Cheryl SHOCKED by replies to Michael McIntyre’s VERY forward text! - Send To All

  • Published on Jan 5, 2019
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    This week, pop star and Greatest Dancer dance captain Cheryl hands over her phone to play Send to All
    Michael McIntyre welcomes us into 2019 with more big laughs, big stars and big surprises as the Big Show continues on BBC One from the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. This week, Singer Peter Andre gets a shock when Michael wakes him in the middle of the night as he becomes the second brave star to play The Celebrity Midnight Gameshow and the show's youngest Unexpected Star, 11-year-old Chloe, close the show with a show-stopping performance.
    Michael McIntyre's Big Show | Series 4 Episode 7 | BBC
    #MichaelMcIntyresBigShow #MichaelMcIntyre
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  • susan millar
    susan millar 3 days ago

    Angel of the north ???? you must be joking listen to what comes out of her mouth. she aint no angel.

  • Wiz_ Rd
    Wiz_ Rd 3 days ago

    Wow Michael Macintyre looks A LOT like Muselk.

  • Maria Cooker
    Maria Cooker 8 days ago

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  • sylawi
    sylawi 9 days ago

    She has a baby but her wallpaper picture is a dog

  • Jan Emanuelle Alkuino
    Jan Emanuelle Alkuino 16 days ago

    I was expecting for Payno! LLN

  • Tza Oriana
    Tza Oriana 17 days ago

    Dad's response is the best

  • Man Of Beard
    Man Of Beard 26 days ago

    I really enjoy Micheal Send to all. But this one I missed in purpose. I cannot stand the media attention seeker that is Cheryl woteverhernamethisweekis.

  • Abigail Gwynn
    Abigail Gwynn 27 days ago

    Aye Cheryl is me distant cousin and on me grandad side

  • winehousedrunk
    winehousedrunk 29 days ago

    Cheryl looking more beautiful than ever.

  • Anne Baybee
    Anne Baybee Month ago

    I wonder what Kimberley Walsh would've replied to her 😂

    • Rose Mgn
      Rose Mgn Month ago

      I was thinking the same !

  • ship Ahoy1000
    ship Ahoy1000 Month ago

    Why would anyone give their phone over for a stunt like this? ... Please don't say it's entertainment...

  • Alan fry
    Alan fry Month ago

    So gutted when i found out the text was only a wind up. Lol

  • Alb Hillman
    Alb Hillman Month ago


  • Alfa75V6
    Alfa75V6 Month ago

    lovely angel untill you see her behind

  • Terry Abassi
    Terry Abassi Month ago

    Fake but fun

  • Yute
    Yute Month ago


  • jay matrix
    jay matrix Month ago

    VB...Pardon? hahaha

  • Hot Rockin'
    Hot Rockin' Month ago

    2 absolute shithouses.

  • Qwert Kings
    Qwert Kings Month ago


  • Mick Williams
    Mick Williams Month ago

    She is such an airhead and most women are embarrassed every time she opens her stupid mouth

  • Ben Smith
    Ben Smith Month ago


  • The Kipper Fin
    The Kipper Fin Month ago


  • Robert Camilleri
    Robert Camilleri Month ago

    Gorgeous woman

  • S M
    S M Month ago +2

    Lovely looking woman but I've got pencils with more charisma.

  • anonim anonim
    anonim anonim Month ago

    I hope he will not do anything to his lips! at first the lips looked bad! but now I'm coming back!

  • camilla hargaden
    camilla hargaden Month ago


  • camilla hargaden
    camilla hargaden Month ago


  • Deadbeat King
    Deadbeat King Month ago

    What an amazing sport she's being.. man there aren't many girls these days that are tough enough to take jokes and not whine about it or go #metoo

  • mick hughes
    mick hughes Month ago

    Haaaàaaaaaaaa " its getting cold up here I only need one grape"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • mick hughes
    mick hughes Month ago

    She looks stunning 💕❤💖

  • mick hughes
    mick hughes Month ago

    So nice she looks like a model

  • mick hughes
    mick hughes Month ago


  • boro boy
    boro boy Month ago

    Cheryl is beautiful

  • Rod Wilkins
    Rod Wilkins Month ago

    Cheryl has dropped her surname ‘cos she’s so dim she can’t remember what the latest is 😆

  • Dwaine
    Dwaine Month ago

    she still looks good

  • Porta
    Porta Month ago

    Cheryl is stunning!

