AngryJoe vs. Nostalgia Critic - Man Of Steel Review Promo!

  • Published on Nov 27, 2013
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  • Christopher Carey

    Great. Now how are we supposed to leave on a cliffhanger?
    I'm pregnant! (Dramatic cue)

  • klimmr3021
    klimmr3021 Year ago

    If Man of Steel was trying to be it's own thing, rather than the start of the DCEU, it would have had a better chance for me.

  • Salty Bafoon
    Salty Bafoon Year ago


  • Salty Bafoon
    Salty Bafoon Year ago

    The act man

  • OSD
    OSD 3 years ago

    where the fuck do we find this review?

    • Lexi
      Lexi 2 years ago

      On Channel Awesome you can also find their B v S review there

  • Logan Moore
    Logan Moore 3 years ago

    Joel El lol

  • Andrew Clark
    Andrew Clark 3 years ago


  • Tom-A062
    Tom-A062 3 years ago


  • Armando Vázquez
    Armando Vázquez 3 years ago +6

    Do another one with Doug when BvS comes out! :D

    • Christian Black
      Christian Black 3 years ago +3

      +Armando Vázquez The prophecy has been fulfilled.

    • HonestGamer
      HonestGamer 3 years ago

      +Armando Vázquez his doing it :)

  • Oliver Holm
    Oliver Holm 3 years ago +1

    Satan is pregnant... That sounds about right!

    • CatMaster90001
      CatMaster90001 3 years ago

      And we never got to see where that cliffhanger went...

    SUB FACTORY 3 years ago +2

    I think Nostalgia Critic's voice is awesome

  • Chaos.A
    Chaos.A 3 years ago +16

    The review is gone, damn copyright

    • Alex DuRain
      Alex DuRain 3 years ago

      +Abel Villa (The Cynic) well technically, it was taken down. But it was re-uploaded onto channel awesome

    • Abel Villa
      Abel Villa 3 years ago

      Nope is still up on their site.

    • Jake Bryant
      Jake Bryant 3 years ago

      The review is still in TheXvid just look it up and you will find it

  • MadWolf
    MadWolf 3 years ago +3

    I hate that the review was claimed. That was one of my favorite Nostalgia Critic videos! Shows how far corporate is willing to go because NC had a different opinion on the movie. At least we still have it on the site.

  • Dachshund Dog
    Dachshund Dog 3 years ago +2

    First time I watched the nostalgia critic in 2013

  • TheAndrewDobbs
    TheAndrewDobbs 3 years ago +1

    wait the devil thing was never resolved!

  • biosonic417
    biosonic417 3 years ago +3

    1:24 anti-climatic

  • P.Z. Arnott
    P.Z. Arnott 3 years ago +3

    Bad news: The video on League of Super Critics was targeted for copyright infringement.

    • LG
      LG Year ago


    • Karleetoh!
      Karleetoh! 3 years ago

      +Jake Bryant new stuff is at their new channel "Channel Awesome"

    • Jake Bryant
      Jake Bryant 3 years ago +1

      That explains why they haven't posted anything lately

    • Karleetoh!
      Karleetoh! 3 years ago

      +P.Z. Arnott NOOOOOOoo!!!

  • Casper Richter
    Casper Richter 3 years ago

    Man of Steel is the reason that for the first time in my life love superman again as an adult. Here he is not only the incarnation of the word (Super) but as much a, and with wrinkles, beard, doubt, error and a uotsider despite his pain still wanted to use his godlike powers for the good of others.
    But he is not naive as in the old film about humanity's hatred against him to be a living god among them.
    He is humble, but still strong and ready to make the ultimate sacrifice, even if the price will be his own honor or his own life.
    People remember him only as: Man of Steel or The Last Son Of Krypton.
    But his third - less known title - it is only covering his inner strength and desire to make even a small part of the world better: (He is the man of tomorrow)

  • HonestGamer
    HonestGamer 4 years ago

    What happend did the baby die at birth ? Is it a boy or a girl??? WHAT we will never know :(

  • Michele Dell'Aira
    Michele Dell'Aira 4 years ago +9

    Two legends together!

