Cheryl SHOCKED by replies to Michael McIntyre’s VERY forward text! - Send To All


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  • Me Again
    Me Again Day ago

    The concept is great but that McIntyre guy is beyond annoying.

  • 7mgtesup1
    7mgtesup1 2 days ago

    To: xxSend to Allxx ?

  • BrianBell4073
    BrianBell4073 2 days ago

    video starts at 8:30

  • Becky Dobb
    Becky Dobb 2 days ago

    As if these texts are ‘sent to all’. They simply create a new contact called Xx Send to All xX and add a few carefully chosen numbers to that contact and send the message. Doubt more than 6 carefully chosen people would have received it

  • All Things One Direction

    Being a directioner and hating naughty boy

  • fimbles101
    fimbles101 2 days ago

    Mcintyre, Cole and morgan in one video.. victoria beckham replies pardon to a written text.. The world has turned to shit...

  • Paul Higgins
    Paul Higgins 3 days ago

    And people ridicule wrestling fans for thinking it's real...

  • Rukaiya F
    Rukaiya F 3 days ago

    the whole video I was thinking did Liam get the text lmaooo

  • Shahre Khoban
    Shahre Khoban 3 days ago +1

    This is fake.😏

  • Balakrishna Panicker

    Are these naked things rare in Britain too ,not so until last night.

  • Mike dolton
    Mike dolton 4 days ago

    I would pose naked for her

  • Gabriela Trindade
    Gabriela Trindade 4 days ago

    i wonder if liam got this text as well...

    • Jordan Duncuft
      Jordan Duncuft 3 days ago

      Doodadoo dadoo *illuminati confirmed* I don't know where though? Lmao

  • Jagpreet Singh
    Jagpreet Singh 5 days ago


  • KR
    KR 5 days ago +1

    how FAKE can this get?! As if someone as pathetic as cheryl would allow anyone to touch her phone let alone send all to her contacts, she def doesn't talk to any of them why would she be drawing them naked. BBC need to shut up already with their lying.

  • Layla Baz
    Layla Baz 5 days ago

    I'm from Newcastle😂

  • Jamie Croft
    Jamie Croft 5 days ago +1

    Imagine believing this is her actual phone. Zombies everywhere

    • Shane Power
      Shane Power 3 days ago

      Yeah the world is crazy and its all a set up. Spread the word. Inform the people. You've unraveled the sands of times!!

  • Prince Fluffy
    Prince Fluffy 5 days ago

    Glad to see she is back to her normal beautiful self....

  • Melanie SixtySeven
    Melanie SixtySeven 5 days ago

    Why is Cheryl not so shocked.. She's so doped up!!

  • harry greb
    harry greb 5 days ago

    Two talentless cumbuckets

  • half pint
    half pint 5 days ago

    Haha 😂😂😂 funny shit right there lol

  • Rosa Mckellar
    Rosa Mckellar 5 days ago


  • unhiptitan8
    unhiptitan8 5 days ago

    Best one is the ed balls one 😂😂

  • The Finnjamins
    The Finnjamins 5 days ago

    the people in the audience are being brainwashed

  • Lukereok
    Lukereok 5 days ago

    Mcintyre always reminds me of a North Korean....

  • The Best Of
    The Best Of 5 days ago

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  • Sen
    Sen 6 days ago

    i've watched a bunch of these and i think it's rather telling that she's up there alone.

  • Janae Clarice
    Janae Clarice 6 days ago

    What is it with this intense level of calm everyone is constantly trying to have that they don’t have a personality or emotion?

  • Mathew Peter
    Mathew Peter 6 days ago

    Eish! Soooo in love with her. Sooooo darn beautiful and special. 😢😢😢😢She Is married though........

  • Justin.Y’s Son
    Justin.Y’s Son 6 days ago

    This is hilarious

  • Emily Anderson
    Emily Anderson 6 days ago

    jesus h christ, she is friggin beautiful!

