We Love Orangutans - "Babysitter Coordinator, Sri Rahayu"

  • Published on Oct 16, 2015
  • Sri Rahayu is making sure that Nyaru Mentengs 80 orangutanbabies are having a good life and that they take their first steps towards becomming released at Nyaru Mentengs forest school. This is one video out of ten We Love Orangutan-clips that shows the extensive work for saving the endangered orangutan that Save the Orangutan support. To watch the rest of the videos visit savetheorangutan.org/our-work/videos
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  • Black Roses
    Black Roses Day ago

    Very proud of u!..💖💖

  • Cristian Oliveira

    E DEUS sempre tava triste com o usmamo mais agora DEUS tá feliz com o povo do amor do Reino que tadano o menho para as crianças e família e os animais é natureza e Rio para mar agora somos felizes com DEUS do amor do povo União força e fé é foco só em DEUS que amamuito o Reino do amor que sempre vai ama nós com muita força e carinho de deus pelo povo

  • Samuel Isaac
    Samuel Isaac 4 days ago

    2:07 ❤️

  • pearl nuri
    pearl nuri 5 days ago

    Can we intern there? What are the requirements and procedure ? I want to apply !

  • Ciene santos
    Ciene santos 5 days ago


  • baskoro tejo
    baskoro tejo 5 days ago

    useless, there's only palm trees left over there

    GADINGPRO JAKARTA 6 days ago

    Hati kalian sungguh mulia Dimata Allah

  • Ell st
    Ell st 7 days ago

    Terimakasih kak sudah melestarikan orang utan..❤❤

  • Ita Sabad
    Ita Sabad 9 days ago

    Begitu muliany hatimu👍👍👍

  • Micio Miao
    Micio Miao 11 days ago

    Thank you all for your sacrifice. God beneaths you.

  • Melly Mel
    Melly Mel 11 days ago


  • Dicky inst
    Dicky inst 11 days ago

    Tulus bgt mbak2 nya terima ksih 😊🙏
    semangat trus mbak ajarin orang2 hutan nya supaya cepat kembali ke habitat asli nya?

  • andrea ponce
    andrea ponce 13 days ago

    Before dyiend I would like to know them its my great wish😍

  • Filo Gisting
    Filo Gisting 14 days ago

    jadi ingin punya orang utan di rumah wkwkwkk

  • #truth be told
    #truth be told 17 days ago

    I wish I knew what you were talking about so I can subscribe to ur channel use English captions for thumbs 👍🏿👍🏿

  • Bellasky39 Dewitt
    Bellasky39 Dewitt 17 days ago

    So many in one cage wtf

  • Im a king mess with me you gettin that side eye

    Their eyes are like doll eyes 😍

  • Im a king mess with me you gettin that side eye

    2:15 when my mom comes home from the store with a bunch of snacks

  • Scot Fenn
    Scot Fenn 20 days ago

    kind, peaceful integration not segregation will bring a true understanding and friendship between humans and animals.

  • Paul Croft
    Paul Croft 20 days ago

    Who on Earth puts dislikes on this?

    • iggy the iguana
      iggy the iguana 14 days ago

      trust me...if you look at the comment sections of some of these orangutan videos
      there are some DISGUSTING comments...look around you'll see it

  • Amanda Everett
    Amanda Everett 21 day ago

    I understand that these women are doing their best to take care of these baby orangutan but putting that many in cages is wrong.

  • Documented Citizen
    Documented Citizen 23 days ago

    That’s my dream job!

  • Bridkidz Chanel
    Bridkidz Chanel 24 days ago

    Jk dilepas dihutan psti diburu manusia rakus

  • Garian liuy
    Garian liuy 24 days ago

    Fyi, orang utan is from indonesian language. Orang mean people and utan mean jungle.

  • Dan Dunning
    Dan Dunning 25 days ago

    I would love to help raise these wild animals so that they could go back in the wild and live the way they want.

  • G Lepp
    G Lepp 25 days ago +6

    They seem very gentle and thoughtful creatures and their caretakers are very good with them l wish we could all live with love and respect with with nature as well.

  • fakefranck ribéry
    fakefranck ribéry 25 days ago +1

    3:53 regardez il perd ses poils de tête ils vont devenir comme nous

  • uma maheswari
    uma maheswari 26 days ago

    Love this work

  • Ganesh Ram
    Ganesh Ram 27 days ago


  • manonamountain
    manonamountain 28 days ago

    1.22 First one out, "somebody dropped a nasty fart in there missus".

  • Vanessa Alves Amaral Alves Amaral

    Muito triste eles ficarem presos

    HARD TRONIC TV 28 days ago

    Palm oil tree is the main problem .,palm oil tree made orangutan lost their home.