    • Jordan Jolivette
      Jordan Jolivette 3 years ago +5

      Had not for that crossover, I wouldn't even know about NC. I was a huge Angry Joe fan and when I saw that he was helping with the review, I knew I had to see it.

  • Christian Young
    Christian Young 4 years ago +25

    Joe El lol

  • MrCool Mug
    MrCool Mug 4 years ago

    NC is a twat

  • BigMikeHDD
    BigMikeHDD 4 years ago

    The worst review I have ever seen. I have no problem with the opinon of the guy, but next time they just should talk and don´t show the half movie!

    • Lane Alder
      Lane Alder 4 years ago +8

      Obviously you never seen a Nostalgia Critic video. He doesn't just review the movies but he makes fun of them too. If they didn't show half the movie then the videos wouldn't be good.

  • Tarek Chamas
    Tarek Chamas 4 years ago +9

    lol im pregnant XD

  • hazza3
    hazza3 4 years ago +4

    Did they ever reveal who the father was?

  • Chris W
    Chris W 4 years ago

    Joe El or as he is known Joe The

  • beniboy
    beniboy 5 years ago

    Well, that was a suprising cliff hanger D:

  • LukeMCFC 141
    LukeMCFC 141 5 years ago +21

    Anyone else can't help but break out in laughter when Malcolm comes in?

    • LukeMCFC 141
      LukeMCFC 141 4 years ago

      +TheRedneckRoman16 Well, that, and I wasn't expecting him to say that, but, you have a point.

    • TheRedneckRoman16
      TheRedneckRoman16 4 years ago +1

      Let's face it, it's Malcolm. You wouldn't have laughed if it was anyone else!

  • Synthia17
    Synthia17 5 years ago

    What's the song at the end? Anyone knows?

  • Unnecessary Censorship Central

    Love it when these two work together! :D

  • YoloSwagDaddy9658
    YoloSwagDaddy9658 5 years ago

    wait joe knows totalbiscuit,that uy who likes monster hunter
    and nostalgia critic
    do all critics know eachover

    • tissot233
      tissot233 5 years ago

      Pretty much all of the critics and many reviewers are or have been part of Doug Walkers, aka nostalgia critic Channel Awesome/That Guy With Glasses production and channel.
      Same goes for example strictly game related stuff were pretty much all of them belong to Polaris. These people hangout and there's porjects they make together.
      It makes sense. They need to get together for protection of something goes wrong as this is their livelihood. Be it example legal problems or youtube example going ape shit some day and all of them needing to go back to web sites.

  • Chris Turner
    Chris Turner 5 years ago

    Great argument

  • Fapping Entity
    Fapping Entity 5 years ago


  • The Irish Gamer
    The Irish Gamer 5 years ago

    Joe get all the critics to assist in the battle against youtube copyright

  • The Jewish Filmmakers
    The Jewish Filmmakers 5 years ago +1

    man of steel was awesome!!!
    i don't get it why people hated it
    can someone enplane to me?

    • John Paige
      John Paige 3 years ago +1

      It's a mixed bag. There are some who don't like the fact that a beacon of hope and fun like Superman was given a dark, gritty, and serious tone like Batman. On top of that, not many people liked that Superman snapped Zod's neck and destroyed an entire city without any repercussions or consequences being shown. There are also controversial quotes like where Grandpa Kent tells Superman that he maybe should've let those kids on the bus drown. Also, there is way too much imagery trying to emphasize Superman as Jesus Christ. I liked the film, but I see where the hate is coming from.

  • Squidzrule
    Squidzrule 5 years ago

    nostalgia critic

  • Andrevus Whitetail
    Andrevus Whitetail 5 years ago

    Satan just comes in and "I'M PREGNANT" about a cliffhanger

  • LoneRebelX
    LoneRebelX 5 years ago

    honestly I was actually expecting Superman Returns

  • FugitivePepper
    FugitivePepper 5 years ago

    That guitar

  • sparkshadowtiger
    sparkshadowtiger 5 years ago

    That awkward moment when a guy comes in and says that hes pregnant

  • Josh Thomas
    Josh Thomas 5 years ago +1

    Has anyone ever told you you're awesome Joe?

