ago

    mmmmm................. interesing

  • JeVaLaSa
    JeVaLaSa 10 months ago

    Awwwwwwwwwww. We are. Going to see our little princessss. Awwwwwww 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👏👏👏💪💪💪

  • a-wanderingcloud 0-0
    a-wanderingcloud 0-0 10 months ago

    Stray Kids 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡

  • Lona stay
    Lona stay 10 months ago +1

    JYP i hope every project you do become successful 😳 God bless you 😳

  • Lona stay
    Lona stay 10 months ago +1

    Stray Kids 😍😍

  • Ariadna hidalgo
    Ariadna hidalgo 10 months ago

    Awww JYP and his daughter

  • La ONCE:
    La ONCE: 10 months ago

    I’m waiting the full eng sub! Some one tran for us pls!!

  • Its Wafi
    Its Wafi 10 months ago

    Ini maksud nya apaaaa????!!!!!

  • xXPEGI18Xx
    xXPEGI18Xx 10 months ago

    JYP x Mnet no wonder why MAMA give a lot of awards to jyp's groups lol SME and YGE don't sell their asses for trophies.


    STRAY KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i2 fgr
    i2 fgr 10 months ago

    다른 관점에서 바라보면, 인턴자체가 소재가 아니라 갓7이나 스트키 국내인지도 올리려고 만든방송

  • Tranitosaur
    Tranitosaur 10 months ago

    OMG YESSSS!!! What is this about? If it's a documentary or a show where J.Y. Park is the lead I would totally watch! Especially if we see how JYP manage his idols and stuff ☺

  • beepbeep
    beepbeep 10 months ago +2

    Where do I watch the full episodes?

  • Gloria Valles
    Gloria Valles 10 months ago


  • Melody Acha Uwu
    Melody Acha Uwu 10 months ago

    Yeah stray kids

  • Miss Clark
    Miss Clark 10 months ago

    Cmon you want us to buy the albums and spend the $$$ but won't put English captions

  • hanjinyeon한진연
    hanjinyeon한진연 10 months ago


  • Isabel María Santiago Díaz


  • BTS X IZ*ONE bangtz*one
    BTS X IZ*ONE bangtz*one 10 months ago

    Did JYP already married??? the last part is it his son,huh??

  • Hyunsoo Kim
    Hyunsoo Kim 10 months ago


  • Le Raichu
    Le Raichu 10 months ago

    No sé que dijo pero miente ahre

  • Naomi seok
    Naomi seok 10 months ago

    super tierno ❤

  • Kim Namjoon
    Kim Namjoon 10 months ago

    Stray Kids!

  • 마농
    마농 10 months ago

    우래기들 귀여운 것 봐ㅜㅜ Go stray kids 💗

  • Maria Vitória
    Maria Vitória 10 months ago

    Brazil 🇧🇷❤

  • Nifah D F
    Nifah D F 10 months ago +1

    O-oh, is that JYP's baby? OMG!!! So cute😆💕

  • Spear Bin
    Spear Bin 10 months ago

    Stray Kids!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaa😆💕

  • Michelle P
    Michelle P 10 months ago

    Stray kids ma bois

  • Rigel L.
    Rigel L. 10 months ago


  • Johanes Tedja
    Johanes Tedja 10 months ago +1

    Is episode 1 have subbed english full yet? Any source guys? Please comment

  • 넌변사체가 된다
    넌변사체가 된다 10 months ago

    엔터사업에 있어서 스케쥴 관리는 중요한건데 왜 이 과제가 쓸데없는 과제라 하는 사람들이 많을까... 그냥 회사 이름 알리기와 쇼라고 생각하는 사람들이 많아서 안타깝다 엔터계열로 가고싶은 나같은 사람들한테는 뼈와 살이 될만한 내용들이 많은데..

  • 이병건
    이병건 10 months ago +6

    진짜 아무생각없이 그냥 제왚에서 새직원뽑는거구나 하면서 봤었는데 제대로 생각해보니까 YG가 YG전략본부로 시트콤으로 YG홍보하는거면 JYP는 이방송으로 어떤 회사고 어떤 사장인지 홍보하는 프로그램이었네... ㄷㄷ

  • iza love Kpop
    iza love Kpop 10 months ago


  • Vee
    Vee 10 months ago

    Why didn't you include DAY6 in this activity? It would have been nice to hear the insight of the interns for how their promotions should go.

  • Vee
    Vee 10 months ago


  • Trishaaa Kang
    Trishaaa Kang 10 months ago +1

    I'm also excited to see day6 in super intern

    Frenty CAPRICORNUS 10 months ago

    This show was find stray kids manager

  • Luthfi
    Luthfi 10 months ago

    I really don't expect his daughter to show up in this video 😂

  • Tam
    Tam 10 months ago +1

    I can't find this show with eng subs, someone here knows where can I find It?

  • Lucero Bautista
    Lucero Bautista 10 months ago

    JYP hermosa bebe

  • M. Angie
    M. Angie 10 months ago

    Papa JYP!!!!! 💖

  • LO Lo
    LO Lo 10 months ago

    Quien me explica van a hacer un programa o algo parecido ?.
    Omg Stray kids ♥️♥️♥️

  • ralph _0523
    ralph _0523 10 months ago

    Wait wait wait! What's happening?😅

  • Bob Esponja
    Bob Esponja 10 months ago

    Where can I see the episodes with subs?

  • Bob Esponja
    Bob Esponja 10 months ago

    Is the baby his daughter?

  • Fact Bomber Cider
    Fact Bomber Cider 10 months ago

    진짜 놀구있네...슈퍼인턴이 아니라 아예 슈퍼 전문경영인을 뽑지 그러냐? 아니 전문성이 부족한 인턴한테 무슨 전문경영인들이 고민해야 할 문제들을 미션으로 주냐고~방향이 희한하게 흘러가네~스펙도 보지 않는다면서 인턴한테 너무 많은 걸 바라는거 아니냐?

  • M G
    M G 10 months ago +1

    I have no clue what is happening

  • Alejandra Hernandez
    Alejandra Hernandez 10 months ago

    English captions would be appreciated

  • Mahdanz
    Mahdanz 10 months ago

    Indonesian or english subtitle please..

  • Mari.
    Mari. 10 months ago


  • TH SOL
    TH SOL 10 months ago

    Jyp nuevos grupos , personal 🤔
    Grupos de K-pop todos de esta empresa entan divididas por partes y el CEO está incluido 🤔 cada grupo tiene personal que aporta ideas nuevas
    quiero saber por qué no tiene subtitulos español 👍 me interesa mucho 😁

  • Ndeah
    Ndeah 10 months ago

    AWWWW LA BEBÉ!!! 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