  • Ouaychai Pomling
    Ouaychai Pomling 29 days ago +1


  • Beauty and The Beast
    Beauty and The Beast 29 days ago +1

    How so Sweet Sri rahayu u r doing grt job , nd I think u r so brave god bless u ..

  • angga febrian
    angga febrian Month ago

    Terima Kasih mbak telah menjaga dan merawat orang utan, semoga Allah memberikaan yang terbaik.

  • mom dep
    mom dep Month ago

    Thank you

  • user one
    user one Month ago

    Orangutans are the most gentle among the primates......

  • silva lee
    silva lee Month ago +1

    jauh dari kota jauh dari kata kemewahaan ,,tapi pekerjaan mereka sangat mulia .. smoga tuhan Slalu melindungi mereka yg memiliki hati tulus utk merawat org utan ini❤️❤️❤️❤️ so proud of you

  • Anand Mishra
    Anand Mishra Month ago


  • Cherry Chen
    Cherry Chen Month ago

    So many orangutans in one cage

  • Jame Jame
    Jame Jame Month ago

    M crying the whole scene

  • Teinysha Patterson
    Teinysha Patterson Month ago

    Wonderful lady so loving to the animals 😍

  • Anthony Owusu
    Anthony Owusu Month ago

    God bless you guys for the love #LOT🔥🔥

  • Herr Schweizer
    Herr Schweizer Month ago

    Irish people

  • Le Tran Minh Thu
    Le Tran Minh Thu Month ago

    I’m not crying

  • Monkey Mynu
    Monkey Mynu Month ago

    I love video

  • Kat Garet
    Kat Garet Month ago


  • Ajedit 93
    Ajedit 93 Month ago

    So cute

  • linjubar
    linjubar Month ago +1

    These people know how to care for orangutans.

  • Ayiblangcut City
    Ayiblangcut City Month ago +1

    Gak tau knp aku sayang banget liat orang utan, pngen sih pelihara & memberi kasih sayang pada mereka

  • Lionand messi Messi


  • Morning Star
    Morning Star Month ago

    fasilitasnya dong di perbaiki,pemerintah
    tolong buatin kandng yg baru

  • lynn marie
    lynn marie Month ago +1

    How can they know their names ? Many look alike ?

  • Lianandra Septian
    Lianandra Septian Month ago

    Aku pnasaran nih, dri pmerintah sndiri ad gk sih bantuan dana gitu buat pemberdayaannya ? Kn smua x gk gratis kan, buat mkn orangutan aja udh abis brapa.. Sma aku pngen tau juga, yg ngerawat orangutan disana itu digaji gk ? Atau mreka relawan aja

  • king cobra
    king cobra Month ago

    Super video 👍

  • Edward Chen
    Edward Chen Month ago +2

    keep up the good work Sri Rahayu :)

  • Tineke Williams
    Tineke Williams Month ago +2

    Thank you for your dedication. Without you they would be forever lost

  • Sate Stale
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  • fafanz song
    fafanz song Month ago

    Saya berharap tidak ada produksi sawit lagi... Agar kelestarian orang utan terjaga

  • Gilang Nugraha
    Gilang Nugraha Month ago +1

    When they raised by human and then released to the wild and they met another human (who they thought was their friends) who want to kill them because orangutans traspassing their lawn. thats sad

  • Stephen Mcnabb
    Stephen Mcnabb Month ago

    Stupid sss people these creatures are nothing but walking waste , shit to be exact. Get rid of them. Let the village idiots make necklaces.

  • Kres Monkey
    Kres Monkey Month ago

    good job

  • Stephen Mcnabb
    Stephen Mcnabb Month ago

    Village idiot station. Line them up shooter down

  • Kevin Gideon
    Kevin Gideon Month ago +1

    ibunya sayang banget sm mereka :(

  • Kevin Gideon
    Kevin Gideon Month ago +1

    perempuan perempuan hebat

  • Arif Irawan
    Arif Irawan Month ago

    Can we save them? Because of coal mines and other resources, some leaders are brave to destroy their homes. I never thought Indonesian governments will protect Orangutans. They are full of bulshit. I hate my own government.