  • immortaljanus
    immortaljanus 5 years ago

    It's nice to see everyone getting together. :D

  • EricMetalhead
    EricMetalhead 5 years ago

    Watch 1:23 before watching the vid

  • The Waffle Pirate
    The Waffle Pirate 5 years ago

    Litterally 2 of my favorite critics... this is gonna be goood

  • Thinking Emoji
    Thinking Emoji 5 years ago


  • Robed Figure
    Robed Figure 5 years ago +45


  • maarek_
    maarek_ 5 years ago

    Lost my shit at Joe El :D

  • K J
    K J 5 years ago

    The fuck

  • K J
    K J 5 years ago

    I'm pent

  • jd1060
    jd1060 5 years ago +1

    Yeah after watching the full vid, I'm going to have to side with the NC on this one. His reasons for not liking the movie are the same reasons I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would.

  • Jacob Ashurov
    Jacob Ashurov 5 years ago

    Star Trek Online If I remember.

  • Jacob Ashurov
    Jacob Ashurov 5 years ago

    Why were they using the Star Trek Sounding.

  • Rick Grimes
    Rick Grimes 5 years ago +72


    • Naxo
      Naxo 5 years ago +1

      I AM NAXO... and I had a rough childhood

    • billy joe
      billy joe 5 years ago +8

      but... I'm wearing kakis.

    • Mistaken Gamers TV 2
      Mistaken Gamers TV 2 5 years ago +7

      +billy joe hello "jake from state farm" you sound hideous

    • billy joe
      billy joe 5 years ago +8

      +Herb Partee I'm jake from statefarm

    • Herb Partee
      Herb Partee 5 years ago +9

      +T3rces I'm josh

  • benevolenthart7
    benevolenthart7 5 years ago

    Anyone know the name of the song used towards the end of the video???

  • RiiKLE
    RiiKLE 5 years ago

    Joe looks like a Hispanic Kanye West

  • Sarah Hagiwara
    Sarah Hagiwara 5 years ago

    I'm pregnant! lmao XD

  • FadedAngel3
    FadedAngel3 5 years ago

    my favorite part of the review was the super hero café scene

  • kousoulides
    kousoulides 5 years ago

    isn't it just tragic that such an epic creatively awesome collaboration can't survive in this fucking new world order of TheXvid?....

  • kousoulides
    kousoulides 5 years ago

    man of steel was a piece of garbage

  • Califf Toten
    Califf Toten 5 years ago

    lol i thinks thats the best way you can put it :)

  • 10thStormClad
    10thStormClad 5 years ago

    Dear Angry Joe,
    I have been watching your vids for the last few months, and have come to admire your brutal honesty and your commitment to your standards even in the face of attacks from fanboys and such. I know from watching quite a few of your reviews that you know quite a bit about PC gaming. Thing is, I was once a console gamer in the past. I gave it up due to time restraints. However, due to personal circumstances, things have changed in my life and I find myself wanting to enjoy gaming once again. I am thinking of getting into PC gaming, but I, unfortunately, have little to no understanding of computers in general or any knowledge or experience in regards to computer gaming. So, I could REALLY use your help. Please contact me and let me know if you desire to pass any of your sage wisdom. Thank you and shalom (peace) be unto you.
    Gratefully, 10thStormClad.

  • brev pad
    brev pad 5 years ago

    "im pregnant." best line ever

  • Kenny Li
    Kenny Li 5 years ago +2

    lol I saw it few days ago..... Joe is the clam one ? that news :D

  • edih sakagami
    edih sakagami 5 years ago

    Joe El OwO

  • Ivan
    Ivan 5 years ago +51

    The full review was amazing!

  • Norse Gamer
    Norse Gamer 5 years ago +2

    Laughed my ass off!

  • Crimson blitzer
    Crimson blitzer 5 years ago +1

    I'M PREGNANT! music theme

  • Louie Macorncan
    Louie Macorncan 5 years ago

    *chuckling* really?

  • British Gaming News
    British Gaming News 5 years ago +6

    Will you be doing a video on Wonder Woman being in Man of Steel 2?

    • dat boi
      dat boi 5 years ago +1

      +FightingTigers Because it's the media.

