Real Madrid shocked by Mallorca: 'I expected so much more' - Shaka Hislop | La Liga

  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
  • A stunning 1-0 defeat vs. Mallorca sees Real Madrid fall behind Barcelona in the La Liga table. ESPN FC’s Shaka Hislop and Dan Thomas break down what went wrong for Real Madrid, including missed opportunities from players looking to prove themselves to Zinedine Zidane, such as Luka Jovic, James Rodriguez and Isco.
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Comments • 472

  • ভাইসাব Bros

    Real problem is defense i.e Ramos

  • mr yeasttt
    mr yeasttt Month ago +1

    Real madrid needs to sell modric and toni kross and start valverde regularly... also they need to buy some quality midfielders... isco and james i dont think is the best for the club...

  • Najeem Ahamed
    Najeem Ahamed Month ago

    If u still belive in realmadrid then lets show ur middld finger to thess guyz😂🖕

  • Raul Jaramillo
    Raul Jaramillo Month ago

    Shaka makes me laugh

  • Tim Ellis
    Tim Ellis Month ago

    Alvaro odriozola is str8 trash get rid of him and bring back hakimi asap. Idk why RM bought Alvaro he has done nothing since he has arrived imo. He doesn't deserve to be in RM. Y doesn't anyone bring this up or is it me? Lol

  • Marko Nikolic
    Marko Nikolic Month ago

    No Bale, no Modric, no Hazard, no Kroos
    These morons just like to criticize Real

  • John Rambo
    John Rambo Month ago

    SAF didnt struggle when cr7 left

  • aliph stranger
    aliph stranger Month ago

    Wright now Madrid need bale to perform

  • Mr.Froggy
    Mr.Froggy Month ago

    imagine if hazard stayed back at chelsea. He would have been a guru for odoi, mason, tammy. playing with future players exciting football. now he is stuck at a has been club with aging squad and overpaid players produce sub par result and almost no chance of winning the UCL. BAD BAD Decision to play for his idol Zidane who might be gone before the end of the season

  • N!njA_ kachorRI
    N!njA_ kachorRI Month ago

    James slung in 5 key passes. Dumbass.

  • Visca El Barça
    Visca El Barça Month ago

    in the last fifteen months we’ve seen Real Madrid lose to Sevilla, CSKA Moscow - twice, including a 3-0 at the Bernabeu -, Alaves, Levante, Barcelona - three times, featuring a 5-1 thrashing at the Camp Nou and a 3-0 at the Bernabeu --, Eibar, Leganes, Girona, Ajax, Valencia, Rayo Vallecano, Real Sociedad, Betis, PSG and Mallorca

  • Abyss
    Abyss Month ago

    Shaka is so difficult to listen to. His flow of words are just so jumbled up.

  • IslandBoys45
    IslandBoys45 Month ago

    The media motive is to trash real madrid ...because of the way the let ronaldo go...

  • Cristian Smikle
    Cristian Smikle Month ago

    The midfield is bad. James was the best player and he didn't even have a good game. Isco and Casemiro are finished.

  • G -smith
    G -smith Month ago +1

    This real Madrid team seems to be going no where from CR7 leave the team😂

  • Football&Hoops
    Football&Hoops Month ago +1

    Ronaldos departure has made real look trash

  • michaelreyes11
    michaelreyes11 Month ago

    ppl were clownin barca at the start😂😂it is what it is

  • Utti Siseppe
    Utti Siseppe Month ago

    Shaka is trying to become a comedian or even worse a TheXvidR

  • Billie Eilish Mexico

    Ansu Fati is a joke. Overhyped by media

  • Thatguy
    Thatguy Month ago

    Too many old player on Real Madrid. The defense needs to be fixed ASAP. Eden Hazard is not the problem.

  • Miguel Pereira
    Miguel Pereira Month ago +3

    It's so amusing how much Real have basically collapsed withought Ronaldo

    • D N
      D N Month ago

      "Withought"?!?!? 😂

  • Sizwe Monthez
    Sizwe Monthez Month ago +3

    I said this before . Ronaldo was bigger than Madrid and still is

  • dhiraj doimari
    dhiraj doimari Month ago

    Good day

  • kay2382
    kay2382 Month ago +6

    if they kept ronaldo then surely real madrid could easily win la liga this season

  • Bryson Sabun
    Bryson Sabun Month ago +6

    Quote of the day : Real Madrid have been temporarily at the top of the league by DEFAULT

  • Bryson Sabun
    Bryson Sabun Month ago +1

    Real Madrid is always overrated just like EPL MEDIA TEAMS. Anytime they bet for classico match for instance in East Africa and other English colonised countries, favor real Madrid. It's a shame really. Overrated Madrid players were selected to be in number of the best CL squads, OVERRATED ZIDANE TOO!!!

  • Perceptionist /
    Perceptionist / Month ago +2

    It was only a matter of time. Messi is back and once that train starts, nobody can stop it. It's so hard to win against a side with Messi troughout 38 Games.
    He scores around 30 goals and assists another 15.

