No Time To Die - Full trailer for new James Bond movie

  • Published on Dec 4, 2019
  • The full trailer has landed for the latest chapter in the James Bond movie franchise.
    Daniel Craig returns as 007 in No Time To Die which is expected to be his final outing as the British spy.
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Comments • 335

  • Gilberto Jequessene Tembo

    Great mind great 007 tomorrow never die

  • Robert Tanga
    Robert Tanga Month ago +2

    Never again James Bond by you have intimidated the bond character scared of a woman not the bond I knew you want me to talk hello Mr Bond I want you to die

  • swifty1969
    swifty1969 Month ago

    Fragile looks hotter than ever.

  • Hyper Boréen
    Hyper Boréen Month ago +3

    First Bond I will NOT be watching.

  • CallOfEuropeanSpirit
    CallOfEuropeanSpirit Month ago +2

    Get Woke - Go Broke.

  • Scott Saylors
    Scott Saylors Month ago

    It doesn’t look that SJW to me

  • Scott Saylors
    Scott Saylors Month ago +1

    I gotta say it. Daniel Craig is the best bond.

  • Mark Oulaghan
    Mark Oulaghan Month ago +1

    Bond dies near the end lynch takes over 007
    Next film female bond
    Feminism destroyed another franchise

  • N
    N Month ago +1

    Heh. They will make Ian Fleming's carefully crafted character 007 a woman next, in order to lose billions ... Oops. They did it.

  • Jim C
    Jim C Month ago

    Don't know about the acting by the humans, but a proper "machine gun update" for the old Aston - Gatling mini gun.

  • harry Wyatt
    harry Wyatt Month ago +5

    Going the same way as Dr Who. Crap

  • harry Wyatt
    harry Wyatt Month ago +4

    The first bond film I will NOT be watching

  • adanne W
    adanne W Month ago

    Brilliant trailer.😍

  • vision 2020
    vision 2020 Month ago +10

    They just had to have a female bond...a black one at that😒

  • George Smiley
    George Smiley Month ago +3

    "Stay in your lane". Typical woman driver; thinks *ALL* the lanes are hers.

  • George Smiley
    George Smiley Month ago +4

    What's her name? Hire? Diversity Hire?

  • chicuco n
    chicuco n Month ago +1

    Too much science fiction in this Bond films..make one with old school gadgets n womanizing some girls ..

  • Steven Davies
    Steven Davies Month ago +1

    Woke rubbish!

  • Joel Sims
    Joel Sims Month ago

    “Oh yeah? Watch this.” Then he comes out with those Gatling guns!

  • newman447
    newman447 Month ago +1

    The name's Bond......Bame Bond.

  • Adam Gases Coke Dealer

    Seein this in theatres. 100%

  • Lori Ackerman
    Lori Ackerman Month ago

    Can't really tell what's going on, but will still check it out!

  • JustAnotherGrunt
    JustAnotherGrunt Month ago +2

    I’m just gonna say it. Daniel Craig is a really good James Bond.

    • JustAnotherGrunt
      JustAnotherGrunt Month ago

      swifty1969 well, you know, we all have opinions; therefore, I respect your opinion. Even though you’re wrong.

    • swifty1969
      swifty1969 Month ago

      no he's not, actually, he's terrible.

  • ᶠᶸᶜᵏᵧₒᵤ

    James Bond has become nothing more than a product placement platform for Aston Martin.

  • Arnold May II
    Arnold May II Month ago

    With the Spectre of Goldeneye hanging around, I went On Her Majesty’s Secret Service only to discover that Moonraker was scaring the Living Daylights out of them.

  • efc toffee
    efc toffee Month ago +3

    There we were thinking they were going have a black James Bond, well we were half right. They just had to go woke, typical, just destroy every franchise. A black woman playing a double 0 agent threatening bond In that way is cringeworthy.

    • Rob G
      Rob G Month ago

      efc toffee ok boomer

  • Tenement Funster
    Tenement Funster Month ago


  • Otto Greenleaf
    Otto Greenleaf Month ago +1


  • Frank Boase
    Frank Boase Month ago +3

    Wonder what will happen to the box office taking with the new PC Bond. Yeah PC rules ok

  • skyguy342
    skyguy342 Month ago +2

    hold up lemme get this straight, all these people are having issues with a black woman in a bond movie? I don't get it..

  • A92348Q3ATEP Y92385NP239S

    lol, "stay in your lane"
    have fun with your box office bomb

  • Hanging Balls
    Hanging Balls Month ago

    At least he isnt going to take an arrow to the knee

  • Anthropoid
    Anthropoid Month ago +8

    the PC just oozes from this film, I will watch it on torrents if I get bored

    • Anthropoid
      Anthropoid Month ago +1

      confident this will go down in history as the worst Bond film ever, if the trailer is dull and oozes lefty PC then you know the film will be appaling

    • George Smiley
      George Smiley Month ago +1

      Fodder for RiffTrax and Bad Lipreading.