    • FightingTigers
      FightingTigers 5 years ago

      Yea I like that idea:L
      I don't get why the media wants her soo skinny.

    • I Love Older Women
      I Love Older Women 5 years ago +1

      +FightingTigers She needs to be athletic and muscular. Nothing like Tom Hardy in TDKR or anything, but she needs to look like she's been lifting weights for a good few months.

    • FightingTigers
      FightingTigers 5 years ago

      +John Silverheart She needs to be chunky. Not fat, but chunky.

    • John Silverheart
      John Silverheart 5 years ago

      That's just dumb -_-

  • TotallyLisaBackup
    TotallyLisaBackup 5 years ago

    Whoa! An Angry Joe and NC crossover!

  • Ryan Mcindewar
    Ryan Mcindewar 5 years ago

  • Ace H
    Ace H 5 years ago

    I expect Joe to fanboy all over it in the review.

  • Achilles Trojan
    Achilles Trojan 5 years ago

    Its the best part XD

  • Adam N
    Adam N 5 years ago

    I saw this flick on an Etihad flight home from India. Pretty good, but story was a bit all over the place. Crowe, superman and superman's dad all did well, but chick playing lois lane was a bit painful.

  • pollenontheshoot
    pollenontheshoot 5 years ago +2

    JOE, hey man love the show. listen, please do not work with this glasses critic guy again. IMO he is horrible. his voice is irritating and I will never look at anything he is involved in again. Also, he reeks of douchebag. and reminds me of the characters in hitch that think everything is disgusting. PLEASE DO NOT DO ANOTHER CROSSOVER WITH THIS MORON AGAIN!!!
    sorry for yelling...that is all.

  • paata jiqidze
    paata jiqidze 5 years ago

    ending killed

  • The Ark-Ham Sandwich
    The Ark-Ham Sandwich 5 years ago +1

    "I'm pregnant" LMAO... now I gotta go watch this guy god damnit...

  • You're Another Common Narcissist


    • xGoodOldSmurfehx
      xGoodOldSmurfehx 5 years ago

      a wise move, really

    • FlowerEmblem
      FlowerEmblem 5 years ago +4

      Fun fact - NC used to have a TheXvid channel years ago but his videos kept being deleted for copyright infringement (?). So he moved to his own site.

    • Justeria Goofball
      Justeria Goofball 5 years ago

      +xGoodOldSmurfehx hey I appreciate that :) Thanks

    • xGoodOldSmurfehx
      xGoodOldSmurfehx 5 years ago

      +Justeria Goofball was too lazy to search for it ._.
      but since you gave it away, might as well watch it so the efforts dont go to waste :D

    • Justeria Goofball
      Justeria Goofball 5 years ago +1

      +TheTrap it's already on youtube :D

  • drzero7
    drzero7 5 years ago +56

    Watched the actual review. Thanks GOD they cleared that up. Yeah, NC hated it, but at LEAST he acknowledged the reason WHY people who liked this movie, actually liked it. It's not the "violence" or "destruction" or "Superman kills people". It's the fact that Superman actually gets challenged for once, and he's actually getting pushed to his limits. It's not all "Superman saves the universe again and NOBODY dies, because it's Superman" BS crap. And for that, I give NC props.

    • gruntguy007
      gruntguy007 5 years ago

      +blackrosekn1ght "It's 3 people"
      3 *kryptonians who are stronger than Superman, and have more experience than superan

    • James Korvenius
      James Korvenius 5 years ago

      Superman looked allways great, not even a tiny bit of dirt on his face, his greatest challange was to kill not to fight.

    • HenkkaArt
      HenkkaArt 5 years ago

      I kind of liked the movie (best part being the Faora-Ul and her fight scene) but I never felt Supes was really challenged in any way. I mean, to me it felt he was getting the hang of his powers and got into a fight with other dudes who also were just starting to realize their powers. And considering the end battle and how Supes just snapped Zod's neck quite casually, I felt that he could have ended the fight long before it escalated to the state where buildings were blown apart. Also, even though Kevin Costner did a good job with the role of Jonathan Kent, I was a bit distracted how he, instead of the "with great power comes great responsibility" kind of talk, just said "well, sometimes you just gotta let people die for the greater good, son".