  • ThinkDifferent
    ThinkDifferent Month ago +4

    Hazard should have seen this coming, they was no sign of Real improving since Ronaldo left. He would have been better off at Chelsea.

  • MS
    MS Month ago

    End of video cleavage.

  • Solid _Splitts
    Solid _Splitts Month ago +2

    Isco Vinicius Jovic and Isco good for FC Tacon the realmadrid women team.

  • Natsu Kiiroi
    Natsu Kiiroi Month ago +4

    the only thing Who make Madrid win 3 Time UCL is only Ronaldo abillity Zidane has nothing to do to it He just THE LUCKY ONE 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • vivek hari narayanan.v

    They need players like cr7, Neymar, Suarez, de bruyne, dani alves, godin on the pitch to somehow push for the win when they are a goal or two down...Real has been terrible without leaders on the pitch...

  • Ilija Nikolic
    Ilija Nikolic Month ago +4

    Real Madrid is nothing without Ronaldo

  • Emmanuel Danto
    Emmanuel Danto Month ago

    Ansu is miles better then vinicuis

  • Abdirahman Abdiwahab

    We have only one problem

  • Dave Raz
    Dave Raz Month ago +3

    Except Odriozola I will not blame anyone. It is impossible to win a match when LaLiga appoint biased Barca agents instead of Referees. Horrible Refereeing, I repeat horrible Refereeing

    WHERE THE FAN STARTS Month ago +7

    Maybe CR7 was also a coach in real Madrid.😀😀
    I remember he once said his team mate weren't working hard enough and people threw stones on him. He was right.

  • Scorpii The Scorpion
    Scorpii The Scorpion Month ago +1

    I'm dead 😂😂😂😂

  • Rehaan Aamir
    Rehaan Aamir Month ago +5

    This shows Ronaldo is more important to madrid than Messi will ever be to Barcelona.

    • Football&Hoops
      Football&Hoops Month ago

      @PoonkAmi yes it does, without Messi,Barcelona beat Real 5-1 while Real Madrid can't even stay competitive without Ronaldo

  • y1521t21b5
    y1521t21b5 Month ago +3

    La Liga should be a bit more interesting this season - until Barcelona wake up...

  • Balakrishna Nandigam
    Balakrishna Nandigam Month ago +1

    Shaka is unofficial Real Madrid agent and Barcelona Messi hater.

  • samed salif
    samed salif Month ago +1

    I think Real Madrid need Pep or Klopp at this point.

  • Safal Kharel
    Safal Kharel Month ago +16

    Ronaldo took away the popularity and competitiveness of La Liga with him.

  • Slipy
    Slipy Month ago +2

    Granada will win la liga

  • Martti Hänninen
    Martti Hänninen Month ago +12

    It is sad, that premier league has become two team league, when in the same time La Liga and Bundesliga seem more competitive at the top.

    • Kra.
      Kra. Month ago

      @Lee Illman go check how many times Real came in the top two in the last ten years.. I can assure u it's not ten...

    • 배터리life
      배터리life Month ago

      But to be fair this two team thing only started two seasons ago. Before it was either Manchester United, Chealsea and Arsenal winning the league and that Leicester upset. While other teams rose up like Manchester City, Liverpool and Tottenham to be competitors for the top 4. I feel like the premier league has like those phases of having different dominant teams every 4 years. At least It isnt Bundesliga or La Liga where the same two teams for their respective league dominate for the past decade.

    • Sofir Uddin
      Sofir Uddin Month ago

      @Gabriel Jesus you can't compare sarri's Chelsea to Frank's, Frank's had how many months at Chelsea in charge? Compared to a whole season of sarri, and bearing in mind Frank doesn't even have hazard, and a transfer ban.

    • Gabriel Jesus
      Gabriel Jesus Month ago

      Liverpool and city became better at the same time the other team got worst. Chelsea with lampard is good but sarri's chelsea was better. Man utd is not doing well at all. And tottenham lost confidence they just gave up lol.

    • Francisco 9640
      Francisco 9640 Month ago

      Martti Hänninen Could be worse, could be like Serie A and Ligue 1, a bunch of tractors and farmers.

  • Mike 7
    Mike 7 Month ago

    I don't think winning hattrick UCL was just luck but I don't think it was because of zidane's skill. Aweful football from a group with world class players

  • I Love Your Channel
    I Love Your Channel Month ago +2

    My only regret is the odds for mallorca was 21 and I sat there thinking "Madrid wont stoop that low"

  • Alex Mulolo
    Alex Mulolo Month ago +1

    why was Bale left out

  • zara darlong
    zara darlong Month ago +5

    The problem with real Madrid team is that they think they are the best because of the history..they don't want to improve

  • amazoner0cks
    amazoner0cks Month ago +1

    ESPN pundits are so ignorant lol
    La Liga mid and low tier teams are and were always tough to beat on their stadiums, their players are unknown but very advanced tactically as they have so many players from South America, they also aren't international so they get so much more time to rest and prepare plus the great supporting fans.
    Zaragoza has beaten galacticos RM "Ronaldo, Zidane etc.." 6-1 before, while Getafe eliminated a great Barca from Copa "Ronaldinho, Eto, Xavi, Puyol etc.." by winning 4-0 on their stadium, that was some minor examples.