  • Sandy Lipscomb
    Sandy Lipscomb Month ago +3


  • Тим Кук
    Тим Кук Month ago

    Для них орангутанги как медвежата для нас

  • Siti Nurul
    Siti Nurul Month ago

    pingin baget kerja kayak gitu sungguh

  • Buto Ijo
    Buto Ijo Month ago

    Save orang utan by not buy ..... or not do something like.....what ?

  • No Time To Slumber
    No Time To Slumber Month ago

    Soooo no1 talking about that 'Tang outpour?? @1:20

    MHD. HARDIANTO Month ago

    aku kagum sama mbak Sri dan kawan2nya karna sabar dan iklas rawat mereka. dan gemes liat orang utan nya. tapi seketika hati ku hancur bgt ada kasus 74 pemenbakan ke orang utan terakhir ini. semoga di daerah yg lain ada tambah penangkaran orang utan, dan masyarakat peduli dgn lingkungan hutan. amin..

  • Moch faisol wahyudi Wahyudi

    Kalo di lestarikan kyak gini kan sngat baik.... Aslkn mkan nya teratur...

  • xu tianci
    xu tianci Month ago

    Ohhh they look so pure and innocent... And for people who killing them in kalimantan, i hope you gey karma and go to hell

  • Ankush More
    Ankush More Month ago +1

    Very very nice.

  • arya baskara
    arya baskara Month ago


  • contr4dixion
    contr4dixion Month ago

    Omg... the way they seamlessly pour out of the cage... too smooth...
    Poor Juliet in her sadness though...

  • Nicnic nicnic
    Nicnic nicnic Month ago +1

    Salute to all the people who makes great effort to help and save our wildlife 💖

  • Anne Corey
    Anne Corey Month ago

    They very cute love to be out of their cage love to be free this beautiful lady’s love her jobseekers very good and kind to them thank you for sharing your beautiful video love your video thanks

  • priyush raj
    priyush raj Month ago

    So sweet loving

  • Peter Na
    Peter Na Month ago

    A dream job.i love orang utans

  • Josefina fernandes Vazques

    Dônde es ėste lugar ? Quiero ir para ayudar.

  • Nuru Islam
    Nuru Islam 2 months ago

    Very very nice

  • Shekhar SG
    Shekhar SG 2 months ago

    Good 👍

  • Ramesh Rai
    Ramesh Rai 2 months ago +1

    Great job Kindly Lover Sisters God bless

  • Dheia Hisnika
    Dheia Hisnika 2 months ago

    Manja manja sekali ya....pengen rasanya berkunjung k sana,,,,

    Dek KAMPANG 2 months ago

    Ada dari pangkal Bun?

  • Noviani Sri Rahmawati
    Noviani Sri Rahmawati 2 months ago

    Udah kaya manusia

  • Bongsai Mamuju Natural
    Bongsai Mamuju Natural 2 months ago

    Mantap wanita penyelamat orang utan demi keseimbangan Alam...sangat salut!!!

  • Anilkumar Mj
    Anilkumar Mj 2 months ago

    Very beautiful

  • victor landim
    victor landim 2 months ago

    No for nutella

  • sandi pasir
    sandi pasir 2 months ago

    They seemed soo excited to go to school...we need to learn this from them 😫😫😫

  • Angga Nugroho
    Angga Nugroho 2 months ago

    Sedih tinggal sedikit populasi nya

  • Kaiser Dal
    Kaiser Dal 2 months ago

    I really want that orangutan to hold my hand too :)

  • Los G Rewell
    Los G Rewell 2 months ago

    salute sama Bu Sri, dkk.
    semoga diberi kesehatan terus untuk merawat orangutan.

  • Tis'ButAFleshWound
    Tis'ButAFleshWound 2 months ago

    The only redheads we should trust

  • bunga matahari
    bunga matahari 2 months ago

    Mbak ..itu sipenembak orangutan yg sdg main dgn anaknya ..sampai buta matanya dgn 67 peluru..biadab banget . Semga aparat segera menghukum org2 ini se berat2nya ...usul cambuk saja didpn umum biar tau rasa. Krn otak sipelaku disilit nya jadi geram aku pd org tsb .

  • Adventure Monkey
    Adventure Monkey 2 months ago

    So lovely

  • bunga matahari
    bunga matahari 2 months ago

    Semoga yg merawat orangutan dgn kasihsayang menjadi orangutan lebih kuat lebihsehat tolong hutan hsbitatnya juga dijaga klo ada ular, buaya, supaya di bunuh saja krn mengganggu kehidupan mrk dialam liar