    • Watchandjewelryloft
      Watchandjewelryloft Month ago +1

      If the trailer is this bad, I wonder how much of it is in the movie. So disappointing. "Stay in your lane" and "I'll put a bullet in your knee." Seriously? lol. I'm at least hoping maybe she's a villain mole or something?

  • Chris.
    Chris. Month ago

    Looks like it started off a good movie but some posh writer who has the right parents, knows the right people and went to the right school has added strange little artificial additives, flavorings and preservatives.

  • dumlepumle
    dumlepumle Month ago

    i would have preferred it if they hadn't connected the new movie so much to spectre so much. Spectre was a big letdown.

  • andrew esson
    andrew esson Month ago

    More crap it all went down hill after Roger

  • TheTrickshot77
    TheTrickshot77 Month ago +1

    Please replace M in the next Bond movie with a Strong Independent Black Lesbian Woman as she's still an "Analogue in a Digital age"
    7 Woke stars out of 10

  • Alan Varghese
    Alan Varghese Month ago +1

    Whatever, I just love Bond Movies. Katta waiting.

  • dreaming of electric sheep

    Another male led franchise being hijacked by feminazis. Us guys are happy for women to have their chick flicks and tv shows but feminists cant tolerate anything male. First Bond movie i wont be going to see.

  • pharcyde110573
    pharcyde110573 Month ago +5

    002, licensed to appropriate the white English culture!

  • Anne Ratna
    Anne Ratna Month ago

    Nungguin film ini lamanyaaaaa....

  • David Barnett
    David Barnett Month ago +7

    Bowing to the left wing feminazi's, we see the end of Bond as we knew him for over a half century.

  • PhenoMorph 420
    PhenoMorph 420 Month ago +3

    Of course there's No Time to Die, the franchise already killed itself

  • Marc 9663
    Marc 9663 Month ago +4

    If this is the last Daniel Craig bond and the next bond is a female sorry but I’m out ✌🏽

  • fgfgfgf drtduud
    fgfgfgf drtduud Month ago

    Guy is now prolly like 75. Like astronauts 1st world brainets only get older and older. In the next one he will be carrying an oxygen tank.

  • Tom Dransfield
    Tom Dransfield Month ago

    Eh what how what’s going on???? I thought he didnt want to be bond again and there would be a black lady instead? I’ve not been paying attention

    • VirgateSpy
      VirgateSpy Month ago

      People love to blow things out of proportion.

  • Geoffrey Manneck
    Geoffrey Manneck Month ago +13

    wont watch this crap just for the political correctness bolshie

  • prabhu c
    prabhu c Month ago

    If bond die movie flop

  • I Don’t Like Humans
    I Don’t Like Humans Month ago +3

    Beta Bond will hopefully die with this movie. Garbage.

  • Reynan Montojo
    Reynan Montojo Month ago

    There is only one John Wick

  • Rose Marie
    Rose Marie Month ago +2

    I would love to see Henry Cavill in this role now than Daniel is retiring from it.

  • Robert Danilo Tecson
    Robert Danilo Tecson Month ago +2

    Let's hope its not woke. I'll wait for the reviews for this one, the REAL reviews, not Rotten Tomat-Hoes

    • Trevor James
      Trevor James Month ago

      Or you could just watch the film and make up your own mind instead of allowing it to be influenced by everyone else.

  • Al Bundy for President
    Al Bundy for President Month ago +10

    Blimey, more multicultural propaganda. Compare the Bonds to the early days, where it was for Queen & country. Now, we’ve got a non indigenous woman playing 007 & forcing a feminism agenda.

  • Alexander Litvak
    Alexander Litvak Month ago

    I guess the plot is hidden from us on purpose, or, or, there IS no plot and its just like the trailer all boastful one liners and lots of run and gun battles and luxury items on display. Stay tuned...

  • Inquisitor Taki
    Inquisitor Taki Month ago

    1:55 at first at glance oh its Emilia Clarke but Ana de Armas...🤩🤩🤩

  • Space Monkey
    Space Monkey Month ago +5

    As a long time Bond fan, I won't be paying to see this. Even in the trailer you can see the streak of toxic identity politics.

  • Harley
    Harley Month ago +5

    *Bond suspiciously walks into a big empty room*
    Rami: “ayyyyyoooooooooo!!!!”

  • James Dalton
    James Dalton Month ago

    No hot chicks.
    Token black transvestite.
    Bond looks really old (white man angle I presume).
    Bond is still too short and too blonde.
    Marks out of 10 ? 000

  • Benjamin Burkhardt
    Benjamin Burkhardt Month ago

    Don’t stop me now

  • usynn stradler
    usynn stradler Month ago +1

    im not feeling it.....