  • John Jibuly
    John Jibuly Month ago +1

    What a horrible name to labour your child with. She was only thinking of herself when she decided on that appendage. He will be mocked for ever!!!!! Pathetic person indeed!!!!!!!!!

  • noobien plays
    noobien plays Month ago

    Shes soooo dull and fake!

  • Dayz 1
    Dayz 1 Month ago +1

    Ugly Voice

  • Emma Cos
    Emma Cos Month ago

    Cheryl looks so lovely here!

  • Sadie Evans
    Sadie Evans Month ago

    Literally 😂 one grape !

  • ØrPhÄn MüRpHy
    ØrPhÄn MüRpHy Month ago

    She's such a fox!!!!

  • Ashley Newman
    Ashley Newman Month ago

    Jesus lord she is out of this world

  • PAUL R
    PAUL R Month ago

    is that what the brits call entertainment? least they arent asking her to "sing" should be greatfull for that!

  • Nick Jupp
    Nick Jupp Month ago

    cheryl is way to twisted in her head,...

  • goku god above all gods

    Cheryl cole is very hot

  • Wake-And -Arise You-Workers

    Why the Posh middle classes steal everything from the Working classes the Rich stole the Opera from the the working class also Sport , Art , Music and now COMEDY .

    • G. Nius
      G. Nius 2 days ago

      He gives me the creeps but nowhere near as much as Jimmy Carr.

  • Anthony Woodhouse
    Anthony Woodhouse Month ago

    I’m sure she used to be a Chelsea supporter

  • F M
    F M Month ago

    She was naturally pretty, the lip fillers, cheek fillers and Botox have ruined her face. Looks like a hold hag trying desperately to hold on to her youth.

  • Real Deal
    Real Deal Month ago

    She looks like she's had lip filler? She looks stunning anyway. She had a baby??

  • Praboda Madush
    Praboda Madush Month ago

    Pardon ?

  • Alex Alexandrakis
    Alex Alexandrakis Month ago


  • Sinister But Happy
    Sinister But Happy Month ago

    television for the mindless

    • PAUL R
      PAUL R Month ago

      yes brain dead,its scary isnt it....

  • Kakarot
    Kakarot 2 months ago

    Pardon? 😂

  • Schneefernerkopf
    Schneefernerkopf 2 months ago

    Cheryl is quite cold

  • MrPanSzymon
    MrPanSzymon 2 months ago

    Her dad has won it

  • scoppyeah
    scoppyeah 2 months ago

    I would go bonkers 😅😂 She just gets more beautiful over time

  • CrashDummies
    CrashDummies 2 months ago

    Best response of the lot of them was her Dad's! XD

  • Matellena
    Matellena 2 months ago

    I didn't know her and Liam broke up, that's sad.

  • James Hehir
    James Hehir 2 months ago +1

    Massive shame she's had work done to her face

  • camila jauregui
    camila jauregui 2 months ago

    Poor Cheryl 😂

  • Doctor Lefthandthread
    Doctor Lefthandthread 2 months ago +1

    "Out like a count"? Out for the count I believe the saying is. Cheryl is easy on the eyes but hard on the ears

  • MrPanSzymon
    MrPanSzymon 2 months ago +2

    She's so adorable and sweet

  • Issa Agetro
    Issa Agetro 2 months ago

    Bff kim no reply?😁

  • Sand June
    Sand June 2 months ago

    Its all fixed, he discuses what will be done and who he can text before the live show, so not a surprise at all. ruined it for me. all false and just for show

  • Gina Shaw
    Gina Shaw 2 months ago

    Notice everyone else brings their friends, cheryl brings herself. Lonely up there??....

  • MysticStrike ForceSSJ3
    MysticStrike ForceSSJ3 2 months ago

    Look people sometimes there are those who rush into love and those who are patient with love. Girls who acts like they know to please a man but never get a man to stay with you. Then theres other girls who...... Now that I think about do guys know how to love more then a girl does mmmhhh?

  • Mike HP4
    Mike HP4 2 months ago

    I wish she wouldnt carry on with botox. Ffs..... girls!!!! This shit is not attractive.... real men want a natural woman.