  • Gemini
    Gemini 6 days ago

    utter rubbish childish and embarassing to watch

  • D Dwyer
    D Dwyer 6 days ago

    I wonder if Liam replied

  • anonymoususer
    anonymoususer 6 days ago


  • Joseph Dugdale
    Joseph Dugdale 6 days ago

    Ah BBC how low you've dropped

  • Pj Faik
    Pj Faik 6 days ago

    Cheryl got cummed in by Liam guys

  • Jason Freshwater
    Jason Freshwater 6 days ago

    Can understand why Stewart Lee gets so angry in regards to this tit!

  • Luarna Menga
    Luarna Menga 6 days ago

    She that posh at that point

  • kanchan dass
    kanchan dass 6 days ago


  • Wu tang pusheen
    Wu tang pusheen 6 days ago

    d r a w m y d i c k

  • Massuma A
    Massuma A 6 days ago

    You can tell she was almost mortified at the thought of sending that text! Looks like she wanted the ground to open up and swallow her 😱😂 aw Cheryl it’s not that bad

  • Peter Price-Patrick of Penkridge

    Okay, funny. But if any of you have worked in mainstream media then you will understand this is as genuine as the moon landing.

  • John Sultan
    John Sultan 6 days ago

    I don't want "the Charming Queen" Cheryl to get old

  • jennifer Cummings
    jennifer Cummings 6 days ago

    Wow Adam’s apple

  • Battle Juice
    Battle Juice 7 days ago

    she doesn't have any friends except celebrities what a sad life she must lead

    • Battle Juice
      Battle Juice 7 days ago

      damn i forgot it is scripted again sorry xD

  • Bob Mob
    Bob Mob 7 days ago

    Fake news media

  • Celtic 1888
    Celtic 1888 7 days ago

    So her wallpaper, instead of being her son, is her dog haha

  • Charles DaBoss
    Charles DaBoss 7 days ago

    Shes soo Beautiful

  • The Woob
    The Woob 7 days ago

    No wonder the BBC is racing towards a black hole.👎😱💣

  • Georgia Horsfall
    Georgia Horsfall 7 days ago

    I love this

  • Lely Larasati
    Lely Larasati 7 days ago

    Cheryl is soooo georgeus. Omg, I can't take my eyes of her..

  • k name
    k name 7 days ago

    He sounds like Mrs Doubtfire lol

  • Rehan Verma
    Rehan Verma 7 days ago

    She is so beautiful and lovely; lucky Liam

  • Gamer R.K
    Gamer R.K 7 days ago

    She look so beautiful

  • Gamer R.K
    Gamer R.K 7 days ago

    Sub me i will sub u back all the youtubers

  • Aiste Adomone
    Aiste Adomone 7 days ago

    Newcastle nah

  • Prabhav Gupta
    Prabhav Gupta 7 days ago

    I just LOVE Cheryl❤... she's such a good sport

  • N Clunk
    N Clunk 7 days ago


  • ShowJumping Life
    ShowJumping Life 7 days ago

    He sounds like WillNE when he does the Geordie accents

  • Daniel Sidrat
    Daniel Sidrat 7 days ago

    I'm sure this is more revealing of those who responded than the celebrity themselves. The apps are cool though.

  • Ronan D
    Ronan D 7 days ago

    We have arrived at a very sad moment in tv

  • Mo Calaale
    Mo Calaale 7 days ago

    #VB best response, Victoria Peckham

  • NotYourAverage999
    NotYourAverage999 7 days ago

    These celebs don’t have passcodes on their phones?

  • Robert Mitchell
    Robert Mitchell 7 days ago

    Get a life

  • Agc- BAD
    Agc- BAD 8 days ago

  • Florian 2
    Florian 2 8 days ago

    Cheap and nasty trash of the very worst kind. The woman on it (whoever she might be) is as common as dirt.