  • Bradley Newson
    Bradley Newson 5 years ago

    Good review with the NC Joe, but I kinda shared the Critics opinion of it.

  • slavejko
    slavejko 5 years ago

    fanboy Angry Hoe....

  • Weap0
    Weap0 5 years ago

    Man of Steel was uninspiring. Because I'm Batman.

  • sigbin tinapay
    sigbin tinapay 5 years ago

    a question about man of steel is it suppose to be this grainy (not sure of proper term) it feels messy somewhat i do not remember it being like this on cinema?

  • Aldra
    Aldra 5 years ago +23

    Eww, MacBook Pro.

    • James Korvenius
      James Korvenius 5 years ago +1

      What a g g g ggg g gay fish.

    • Lamarfin
      Lamarfin 5 years ago +1

      I know ;__;

    • Matt Underwood
      Matt Underwood 5 years ago +1

      +Lamarfin That absolutely makes no sense what you just said

    • Lamarfin
      Lamarfin 5 years ago +4

      What are you, a gay fish?

    • johnny4president
      johnny4president 5 years ago

      im writing this from a macbook pro

  • RapistLesbian
    RapistLesbian 5 years ago

    joe is right. periods

  • recon herlev
    recon herlev 5 years ago

    Watched the full review and the movie. Sorry Joe, gonna have to go mainly with the critic.
    This was not a good movie, no original soundtrack, somewhat okay action scenes but... meh.
    On a note, I don't ever recall seing a Superman with a nose so ugly as this dude.

  • RVD3002
    RVD3002 5 years ago

    Joes moment of realization at 1:19 priceless. Hahaha

  • Sponnick
    Sponnick 5 years ago +11

    I loved this Review so much cameos n' stuff

  • KARL Taylor13
    KARL Taylor13 5 years ago

    dang this Awsome

  • Claude Burrell II
    Claude Burrell II 5 years ago

    Please angry joe do more angry reviews on games thumbs up sobhe can see

  • Paul Sims
    Paul Sims 5 years ago

    I'll get to watching this tomorrow, it looks awesome ^^

  • Wesley C
    Wesley C 5 years ago

    kickassia star!!!

  • JediMasterOW
    JediMasterOW 5 years ago

    Review the Superman 75th Anniversary Animated Short!

  • AltronT
    AltronT 5 years ago

    The guy who played General Zod would make an awesome Magneto

    • James Korvenius
      James Korvenius 5 years ago

      I think he made quite a good Zod. I really liked him in his role.

  • Kitrailers
    Kitrailers 5 years ago +1

    please review dragon-ball evolution

  • BemaniAK
    BemaniAK 5 years ago +3

    Now if only you had netted a deal with NC before he became a washed up hack who desperately wants to do anything not NC, and is now relegated to making Clickbait videos every second week to keep his website afloat.

    • relinquish022
      relinquish022 5 years ago +7

      *Moves hand and fingers to imitate a person talking*

  • Max Zilla
    Max Zilla 5 years ago +5

    This is the best NC review ever! :D
    ♥ Angry Joe!

  • Got EEEM Films
    Got EEEM Films 5 years ago +12

    Please review fighter within.

    • James Korvenius
      James Korvenius 5 years ago +8

      +Niga Ninja
      Jeah, when angry joe gets pissed, his reviews get starting to kick in like hell xD

    • Got EEEM Films
      Got EEEM Films 5 years ago +16

      +tyrota That's why I want him to review it. lol

    • tyrota
      tyrota 5 years ago

      He better review AC 4 or Batman Arkham Origins everybody knows that fighter within is a shitty game

  • Alex Kargsten
    Alex Kargsten 5 years ago

    Seriously were is thé origins review its been like 2 months i want to know what i want för x-mas?

  • TheMetalMilitia144
    TheMetalMilitia144 5 years ago +2

    Hated this review. Joe was put on the back burner for most of it. Joe is very opinionated about this movie and i feel like his side was just shoved of to the side. Ive fallowed both guys for awhile and ive seen Critic do better cross overs.