  • Simon Grönlund
    Simon Grönlund 2 months ago

    I like Cheryl and this was just awesome. Some almost "dirty" jokes but I believe her own father nailed it!!! :D

  • Matt Blade
    Matt Blade 2 months ago +2

    She's very pretty. Somehow she looks better than she did five years ago

    • Matt Blade
      Matt Blade Month ago

      +Dragon Fly not always. Look at the friends cast: Jen Aniston looks better now than ever, but Courtney Cox doesn't

    • Dragon Fly
      Dragon Fly Month ago

      cos women look better with age

  • Mohsin Mahmood Rathore
    Mohsin Mahmood Rathore 2 months ago +1

    she is one beautiful woman isn't she

  • Cyberian Tiger
    Cyberian Tiger 2 months ago

    Or, if you want the whole 12:55 -- start from Ô:Ô umm..

  • Cyberian Tiger
    Cyberian Tiger 2 months ago

    lol @ whack the heating up

  • esther moseley
    esther moseley 2 months ago

    The Jimmy falon of the uk

  • rebeltaylor7
    rebeltaylor7 2 months ago

    this is so fake urg

  • Thisis Latoya
    Thisis Latoya 2 months ago

    OMG genius idea. So funny 🤣🤣🤣

  • ranesh r
    ranesh r 2 months ago

    No one gonna hand Over their actual phone details to be public.. This is so staged..

  • Craig Saunders
    Craig Saunders 2 months ago

    legit so fake lol

  • Jack S
    Jack S 2 months ago

    This is what Michael Grade calls comedy folks. Enjoy!

  • LEE-LUCAS vlog life
    LEE-LUCAS vlog life 2 months ago

    love this part of the show

    ORLIANROW 2 months ago +2

    Pardon? LOL

  • Me Again
    Me Again 2 months ago +1

    The concept is great but that McIntyre guy is beyond annoying.

  • 7mgtesup1
    7mgtesup1 2 months ago

    To: xxSend to Allxx ?

  • BrianBell4073
    BrianBell4073 2 months ago

    video starts at 8:30

  • Becky Dobb
    Becky Dobb 2 months ago

    As if these texts are ‘sent to all’. They simply create a new contact called Xx Send to All xX and add a few carefully chosen numbers to that contact and send the message. Doubt more than 6 carefully chosen people would have received it

  • All Things One Direction
    All Things One Direction 2 months ago +1

    Being a directioner and hating naughty boy

  • fimbles101
    fimbles101 2 months ago

    Mcintyre, Cole and morgan in one video.. victoria beckham replies pardon to a written text.. The world has turned to shit...

  • Paul Higgins
    Paul Higgins 2 months ago

    And people ridicule wrestling fans for thinking it's real...

  • Rukaiya F
    Rukaiya F 2 months ago

    the whole video I was thinking did Liam get the text lmaooo

  • Shahre Khoban
    Shahre Khoban 2 months ago +3

    This is fake.😏

  • Balakrishna Panicker
    Balakrishna Panicker 2 months ago

    Are these naked things rare in Britain too ,not so until last night.

  • rippinDA haibike 6.0 2019

    I would pose naked for her

  • Gabriela Trindade
    Gabriela Trindade 2 months ago

    i wonder if liam got this text as well...

    • Jordan Duncuft
      Jordan Duncuft 2 months ago

      Doodadoo dadoo *illuminati confirmed* I don't know where though? Lmao

  • Jagpreet Singh
    Jagpreet Singh 2 months ago


  • KR
    KR 2 months ago +1

    how FAKE can this get?! As if someone as pathetic as cheryl would allow anyone to touch her phone let alone send all to her contacts, she def doesn't talk to any of them why would she be drawing them naked. BBC need to shut up already with their lying.

  • Layla Baz
    Layla Baz 2 months ago

    I'm from Newcastle😂

  • Jamie Croft
    Jamie Croft 2 months ago +2

    Imagine believing this is her actual phone. Zombies everywhere

    • Shane Power
      Shane Power 2 months ago

      Yeah the world is crazy and its all a set up. Spread the word. Inform the people. You've unraveled the sands of times!!

  • Prince Fluffy
    Prince Fluffy 2 months ago

    Glad to see she is back to her normal beautiful self....

  • Melanie SixtySeven
    Melanie SixtySeven 2 months ago

    Why is Cheryl not so shocked.. She's so doped up!!

  • harry greb
    harry greb 2 months ago

    Two talentless cumbuckets