  • SouthStandRam
    SouthStandRam 8 days ago

    Click bait

  • Samm Reece
    Samm Reece 8 days ago

    This is way funny xD

  • fizzfam fan
    fizzfam fan 8 days ago

    Why does his accent sound like Sarah millican?

  • Callum March
    Callum March 8 days ago

    She’s trash and he’s not funny

  • Mapleshade .Sabrina Rosewood In HP.


  • DFECT d'n'b
    DFECT d'n'b 8 days ago

    She thinks she is the bollox but she just has men bounce them on her forehead before leaving her...

    • DFECT d'n'b
      DFECT d'n'b 8 days ago

      All her smiles & laughter is fake/forced too...

  • Kieren Hook
    Kieren Hook 8 days ago

    I like how he typed homework and the middle section of the text came up wankered lol #MyKindaGirl

  • David Potts
    David Potts 8 days ago

    Hate this wee cow

  • columkenn
    columkenn 8 days ago

    BBC dumbing down the masses

  • Michael C
    Michael C 8 days ago

    I never knew Chryl Cole was black

  • RBXTrains
    RBXTrains 8 days ago

    I hate Michael Mcintyr.... He was good on BGT but his comedy is too rude and cringey. Dave Gorman is much funnier. Why did TheXvid recommend someone who doesn't make me laugh?!?! It's algorithm isn't good enough yet as I spend way too much time than I should on the site so should know a lot about me.

  • Fong
    Fong 8 days ago

    Liam Payne has left the chat...

  • Pyrex TV
    Pyrex TV 8 days ago

    Why no use a different phone with like 20 fake numbers init lol

  • n x
    n x 8 days ago

    Hello Cheryl ill help you open everything, 👍🏻👍🏻

  • MuhammadKhalid99
    MuhammadKhalid99 8 days ago

    She is so full of warmth and is amazingly beautiful. Almost divine!

  • Rainy
    Rainy 8 days ago

    This guy just annoys me I don’t get how like he doesn’t bother anyone else

  • tom M
    tom M 8 days ago +5

    3:49 When she realised that everyone was laughing at Michael and not her . . .

  • Shane Oleary
    Shane Oleary 9 days ago

    Should have had buzzcock

    TLMOD 9 days ago

    And I hope you do too

    TLMOD 9 days ago

    I love music more than anything in the world it is the best thing ever

  • doug
    doug 9 days ago

    bbc usually disables comments since they hate free speech

  • S abd
    S abd 9 days ago

    Anyone who thinks this is real is a dick, its all setup before the show and totally fake.

  • Abdul Rahman Muhammad

    Humanity is lost making money of this

  • Tilly Ramshaw
    Tilly Ramshaw 9 days ago

    As a Geordie, I wor Chez

  • 88Eab
    88Eab 9 days ago

    support "our" troops. Or something. Yay freedom.

  • Daniel Watkins
    Daniel Watkins 9 days ago

    Ashley left the chat
    Liam left the chat

  • CodeCommand
    CodeCommand 9 days ago

    Oh she'd get it, right in the bumholy

    TEMP CHANNEL 9 days ago

    “Pardon?” XDD

  • l
    l 9 days ago

    she looks good again yayyy

  • DaRrAgHsWeEtMaN
    DaRrAgHsWeEtMaN 9 days ago

    Why don’t you put that one on first😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • DaRrAgHsWeEtMaN
    DaRrAgHsWeEtMaN 9 days ago +1

    I was there irl

  • Ignore what I’m about to say but

    I hope Cheryl picks me next. I’ve just done my GCSE’s so I should be the right age

  • RyboXBL
    RyboXBL 9 days ago

    Louis Walsh is a weird feen

  • kareem Ghatwary
    kareem Ghatwary 9 days ago

    Why TF is this in my recommended

    • KINGBO1666
      KINGBO1666 9 days ago +1

      Utubes way of annoying you