  • Tombiri Samuel doyen
    Tombiri Samuel doyen Month ago +19

    Am I the only Barcelona fan that's so happy about the result?? Madrid loss,ATM draw..

  • BGr
    BGr Month ago +2

    If this were about Man Utd, the pundits would be all over how Ole is making poor decisions and doesn't understand this or that. Instead they barely mention Zidane's role in this significant loss. Oh, its the players, they're not hungry enough, they're playing poorly, etc. But like you folks pointed out, Man Utd don't have the same quality of players that RM have. No bias here.

  • Anwar Taher Numan
    Anwar Taher Numan Month ago +2

    Jovic has been a disaster but real don't have a midfielder..real need two/three quality midfielders.unbalanced squad

  • Up'D
    Up'D Month ago +4

    Meanwhile fat hazard chilling on the beach sipping coconut juice in the sunset. This sloppy team will only when him and Bale link up. They're garage otherwise.

  • Typical Procrastinator_13

    At this point all the big clubs should be having a reality check.
    Paying ridiculous money for transfers and wages yet most signings fail to live upto their price tag.

    • John Flanagan
      John Flanagan Month ago +1

      ​@Billie Eilish Mexico players like pulisic, reece james, Marc Guehi, billy gilmour could all be out on loan right now if chelsea still had hazard. they are rebuilding right now. its very obvious. under sarri hudson odoi was incredible in training but they choose to start willian over him... its clearly different right now. the owner spends billions on the academy so it makes sense that he hires someone to use it.

    • Billie Eilish Mexico
      Billie Eilish Mexico Month ago

      @John Flanagan Well, that isnt the case. These players are playing because they are in a good form. Moreover , in general English teams are encouraged to start the young English players if possible which is easier in case of the blues with an English manager and plenty of young English players. Had they been thinking about building a team for the future , Pulisic would get more minutes.

    • John Flanagan
      John Flanagan Month ago +1

      @Billie Eilish Mexico they could easily play giroud over abraham and pedro over odoi and kovacic over mount and sarri would of done that but chelsea are preparing for the future on purpose.

    • Billie Eilish Mexico
      Billie Eilish Mexico Month ago

      @John Flanagan Chelsea are forced to do that

    • John Flanagan
      John Flanagan Month ago

      ​@Guybrush Threepweed we have that in nba. its called "the process". kinda like what chelsea are doing right now.

  • marvin emprendedor
    marvin emprendedor Month ago +17

    Zidane is not a coach and it's now clear that CR7 was more than just a goal scoring machine for Madrid..

    • Timbone
      Timbone Month ago

      @Ben Cloud That is not even the most important thing. It is fear factor
      When Ronaldo is playing, the opponent is afraid. Marking him with two or more players

    • marvin emprendedor
      marvin emprendedor Month ago

      @Ben Cloud exactly, this espn morons have too much hate for the king Cr7 to admit that the main problem of Madrid is that the GOAT is gone..

    • Ben Cloud
      Ben Cloud Month ago +4

      of course Cristiano was much more than just goalscorer, only retards with no football knowledge say that he was ''just'' goalscorer. He was brilliant player for them, morons just don't get that he had to change from winger into a striker because of age and his chronic knees pain. Before 2015 when he transformed himself into number 9, he was brilliant winger (he starter his career as a winger in United).

  • Mahadevan Raman
    Mahadevan Raman Month ago +5

    Mallorcas second goal disallowed otherwise 2-0 😂😂

  • Diamond Luck
    Diamond Luck Month ago +3

    Real Madrid need either Neymar / Mane in as a front man. And play Hazard & Bale on wings. Both Hazard and Bale put together will not get 30 goals. Now it seems unbelievable to let CR7 go, a garanteed 50 goal a season player

    • Diamond Luck
      Diamond Luck Month ago

      @Utsav Basu it won them the champions league enough times

    • Utsav Basu
      Utsav Basu Month ago

      Did 50 goal win them laliga

  • Diamond Luck
    Diamond Luck Month ago +8

    Real Madrid suffering from CR7 EXIT. They now see that the team relied on Cristiano Ronaldo every time!

  • Diamond Luck
    Diamond Luck Month ago +2

    Hazard will be out the door! He is not galactico quality, £150 million wasted!

    • Diamond Luck
      Diamond Luck Month ago

      @Gillbrit I'm just pointing out that Hazard should not be wearing a Real Madrid T shirt. Full stop. He's not galactico quality!

    • Gillbrit
      Gillbrit Month ago +2

      He didn't even play, did you watch the match?